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  1. I’ll measure it in the morning, but it should fit any standard jazz. Mine is an unusual case.
  2. you already know what this is and how awesome they are, so I won’t go on about it!! Amazing preamp that fits into a jazz bass with no soldering required and Sounds fantastic I literally just bought it on here, but after an afternoon of sweating and swearing, Its become clear that due to the complicated earth strap business and tiny cavity on my 1990 MiJ 60s reissue jazz, it just won’t accept it. So it’s back up for sale. Boxed, new version with the thumb wheels and passive tone control. £100 Firm, posted in the UK only.
  3. My (now) wife still teases me about the fact that the first meal that I ‘cooked’ for her was served on a bass cab, with cabs for chairs too
  4. 1 sounds like a modern p pickup to me, three sounds like a p bass. The others just sound like neck pickups. Great video and some great points.
  5. I had a lovely set at the Gloucester food festival this afternoon. Started off slow and overcast and ended up busy and sunny The load in is a nightmare, so I just chucked my Headrush 108 in a rucksack. It was fine
  6. Just me, my acoustic and one speaker tucked away in a nice bar corner at my end of term do. Did an hour, dropped the gear home, legged it back and had a few. Nice enough. Off to Gloucester docks shortly with the band for a festival of some kind.
  7. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  8. I did an after party for a posh soirée in Cheltenham town hall. We were in the ‘pillar room’. I snapped this from the stage whilst we waited (in very strict total silence, whispers only!!) for the main event to finish and folks to file in. It massively over ran and we ended up taking the stage at 10:45 and only doing 40 mins !! Ah well hey ho. 6859418E-9208-413E-B827-1D1B6F98862B.MOV
  9. Standard private party jobbie. Local golf club. Everyone outside enjoying the evening sun until the last half an hour. Then lots of dancing. Home by 11:30 paid and full of free pimms and pizza. Can’t complain. First outing for my new (tatty secondhand) Pedaltrain Novo32, which was very heavy. But given that my whole rig is basically an ageing-and-surprisingly-hard-to-come-by Zoom B9.1 and a Rolls IEM amp, it sure feels a lot safer in transit than in the rapidly disintegrating Harley Benton soft case that it replaced.
  10. I took my IEMs out for about thirty seconds at last nights gig. put ‘em back real quick! Yup. Veeery different in the real world to the perfect sound I was hearing 😂 Like you say though, the next morning video from the engineer is always comforting!
  11. My experience matches many others on here, but I’ll add it in case it’s useful to someone. schallers are the ones I’ve typically used most since the 90s, but I have had a few fail and fall apart. They also need tightening regularly and over time can stretch out the hole in the strap. Knock offs are a wild card. I also now own several left over half pairs that randomly fit/don’t fit and it would make an unexpected emergency strap swap situation tricky. Only recently have I tried the rubber washer thing, I’m not convinced tbh, but time will tell.
  12. That’s literally what happened. They moved in before live music had returned.
  13. Mine was decidedly under par. My local needed a last minute act, so I grabbed my acoustic and headed off. Very quiet, even by the usual quiet Friday standards. Which makes my set very awkward as it’s all proper sing along, foot stompy stuff. Making me feel a right idiot when I’m just playing to six folks having a chat at the bar! Luckily all friends and it’s a place I work as house engineer and former open mic host. So very friendly. I had to cut my second half short, as we only remembered in the break about the new early finish time due to the increasingly common recent complaint about the noise from a music venue from people that moved next to music venue!
  14. I’ve always called them ‘fretless trumpets’, which clearly makes zero sense. Except in my mind, where, like many things, it makes perfect sense. 😂
  15. Cass has always been one of my favourite players
  16. Not a bass. But, I do have one huge regret, it’s been really upsetting me this week as it goes. For the last decade or so I was a singer/guitarist in a band and we did hundreds of gigs and had a brilliant time. When covid nearly finished me, it really scrambled my brain and left me with all sorts of neurological and psychological damage. As part of which, a very confused and disheartened me sold my beloved Fender modern player marauder guitar to an old work colleague. The model is now discontinued, so even if I could afford it, I can’t replace it anyway. He hasn’t responded to my interest in getting it back. And, even though I know it’s just a ‘thing’, it’s left me genuinely bereft. I loved it because it felt like the guitar version of my jazz bass and represented some of the best and most hopeful times I’ve had. It was just ‘mine’ and now it’s gone and I don’t really know why I sold it, I was so befuddled. gutted.
  17. Just bought a pedal board and it was a pleasure from start to finish. 🙂
  18. This sticker was on a large, ominous-looking box on the wall by a stage I played recently. 😝
  19. Two enjoyable shows last weekend. Both standard stuff, one was hot, one was wet, both were fun. Although the drummer did crash his car a little bit between shows, but he was fine. 29703E4D-1428-432F-BB90-E09B6975E0B1.MOV
  20. Very much what Dr Dave said for me.
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