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  1. These are lovely sounding amps, I sold mine as I didn't have room , such a sad loss 😞
  2. Did you try the Renown snares? I'd really like one to match
  3. Although it's a bluey-grey ripple wrap, in natural daylight it looks quite green! I think there is some lacquer (nitro?) that has just yellowed over the last 55 years! I won't miss the worn out hexagonal Tom arm though!
  4. I had a sad day over the Christmas break- took my 60s UK Rogers kit back to the friend who sold it to me 20 odd years ago. I replaced it with a small Gretsch Renown, but have kept hold of the snare until I can afford to replace it, the Renown drums do sound great, but the snares don't seem to crop up 2nd hand... 😞
  5. And even that looks better than a Rick! I find their white plastic scratchplate ghastly.
  6. I think the Bean was on Live Aid iirc
  7. I'd be disappointed if a brand new bass needed a fret dress, are you sure it just doesn't need a truss rod tweak? Having said that, my almost new new Mustang had a couple of frets that needed slight attention too.
  8. Just listened to a track off that- fierce playing from Holdsworth, I feel the bass can get overlooked on a lot of his stuff
  9. Unorthodox Behaviour by Brand X, especially the first track Thermonuclear Burn. I must have heard it shortly after it came out, and I'd never heard anything like it before. I still enjoy it. Percy Jones had his own style, both notes and sounds.
  10. This should get copied into the small-bodied basses thread. I actually don't mind this one!
  11. I might try some Status tapewounds for my Mustang- anyone tried them?
  12. Parallel compression with fairly aggressive distortion and compression mixed with your original drum mix can add fatness and excitement . I'm sure I read something on here ages ago by @Dad3353 about something that subtly adjusts drum hit levels to make it sound more human.
  13. Super early. I think mine's 67 from memory
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