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  1. Same here. Just moved to two headrush 112s and am very pleased indeed:)
  2. gafbass02


    On the other hand, I’ve just sold the nux! I preferred the sonicake strip in the end, so went with that.
  3. Thanks. It sounds epic!! Not been out with one yet, but I wouldn’t think twice about it tbh.
  4. The middle one was the house monitor on that side. I just left it there and set up around it. This is how they are sat now waiting for tonight’s show.
  5. It’s been a long time since I posted a pic in here, so here’s a more recent, post long-hair, post COVID recovery shot
  6. My current setup, I’m really pleased with it, even coming from Bergantino.
  7. My last one was a lovely pub-garden job on a nice big stage with a great PA set up. The engineer was the band’s old one, which was handy! The sound was great, we played well, there was bunting and very Cheltenhamy folk sipping wine and beer with mud in and folks cheered and danced. Good times I snapped a shot of my setup, which both myself and the engineer were pleased with. I could’ve gone with one headrush, but as both were handy I just ran both flanking the house monitor.
  8. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  9. This was a bit of an extreme case 🤪
  10. Mine was horrendous. A private birthday do that turned out to be something akin to a scene from ‘shameless’. Lots of drunken, testosterone fuelled angry men wanting to fight each other amongst a forest of greasy, wailing harpies loving the peacocking efforts intended to impress them. We cut short.
  11. I use the ‘over’ app on an iPad, works very well is so so easy.
  12. I started out on the H||H VS100, back in the early 90s. Always had a soft spot. GLWTS
  13. I once owned a white B2A. It came in a flight case almost as big as me 🤪😂 EMG pickups and a great sound, I couldn’t get on with it then, but wish I had it now
  14. I have switched to two headrush 112s. So far I’m one gig in and it was an odd one, so not a good benchmark. (I played on a skate ramp). The main issue I found that caught me out was, when daisy chaining the two cabs, the second one was a LOT quieter than the first. No idea why! I switched them round, changed inputs and cables, but always with the same result. Anyway, I’ve solved the problem two ways, with an ABY pedal to run both in mono, and a second preamp to split the signal path between a front stage monitor and one further back by the drums, or to run in stereo. I have a series of typical function and pub gigs coming up, so I can report back on the pros and cons of going to the headrush cabs. (Which was all I could afford)
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