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  1. Still not 100% certain....... i may swap the BTS out and the Tonepump back, there's just something about the Tonepump + EMG's that i like.....
  2. UPDATE.... I had the Euro4 LT and swapped it for a Euro 5LT, i wasn't that much of a fan of the Barts/Darkglass..... However, wow, on the 5 string i love the combo... they work well together. I put a BTS in my Euro 4LX and the jury is out.......... i may well put the Tonepump back in.
  3. Never used any John East stuff before, do they fit well with Spectors.?
  4. Wow, that’s reassuringly expensive...!!!! If I change I might go the EMG/Aguilar route again. At the moment though the Darkglass fits nicely. I’m running the bass through a Darkglass compressor then a Microtubes (which may well be moved on soon, I’m needing full on dirt less and less) then in a SansAmp.........
  5. Ahhhh that would make sense, I'll dial the cog back and ease off the mids off a bit... Are the HAZ pre amps still available?
  6. Some minor tweaks and a set of Rotosound's added, the Bartolini pick ups are good too, a belter it certainly is........ I'll try and get some pics up as soon as i can.
  7. Thanks for your help...... all is now clear. And yep, the Spector is very, very good indeed.
  8. Yep, i went in the shop for the Blue fade version but it had gone..... Re the Tonepump, all the versions I've owned before were sealed units with a small trim pot you adjusted with a small screwdriver...... I think.
  9. Just giving my new Euro4 LT a once over and on checking the tone controls I've seen this.... Anyone have any clue how they work? It doesn't seem to resemble either the old Spector Tonepump or the new Darkglass Tone Capsule that's apparently comes with this bass... Does anyone out there have any ideas? Dave
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