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  1. I've not listened to all yet but the standard is higher than ever. Kudos to the one that sounds like return to forever on a cosmic trip! The picture certainly fired up people's creative juices!
  2. As it was raining today I've chucked something together. Probably should have given myself more time to learn how to play in 23/8... still, that will probably be a first for the composition challenge, if nothing else. Will check the mix after Strictly 😓 It's not very good
  3. I've found that on guitars that haven't been used for ages that it's often NOT just the tip contact that's bad, it's the contact to the ground of the Jack that's poor. Try roughing that up with fine wet n dry paper wrapped round a small screwdriver. Don't forget to clean it thoroughly afterwards.
  4. It could well account for the distortion at higher, er, distortion levels!. As far as you can tell, is the whizzer attached ALL the way round, with no air gaps?
  5. I fixed one of these up for a friend of our drummer. The neck did need a shim as suggested earlier, then it set up lower than any bass I've ever done. Absolutely superb neck. That was a 5 string too. The tuner shafts were dead soft though. One was slightly bent, and broke at the split when I took that string off.
  6. Hohner Jack custom: http://www.studiobluecheese.plus.com/artists/angel_train.htm
  7. Nothing sounds quite like these. It is a glorious sound! Mine was a heavy example, nearer 12lbs iirc
  8. Has the headstock been reshaped? I don't remember these in a 4+2
  9. Nice bass sound. Good recording all round!
  10. A chrome Tele style neck pickup cover would look nice on that, or a lipstick one?
  11. What is it you Don't like about them and what are your tone goals? This would be a good starting point before people start weighing in with random suggestions.
  12. just trying to be helpful, but I would remove the flowers just to show that the finish isn't faded or leaves and impression.
  13. This^ I wouldn't get acetone anywhere near a bass guitar. Or anything else plastic that I value.
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