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  1. Thank you! It sounds really good, more versatile than my other one. Also the sweepable mids are great to have as an extra option:)
  2. For sale this gorgeous Vigier Arpege II (i think) made in 1987 with full carbon neck. Pickups are original, as are the bridge and tuners. Preamp is not original anymore, it has a East Uni Pre 5. The black knobs are just to fill the old holes from the first preamp. Body: Walnut Neck: Carbon Pickups: Benedetti (sound superb) Preamp: John East Uni-Pre 5 with: bass, treble (pull for Bright), mids, mids frequency sweep, blend, volume and tone (passive). The bass is in pretty good condition given it's age and plays really good. I sell this one because i have another one which is in a much worse condition, but still plays great too:) Comes with hardcase (not original). Please send me a PM for any questions or offers. Shipping EU possible.
  3. For sale this great sounding Kawai F2B bass, made in Japan, build like a tank and known as the poor man's Alembic. The bass is for his age in great condition, with a straight neck, frets very good and low action. Also pickups and electronics are 100% in working condition and original. It really is a great sounding and playing bass, with many sound options thanks to the filter switches for each pickup, just like the Q-switch from Alembic. The neck is made of 5 piece maple and mahogany, it has 22 frets, rosewood fingerboard, a mahogany and maple body and 34" neck. Only thing is the color: i don't know if the black color is original or not, but it looks genuine enough for me;) Price: €950 including shipping in Europe. Please PM me for questions. I have a hardcase for shipping. Thanks for looking!
  4. I've made some better, close-up pictures from the bass:
  5. For sale this Pedulla MVP 4 Amber Limited Edition, made by Michael Pedulla in 2007 in the USA. The bass is in pristine condition and comes with original Pedulla hardcase. It's all you can expect from a Pedulla: very smooth neck, versatile sound, perfectly balanced...it's a real joy to play. It has never been gigged, only played at home a couple of times. Options: Body wings: AAAAA Flame maple Neck: neck-through, 3-piece maple Scale: 34" Fingerboard: ebony Frets: 24 Inlay: mother of pearl Color: Deep Amber trans finish Bridge: ABM 3-way adjustable machined brass with roller saddles, 19mm string spacing Tuners: M.V. Pedulla/Gotoh Pickups: Made for M.V. Pedulla by Bartolini Electronics: Active, Bartolini Controls: volume, pan, bass boost/cut, treble boost/cut, mid boost/cut (toggle) Asking price: £2550/€3000. New price in 2007 was £5150. Since Brexit, i believe this is only interesting for people within the EU. As i said before: the bass is in very good condition, no marks, frets as new and with original case. Shipping is possible. You can always send me an offer or trade offer, but with cash only from your side and only four string basses. Please send me a PM for any questions. Thanks for looking!
  6. For a short period, i will sell this bass for 1850€ including shipping in Europe.
  7. Just got confirmation form Hellzero that the crack in the lacquer was there a long time ago, it's not in the wood and hasn't changed in the past years.
  8. Pricedrop to €2100 including shipping in Europe.
  9. For sale is my Modulus Quantum 6, traded on this forum from Mustapha. The reason is that i will not continue to play on a 6 string bass, five is enough for me. The bass is made in the 1990s, with an alder body, a beautiful wenge top (with a little 'crack' in the lacquer, see pictures), big EMG pickups and an Aguilar OBP-3 preamp with push-pull mid frequency. Neck is of course in very good condition and straight, on the body are some marks, as you can see. The bass has been played and that means most of the time it's a good one. Frets are also in good condition. Price is €2000 cash, trade a little more (i believe they are new more than $6500). Trade options only four or five string. Comes with softcase and shipping is possible in EU. Thanks for looking!
  10. Bump, looking at close offers.
  11. Pricedrop to €2300 including shipping Europe.
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