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  1. Thanks Dad, I won't be tuning my cymbals right now! I've got everything wide-open at the moment, no damping. It's taking some getting used to, hearing the bass drum like that, the first recording I've just done sounds good with no reverb on any of it. Makes my small dead room sound bigger!
  2. Setting up, tuning and recording my new drum kit. My previous kit, a 60 Rogers had no resonant heads, so I'm getting into a whole new world of pain with tuning the heads nicely. Toms sound immense, still not sure about the bass drum yet. Was there a fashion for single headed drums in the 70s? I know a few drummers who played concert toms. If anyone is interested ( @Dad3353?) it's a Gretsch in smaller sizes, 12,14,18 inch shell pack, silver oyster pearl, Renown series.
  3. I feel your pain, but compact can be efficient too!
  4. How about replacing the zero fret with an adjustable (Warwick style) nut?
  5. Still showing a strong Bowie influence back then. Not that far removed from the current offering, just a bit more immediate hook.
  6. Ooh! Sounds handy for when I'm trying to record myself whilst at the drum kit. My pc is handily positioned across the room for operation when I'm standing up playing the bass.
  7. In that particular case it would be more time consuming to just plate the ends
  8. Sold some machines to Stu, seamless transaction. Highly recommended!
  9. Yeah, that kind of thing. Chrome for the split too though!
  10. Looks great! Shiny chrome pickup covers would look nicely retro too! Is there even such a thing?
  11. If the Vintera is a Mexican made beastie, I'd guess the routing is the same as the p-j one.
  12. Shameless plug, but I've just posted a black Fender Mex bridge in accessories that would look good on that.
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