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  1. Sharkfinger

    Feedback for mark_ir

    Bought both an Ashdown EVO11 500 and a loaded precision body from me. Effortless transaction, thanks.
  2. Sharkfinger

    Feedback for Chimike

    Mike bought my Fender Studio Bass all valve amp. Drove a long way on a very hot day and was still a very nice chap. It's 👍👍👍👍👍 from me!
  3. Sharkfinger

    EA iamp 800

    This is my main gigging amp. Very clear, uncoloured tone and almost endless clean headroom and insanely configurable EQ.
  4. Bought this 80's all valve head off eBay a few months ago because I was gassing for an all valve head. Got it for a good price because it was tatty. Had it serviced and smartened it up a bit (here's the build diary). Was originally a combo that wa I knew it could only do an 8Ohm load but just one of my 8Ohm cabs is not sensitive enough to get decent volume out of it. Can't use 2 of my 8 Ohm cabs as that would bring the impedance down to 4Ohms, which is not ideal (although I hear you can get away with 6-10 Ohms apparently). Figured I'd just get another high-sensitivity 8Ohm cab. However, I just can't be bothered and I've got more than enough amps and cabs already. My functions band requires clean headroom, so I can't imagine actually needing it and I add grit via my Ampeg emulating pedal when I need it, so I just sits there unused. £325 represents the amount I have invested in this amp so far, so just looking to recover that. Has 4 original valves and 2 replacements (which don't look recent). Any questions, ask away and I'll do my best to answer. Not too heavy, about 22Kg. Was originally a combo but was separated for ease of transportation, I imagine. Collection only (won't risk a courier). Could also meet up in Herts, parts of North London and Essex. No trades please. EDIT: Have been asked what work I had carried out when I bought it. From memory, it was re-capped, service-wise. The repair was that some of the valves were not seated properly, there they were not being used so not giving full power. The valve holders were 're-tensioned' so connection was then being made properly
  5. Sharkfinger

    ** SOLD ** Ashdown Evo II 500W / Made in UK

    Price Drop to £185 including delivery. New gear incoming, so need to get this sold.
  6. Sharkfinger

    JV Squier Jazz Bass 1982 MIJ TRADE Pending

  7. Sharkfinger

    Fender Studio Bass Restoration

    The hair-dryer trick didn't work for me. Ended up un-stapling one long side, pulling it tight and stapling it again. Then put velcro on the back to hold in place. Doesn't look much different but photo taken in same place as first one, to allow direct comparison.
  8. I made Trade propositions via PM but didn't get a reply. Maybe hasn't seen the notifications yet.
  9. Sharkfinger

    Fender Studio Bass Restoration

    Thanks guys. Problem is, it highlights how tatty the tolex is. Was planning to leave it a while as a bit short of time and cash now but....
  10. Sharkfinger

    Fender Studio Bass Restoration

    Don't have a hot air gun, so will have to nick the other half's hair dryer for a bit.
  11. £125 delivered (less if collected). I've transferred my Warmoth neck onto my MM build, so this is now surplus, as my JV Squire fulfils my need for a P. Most notable is the fact that even with a neck, the bass was surprisingly light, less that 8lbs! Balanced perfectly but it was a light(ish) neck too. There are some duplicate screw holes under the pickguard but nothing crazy. Don't let the weight fool you, it's lovely sounding and resonant. Details are as follows: Body: From a Vintage Modified Squier (wood is Agathis), bought from gary mac of this parish. original ad: Bridge: Gotoh 201 Pickup: Seymour Duncan SPB-1 Wiring: Ki0gon wring loom Pickguard: 3-ply B/W/B Ashtray pickup cover. Strap lock buttons Trade options: hi quality and sensitivity 4x10 or 2x12 or 2x15 cab. Must be 8Ohm (6Ohm considered). Or a decent spec laptop.
  12. Sharkfinger

    Fender Studio Bass Restoration

    Good tip! I heard that from someone else too, so will defo give it a try.
  13. Sharkfinger

    Fender Studio Bass Restoration

    Have replaced the knobs with proper Fender ones. Wow, they're expensive for what they are! Couldn't find the 'correct' EQ knobs with plus and minus values, which is apparently because they're rare as hen's teeth. Repositioned the decal but the cloth looks a bit loose and baggy, so might try to tighten it a bit. Anyway, it will do for now until I get enough time to re-cover it with new tolex.
  14. Sharkfinger

    Fender Studio Bass Restoration

    Managed to spare an hour or so over the weekend for this. Now the paint is dry, put it face down on the grill cloth and folded over one side and stapled it down. Then did the same with the top, then cut it where it overlaps. Cut the cloth diagonally at the corners, so there wouldn't be too much of a 'bump' there, then folded over, stapled and cut again. Thankfully, still fits into the front of the amp. Phew, that's a relief. Now put the 'hook' part of some hook and loop (velcro) on the case but seem to have run out of 'loop'. Holds itself in well enough for now, so getting on with putting the badge on the front. Ta-da! There we go. Badge needs repositioning a bit more to the right but that's essentially it. Now, tried one of the new (genuine Fender) knobs I bought and they fit fine but the but either the '1' or the '10' will line up with the line on top but not both, so clearly not the right ones, so will have to return them and try to find the part number for the originals.