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  1. You can indeed. One of them is. But Rhino is also an excellent bass player. Don't misunderstand the name.
  2. We have a saying in our band. Never trust anyone who says they don't like Status Quo. PS. Alan Lancaster produced some excellent bass lines and had a great rock voice.
  3. Wir fahren fahren fahren auf der Autobahn makes more sense. Teacher 😀
  4. Some wry humour on display but surely now it's Over And Done.
  5. We're on good terms. We had a friendly chat on the phone and he understood and accepted our choice. He even offered to dep if the situation arises.
  6. For those of you who are interested in the outcome we chose candidate #1 after a second audition. Much less nervous this time and he has a better feel for the songs. #2 was again technically very good but #1 edged it on presence and getting a good tone from a studio amp.
  7. Thanks Dave. Looking forward to making a choice. Billy
  8. Update: We've invited both candidates back to play a different list of songs and to bring their own amps. We'll also extend the time slot and video the sessions. Interestingly both guys are delighted to be called back and both thought they'd blown it. Thanks for your input fellow BC people.
  9. I knew you'd provide some good, and funny, suggestions. It is indeed a nice problem to have especially when actual live work is still a long time off allowing the luxury of not rushing. I'll share your wisdom with the band tonight and get their opinions now that they've had a few days to mull it over. I'm leaning towards a full studio rehearsal with both guys separately. That will answer so many questions.
  10. Possibly Folsom Prison Blues or similar. My older brother was a good Country guitar player and introduced me to the discipline of 2/4 time.
  11. Fortunately they are both clean and inoffensive to the snout.
  12. We auditioned two candidates for a guitarist role. Both turned up in time for their allocated slot. We'd asked them to prep the same three songs. Candidate 1 used the studio amp and brought his guitars and fx. We know what his own amp is and have no concerns there. He was very nervous even though two of us know him quite well. He was shaking like a leaf and played everything accurately, in time and up to speed. We played through the same songs again. Body language would suggest he will bring something visually to the stage if the nerves settle. Near the end of his time we asked him if he wanted to play something of his choice but he said he was too nervous and would just leave us to see the next guy. Candidate 2 brought his own amp and fx. We followed the same audition process. No outward indication of nerves and he also played very well. This was our first time meeting him. Footered a bit between songs continually adjusting settings but obviously knows the material. He did take the option of an extra song which he played well too. One of the existing band members does wonder what #2 will bring visually. The existing band is having a group call soon to discuss next steps and try to decide who'll be the best man for us. As usual I welcome BC's wise advice and suggestions. Thanks
  13. I'm in late July and early August with both bands. The August date is an audition with two candidates. I spoke with the studio and it all sounds well managed. I'm looking forward to getting back to rehearsing again.
  14. You beat me to it. I never tire of listening to this album. A great example of when to support the song and when to drive it along.
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