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  1. Me too. IMO these cabs are BF at their minimalist best.
  2. This should have been snapped up at £300, really fantastic tone and incredible power. I've can't get the master above 11 o'clock before fearing for my life and health. Unlike a lot of amps, the clean power keeps increasing when you get past 12 o'clock.
  3. Looks like my old one. Absolutely terrifying amount of power on tap. I used to have a HPF programmed into the DSP, to cut the sub frequencies. GLWTS.
  4. Bought a little Vox practice amp of Stew. Was for a present and he went out of his way to make sure it arrived quick as possible at no extra charge. Really, really great. Thanks mate. 👍
  5. I'm unlikey to need this but I wanted to say thanks for taking the time and care in putting this together.
  6. Bought from here recently because I thought my Swollen Pickle clone was faulty. Tracked the fault to somewhere else so I'm using that now. Really decent sounding Muff, specifically for bass as the name suggests. Sounded great and sat really well in the mix on the couple of gigs I got to use it on. Can add dry signal when toggle is down or bass boost when up. Preferred it right in the middle myself. Original box and manual, velcro on bottom. Condition is good, with only a few marks to the top paintwork. £44 delivered or a bit less if you are local and collect it. Obviously, precations would be needed in the current climate.
  7. Tracked the issue down to a fault patch cable which worked intermittently. So I'm keeping it; sounds wicked.
  8. The 3 Leaf Doom 2 is a strong contender, because it's a fuzz first with a 'flavour' of synth. Thanks, I'll check it out. Emma Octo Nojs is a fuzz with a Octave, which I have already. Nice that they're combined but have that already. Had a Mooer Sweeper but it's a filter first with a bit of fuzz that can be thrown in. Opposite of what I need really. Had one, it was nice but not my thing (incidentally, traded it to Al Krow).
  9. Yeah, had a clone of that for a while. Shouldn't have gotten rid of it, got next to nothing for it....
  10. Looks like it's the Red Ripper over the Mastatron. Heard a few demos of the Prunes & Custard but feel it goes too far into envelop filter territory; too much tweakability. I just want one knob/switch that effects that, so looks like it's the RR over the P&C as well.
  11. What I want is a fuzz like a big muff (which I have) but with the ability to dial in some kind of filter so it sounds almost synthy. I’ve tried separate envelope/auto wah and they sound great with the fuzz but really not fussed with them on their own. I want the filter to end with the fuzz, not turn off an extra pedal. plus it’s more board real estate. what fuzzes have this built in, is the Tech 21 red ripper my only option? i sometimes use an octave with fuzz and that works too but I also use it on its own, so don’t mind it being separate.
  12. Bought this superb bass off of @paul s a little while ago. It's genuinely fantastic bass, ridiculously fun and easy to play. However, I've financially overstretched myself and at 3.5kg it's only a tiny bit lighter than my current full scale bass, so won't replace it. Local pickup from East Herts or meet between there and West Herts. Either that or meet up somewhere in Essex at a weekend. You can arrange your own courier, I will package accordingly. Hope Paul doesn't mind me re-using his ad and photos:
  13. Recently bought off here, complete with box and manuals. £65 delivered. Here's the blurb off the EBS site: THE EBS BASSIQ IS AN ANALOG ENVELOPE FILTER PEDAL THAT IS TRIGGERED BY THE NOTES YOU PLAY. THE RESULTS ARE THE FUNKIEST AND MOST RESPONSIVE SOUNDS IN A STOMP BOX. Auto-Wah or Funkadelic Sounds.The pedal achieves sounds ranging from the classic auto-wah to your own unique space-bass or ”Funkadelic” sound. It features controls for threshold and attack, and runs in three different modes, Hi-Q, Up and Down. The BassIQ with the unique Down mode set can be used along with an EBS OctaBass to achieve a synth-bass sound. Evolution. The BassIQ was first introduced at the millenium shift. From the 2008 edition improvements added 3 dB higher headroom, higher sensitivity (makes it easier to dial-in) and new analog circuitry with higher dynamics and lower noise, as well as true bypass switching technique. More than meets the eye. There are several trim pots inside the BassIQ. Such as High-pass filter mix-in, Gain trimmer and Dynamic high-pass filter mix-in.
  14. Bit of an odd one this. Bought it off here not long ago and it worked when I tried it at home (briefly) with a power supply. Even wrote out some snazzy and very classy labels for the controls. When I got it on my board (swapping it out for another pedal, so all cables are working) the volume drops and then cuts out, whether bypassed or not. Comes back then goes again. I had a look inside but as one of the knobs was stuck on, I broke the pot getting the board out. Replaced that with another one direct from Fuzzdog. Can't see anything obviously disconnected and that's about the limit of my electrical knowledge. Those of you with more ability and knowledge might be able to do something with it. So here it is for £15 delivered (firm) to get some of my money back. Could probably salvage the enclosure and knobs at the very least. Don't have a screwdriver with me but will take a photo of the inside when I can.
  15. Sold me his very lovely squier VM mustang. Bags of fun to play. Super easy to deal with and communicative throughout.
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