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  1. If you're worried about taking wood off with the tape you might try going over it with a hair dryer to soften the sticky. I find it works a treat!
  2. A medication box with am and pm sections would do 14 different ones, the lids snap closed, and have handy suggestions as to which plectrum to use on any given day!
  3. That's an oddity, is it short scale? I can see the logic of only having 15 frets with a high C string, if that's how this is intended.
  4. A Kramer 450B that weighed less than 8lbs would be sweet! I think mine was nearer 12 But nothing sounds quite the same. Pickups were a bit low output too, but that can be easily addressed.
  5. My mate has just got the Presonus Eris 4.5, very pleased so far. Slightly over your budget new though
  6. I read that old drum skins make excellent templates for spraying logos. Course, you have to have good cutting-out skills
  7. To replace a faulty one in a Big Muff pi (Russian made). Dpdt, latching. I'm sure they're much of a muchness, but if any brand/source stands out, please let us know, cheers! MBA
  8. Any idea what the body wood is? Apologies if I missed it earlier in the thread.
  9. Does the spalting affect the structural strength when used as a body as opposed to a thin decorative top?
  10. what's the cab setup at rehearsal? Is it higher off the ground so it's exciting the body of the bass more? I found a notch filter as used on acoustic guitar preamps killed the feedback on my mate's problematic Hofner Verithin Bass without affecting the overall tone.
  11. Looks like a lovely studio! I hope you get great results!
  12. change the buttons for the rubber style ones used on old-school rugby shirts.
  13. My drummer had (hand) surgery and was is off playing and even driving for at least 8 weeks. Still a few to go, and even then there's no guarantee he'll be able to start up where he left off. I've been keeping myself busy with online collaboration with another mate who is getting back into music, so still playing bass and trying to play drums for him!
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