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  1. Sharkfinger

    Ampeg or another Ashdown?

    Maybe but fuses to go from time-to-time. Our band now brings a whole bunch of spares. Replace it and it carry spares. If it goes again fairly soon, I'd say you have a problem. If it goes when you're in the same place as before, could be the electrics of the place that's contributing.
  2. Sharkfinger

    Refinishing a Warmoth Neck

    It's good stuff. I refinished the wooden handle of a 50's teapot with it. Other half was pleased, so "that practice on the bass wasn't wasted". Her words.
  3. Sharkfinger

    The BlazerRay...

    Well, you're brave! I like to think I would have practiced on a block of wood first. But then again, when I wanted to do a 'cutaway' for upper fret access on my FengRay, I just went right ahead and did it without the practice. I actually came out pretty well, so I'll just shut up now.
  4. Sharkfinger

    The BlazerRay...

    'Inspired' by single malt scotch
  5. Sharkfinger

    Refinishing a Warmoth Neck

    No slurry, no. Didn't trust myself to get it right, so coat then buff, repeat 4 times till the grain was filled (though not completely on edge of fretboard), then knocked it right back almost to wood, then the lightest coat I could. The stuff has soaked into the wood, so the protection is there. I gave it another light rub and coat about a year later and will probably do that every year. Don't know if it's recommended but hey-ho, seems like a good idea to me.
  6. Sharkfinger

    The BlazerRay...

    As promised, my amateur efforts at finishing my neck.
  7. Sharkfinger

    Refinishing a Warmoth Neck

    Did this early hours of NYE 2018 after I got home from a gig. Started on the whisky and seemed like a good idea I should mention I've never done anything like this before, so a complete amateur. Bought new from Warmoth, it's a roasted maple neck so technically doesn't need a finish. Super satin smooth but wasn't getting on with the bare wood finish, so wanted to go for a gunstock oil finish. The pictures are vaguely in chronological order. There's an initial rub-down (with coarse steel wool) to get a few months of playing grime off and a light rub down with super fine (0000 grade) SW between coats. At the beginning: Coarse SW: So some wood is off Masking up the fretboard, so don't get the finish on the fretboard. Making sure the tape is properly stuck down at the edges, so it doesn't seep in. Thin tape, so just 2 columns wont cover it at it's widest point. Microfibre cloth, cut into pieces, as will be useless when the finish dries on it: Decanting some into a small cup to use a bit at a time without polluting the pot: First coat goes on: First coat finished: A little browse of the 'library' while I wait for that coat to dry Dried after 20 mins or so. Fresh wood soaked it right in. Has really brought out that 'quilting' in the back of the neck! Gave it another very light coat before going to bed. Next morning after light rub-down. Then put everything away. A couple of evenings later, gave it got another couple of coats with light coat between. Finish actually got too think so knocked it almost right back to wood. At this point, pretty much all the grain has been filled. And the feel is almost indescribable. Super smooth and satin but nowhere near glossy or sticky. I coated over and rubbed down the decal too, in case you're wondering.
  8. Sharkfinger

    The BlazerRay...

    I've thought about doing this in the past and thought a smaller drill bit (with smaller radius) would be good for the 'corners' of the pickups routes. However, I guess you could now use a file to get up in the corners.
  9. Sharkfinger

    The BlazerRay...

    That's all the encouragement I need . Will start another thread, rather than introducing noise into yours but will have to wait till I have time tomorrow.
  10. Sharkfinger

    The BlazerRay...

    Great stuff this. Got it on my roasted maple neck on my bitsa FengRay. FWIW, I used 0000 steel wool to rub it down before application, but then it was already finely sanded by Warmoth. Took some pics of the process but never posted them anywhere. Want to see?
  11. Sharkfinger

    Adding Tube Warmth to Solid State amp

    I had it made for me, to a much higher standard than I could have managed. The GUMA Antique is based on the DG vintage microtubes, isn't it? Might give that a try, might get on better with the EQ.
  12. Sharkfinger

    Bosch Tassimo Coffee machine (pod)

    Very good condition. Working perfectly when I last used it several years ago and will test it still powers on and produces boiling water. I have no pods to test the coffee making with. Has the yellow 'utility' pod for cleaning cycles, etc. As can be seen from the pics, has sat on my desk literally gathering dust for the last few years. £10 collected, about £15 delivered. Can be collected from either East or West Herts weekdays or somewhere Essex on weekends.
  13. PM'd a while ago but got no reply. Body gone?
  14. Sharkfinger

    Adding Tube Warmth to Solid State amp

    It does a little, yes. Mainly just that 'dynamic grit' that I like. I just don't like the EQ, makes it sound muddy to my ear. Perhaps with the treble up, it rolls off frequencies above it? Is that a real thing or am I imagining it?
  15. Sharkfinger

    Trace Elliot AH400 SMX and 1015H cab

    If I ever need to knock the moon out of orbit, I know where to come.....