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  1. Great responses. Thank you bassbiscuits I’m in Cheshire. Thinking of taking it to Jon Shuker
  2. I have a 1974 Fender Jazz bass. I’ve had it since 1993 and in that time I’ve gigged and recorded with it and noodled and rehearsed and practiced with it; it is my mainstay, my beloved..., and I think it needs a refret. And that thought, that of such a change, gives me the fear. So, good people of Basschat, am I just being daft? Have you done the same? Should I or shouldn’t I?
  3. Diehard Prince fan here. I agree. The run from 1980, the album “Prince” to 1988 with “Lovesexy” is golden to me however I clearly recall my disappointment with the 1989 Batman soundtrack and the start of said patchiness. Thereafter only “Come” from 1994 and “The Rainbow Children” from 2002 did it for me, with maybe “Exodus” from 1995 at a push. Lots of stuff from the 90s by Prince which I find unlistenable. That said, Prince & the Revolution era, mid 80s, to my ears anyway, were just the best.
  4. The track Purple Rain was recorded live by Prince & the Revolution with Brownmark on bass. Fender Jazz bass through an SVT. Check out more of Brownmark's playing on 17 Days or on America on the Around the World in a Day album. The track often referenced as a good example of Prince's bass playing is Let's Work off the Controversy album. Here's a few more of my favourites - Partyup - Dirty Mind She's Always in My Hair - The Hits/The B-Sides The Ballad of Dorothy Parker - Sign O' The Times The Sensual Everafter - The Rainbow Children 777-9311 - What Time Is It? Finally, because I've just been listening to it (!), check out what he's playing on on Alphabet St.
  5. Couldn’t agree more. Couldn’t agree less. 😁
  6. Mismatched strings on an instrument - when one is clearly not from the same set as the others. Just why? Misaligned or unevenly spaced pedals on a pedalboard - aesthetics man, aesthetics! Leads that go straight from the instrument to the floor to the amp without being hooked up through the strap - one step away from instant muteness Missing knobs on either instrument, amp or pedal - just looks painful Slack in the string windings - just sloppy
  7. Whatever draws me back to listen to it again regardless of who or what it is. Last time it was Julia Jacklin, before that St Vincent and before that it was Daft Punk, which followed The Eagles and so on.
  8. I thought as much. It sounds like the bass is breathing. It is bloody marvellous.
  9. I saw Cardiacs at the Camden Falcon in 1999. Tim, as part of The Sea Nymphs who supported, played a p bass which had a Boss Octave pedal gaffa taped to the lower horn. I remember thinking that his bass playing was wonderful. Regarding Dazed's comments above, listen to Fairy Mary Mag on Sing to God, I get the impression that that's Tim playing. Also if anyone can enlighten me as to what's going on with the bass on Eat It Up Worms Here (at 0:58) I'd be eternally grateful. It just sounds so good.
  10. So short you could see his feet on his driver’s license
  11. Very sad news. A wonderful and lovely man.
  12. Did it on my Squier p bass and not had any problems
  13. Lightning Seeds after a misheard lyric in Raspberry Beret by Prince and the Revolution. ”Thunder drowns out what the lightning sees”.
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