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  1. Got one of these. Great cab, really nice tight sound. Bargain, considering the quality Sica neo speakers and that they're make in the UK.
  2. Musicman Sterling USA 1200€

    Lovely bass and a good weight.
  3. MusicMan Sub USA Sterling FINAL PRICE DROP £470

    Don't see a location, am I missing something?
  4. Did anyone else read the title of this ad and just see 'Kylie Minogue'?
  5. This was my setup for a few years. Vintage goodness and tremendous power levels.
  6. *SOLD* Fender JV Squier Precision Bass 1982

    The twin of mine but in better condition. Superb player's bass that needs to be gigged. What a stonkin' bargain!
  7. Sean's Feedback

    Pleasant to deal with and pickup was well packaged. Haven't tried it out yet but I have no doubt it will be excellent.
  8. Feedback for zephead

    Took a SWR Triad off my hands. Giving it away for nothing, so you'd think I wouldn't have any problems shifting it but had the usual queue of timewasters. Mike communicated well and was true to his word. Picked up exactly when he said he would.
  9. *SOLD* 93' EB Music Man Sterling *SOLD*

    Lovely. How much does it weigh?
  10. Bought this here a couple of weeks ago for a bargain price of £100 which was too good to turn pass up, even though I didn't have a project for it! I've now got a Musicman project on the go and the John East Music Man preamp has just come up for sale here, so I'm going to pass this on to someone else for the same bargain price of £100 + £5 UK delivery. Hope @MikanHannille doesn't mind me using his ad....
  11. ** GONE *** SWR Triad I

    still available.
  12. ** GONE *** SWR Triad I

    Got this on not long ago but not for me so someone else can have it for what I paid: nothing! It's a cab with a 15 and 10 inch speakers and a tweeter. It's 400W and 4Ohm. it's too big, bulky and flippin' heavy heavy for me. You have been warned. Having said that, it sounds good. My only stipulation is that you don't waste my time; only claim it if you can actually come get it. Pickup is in East Hertfordshire. Contact me for details. EDIT: should mention this won't be around for long as I need the space for incoming gear. If it's not claimed in the next few days, I'm keeping the speakers taking the cab to the dump.
  13. Feedback for AndyBob09

    Bought some CD's from Andy. Exactly as described and bargain price. Great transaction, thanks.

    Bought some CD's from him. Bargain price and quick delivery. Cheers.
  15. Let me be the first to say it: Wow!