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  1. A blast from the past for my fellow long-timers
  2. Hi. Still alive and still have the bass. Just not playing much bass these days, so not a frequent visitor. I’ve not experienced this issue tbh. I believe there’s something that will loosen them (the name plusgas sounds familiar?!) possible WD40 used sparingly maybe? It’s an odd one for sure!
  3. Run the power in first, then cabs and drums for spacing, monitors and mic stands to demarcate the front area. Then cabling. Effects last.
  4. I’m so glad I contributed to this thread.
  5. [quote name='stingrayPete1977' timestamp='1510156438' post='3404352'] Was it April 1st 2010? [/quote] Nope. Try it. But like I said at the time. All well and good hearing differences when you’re listening for them in a silent room. At a gig. Ain’t likely!!
  6. Copied and pasted from a post of mine from 2010: Funnily enough fellow basschatter davemuadib and I spent a geeky afternoon A/Bing cables back to back. We did obbm, (klotz) monster bass, elixir, zaolla, generic cheapo and hotlines. Long story short monster had a VERY obvious, pronounced low mid hump which made em sound deeper and punchier but at the expense of top end sparkle and clarity. Zaolla sounded superb, very neutral and open but with depth and solidity. Obbm sounded very similar to the zaolla, slightly less zingy and airy but very close nonetheless. Just not quite as 'expensive' sounding. The elixir was also good and very flat sounding but a tad uninteresting. The hotlines (old academy of sound cables) were still great I remembered why I liked em. Very punchy and forward sounding, a bit like a loudness button going in. The zaolla, monster and elixir were thicker and the zaolla felt the best made. The hotlines and obbm cables felt lighter and thinner. Since doing the test I've retired my monster cables to back ups and bought all obbm's which I'm very pleased with. The transparency goes well with the berg cabs and they are cheaper than zaolla! I still rate monster and never had any issues with them. People that say there are no differences between cables should def spend an afternoon doing some A/B listening to a few brands. It's pretty big differences in some cases, less in others. The biggest difference was the monsters bass boost/(treble cut) to my ears. Maybe Dave will chip in ? But the differences are there for all to hear! Simply no doubt about that. But onstage with all the rest of the band going ? Well there lies the real debate ;-) I just like to know my stuff sounds good and is reliable. :-D Edited by gafbass02, 24 October 2010 - 05:26 PM.
  7. I missed out on Swindon too. Gutted but unavoidable, I know this particularly as a singer and former singer in a short lived placebo tribute band!!
  8. Yeah, can’t quite remember why now, possibly a photo or video shoot
  9. Loved mine. But sold it in a fit of poor :-/ Replaced it with the plus model in a fit of gas :-)
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