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  1. If this sells, will the seller be gormless?
  2. How about securing plastic shuttles with magnets? As you might imagine, it's easier to slide magnets across the surface they're stuck to than pull away perpendicular to the surface.
  3. Psychedelic teddies taking a run up to kick Bishop Brennan up the ar$e?
  4. That fretboard wear looks more like damage from long fingernails rather than strings. My guitarists Tele looks like that and he has talons!
  5. Do the phones have a plug with tip and 3 rings as most Earbuds have these days? I've had unpredictable results without this type as the ground connection isn't always made correctly. Often just sounds thin, lacking in bass, in both ears though.
  6. Some preamp valves have metal covers, so you wouldn't see the glow anyhow.
  7. A photo of the inside of the control compartment may yield some replies. It does make you wonder why it was disconnected in the first place though. ..
  8. Do people use stretch markers to do this? I know you CAN use them, but are they used in practical editing?
  9. I'm sure many will have had an email today from Soundcloud, and their change in offering. Any thoughts? I was a little confused. They now say you can store wav files but are limited to only 15 tunes. Not explicitly stated if this applies to lossless formats or all e.g. mp3s as well. I expect 15 is the new limit and they would like you to buy the premium service to upload more.
  10. Might be worth considering minimising the use of aluminium to the structural areas as it might turn out rather weighty.
  11. Just out of curiosity, what do those studs do?
  12. Is it called the "Swift"?
  13. had this with Chromes. I suspect it's the residue from the polishing process on Flats, could be similar for rounds?
  14. As these speakers are subs they may not have enough mids to sound good. I've never heard one, so couldn't say for sure.
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