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  1. Bobby G is arguably a rock star, therefore by his own argument we should ignore him. Sorry if someone said that already. Now where’s the drunk thread ... ?
  2. Sorry, are we giving or receiving?
  3. I like cheese. I like bass guitars. I'm not mad about that, though.
  4. Bought Shaun's Stingray bass. Well wrapped, posted on the nominated day and arrived, safe and as described, shortly after. 👍👍👍👍👍👍
  5. nige1968

    Adee's feedback

    Bought an SM58 from Adee and it was kind of like buying from the sort of shop you really wish existed. Only friendlier. Same-day dispatch, 48-hour tracked, perfectly packed, no messin'. Thanks, man!
  6. Seem to remember one of the 1980s Motörhead albums crediting Lemmy with “bass, 8-string bass ...”
  7. How U-shaped are the necks in reality?
  8. Ozzy tribute act? Part of the rider? Hope you had a flight case for it anyway
  9. This is the original. The other is the New Original (s)
  10. Bought a very nice Genzler amp from Paul and found the whole thing more seamless than something with no seams whatsoever. Quick post and helpful seller. Thanks!
  11. Not sure but Google agrees with Taiwan too. Bit of a thread here: https://www.basschat.co.uk/topic/247578-yamaha-bb-series-talk-me-through-them-please/?do=findComment&comment=2583931
  12. It's one of the BBs from that era, don't recall the numbering convention but something like a BB604
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