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  1. Short scale set ordered and due for delivery today. As usual, thanks to everyone who commented.
  2. It's time to restring my recently acquired short scale bass. Can I use a set initially bought for my P bass or should I buy specific short scale strings? Yours in possibly blinding obviousness...
  3. I spent the whole gig fending off "the loony on the bus" who insisted on singing into mics, touching guitars and bass during songs, turning machine heads, stepping on fx pedals and even blowing into harmonicas! That last one immediately struck Roadhouse Blues from the set. Guy was a total nightmare.
  4. That was probably due to the humph up three flights of stairs. Pech pech
  5. Thanks everyone. All very valid points. We discussed it amongst the band and no-one is desperate to go to a venue that small. Think we need to quote a sizeable fee that covers normal fee plus accommodation and reasonable food. That will probably count us out and the promoter can always offer us other gigs closer to home.
  6. I've been asked to quote a fee for a gig that's 150 miles away (3 hours) Our normal radius is up to 50 miles. What do other BCs factor in for gigs much further distant than normal? This gig is for a 5 piece in a small 80 capacity venue. Thanks.
  7. Alan Lancaster from Status Quo. Nothing shabby about his live bassline and harmony vocal all the way through What You’re Proposing. PS I agree with all previous responses too.
  8. Search online for compression gloves and buy a couple of pairs. Might feel odd initially but you'll soon get used to them and no-one will even notice so don't be shy.
  9. Sci-fi Jazz came to mind before I saw the Skazz suggestion which is even better.
  10. Glasgow is spoiled for choice. I wouldn't hesitate to go to Strung Out. Just curious... what's the zero fret?
  11. I bought something like this and use it while playing. Keeps the wrist and carpal tunnel area well supported. I had a CT release operation several years ago and am in a queue for another one but have never had to consider not gigging. Breathable Universal Carpal Tunnel Wrist Support Brace Wrap Splint - For RSI Arthritis Sprain Strain - Fully Adjustable Easy To Fit Ideal for protection and recovery - Unisex - Fits Right & Left Hand https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B075RCJS11/ref=cm_sw_r_awdo_navT_g_N2VT13AF2RTTW2HNQ7R7
  12. Larry Taylor of Canned Heat. All the styles, all the feel.
  13. John Rostill was the poor guy who was electrocuted in his studio. Then I think Alan Tarney might have held the bass role in The Shadows before Mark G.
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