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  1. I reckon the Squiers are pretty good for the money. Like the more expensive Fender models, they benefit greatly from bridge replacement and lighter strings than the stock ones. It's a thing for the experimental player for sure, and if you're looking to use as a bari the 30in scale makes it harder to find suitable strings. But totally do it, yeah.
  2. Reckon they’ll raise prices to compensate?
  3. Not really a challenge for me, unfortunately ...
  4. Recorder players who keep pet mice are also warned to be vigilant
  5. Is it time for an ‘ageing bass players in gig bags’ thread?
  6. Could someone explain to the ignorant dunderheads out here what this actually is in simple terms? Multi FX? Plugin-type-thing? Preamp?
  7. I’d be all over that if it was a five-string
  8. Thought this would have been snapped up by now! Or at least sawn up.
  9. http://www.warwickbass.com/en/Framus---Support--Serial-Number.html#current_site_id
  10. Alas, drivel appears not to count towards my post count. Unless it's drivel about bass guitars, at any rate. I'm told it's 500 posts by someone who sounded confident, so I think this one's case closed.
  11. Sorry, I used a link instead of reposting the pic, but the loooooooooong and short of it is: I haven't got one of those. Just a birthday and a status toggle.
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