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  1. Agree with the 'silly amounts of power'. You should also mention the amazing tone!
  2. I used to have the twin of this and was also forced to sell it. Without doubt the best sounding and Playing bass I’ve ever owned.
  3. Bought my little vox practice amp. No hassles, straight forward. 👍
  4. Bought this at the beginning of the year from a seller in Japan. What attracted me to it was it very low weight: 3.09 KG (6.81lbs), as I have a bad back. Balances very well, with only the merest hint of neck dive (but I'm very, very picky about that). It's a well made and lovely sounding instrument. The split-coil pickup is about 3cm further back toward the bridge (as measured from 12th fret) than it would be on a traditional P, so sound tighter and growlier. Think of an Ibanez Soundgear with a bit wider nut (40mm). Basswood body, maple / rosewood neck. 13 3/4 " radius but doesn't feel to 'flat' £150 Delivered to Mainland UK, a soft gig-bag is included. You can also come round and try it out. Only selling, as I want to get my hands on a short or medium scale, so if you have one we might be able to do a trade. Plenty of dings and scratches, has had a full life. For the sake of full disclosure, there is an issue with the neck (there would have to be for that price). There was fret-buzz higher up the neck so I took it to my tech. He tells me that it's straight and the truss rod works, but it doesn't have as much effect on the first 5 frets on the neck, so can't set the relief exactly as he'd want. He's put a slightly heavier gauge of strings on (.110) and the action at about the 12th is a little higher than I'd like ideally but it plays very well. EDIT: the heavier gauge strings is because my band play downtuned and I don't like losing string tension. I bought another neck off eBay with a similar length of neck heel that would need re-shaping (maybe a little short) which I'll include (currently for sale in Other Musical Items). As it plays so well, never had to go down that route.
  5. It does say max dimensions of images, but that other than that is says 'too many of this and too much of that'
  6. Thanks, will adjust accordingly. Is this in a sticky thread anywhere?
  7. Well, I'm all for it as there are some that take the p*ss. I did a search for 'signature' in "Site Issues and Questions" but didn't come up with anything relevant. Will search the wider site.
  8. Trying to tweak my signature, I'm suddenly getting issues. It's now telling me there's too many images, links, lines, etc. When in fact I was making it less. Can it be new rules? Seem a bit draconian. I've stripped it right back to this, no images, only 4 links an 9 lines. Still have this error pop up. What gives?
  9. Welcome, have fun and try not to get carried away with buying stuff here.
  10. Bit of a late reply @hooky_lowdown but there's also the Cort Action Junior.
  11. Just bought a mini phaser pistol pedal. Excellent stuff, thanks. 👍
  12. You have a full sized image of a bass in your signature, with a flame maple top. Maybe he means that?
  13. £100 for that driver is a steal. I've NEVER seem one second hand. Stevie turned me onto this driver and I put it into an Ashdown combo (check my sig for a link to the build diary). It sounds absolutely incredible. Haven't looked back since.
  14. Not only did he provide me with free stuff (good quality at that), he also dropped it off in person. Doesn't get much better than that.
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