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  1. Recovering in the north west

    I thought this thread was going to be about somebody's "journey" to rehabilitation at some detox clinic up north
  2. Any techs can repair my KRK active monitor?

    Out of interest, what did you do, and how is it worse? Might be useful info for others considering the problem.
  3. Ciphers (WILD FROG SHOT)

    Good work there, sounds like a good gigging unit after only 4 gigs behind you.
  4. Hipster Tug Bar, does sound like a, er, gentleman's club, or similar establishment.
  5. Tyranni Flock's EP is out!

    Nice. Good Changes has a touch of Hatfield and the North about it.
  6. I've never seen one with that shaped scratch-plate and those 4 controls laid out like that. They ones I've seen have 2 controls on a control plate like the Beatle Bass. Great basses these, really nice to play!
  7. Video Location Needed - Abandoned/Run Down Factory

    Blue screen and archive footage?
  8. More OLP Stingray tales

    Said the man in the orthopaedic shoes.....
  9. Small bass combos?

    Yes, the Line 6 would fit the original criteria nicely
  10. Steely Dan.. Chuck Rainey

    I watched the Aja documentary last night, and there's a lot of Chuck on that too. Super playing and quite an unusual sound when heard in isolation. Is it safe to guess he uses flatwound strings?
  11. March Composition Challenge - VOTING!

    That would have been me this month then....
  12. Strings for medium scale fiver

    Somebody owes someone a granny!
  13. Headphone cable suggestion?

    @SH73 did you get them sorted?
  14. Rack-Mounting My Focusrite Saffire Pro 24

    I think if there isn't enough room for Velcro, that would rule out Dual Lock too, unfortunately. I'm sure you could fashion something using Sugru It's like a moldable silicone rubber
  15. Lending equipment to a bandmate?

    I've mentioned this anecdote before, met the bassist from a band before our shared bill gig. He didn't know what the gear share situation was ,so his default position was to not bring his amp. Beggars belief.