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  1. They are indeed. It’s all a bit baffling
  2. Sounds like they didn’t understand the concept of a bass doing more than plonking along quietly at the back and panicked
  3. I gigged one of these for years and still miss it. Wish I could stump up for this one
  4. All these lovely old natural jazz basses are making me feel funny. Some lovely pics on here.
  5. No prizes for guessing here. My 1990 MiJ 60s reissue jazz bass. Ive owned it since around '92 and used it for thousands of gigs. The only original part these days are the body and three of the tuners. The rest is a wonky hodgepodge mishmash of parts. For a time it had an East preamp, EMG pickups and Status graphite neck and an 'Animal' sticker. The original neck was sold on here when it was bassworld. These days it has an allparts neck, badass ii bridge from about 1993, a custom 'signature' split Humbucker in single-coil sized casing. (Its a Wizard 'GAFfer') in a cream casing. The bridge has a Seymour Duncan quarter pounder in there. These are all hooked up to some fancy pots with some fancy wire and squished into a brass shielding doo-dah thingy similar to the one that got pulled out decades ago when the EMGs went in. Since the 90s its also had a vintage style hipshot de-tuner that goes the opposite way to all the others! The paint has been randomly splitting and chipping for years - add that to the gig wear and its looking pretty tired, but it sure has some stories to tell! If things had gone differently, this would definitely be the one I'd be asking Fender to make a signature. I've owned over 300 basses now and this will always be the one that's the most 'me'.
  6. I've dropped the price to hasten a sale. I won't keep lowering it or it becomes a pointless exercise selling it! Gutted, but such is life!
  7. I have two pairs of the zs10s and am super happy with them.
  8. I only just bought this and it’s only very slightly outside the return window which is galling! It’s had maybe three hours playing time at home and that’s it. The strings are still zingy and fresh. It’s had a pearl scratchplate fitted which I’ll include along with the original white. Well set up and ready to play. Very lovely bass and I’m sure you’re all familiar with them by now.! This one is very light for one of these, at just a shade over 8lbs. Only selling because of an unexpected financial setback £275 - ouch! Bass will need to be collected from Cheltenham. Although I do have the shipping box still, so if you want to source and pay for a courier, I can make it available for collection all packed up nicely.
  9. Mick spotted a wanted post and very kindly sent me not just one tuner but a whole set for a ridiculously cheap price. Absolute basschat legend and a true gent.
  10. The Bridge I’ve been with them about a year and loving every minute.
  11. Oh that’s a shame. It probably works for me cause it’s my video maybe. It was Gordon Bennett’s
  12. Had an ace gig at a bar in Hereford. Lovely crowd, boss and beer 2E866D72-66BC-43DF-B558-B15C3E734695.MOV
  13. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  14. I absolutely loved mine, especially the 800w version. Sounded brilliant. Sadly missed.
  15. I had one and it was just brilliant. I couldn’t find a use for it so moved it on, but it was far better than the squier vi I owned previously.
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