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  1. I thought as much. It sounds like the bass is breathing. It is bloody marvellous.
  2. I saw Cardiacs at the Camden Falcon in 1999. Tim, as part of The Sea Nymphs who supported, played a p bass which had a Boss Octave pedal gaffa taped to the lower horn. I remember thinking that his bass playing was wonderful. Regarding Dazed's comments above, listen to Fairy Mary Mag on Sing to God, I get the impression that that's Tim playing. Also if anyone can enlighten me as to what's going on with the bass on Eat It Up Worms Here (at 0:58) I'd be eternally grateful. It just sounds so good.
  3. So short you could see his feet on his driver’s license
  4. Very sad news. A wonderful and lovely man.
  5. Did it on my Squier p bass and not had any problems
  6. Lightning Seeds after a misheard lyric in Raspberry Beret by Prince and the Revolution. ”Thunder drowns out what the lightning sees”.
  7. Prince played his Hohner Tele for over 3 decades. Not continuously of course!
  8. He used it on Funky Monks too, and if you go back a little further on the b-side track “Show Me Your Soul”.
  9. I rehearsed there in the late 90s. Lots of Trace Elliot amplification, you could smoke in the rooms, of which there were fewer, and then again just a few years ago with the Ashdown amps, cleaner air, more rooms and added sweety machines in reception. Staff were always great, always friendly. Had some good times there. Shame it’s closing.
  10. Motörhead can even be heard in a vacuum.
  11. AC/DC late 70s. Musicman, Ampeg, wall of sound and loud as hell, grooving hard every night, watching Bon and Angus do their thing to packed audiences all around the world.
  12. The memory of moshing to this live in 1999 will stay with me forever. Simply amazing.
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