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  1. Ah right. Missed that one. Bugger. “Circumstances” was a highlight. John French did a fine job on vocals.
  2. Best? Possibly..., Billy Joel at the MEN Arena Manchester 2007. Gifted front row tickets on getting in. Only member of the 12000 audience to sing into Billy’s mic, on the last line of “It’s Still Rock n Roll to Me”. Large portion of the crowd goes nuts in my direction. Yes!
  3. Magic Band at Shepherds Bush Empire? If it’s the same one I was there and yes, it was fantastic
  4. A 1978 Musicman Stingray, sunburst with a maple board. Purchased for £695 (in about 1990). I’d wanted one from the day I started playing and wanted to love it but just couldn’t get on with the neck. Ended up trading it for the 74 Jazz bass which I’ve still got.
  5. Yup, that’ll do. I’ve even been known to wear a white vest on stage too. Winner.
  6. Tele through a JCM800 with a nice selection of pedals. Loud.
  7. Slash Ringo Liberace What a band that’d be!
  8. And who can forget Vim Fuego?
  9. I used to know the Macc Lads’ guitarist, Phil Macavity. Nice chap.
  10. ***Further pedantry*** Full name is Don Glen Vliet.
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