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  1. Yes, it is a full ebony neck. And it sounds just like you said:)
  2. For sale: a very special and unique bass, handmade by classical luthier Wolfgang Staab (founder of SKC Bogart) in Germany. This bass is based on a Spector NS shape/Streamer with concave body. Only a handful are made in the 80s. The bass is built with a set-in ebony neck, figured maple body, Bartolini pickups, Noll 2-bands preamp with active/passive switch and Schaller hardware. Frets are in good condition, medium-low action...overall condition is very good, almost like new. This bass sounds great, has a really nice feel and looks beautiful. Comes with gigbag. Local pickup is possible, shipping also. For more photo's or information, please send a private message! £715
  3. Because of the recent purchase of a very beautiful Xotic P bass, my Custom Shop jazz can leave the house. It is a 1964 jazz bass NOS model, in the color 3-tone sunburst. Weight is 4 kg. Everything is there: original case + goodies (certificate, strap, etc). There is one scratch on the back. The bass sounds fantastic and is in very good condition overall. Build in 2008. Cash is king, but a trade with cash is also possible: just send me a PM (only 4-string basses). Please send any questions regarding the bass via PM. The bass can be shipped in a box with enough bubblewrap. Thanks for looking! And now the pictures:
  4. Hello there, thank you for your reply. Yes, i agree with you, some people hate it and some people love it. I love it:p But that is not your question. The first piece near the pickguard won't easily come off. The metal has some screws and there are two switches which will cause a problem if i put it off. And if there is one thing i am not, it is a good technician. So i am sorry, but that is going to be difficult.
  5. A trade + cash is also possible:) But thank you for the information!
  6. Thank you for your message! I sure will regret this... If you want you can send me a picture from yours when it is finished? I would like that:)
  7. Last pricedrop: £1400. I am reluctantly selling my Wood & Tronics Orion, which i bought 3 months ago from a very nice person here on basschat. Most of the time i play on my 4-string bass, and i can't afford it to be not played at all, given the current circumstances... But all things aside: this is the best playing 5-string bass i ever had: smooth and fast neck, big and versatile sound and this bass got the looks as well (my opinion). Conditions are like new! I only played the bass at my home and was very carefully. I am asking £1600. I am also willing to accept trade offers, but i need some cash too. Only looking for 4-string basses. I can ship with a gigbag. I've copied the specs from the old page, here we go: Body: ash Top: tiger maple Neck: maple Fingerboard: purpleheart 24 frets Dots: orange pearl Pickups: W&T cusom single coil (neck) + W&T custom Jazzbucker (bridge) Preamp: active/passive 3Leaf Pike Shapeshifter (blue and red modules included. The blue one is more....."vintage" and smooth, the red one..."modern" and growly) vol/bal, high, mid, bass, + mid freq switch The Jazzbucker is a double single coil, you can switch between single/both/single - the one towards the neck is jazz "60 position, for a classic J 60 or "Jaco" style - the one near the bridge is more "dry"', a sort of "Alembic" style, and brighter - both....hold on tight and release the Kraken! For more photos or information, please contact me with a PM.
  8. I am selling my Music Man Sterling USA in honeyburst with Maple neck, made in 2008. Comes with original hardcase and extra white pickguard. The original black one is also there. She is in good condition, but has a few dings and dongs, which i tried to catch in the pictures. But nothing serious. The Sterling sounds as thick and punchy as his 'bigger' brother the Stingray, but is in my opinion more versatile. You get a 3-way switch and 3-bands EQ . The biggest differences with the Stingray are the smaller body size and smaller neck, more like a jazz. Bass can be picked up (with care) in Bad Bentheim or can be shipped in a box. Price: £925. Thanks for looking!
  9. Yes indeed. I have had the same question. On other fora, most people say (altough it is not always good to hear) that a 2EQ Stingray has a bit more lows and less treble then 3EQ, even if you turn the treble away on a 3Eq. But there are many people and many opinions, so correct me if i am wrong:)
  10. Hello there, To make some funds i am selling my 2EQ Music Man Stingray, color black and a nice maple neck. Weight = 3.9kg! Made between '96 and '98, the bass has some minor marks on the body, but nothing serious. Everything works fine and she plays superb. With the bass comes the original case. I can ship everywhere on buyers costs. I have a box at the moment. PM for more pictures or information, don't hesitate:)
  11. I will look at some trade offers!
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