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  1. MoonBassAlpha

    Eude throws down the gauntlet

    I may have missed this in the topic, but what gauge did you go for on the low B string, and what is the tension like at that scale? Lovely work again Andy!
  2. MoonBassAlpha

    Truss Rod - Straight Neck

    Normally one would tighten the truss rod to straighten the neck. Rightly-tighty!
  3. MoonBassAlpha

    Headphone heads up

    Just been sent the code REC10 to use at checkout for an extra 10% off - keeps getting better! I don't really need any more sets, but I'm still tempted!
  4. MoonBassAlpha

    Headphones... Zoom R24

    You could do worse than the Studiospares m2000 I mentioned in another thread in this section. They are quite boring sounding, but quite flat for that type of money(currently down from £69 to £29), and mixes sound pretty good on other phones. I listened to one of my recent mixes today on a colleagues pair of Monster DNA phones and was very impressed by the detail and openness. They weren't hyped in the bass and the mids and top end imaged nice and clearly. They're about £80, watch out for fakes at a too-good-to-be-true price though! I also record on an R24! I can't say from experience how well it drives higher impedance phones, I also use a Studiospares 4-way headphone amp for live tracking with the band, and that has plenty of oomph on tap. The mono switch is useful too. HTH MBA
  5. MoonBassAlpha

    December Cover Song Challenge - GET WRITING!

    Give it a few days and come back to it, then it will seem like someone else has done all the guitar tracks for you!
  6. MoonBassAlpha

    Headphone heads up

    new heads up, they are now down to £29, an absolute steal! Thank me later! MBA
  7. MoonBassAlpha

    December Cover Song Challenge - GET WRITING!

    This is the entry, I think! I was going to mix it again and add some more vocals, but my guitarist put the rough mix up on our band SoundCloud already. So, it may get tweaked if I find time, or this will be it. This was the second take, as the tempo first time through was "wrong", apparently, bass-warts n all! Irie-Psychokiller
  8. MoonBassAlpha

    December Cover Song Challenge - GET WRITING!

    Don't worry Douglas, we're used to it by now
  9. MoonBassAlpha

    Do I need a shim?

    It won't be ptfe, more likely ldpe, low density polyethylene.
  10. MoonBassAlpha

    Power supply skullduggery

    Yes. No problem unless both pedals exceed the psu total rating.
  11. MoonBassAlpha

    Genz Benz Shuttle 6.0

    6.0 user here. Use it on all my gigs. It's a very neutral sounding thing. No complaints.
  12. MoonBassAlpha

    Elf in Action

    So if it's ~200W into 4 ohms, do they say what it puts out into an 8 ohm load?
  13. MoonBassAlpha

    December Cover Song Challenge - GET WRITING!

    I think I will be IN this month, we've just recorded a cover that we've knocked about a couple of times over the years, but tonight we changed the genre. Drums, guitar and vox down, just need to put a more coherent bass on, then mix, and, by Jove!, it'll be done!
  14. MoonBassAlpha

    Help needed with utterly bizarre sound problem

    I'm wondering if the voice coil is distorted and rubbing on the magnet as the cone resonates? Unless the speaker has an obvious tear in it, it's hard to see how else it could make a noise under passive resonance.
  15. MoonBassAlpha

    Help needed with utterly bizarre sound problem

    Yeah it's not beyond the realms of possibility that the speaker would have a resonant frequency of ~82 Hz if it's not a specialist bass speaker.