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  1. Bought from this 'ere forum recently. Then realised I need the more common 4 hole version. D'oh! Chrome, with what looks like copper shielding underneath. £6 gets it to your door.
  2. Hey you! Have a P or J neck lying around and always fancied a Stingray? I got you dawg! Had this P body made for me by guitarbuild.co.uk. Total cost was around £240 for an unfinished body (with custom options) and control plates. MM pickup is in the 'stingray sweet spot', which I spent a good deal of time researching to get right. To clarify, there are 336.35mm from the centre of the 12th fret to the centre of the pickup (13 1/4 inches). Pickup not included in price but also for sale. I routed a cutaway for upper fret access and came out quite well, if I do say so myself. Has several coats of gunstock oil and has a few dings but that's part of the charm of an oiled body AFAIC. There's a few deep but very marks around the control holes, when I got a bit enthusiastic with some tool or other. Would be pretty easy to sand down and re-finish. The diameter of the control holes are 10mm . Was quite a long lead-time to have it made and I can't say it was a pleasant purchase experience but the end product was worth it. here are the details of the order. £150 - Delivery will be extra and would probably be around £10. Can be collected from East Herts or West Herts or we can meet up somewhere in between. Most weekends I'm in Essex so can meet up there also. Material: Alder Pieces: 2 Pieces Material Shade: Alder Neck Pocket: Rounded heel 63.5mm wide x 16mm deep (most popular) 4 holes Neck Pickup: None Bridge Pickup: None Bridge: Top loader bridge position holes & vintage earth Countours: Front & Rear Contour Battery Rout: Double Battery Knobs: 4 Knobs Control: Large Rear Control V1 Edge Rout: 6mm Most Popular Jack: 22mm Side Jack
  3. Bought a pedal off of Ratman. Great price and excellent service. 👍 👍
  4. After much consideration, I've decided to put this amazing combo cab up for sale. To be clear, amp is NOT included. I traded to get this with Al Krow of this very parish. It has superb tonal character and is in itself very portable with tilt-back castors, great top handle and side sprung handles. It's also about 25-27Kg. One of the best features of this cab is that the amp-space is actually a 2U rack mount, so you can fit any standard rack-mount head in there. The speakers are Neo ones and look to be Eminence Deltalites 12". It was un-gigged and in pristine condition when I got it and largely the same, although I've gigged a fair bit since then. There are the odd marks here and there but nothing too serious. Will take detailed pics when I can. Comes with original (and very well fitting) padded cover. Collection or meet up anywhere from West Hertfordshire to Essex, depending on what day of the week it is. Packaging might be tricky because of the handle on top and I can't be *rsed. Am only interested in smaller combos for trades (cash my way), as I already have a 1x15 cab. EDIT: Would also trade for a good Jazz for around the same value.
  5. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  6. Truly a job well done! We need some sound clips now, don't we?
  7. Nice. Any pics of the priming / spraying process?
  8. Aw maaaan! Just when I'm happy with my Mesa 2x12, this comes up for sale again but for a crazy low price. Please someone buy this before I do something stupid....
  9. Maybe but fuses to go from time-to-time. Our band now brings a whole bunch of spares. Replace it and it carry spares. If it goes again fairly soon, I'd say you have a problem. If it goes when you're in the same place as before, could be the electrics of the place that's contributing.
  10. It's good stuff. I refinished the wooden handle of a 50's teapot with it. Other half was pleased, so "that practice on the bass wasn't wasted". Her words.
  11. Well, you're brave! I like to think I would have practiced on a block of wood first. But then again, when I wanted to do a 'cutaway' for upper fret access on my FengRay, I just went right ahead and did it without the practice. I actually came out pretty well, so I'll just shut up now.
  12. 'Inspired' by single malt scotch
  13. No slurry, no. Didn't trust myself to get it right, so coat then buff, repeat 4 times till the grain was filled (though not completely on edge of fretboard), then knocked it right back almost to wood, then the lightest coat I could. The stuff has soaked into the wood, so the protection is there. I gave it another light rub and coat about a year later and will probably do that every year. Don't know if it's recommended but hey-ho, seems like a good idea to me.
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