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  1. When i first saw this bass, i was sold. But since i got the Dolphin SN TCS from Groatsworth, she hasn't received much attention anymore...and that is a shame because it is a beautiful bass. Previous owner ( i believe andybassdoyle) did a refret, which was done by the Gallery in Camden. The Dolphin was made in 2010 and is still in very good condition. I am happy to answer questions about the bass, or to make more pictures! I can ship anywhere you want: with the bass comes a case and i have a box to ship and some plastic and stuff to send it safely. Price is negotiable, trades are welcome but i prefer cash. And now some pictures:
  2. That crack isn't doing any good i see...that's a pity. It's only the looks and you can solve that with a little help from a luthier. It's strong and solid. But i understand. Hope anyone can look through it and see the beauty of this early made Warwick!
  3. I am selling (or trading) this beautiful Warwick because i use my Fender Jazz more often and it's a pity that she isn't being played...I've got the bass from a fellow member, the old topic is still there. Serial number is 067, with EMG pickups, cherry body, a 5-piece neck with wengé and cherry, rosewood fretboard with neck through contruction, schaller bridge and tuners. This bass belongs to the first 350 ever made! The bass is 100% original and plays like butter (trussrod is also working), but had a neck/headstock repair. As was mentioned in the previous topic, they did a great job. Very light weight! Only 3,8 kg. The bass comes with a hardcase (with one missing lock). Looking for cash, but a trade is also welcome: only 4-string. Note that i live in Germany, but i can manage a lot:p Please feel free to ask any questions regarding this bass. I am asking £1100 pounds or €1250 euro's.
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