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  1. Almost tempted to buy one of these but the tuners put me off. I tried one in a shop and there's just something about the build material that I'm not keen on. Do you own one? Do you use it regularly to gig with? Do you recommend one? My main basses are P + J so this isn't a direct replacement. I'm considering using it for acoustic type shows where space is limited and loud volume frowned upon. Thanks
  2. I'm learning Nathan East's lines on Clapton's version of Hot Tamales. 15 minutes a day is paying off and it's ready for January's first rehearsal. Wish me luck.
  3. I think the original drummer served time.
  4. Alan Longmuir always played a right hand bass upside down. Must have saved a fortune on buying lefty versions.
  5. Higher and Higher - Jackie Wilson A Girl Like You - Edwyn Collins Walking In The Rain - Grace Jones
  6. Dolly's version makes me fill up. Whitney's version makes me switch it off.
  7. Jim Lea, Larry Taylor, Jack Bruce and Marshall Grant.
  8. I once heard it called "Jumped up Karaoke" Brilliant. If you play an instrument and sing to files that's different. IMO.
  9. Like @Stofferson I had to do this for gigs in a Greene King pub. I was paid promptly enough but your follow band members need to know that won't be paid on the night.
  10. Five years ago on this very forum I discovered Professor Elemental. Finally got to see him at Edinburgh. Great fun.
  11. Lack of everything. We didn't provide the PA. We did discuss it amongst ourselves afterwards and decided that if we do an acoustic set again we need to be in total control of the PA and do a full soundcheck. You'd have thought that 40+ years of gigging would have told us that anyway. People in the audience said we sounded good and they could hear everything. I also managed to bruise the inside of my forearm where it rubbed against the bass body. Mibbe acoustic basses and I just aren't meant to be. GAS is still at a peep.
  12. Thursday 26 September: Opening for Sinnerboy. looking forward to this because I last saw Rory live at the Glasgow Apollo .... cough, cough,, years ago.
  13. I borrowed a Fender from a friend two weeks before an acoustic gig to get used to playing it. Sounded ok at home while definitely different to my usual P bass. On the night of the gig though I found it to be a pretty disappointing experience. Admittedly the monitoring was poor and while I could hear both acoustic guitars and small drum kit the bass was totally lost and I played every song from memory without hearing anything. It did kill any GAS I had for an acoustic bass and I'd rather use something like a Horner Shorty properly amplified were we to do the acoustic show again.
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