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  1. Might be worth considering minimising the use of aluminium to the structural areas as it might turn out rather weighty.
  2. Just out of curiosity, what do those studs do?
  3. Is it called the "Swift"?
  4. had this with Chromes. I suspect it's the residue from the polishing process on Flats, could be similar for rounds?
  5. As these speakers are subs they may not have enough mids to sound good. I've never heard one, so couldn't say for sure.
  6. Excellent write up, thanks for that!
  7. I'm more of a drum owner than player, and I find my hand gradually works its way towards the butt end of the stick during a tune. This process stops when I get to the end of the stick (usually!) but this gizmo would help that enormously. I should really get some technique, but that ain't gonna happen any time soon! This has got me thinking if a rubber band part-way down the stick to form a slight ridge might help me? Might have to try this out!
  8. Good to hear real life experience of this. Thinking about it, I think it was specifically the Cool Rails ones that are widely lauded for Musicmaster/Broncos.
  9. The original Musicmaster pickups were 6 pole guitar pickups, so go figure. People use them (Rails pickups), and apparently sound great so it's just good information. Sorry if you considered this comment a de- "rail"
  10. As long as you don't forget the battery....
  11. Don't most people use a blade style strat humbucker (Hot Rails or Cool Rails, or some similar clone)? No worries about string spacing then! Can be found for under £20 on the Bay of E.
  12. The Bevis Frond, actually, last night!. Mainly went cos the guy my band backs up occasionally did an album with them, and I've had to play some of Ade Shaw's basslines. They were good in a psyche wig-out sort of way. 2 guitarists soloing at the same time isn't something I see a lot of these days!
  13. As used on the Bass d.i.+. Anyone know if and where you can buy them? cheers MBA
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