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  1. Yes, light weight is not the boon it seems if it upsets the balance and makes playing less of a joy. That's a heck of a difference in weight for the same instrument. The one I tried was a made in Indonesia 2013 Squier.
  2. out of interest, how do these generally balance? I tried a SS Squire Jaguar which had a very light (Agathis?) body and found if a drag due to neck dive. Cheers
  3. I've just borrowed a ss Squier Jaguar. Plays and sounds fine but has terrible neck dive. Is this common? The whole thing is very lightweight @6.6lbs. I've not noticed this on a bronco or old Musicmaster I've tried.
  4. A powerful infrared laser would do it though.
  5. I had the Vox standard bass with a dimarzio in that position. Sounded nice to my ear for aggressive stuff.
  6. Bloody marvellous all round. I'm a sucker for jazz flute!
  7. That's what it says on the head! I think it's one of their parlour size ones. My mate has one and it sounds good. Not expensive either.
  8. @John Hunt, that was quoting the post from the original sale from SKB558 TO BCH
  9. The Scarlett is an audio interface, the notepad is just a mixer unless it's radically different to my Power Pad. How are you connecting it to the Mac exactly? Edit: it is radically different and has Usb out. Probably needs setting up on the Mac as a different audio device and maybe it's own drivers loading. I don't use Mac, so am no authority though!
  10. Ok, Trivium posted a clip of their track of the same name about the same time. Maybe that's it?
  11. I guess it's possible. I'll try a search on Scattering the Ashes. Thanks folks!
  12. America-land mainly. Which is nice. But odd all the same.
  13. This is a weird thing. I put the occasional tune from the Basschat composition challengeso on my soundcloud, don't go out of my way to publicise or anything and get a handful of listens on each tune typically. Oneof my tunes from a couple of months ago has somehow amassed nearly 400 plays and I have no clue what this is due to. The tune the month after had the usual 40 odd plays. I'm baffled, does anyone have any idea what's going on?
  14. Just spotted this thread after posting in the what are you listening to thread: Learning Senses Working Overtime by XTC for some kind of remote collaboration with my label boss in California. No idea what it's for!
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