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  1. I think mine is done. I'll sleep on it and put it in tomorrow. Any fans of Janek Gwizdala will know what to expect for a baby elephant sound. It's slightly annoying, but that's babies, eh! A first outing for my new Mustang too.
  2. Roughly what scale did this end up and did you add side dots? Looks nice.
  3. I like the consciously utilitarian control plate. The whole hangs together really well.
  4. Only just seen this thread. I did wonder if you were heading in this direction: https://eastwoodcustoms.com/projects/backlund-100-bass/
  5. Another tip to get good contact in the neck pocket is to slightly loosen the neck screws when strung up to tension. The string tension will pull the neck tightly into the body, then jus tighten the screws again and retune. Needless to say, you don't need to loosen the neck screws very much at all!
  6. @BigRedX @Bassassin are these things ridiculously heavy?
  7. My first bass was a Melody Grabber copy. Was actually pretty good, though I recall that the sliding pickup was quite microphonic. Probably nothing that a good wax potting wouldn't fix though. The body did look more like a pine kitchen table than any other wood too.
  8. I can't agree with the neck dive comment as a generalisation . The 2 shorties I've played recently, a Squier jag ss and my Mustang PJ both head south. With a suede strap the Mustang is just about horizontal but the Jaguar wasn't.
  9. Ooh, yeah, Iforgot about the Hofner, how's it coming along?
  10. I'm kinda surprised you don't see a kind of light waveguide up the edge of a fingerboard. One led at one end and notches or small conical indentation at the marker positions. I could picture a gentle glow along the fingerboard edge with small points of light.
  11. Thanks! I wasn't always a big fan, but had a lot of time for In the Village of the Apple Sun, and got to play Guru 7 live, which was nice!
  12. You might want to try half rounds. I got some from Status on my new Mustang and they are brighter than flats with almost the same feel. Not expensive either.
  13. Cool, he's still quite a niche artist and not all that well known over here. I was lucky enough to play as part of his backing band in UK gigs, and was on half of his previous album, Kenny vs Thrust (in the band "Thrust", which is really my 3-piece, Charms Against the Evil Eye)
  14. I'm still thinking pickup height too. If it is, this will probably sound worse if you fret the low strings high up the neck.
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