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  1. I haven’t, but don’t get your hopes up. I’d bin it without a second thought. Did you mean to expose your email to the world?
  2. Advent Calendar of Quiz answers:


    1. Teebs


      Thanks Nige :)

      Got most of them :)

      But not all >:(

    2. nige1968
  3. Mexican Road Worns (I can remember paying £199 new for a JV Squier, when US Fenders were ~£300. So the price difference is similar).
  4. What do we reckon to these, hive minders? http://lamontguitars.net
  5. Name-that-tune picture quiz Advent Calendar edition:


    1. Teebs


      I've been working through them - thanks Nige! :)

    2. Teebs


      Got the first 3 - will come back to the others later.

  6. I have a couple of them, both fivers, so I can give you a bit of a review. The bad: For me, the electronics were the first thing to throw out. Replaced with MEC 3-band but I'm sure you'll have your own preference. Hated the strings it came with, again that's personal, others might well love them. And on the natural finish, the neck joint is well made but the bit on the front looks a bit home-made when you look closely. I've put a sticker over it or I'd show you what I mean. The good: Almost the perfect fast 5-string neck for me. Shallow, not too broad and nice satin feel, and a wenge board too. The big cutout makes reaching the dusty end so much easier and more fun, though I guess for people without giant gibbon arms it might make the low notes more of a stretch. I don't find it so, anyway. The weird cutout round the strap button means it's a bit less liable to falling over. It's my live bass, sounds good and plays like a dream, but not so expensive I need to sell my house if it gets nicked. Tl;dr: With a bit of work they're great bass guitars, if a bit rudimentary compared to the £7k German ones. Personally, I wouldn't pay over £500 new. Hope it helps.
  7. Now reduced to a slightly lower £429. Save £110!!!
  8. Yeah, but it goes up to 17. Alas, I like to fold my thumb round to get that low E flat, so I'm out until my thumbs grow some more.
  9. It’s a packaging error. That’s actually Gene’s Herb Chopper bass.
  10. Here you go: http://warwick.de/en/Warwick---Products--Instruments.html
  11. I got dragged to see REM in the late 1980s and I swear they played for three hours. Stuck it for a while but had to go for a break and didn't go back in.
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