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  1. MoonBassAlpha

    What pedal/effect is this.?

    I don't think it is a clavinet. The decay of the note sounds wrong. Some notes sound more like a fretless with really bright strings and a weird bandpass filter.
  2. MoonBassAlpha

    Chapman Stick and Talkbox - New Video

    Lovely stuff Kevin, would be happy to hear more of that kind of thing!
  3. MoonBassAlpha

    Marcus Miller headstock

    yup, good job!
  4. MoonBassAlpha

    February Compositon Challenge - GET WRITING!

    I'm in, started at 9pm, that's it, all done!
  5. MoonBassAlpha

    I've only gone and dun it...

    It reminds me of Kryten: http://www.google.co.uk/url?q=http://www.fanpop.com/clubs/kryten/images/19990779/title/kryten-photo&sa=U&ved=0ahUKEwiHx-no8sPgAhUOTBUIHQxbA1IQwW4IJjAI&usg=AOvVaw04GDpw_1sVAp3sfk7Uwlnd
  6. MoonBassAlpha

    fret cleaning work on a budget

    I've used these very things, work a treat for shiny frets.
  7. MoonBassAlpha

    22 fret jazz bass neck

    Or drop a gauge of strings?
  8. MoonBassAlpha

    Sire Marcus Miller 5string Loose

    You could buy a heavier gauge b string.
  9. MoonBassAlpha

    Fill my knob cavity!

    How about something useful like a low battery indicator?
  10. MoonBassAlpha

    Removing ink from bass body?

    As biro ink is oil based, a higher fraction like petrol or lighter fuel should dissolve it.
  11. MoonBassAlpha

    Some Japanese in Vietnam

    Who wouldn't want a bass called Brian?
  12. MoonBassAlpha

    Martin Herrick Neo pickups

    So those pickups would be considered ceramic as opposed to alnico, or indeed neodymium.
  13. MoonBassAlpha

    Basses You've Owned and Hated

    I've just set up a 4003 for a work colleague. Managed to get the action low enough, but it did seem to run out of travel on the G side. Fortunately, I has the right sized tool for the truss rods, or that could have been awkward. And with the action set low, the intonation screws are inaccessible! What kind of nitwit came up with that as a design choice? Oh, and the bridge tail end has started to lift off the body. The fretwork was good, and felt good to play though, so not entirely bad, by any means!
  14. That's probably just currency conversion from their currency local to where they were made, sorry, breathed into life, the currency being the Papua New Guinean Trundle. Probably. Or the Kow-Pat.
  15. MoonBassAlpha

    Baby pedal board build..