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  1. That’s the only Sterling I’ve ever liked the look of! Lush
  2. Nice one !! I’ve been thinking about doing this myself. So I’ll def be checking this out 🙂 awesome:-)
  3. Writing another book. I’ve a children’s book set to go off to the publishers this week and I’m working on another. Then it’s back to the YA stuff and the Maelstorm follow up
  4. No, special ordered it.
  5. I built a bass, put loads of effort into and was dead proud of the outcome. But sold it in a debt panic. Still deeply gutted years later. I worked so hard on it and barely got to use it.
  6. Wow! That looks ace. Do tell how
  7. That’s good to hear! Here’s a few better pictures
  8. Following with interest. My first job was at Tandy and I was a manager at Richer Sounds for years. I owned a ton of stuff, nothing super fancy. But I did love my ReVoX s22 CD player, nakamichi tape player and mordaunt short ms208s that I rebuilt from junked.
  9. Those pickups sound intriguing, very similar concept to the wizard GAFfers on my blue jazz. I fancy something meatier in my chapman and you may have just given me something else to look at. Good score sir
  10. Interestingly, the poly finish on my 1990 jazz just sort of...fragmented and split. It’s really odd. There’s buckle marks on the back that are down to a particular belt I wore for years, but in other places, the finish just cracked into little jigsaw pieces and fell off. A recent crack has appeared by the control plate. No idea why but it looks cool and the bass is pretty dinged up anyway.
  11. Mine is easily and predictably my old Jazz bass. Nothing has ever come remotely close to it for playability and sound. Every time I record and sneakily try to use another bass, I always get told to just go get the fender 😂. It’s not perfect, and yes, some bits are a bit ‘wonky’,(it always looks WAY wonkier in pictures!?!) But in well over 200 basses owned, this one is the most special by a long long long way! It’s a 1990 MiJ 60s reissue, the ‘mojo’ to the finish is real not fake, earned from thousands of gigs since I bought it around 1993. It’s all completely original...apart from the neck, pickups, electronics, all the hardware, scratchplate and stripes. And one of the tuning heads. 😂
  12. The finish reminds me of being at the beach 😂 I do quite fancy something really meaty in the pickups at some point. I kept looking at the Morch ones on here. Sadly on my wage it’ll be a long long wait!
  13. I did ask not to bring that into this thread. I really don’t care, didn’t care about the others, Hall, Smith, Ball Etc and don’t care about Chapman either. I take the instrument for what it is. Pretty and nice to play.
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