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  1. I really fancy one of these, nice one.
  2. A bunch of stuff, but yesterday I focused on Rio, which I’ve never needed to look at before. Love being back on bass after a decade away.
  3. It’ll come as no surprise that it’s my 1990 mij 60’s jazz. Even if it is wonky and battered and the only original parts are the body and three of the tuners. Owned since around 92. Used for thousands of gigs and loved
  4. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  5. This is all very encouraging! I’ve been thinking I was getting on a bit for it all at 45, so this is good to hear.
  6. I had one in the 90’s briefly. It was utterly awful!
  7. gafbass02


    I did build one once, gigged it a few times and went back to my other toys, kinda wish I’d kept it now.
  8. gafbass02


    It’s so true. I’ve always written off P basses as ‘old man basses’ Now I’m of an certain age and the strap has crept higher and the tone control lower and I quite fancy a p bass 🤣
  9. gafbass02


    I hate p basses. But dayum I love those! Looks fantastic and I totally want one I may be moving towards being converted
  10. I only own two basses now. I’ve owned so many over the years that I’ve lost count, but it’s well over 200, possibly closer to 300. Warwicks, statii, many stingrays etc etc. But the only two I still own and will never part with are my old ‘Trigger’s broom’ 1990 MiJ jazz and my bassmaster funk. Both owned since the early 90’s and both beaten up and heavily gigged. Incidentally, the jazz special pictured with them here was my very first proper bass. I found it on eBay a few years back and bought it straight away. It still had my initials and my old school band name on the headstock and had hardly been touched since I sold it to fund the blue jazz in 1991/92. Sadly, a few weeks later, I was partway through my dissertation when my computer died and I had to sell it again to fund a new one. Talk about gutted! But the other two will be with me till the end, and really are all I need.
  11. He was my bass tutor at Barnsley college in the 90s. Never actually managed a single lesson together due to clashing schedules!! Always sad I missed out, but he did come and do a masterclass one day and the room was just full of stunned young bass players
  12. My last gig was Cheltenham races. The diary would be something like this... Friday March 13th Race week day four. Arrive at 5:30, bring guitar down from upstairs. Quick set up, with people screaming in my face to play wonderwall. Someone shouts ‘3-4’ when I check mic. Funniest thing I’ve ever heard. honest . Something about a virus, probably nothing. Horde arrives at 6, frantic text from the boss, ‘get started’. Half hour rotations begins with the other two acts. People scream ‘Oasis’ and ‘Wonderwall’ every 2-3 seconds for four hours. Smell is overwhelming. Everyone laughs at a passing taxi driver for wearing a face mask. Something about a virus. People still screaming for oasis and wonderwall. At some point in evening unknowingly catch said virus. 11:30. Collect pay and trudge home, safe in the knowledge that I’ve sworn that this this will be my last race week gig. Very tired wash when I get home, Wife is worried about some virus going around ... Still, next year I reckon I’ll go back to bass, so silver lining an all.
  13. I’m very much with Lozz on this one. I’ve been gigging solidly since the early 90s and have had some remarkable experiences. I just wish I could remember more. They all started to blur into one after a while.
  14. I’ll always miss owning one of these. It was just brilliant and I’ve never felt as satisfied with my tone since. I ran one with two 4x10s and a bright box for years, used it in some massive venues on some awesome tours. It was just perfect. looking at the scratch on the front panel it could even be my old one!
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