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  1. I actually bought those very connectors to try to extend the port tubes I bought initially. They didn't fit those. Yes, obvious now with hindsight. Should have read the build diaries! The piping round the grill is white so might have got away without spraying them. Oh well.... Silicon sealer.... damn, why didn't I think of that, I even have some.
  2. Right, I've removed the glue over-spill. Went OK but managed to put a lovely scratch on the port. No biggie. Changed position of cable, from near the middle to as far back and to the right as I can, given where I can maneuver the cordless drill from the inside. Should have done that before the ports, would have been able to get it much further to the right, because now that's in the way. Happen to have a drill bit that's exactly the diameter of the (thick 8mm) cable, so should be a nice air-tight fit. Now the wadding. Stevie advised me to get this stuff (furniture padding) but by god it's horrible to work with, especially in a small enclosure. Very dusty, bits come off and tears apart easily. Wish I'd got the specific speaker wadding. Spray glue and staple mounted.
  3. As you can probably tell, I didn't buy the combo for it's pristine looks. Probably would come off again but not worth the effort. If they don't clean up or there's a noticeable gap between the port and the box, then I might be tempted. The weight of the combo holding the ports against the box will (hopefully) ensure the gap didn't get too big. And if there's a tiny line of glue visible between the port and the box? Well, that's what Sharpies are for EDIT: Were I to do it again, I would use wood/PVA glue first glue them in place from the outside. When that hardened, would then use GG on the inside (only) to bond it and fill the gap.
  4. Here is the port as it arrived. Fab, those 'fins' should help hold it in place. Marking on the back where to cut the slits for the fins. Somehow managed to move it between marking them so had to go round twice and correct. Actually did the cuts in the wrong place on the first one, so I double checked on the second as you see below. Nice tight fit. Using Gorilla Glue, put some on the fins and a little round the edges and pushed it in. Both done. And squirted some down the inside gap and the back and over the fins I can reach. Next morning. Turns out Gorilla glue expands. Who knew? I would have if I'd fully read the instructions. Works to my advantage here as it's filled the cutout gap. Not so much advantage here, seems to have forced it way out, even though was lying on it's back to hold the ports in place. Hasn't stuck firmly to the covering so peels off OK. Can cut off excess. Will try to do that tonight.
  5. Been a bit short on time. Anyway, was going to try to stick this pipe connector on the end but the external diameter of the connector is too big for the internal diameter of the port tube. However, found this on Amazon, which is 5 times more expensive than the one I bought (£15 for 2 delivered) but are exactly the right diameter and depth. Will need to make the cutout a bit bigger but saves a lot of pissing about and less joints to go wrong. Just got them today, will have a look tonight or tomorrow so fingers crossed.
  6. This used to be mine. Really nice bit of kit. The bass whisperer dude did a really great demo as well, worth checking out.
  7. Once the speaker is in stock and they send it to me. Probably still a week away. The wadding should be on it's way and I can at least get on with that.
  8. As I found out yes. It's only a DIY one, although this is the first time it hasn't been up to any job I've asked of it, including going through solid brick walls on the hammer setting. S'okay, my mains powered one did the job fairly easily.
  9. OK, so not exacly in the same league as building one from scratch but wanted a relatively light and compact combo that was mega powerful but wasn't your regular 'class D / rubbish speakers'. Why this particular combo cab? Because the amp enclusure is tall and (just about) deep enought to fit my incredible EA iAmp800. Bought an Ashdown combo off ebay that without the head and away I go. Measured the internal volume and hit up @stevie for advice on porting. What a gentleman he is, so patient and helpful. Was going to go for the Faital Pro 15PR400 but he advised me to go for the BMS 15N620. Who am I to argue? Bought the speaker. Now, before we go any further, the internal depth is pretty shallow, so that means longer ports. Really difficult to get 100mm diameter ports that are 150mm deep, so I'm going to have to be inventive. Stevie advise me to use a plumbing pipe but they don't have a 'lip' on the outside. Got something else in mind, stay tuned (no pun intended). Here we go with the gratuitous pic-fest: Yeah, I know it's a bit blurry but you get the idea. Before I start, taping the affected area to protect it and get a clean cut. The ports (on their way) will have an outside diameter of 103mm and this hole cutter's diameter is 102mm. Gets me most of the way there, should be a nice tight fit or maybe have to sand a bit to get it to fit, we'll see. Drew around the cutter to get an idea of where it's safe to smash away.... Cut and pulled away the old ports. Put a board on the inside back, as a guide for the drill bit of the cutter. BTW, there was absolutely no dampening wadding at all, so there's room for improvement right there (Stevie also advised me on this). Using the cutter disk, marked the centre, so know where to place the drill bit. Here it is after. Needed to use another bit of wood to 'raise' the guide, as the drill bit was not long enough to reach. Cordless drill wasn't cutting it (pun inteded), so had to go mains. So far so good. Done everything I can right now, have to wait for parts to arrive.
  10. Bought these when they first came out. Absolutely brilliant and a minimalist classic. Priced keenly as well.
  11. Wow, diagonally arranged drivers! You don't see that often, reminds me of my old Tech Soundsystem 4x10. It's a much, much better arangement to have it slightly taller and slimmer. Gets the sound a bit closer to your ear, esier to adjust the settings on the amp but most importatly: getting it through doorways! I think bergantino are working on something like this but with only 3 front-facing drivers and 1 downward firing one. Nice to see the mainstream finally catching up with the trend-setters.
  12. Traded to get some V-Mod JB pickups. Very nice the are too. Sammybass was great to deal with, recommended.
  13. This is the Wilkinson Platinum Series Bass Pickup, with Single/Double Coil option. You can have the stingray sounding coil at the front or the jazz sounding coil at the rear or a mixture of both. A few marks at one end where I was clumsy with the screwdriver but are only really noticeable close-up. It's the same pickup as in this bass: https://www.jhs.co.uk/products/guitars-folk-instruments/bass-guitars/vintage-basses/vintage-reissued-v80-bass-golden-amber Our very own @Dood did a rather excellent review on it on youtube (which I can't seem to find right now), which showed off it's tone. Just cos I'm a nice guy, I'll even include a photo of how it was wired into a kiOgon blend circuit, because it as a beach a lot of trial and error to figure out. £20 delivered to your door. If you're local, pickup for a fiver less.
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