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  1. As used on the Bass d.i.+. Anyone know if and where you can buy them? cheers MBA
  2. Might be worth checking the soldering of the sockets to the board. if the ground has disconnected you might well hear just this. PCB mounted sockets can be prone to this. Both my old Zoom multitrack recorders had this on the headphone socket, an annular fracture of the solder round the pin.
  3. 2 issues, you are right ! 1 tension - the strings will be looser. Heavier gauge of the same brand, or another brand designed for higher tension will help. You may need to adjust the nut slots to accommodate thicker strings 2 Setup - less tension on the strings means the neck will relax into more of a back bow, so you won't have as much relief. You'll need to slacken off the truss rod a bit to get the relief back HTH MBA
  4. Is the jazz V 35" scale by any chance?
  5. I use a plastic credit card as a fret rocker. Straddling 3 frets at a time only, the long side does the lower frets, and then switch to the short side as the frets get closer together. You should rock at the bass and treble sides of each fret, and the middle for good measure. High frets will often be at the edges and less so in the middle. Hope this helps!
  6. I've got an EDA905 to look at. Complaint was that it was making a farting noise. It all checks out ok, turns out they were playing it through a guitar cab! It's a 5 string, and I think they were using a drop tuning too... Anyhow, the action was also 7mm, so I've shimmed the neck and now got it playing nicely with <1.7mm top to bottom! It's a really good neck! The remaining problem is one of the tuners has broken in the slot where the string sits. It still tunes and holds tune but doesn't look right. I can't find a single (not a set of 4) replacement in that finish, a smokey chrome. It's a Gotoh style right handed one (these things string up oddly). I'm wondering if anyone has better Google-Fu than me or has a spare knocking about in their parts drawer? Don't mind paying, of course!
  7. 6 pages in, in a topic covering loudness of cabs, and the expression "volume displacement" hasn't surfaced yet? Shame on you lot!
  8. I was air bassing along to Good Times in my head at our morning stand-up meeting. My boss asked if I wouldn't mind stopping doing that. He's a bass player too, but I suppose there's a time and a place
  9. Wow, a real Hollywood bass, that one!
  10. Some pain killers can do that!
  11. Another useful tip for while you're playing with the neck pocket is to slacken the neckplate screws off very slightly with the strings up at full tension (normal pitch). This uses the string tension to pull the neck hard into the end of the pocket, and can improve sustain and evenness across the strings. I recently did this with my Telecaster (guitar) and it made a noticeable difference. Obviously, do the screws up tight once you're done! Hth MBA
  12. If you're worried about taking wood off with the tape you might try going over it with a hair dryer to soften the sticky. I find it works a treat!
  13. A medication box with am and pm sections would do 14 different ones, the lids snap closed, and have handy suggestions as to which plectrum to use on any given day!
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