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  1. Nothing hate about the voice there matey, that's rather lovely!
  2. ReaTune in Reaper does a pretty good job, just tweaking the attack time to help it sound natural works well for me so far. My singer generally isn't too far off, so I guess that helps for a lack of artifacts.
  3. They'd be interesting mounted sideways on a slotted head too...
  4. Never come across those before, but that's an elegant solution. Do they weigh more than equivalent standard ones?
  5. Looks nice! The body has a touch of Alpher (Mako?) about it. Did it come out particularly weighty?
  6. Nothing wrong with the Dano, just scoping out alternatives. The look may even be appropriate for the slightly psychedelic stuff we play. I assume they're pretty light too?
  7. One of the capacitors on the preamp is wonky, is it still attached?
  8. Any recommendations for 24 fret shorties other than swb and Danelectro longhorn? They (shorties) mostly seem to be 19 or 20 fret with dubious top end access . I have a Mustang and nearly ran out of frets the other day!
  9. Yeah, could be a wire off grounding the bridge or the socket, or pickup.
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