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  1. Or the modified "no Hovis heads" I saw on at least one occasion
  2. Couldn't agree more. My Sei bass was the first I had, and I got an Eggle guitar with one, and it feels great under the fingers, especially on guitar. It's one of those subliminal things that makes playing just that bit nicer. The fact it looks cool is just a bonus.
  3. Ebony. It was a factory short run version. That's mainly why I went for it.
  4. Loving the binding on these. Very classy.
  5. Poplar burl looks great on those Mensinger Cazpar basses. Looking forward to this one in particular.
  6. I'd say if you're starting into recording a kit, having a hole makes it a lot easier to adjust and tune your damping inside the drum. My old kit didn't even have a resonant head, and I got perfectly usable recordings like that with the mic sitting inside on a folded piece of carpet against the head.
  7. Yes, nice mix! Love the percussion recording. Bass sounds great too. The only thing I'm not keen on is the guitar tone, but that's just personal taste.
  8. Plain old redwood? Nice one!
  9. I wonder if the picture was the casting call for this video? :
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