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    East Herts
  1. SWR Triad I

    still available.
  2. SWR Triad I

    Got this on not long ago but not for me so someone else can have it for what I paid: nothing! It's a cab with a 15 and 10 inch speakers and a tweeter. It's 400W and 4Ohm. it's too big, bulky and flippin' heavy heavy for me. You have been warned. Having said that, it sounds good. My only stipulation is that you don't waste my time; only claim it if you can actually come get it. Pickup is in East Hertfordshire. Contact me for details. EDIT: should mention this won't be around for long as I need the space for incoming gear. If it's not claimed in the next few days, I'm keeping the speakers taking the cab to the dump.
  3. Feedback for AndyBob09

    Bought some CD's from Andy. Exactly as described and bargain price. Great transaction, thanks.

    Bought some CD's from him. Bargain price and quick delivery. Cheers.
  5. Fender jazzbass 1966 matchingheadstock

    Let me be the first to say it: Wow!
  6. ESP LTD Stream 204 - Price Reduction!!! Now £249!!!

    That's a lovely bass! I feel more metal just looking at it.
  7. Trace Elliot Combo - Neo Driver?

    Decided not to go for this in the end and just buy a ready made lightweight 1x15. Will see about making that into a combo maybe.
  8. Trace Elliot Combo - Neo Driver?

    I'll check it out, thanks. However, as others have stated it might not make that much of a difference because of the enclosure.
  9. Trace Elliot Combo - Neo Driver?

    Not particularly wedded to the trace sound, just wanted something that could handle a bit more power that my existing amp puts out. More cost effective than buying a working combo. The reason I was looking at this was because it's already a combo and thats what i'm after for convenience. Mind you, even with a neo driver will come out at a substantial weight as you guys say. And with the cost of a neo speaker maybe not that much cheaper. Maybe i'll look out for a regular combo like an eden metro and sell the amps I have.
  10. I've got my eye on a 'broken' 1x15 Trace Elliot combo going cheap. I'm really only interested in the cab and plan to replace the amp with one of my own heads that puts out more power. Probably an Ashdown Evo II 500W. I also want to lighten it a bit by putting a Neo speaker in. The current speaker is rated at 200W but I've seen seemingly identical combos rated at 300W+, so I reckon the internal volume should be able to handle it. I guess it's around a TL-606 kind of size. Has anyone replaced the speaker in these or the similarly sized 1153 model cabs. What did you replace it with and what were the results? I should point out I'd like the speaker to have been manufactured in Europe or America. Weird, I know but that's the way it is.
  11. SOLD 82-84 JV P Bass PERFECT!!! SOLD

    I have an '82 JV P which is the twin of this, although mine has had a 'harder paper round' :). I can attest that they are incredible to play. If you take away the JV 'hype', you are still left with an instrument whose quality is beyond belief.
  12. SOLD Custom jazz bass PRICE DROP

    Wow, that is pretty. What's the weight?
  13. (SOLD) USA Musicman SUB

  14. FS: VINTAGE 1991 AMPEG SVT-III non pro £400

    Very surprised no-one has snapped this up. This version of the SVT-III is reputed to incredible and quite sought after.