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  1. The red color looks in reality a bit darker, less 'in your face'.
  2. Thank you very much:) she is a beauty indeed..
  3. For sale (not 100% sure) is this white Yamaha BB3000A, the active version, made in Japan in the mid '80s. Stunning rosewood fretboard and with only a few minor marks...very good condition and all original, except for the golden string tree. Only for sale because i can use the money. I don't think there is a better version of this bass in this condition...really good example and you know how good it sounds:) I can include a case (not original) and i can ship. Please contact me personally for more pictures/information. Weight: 4.1kg. Offers are welcome. Pictures:
  4. That is possible, thank you for your fast replies.
  5. Has the fretboard round edges?
  6. Yes! Unfortunately, because of my own stupidity, i did not take the deal with the Warwick Star Bass from this forum, and it is gone now. I hope i can buy one from Thomann! Thanks for the info everyone:)
  7. Yes, i was referring to this bass. But i have contacted the owner already, it is a Teambuilt. I was a bit confused because this is also a StarBass II, but a teambuilt, not a masterbuilt. I was also confused by the price, because they are £1555 new at Thomann. Maybe they lowered the price. Thank you for your answer! That explains a lot:)
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