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  1. The radius of the body edges. Where the top meets the sides. The older ones have a larger radius edge making the bit where your forearm rests less sharp.
  2. Really? It just doesn't look like it at all from the photos. Guess I need to see and feel one for real.
  3. I wish they still made their basses and guitars with this softer body radius, it makes a more comfortable wear. It really makes a ton of difference. I tried an early Jr dc guitar in Denmark St years ago from about 61 but the price was stratospheric even then . Absolutely divine though.
  4. I haven't tried it, but suspect the latency would make it almost impossible, and frustrate the hell out of you all. I'd love to be wrong though!
  5. kTim Turan at Turan Audio often gets a shout. I used him for our digital single release and everyone seemed to think it sounded good. He's in Oxford. £50 a track, you can sit in on the session if you like too!
  6. He must drop logs the size of a bus!
  7. You can do series -parallel with a push -push pot on the volume or tone.
  8. I'd also say the term progressive rock was used back then. Over the years the usage and implied meaning has changed slightly.
  9. My wife and friend both enjoyed TBP a lot, but her picks of the weekend were Sergio Mendes and Level42, which were pretty good too, though I found Alphonso Johnson's solo with Mendes disappointing, sadly.
  10. Saw the Bad Plus on Sunday, I thoroughly enjoyed them, interesting, engaging and entertaining in equal measure. Great sound quality too. Anyone else go? Joshua Redman at the Town Hall was terrific too. I don't want to restart the annual "it's not jazz" thing, but James Morrison, Katie Melua?
  11. For future reference on this type of problem, at work we find a Torx drive bit of similar size and bang it hard into the shredded hole with a hammer. The Torx ends are hardened and will form sufficient imprint to then drive the screw out using the same driver. Hth
  12. I've got some metric ones in stainless, if that's any help. Means they won't get rusted in place!
  13. Are you looking at 2 different amps for the woofer and tweeter, and dsp to keep things under control? Is that what you mean by a fully active system?
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