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  1. That's not mint. It's red! 😁
  2. Prismsound Orpheus firewire (and thunderbolt) audio interface. A brilliant, spectacular sounding audio interface for recording and mastering, and has been my absolute favourite thing for the past number of years. In excellent condition, boxed with manual and all accessories. While it is a Firewire 400 device it works with Thunderbolt 1, 2, 3 and Firewire 800 with the the right firewire to thunderbolt adaptor with no issues. Adaptors to Thunderbolt 2 can be included if required. Fully compatible with OSX Catalina and Windows. £1150 including shipping.
  3. I'm reporting this post for pornographic content. Your first Jazz is lusty!
  4. Yes they do. It’s a chunky slab of ash!
  5. Aria Pro II SB1000 for sale. 1983, oak finish and in nice condition. When I bought this bass a few years ago it’s preamp and wiring loom had been stripped out. I bought a replacement preamp from Carl Maltby, and a Rautia replica pickup. (The bass has its original pickup but has never been tested. As I was about to spend a load restoring the bass I just didn’t want to take a chance on it). The preamp, Rautia pickup and new wiring was installed by Feline Guitars (Croydon) with guidance from Carl Maltby. Feline Guitars also polished and levelled the frets - and it all turned out very well. Everything else on the bass is original and as you’d expect. The original pickup will be included in the sale. It comes in a Warwick Rockbass gigbag. Collection preferred. Selling as I need to cull the herd and I can’t find playing opportunities for two SBs!
  6. Thanks Quatschmacher! It's v1.33. Just looked at the website. If this doesn't sell quickly I might download the updates and try again with this!
  7. I don't know to be honest. Does anyone know how I can check?
  8. Pandamidi Future Impact I bass synth pedal. I bought this last year off this forum but I’m just not making full use of it. In very good condition. Software downloadable from the Pandamidi website. £280 posted.
  9. Trace Elliot AH400SMX in fantastic condition. Everything works, no issues. It’s big, it’s green, it’s heavy (26kg) and it’s unfeasibly loud! Price is £340. Collection from my home in South London preferred. Postage is possible, but will be expensive due to its weight and size.
  10. Rodenberg GAS 728B pedal. Two different types of overdrive plus a clean boost in one box. Very versatile and lots of options. In great condition, in original box, velcro on underside. Price (£155) includes UK postage. Check out the review: http://www.bass-pedals.com/rodenberg-gas-728b-ng-review/
  11. Roland A49 midi controller keyboard. A nice, compact and lightweight, simple 4 octave keyboard in good condition with original box. Powered by USB. Black finish. Shallow front to back, so great for tight spaces! Can post at cost.
  12. Lehle RMI Basswitch IQ DI in very good condition. Comes with it’s Velcro bag. A brilliant preamp/switching pedal but now surplus to requirements. Price (£240) includes UK postage.
  13. Lehle RMI Basswitch Sonic Spark for sale. Boxed, and in very good condition. Velcro on back. Original feet in the box! Price (£125) includes UK postage.
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