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  1. I'm also donating over half of the proceeds of this to charity.
  2. Sharkfinger

    Ashdown Mini408 Neo

    Haven't seen to many of these. A UK made Ashdown 4x8 with Neo drivers, which I believe are made by Sica. It's a sealed cab and has a tight tone and pretty loud. The tweeter gives it a lot of articulation. Added feet to the side so it can be stacked that way as well. Sounds immense with the matching 1x15 that I have. Rated at 400W and 8 Ohms. Not sure about the weight but from feel it's about 24Kg. Bought new but foolishly didn't get a cover for it, so it's picked up a few scrapes in the tolex. £150 delivered (in UK). Can also give a discount if collected or you meet up with me anywhere from West Herts to East Essex. Trades: would only consider lightweight, high-efficiency, multi-speaker cabs. Thinking 2x12, 3x10 or 2x15. No 4x10 (unless has diagonal speakers) or 2x10. Would also consider a Jazz bass or Jazz bass body.
  3. Brilliant 2x10 cab that pretty light and portable, despite having ceramic speakers. Roqsolid cover included. Condition is as new, apart from the Fender badge was a little broken (fixed with superglue ). 350W RMS and 8 Ohm More info here: https://shop.fender.com/en-GB/bass-amplifiers/contemporary-digital/rumble-210-cabinet/2380100000.html?rl=en_US Edit: Forgot to mention, it's £250 delivered or £30 less collected from East Herts. Can also meet up anywhere from West Herts to East Essex, depending on day. Trades: would only consider lightweight, high-efficiency, multi-speaker cabs. Thinking 2x12, 3x10 or 2x15. No 4x10 (unless has diagonal speakers) or 2x10. Would also consider a Jazz bass or Jazz bass body.
  4. 800 Watt stereo amp. older version of this one without so many bells and whistles: https://www.thomann.de/gb/the_tamp_e800.htm Bought new in 2006, used briefly as bass amp. Does 800W bridged into 8 Ohms but sounded rubbish so delegated to PA spare amp for which it was OK. Then went with powered speakers, so this has been in storage for a good few years. It powers on but there's a very slight rattle with the fan. Haven't tested it, so free to anyone that can collect. Could possibly meet up on the way to gig (Essex mainly) or work (Hertfordshire) but not going to go much out of my way. My home location is East Hertfordshire, near Bishop's Stortford / Harlow.
  5. Sharkfinger

    Barefaced Compact for Sale £275

    Gigged a first gen compact for a couple of years and did going on 300 gigs with it. Flawless.
  6. Sharkfinger

    Feedback for Mudpup

    Ditto mate, thanks for the case. Jon is a top bloke, recommended.
  7. Sharkfinger

    **SOLD** MarkBass STD 104 HF-4

    Arrrgh!! Been after one of these. If roonjuice doens't have it I will.
  8. Sharkfinger

    ** SOLD ** Genz-Benz Contour CTR500-210T

    Now on eBay starting at £200.
  9. Bought this off eBay a few months ago, hoping to simplify my setup. However, prefer my main rig and recently having to replace my car, need to free up some funds. More stuff coming up for sale soon (probably a Fender Rumble V3 2x10 cab. Let me know if interested in that). It's all in pretty good nick, although the handle is a bit loose (edit: fixed, screw just needed tightening) and frayed. Works fine though. A few minor surface marks here and there and the worst being the tolex being a little damaged at the bottom edge on the back. Has a roqsolid cover, which is obviously included. Light at around 24Kg and plenty loud. £235 seems to be the average price these go for here, so we'll go with that. Collection preferred from East Herts or can deliver / meet up anywhere from West Herts to East Essex. Perhaps even some parts of North London. Delivery is possible but we'll see what happens with collectio nfirst. No trades please.
  10. Sharkfinger

    Feedback for mark_ir

    Bought both an Ashdown EVO11 500 and a loaded precision body from me. Effortless transaction, thanks.
  11. Sharkfinger

    Feedback for Chimike

    Mike bought my Fender Studio Bass all valve amp. Drove a long way on a very hot day and was still a very nice chap. It's 👍👍👍👍👍 from me!
  12. Sharkfinger

    EA iamp 800

    This is my main gigging amp. Very clear, uncoloured tone and almost endless clean headroom and insanely configurable EQ.
  13. Bought this 80's all valve head off eBay a few months ago because I was gassing for an all valve head. Got it for a good price because it was tatty. Had it serviced and smartened it up a bit (here's the build diary). Was originally a combo that wa I knew it could only do an 8Ohm load but just one of my 8Ohm cabs is not sensitive enough to get decent volume out of it. Can't use 2 of my 8 Ohm cabs as that would bring the impedance down to 4Ohms, which is not ideal (although I hear you can get away with 6-10 Ohms apparently). Figured I'd just get another high-sensitivity 8Ohm cab. However, I just can't be bothered and I've got more than enough amps and cabs already. My functions band requires clean headroom, so I can't imagine actually needing it and I add grit via my Ampeg emulating pedal when I need it, so I just sits there unused. £325 represents the amount I have invested in this amp so far, so just looking to recover that. Has 4 original valves and 2 replacements (which don't look recent). Any questions, ask away and I'll do my best to answer. Not too heavy, about 22Kg. Was originally a combo but was separated for ease of transportation, I imagine. Collection only (won't risk a courier). Could also meet up in Herts, parts of North London and Essex. No trades please. EDIT: Have been asked what work I had carried out when I bought it. From memory, it was re-capped, service-wise. The repair was that some of the valves were not seated properly, there they were not being used so not giving full power. The valve holders were 're-tensioned' so connection was then being made properly
  14. Sharkfinger

    ** SOLD ** Ashdown Evo II 500W / Made in UK

    Price Drop to £185 including delivery. New gear incoming, so need to get this sold.