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  1. Good work Fingers! Looking forward to the next picture.
  2. In at the end and voted. Still time for someone to redact their vote and vote for me
  3. Ha! Talking about the gear not the playing. I'm making it a mission to improve my drumming during this enforced break from sports, I did my first rudiment yesterday!
  4. Aw, thanks Douglas. Drums are a 60s British Rogers kit, mostly Paiste 2002 and signature cymbals. My friend Rob put the track together using Band in a Box, but with a lot of tweaking to the standard output and mixed several different renderings to arrive at this take. I didn't have access to all the stems when I put the drums on and it's too late to remix it now, so it's as-is!
  5. would Mark King or Flea be best at the Composition Challenge?
  6. Oh, dear! I WAS going to take it down. I listened on my phone speaker and it sounds a lot worse than on headphones
  7. I think that's a no, then! I didn't get ibtl !
  8. OK it's really scrappy but what the heck! Excuse the mix too, but the playing is so scrappy I wasn't going to waste time polishing it Backing by my mate Rob, who actually spent quite a lot of time on it, then I did the drums and cowbell in a proper hurry. Nicked some of the cowbell patterns from Sun Zoom Spark by Beefheart. I'm not proud!
  9. Is it too late to enter? Had a bit of time on my hands today and tried some jazz rock drumming
  10. Thanks Douglas, I'm pretty sure he downloaded the driver and still couldn't get it to work, so maybe the amp is faulty. Thinking out loud, maybe there's a firmware update available? Yes, the focusrite is a consideration, i guess the cheaper Solo would also be fine?
  11. It would be really useful for my guitarist to record his own takes in to Reaper while he's working from home and we aren't getting together at mine for recording. He only has an old laptop running w10, no mic input (built in only, I guess?) but does have usb. He tried a Blackstar id which didn't work. He's pretty skint, what's a good option?
  12. If this sells, will the seller be gormless?
  13. How about securing plastic shuttles with magnets? As you might imagine, it's easier to slide magnets across the surface they're stuck to than pull away perpendicular to the surface.
  14. Psychedelic teddies taking a run up to kick Bishop Brennan up the ar$e?
  15. That fretboard wear looks more like damage from long fingernails rather than strings. My guitarists Tele looks like that and he has talons!
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