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  1. Bought a pair of Phil Jones Bass H850 headphones in the clearance sale from Guitar Guitar. Hated them. To me, they made my basses sound fizzy. YMMV, though I'm not likely to take a return on these. GG won't take a return for hygiene reasons. Hopefully Basschatters will be less sensitive but I should stress that I have worn these for a total of about 5 minutes. You can have them for what I paid. I'll even shout for the postage. If you turn out to like them, you'll have yourself a virtually brand new boxed set of cans for £20 less than anyone else is asking (GG have run out). PJB product page: http://philjonesbass.net/cms/index.php/product-h850/ Pics? Well, they look exactly like a brand new pair of headphones in a box with all the kit, but shout me if you need any pics for any reason.
  2. £75 new from a music shop in Blackpool. Travesty of a bass. I got a mate at school to put a “preamp” in it, because he knew some electronics. When engaged, this made it squeal like a dying robot. Replaced with a £199 JV Squier, at which point its shortcomings became clear. No idea what happened to this, presumably sold it to buy food like everything else from that era. I don’t actually remember it being that bad, but I wasn’t really qualified to judge. (All tinternet pics — like I could afford a camera back then)
  3. Some interest but very much still here ...
  4. But Shirley having side dots on a bare board that are anywhere other than the place you put your finger is blimmin’ useless? On a lined board I can’t see it matters.
  5. Would love to hear that! I think the ‘big excerpt’ thing came in a recent site update? You could try making the link again. Then when it converts it to the preview format, hopefully there should be a pop-up thing in the edit window that lets you undo the conversion.
  6. Diagonals and sunglasses. This thread has changed my life, I tell you.
  7. Sorry if it’s the wrong thread but here are some of mine on the settee ...
  8. nige1968


    Saw a monochrome pic on the front of an early Motörhead EP. Someone told me that one of the band members was playing a bass guitar. It had four fat strings, massive tuners and produced really low, deep notes. I just thought that looked like the coolest instrument ever and I just knew I had to have one. Still think that, too.
  9. I don't think they made a '58 Jazz first time round, never mind reissues. You might find your answer here, maybe? https://forums.fender.com/
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