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  1. It’s..., Paul McCartney. Gets coat. Phones for taxi. Leaves country.
  2. The whole concept of greatest guitarist is a bit daft really, it’s a bit like saying who the greatest painter is. Prince is a great guitarist. Is he one of the greats? Dunno. My favourites; Hendrix, Prince, Zappa, Angus and Malcolm, The Edge, John Frusciante, Graham Coxon, Tim Smith, Jimmy Page, Billy Gibbons, Nile Rodgers, Zoot Horn Rollo, Tony Iommi, Guthrie Govan, Annie Clark....
  3. In terms of the shear number of people around the world listening to a guitar, or guitar solo and going “Yes!” (in their respective language) whilst making their fingers go widdlely widdlely, and thusly considering that guitarist to be the greatest...., Angus!
  4. Watching, and listening intently to, Joni Mitchell -Shadows and Light. Good Lord, I'd forgotten how good this was.
  5. Jane's Addiction at the Brixton Academy in 2003. It was bloody awful. THE only gig I've ever walked out of and I can remember security telling me that I wouldn't be able to re-enter once Id stepped out the door, to which I replied, "I really don't want to". I'd seem them before in 1991 on the Ritual de lo Habitual tour, at the Manchester Academy with Primus in support. The whole night had been amazing and I was really looking forward to seeing them again. 2003 and the energy, danger and excitement which was so evident 12 years earlier had gone from the both their sound and performance. Even the crowd was dull, dutifully singing along to all their songs. I was glad to get out of there. Also Chili Peppers at the O2 in 2011. A tired performance with no Frusciante. Kiedis hid behind the drums for a good portion of the gig. Flea's whackiness grated. And Josh. Absolutely fantastic in 1990, 1992, 1996 (with Dave Navarro) and 1999 when I'd seen them but this was a real clunker. Also Prince in 1990 on the Nude Tour at the NEC. I kind of blamed it on the NEC at the time but really it was at the start of the period I stopped listening to him so much. I was gutted on the coach home. I'd seen him before, twice in 1988, and I saw him twice since, in 2002 in Hammersmith and 2007 at the O2 and consider all four of those concerts as all-time favourites, but like the Peppers one above, this one was very poor.
  6. Madness - Embarrassment “Thought she had a head on her shoulder, ’cause I’m feeling twice as older”
  7. Going back to the OP, I think Macca’s fame eclipsed any of the skills he had, be it as a songwriter or bassist so they tend to be forgotten about or not dwelled upon. He was “just” a Beatle. In a similar way Prince was never rated as a guitarist or bassist, he was just Prince. There must be more out there, anybody think of anyone else? Sting? Eric Clapton?
  8. @Woodinblack that’s the UK sales, The top 5 positions were in the US Billboard top 100 (where they had the top two for that year). To have the top 5 Billboard chart positions at the same time was a remarkable feat.
  9. So it took a while for the feat to be repeated then? And there must’ve been other poor years between 64 and when either Drake or 50 Cent matched the record? Oh come on, it’s a bit like saying a team only wins the league when the other teams are rubbish. You’ve still got to beat everyone! 😁 And as Happy Jack alluded, this was at a time when people had to get off their bottoms, go to a record store, and purchase 7” of lovely vinyl!
  10. Ah yes but..., it was the top 5 at the same time (April 1964), during a run of 4 number ones, with a week off when Louis Armstrong was the toppermost, and then another number one. The flukey gits! and oh yeah (yeah, yeah), Macca is fab.
  11. Gary Byrd & The GB Experience- The Crown Nine Inch Nails - Hurt
  12. The Beatles - Happiness Is A Warm Gum
  13. John Lennon - Gimme the Tooth
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