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  1. Gotta be a thong. Helps with getting into the groove.
  2. OK, I'm playing bass, I'm staring at the wall ... how do I know when I've become more interesting?
  3. Derek bought my Warwick Streamer bass, and is the sort of buyer everyone likes. No messing, pleasant to deal with and recommended to you all.
  4. On eBay now (here) but would rather flog to someone on here ...
  5. Check out the girly swot! I was about to say that I don't hold with the science of real IQ tests, never mind musical ones, but I've now completely changed my mind 🤣
  6. Still available for your vintage enjoyment
  7. I think it probably depends on your point of view. If you were planning to keep it as a collectors' item, you'd probably view it as a cut-and-shut. If you want a genuine Fender Flea Bass to play, it's that also.
  8. Well thank you sir. The story behind the new body is that I got the old one resprayed, then decided the new colour actually didn't look right next to all that vintage relic-ing, so it's going towards a shiny maple-boarded bitsa. Meanwhile I thought it would be wrong to part this one out, so I got another body and put it back as it should be. Would be keeping it if I could afford to.
  9. Here's a second one I have available. Just to clarify: The preamp above came on a bass with active pickups. Not sure I can detect a real-world difference, but this one here came off a passive-pup bass. It includes a series/parallel/single coil toggle switch for the humbucker in a 'JazzMan' style pickup arrangement. There's no part number sticker on this one. Otherwise, I'm blowed if I can tell the difference, but did I mention that I know nowt about electronics? (ignore the sticker on the bag, it's not related to the preamp). It has the same 'Crystal Sound Co 2-band EQ' sticker as the other one, and the wires are wrapped with 'vol', 'treble' and 'bass' labels. Pots on treble and bass are stamped B50kΩ, while volume is marked Alpha A25kΩ and the balance MN250k. All pots except volume have centre detente. It was removed from a RockBass Infinity 5-string and includes the series/parallel/single coil toggle switch for the MusicMan-style pickup. The extraction was done by a proper luthier and it looks reasonably drop-innable, but I don't know electronics so don't quote me on that. Anything else you need to know, please shout.
  10. £799 (ono) delivered in UK only, or pick up from Brighton. Through gritted teeth I am selling my Flea Road Worn Jazz Bass. It's a long story, but I ended up buying two Road Worns at the same time, and I prefer the red one. I'd like to keep a stack-knob too, but my bank would disapprove and my wife would leave me. Nice dark rosewood board, faded shell pink lacquer, CS64 pups and weighs 4.1kg according to the bathroom scales. Comes in a new-looking Fender gig bag. Full disclosure: This is a 2016 bass, but with a (genuine, new) 2020 replacement body purchased from Stratosphere in the US [eBay listing here]. It is 100% stock apart from: Kiogon solderless loom replacing the original pots and wiring * Genuine Fender brass external earthing strip (purely decorative) Genuine Fender Road Worn strap button on rear of headstock (largely decorative). * Knobs and plate are original, only pots and wiring are changed - shout if you'd like the originals included. You probably won't like my wussy light strings and cig-paper action, so allow for that. The neck is straight and the truss works just fine. All the electrical bits work just fine and sound ace. Here's the official spec page: https://shop.fender.com/en-GB/electric-basses/jazz-bass/artist-jazz-bass/flea-jazz-bass/0141020356.html Ask about any other stuff if you like. I'm open to offers but not silly ones, as I need to recoup some costs. More pics:
  11. Me too. Don't think I'd want to touch it with bare hands, though.
  12. I haven’t, but don’t get your hopes up. I’d bin it without a second thought. Did you mean to expose your email to the world?
  13. Advent Calendar of Quiz answers:


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