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  1. Free to first person who can collect from Wakefield Missing one foam end but easily rectifiable
  2. I do have a case that could be used to ship it in btw. Well worn but functional though not original to the bass. Forgot to add, it weighs 4.1 kg
  3. Limelight serial number 211 for sale A PJ with a jazz profile neck, the finger board is really dark and it plays lovejy. Only selling as I’m about to buy back a bass I should never has sold. I’ve no case for it so would prefer collection from Wakefield or meet up within an hour or so. Priced at £895
  4. My band uses these as on stage monitors for pub gigs etc - really useful kit especially when mounted on a boom mic stand
  5. Quilter Bass Block 800 for sale We’ll renowned Class D amp. Lightly used at home and for rehearsals. Comes with the Quilter gig bag and manual - pics to follow Looking for £375 including UK postage - for sale only as I’ve a new amp in sight Specification Power Output:450 watts-8 ohms, 800-watts, 4 ohms AC Power Req.:100–240Vac, 50–60 Hz, 250 W typical, 1000W peak. Input Connections:PASSIVE: ¼" mono (full gain), 2 meg ACTIVE: ¼" mono (-10dB gain), 30K LINE INPUT: XLR 10K balanced, 1V full scale. Line Output:XLR, quasi-balanced, 400 ohms, 1V full scale Speaker Output:4-8 ohms, 90V, 25A peak Headphone Out:3.5mm mini-jack, 20 ohms per side, 2V peak. Dimensions:8.5”(218mm) x 7.5” (190mm) x 3” (76mm) Weight:3.7 lbs (1.6kg)
  6. I really enjoyed Wolf Alice’s Blue Weekend - looking forward to their gig in the new year
  7. Thanks @Silvia Bluejay i managed to figure the expense part of it. Trouble was for us, we only created the request after we played the gig. The guy who booked us didn’t know the process either ! Guess I should have watched the 27 minute video in full but I figured that time was better spent playing bass 😂
  8. Has anyone experienced this recently and their move to Concur payment system. We’re having a bit of a mare !
  9. Surely everyone in the band is likely to be in the same boat. There’ll always be songs someone doesn’t like but I just figure I’m part of a team and therefore just crack on with it.
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  11. I’ve already put a post in Items Wanted but… failing that, if you have some could you template one out for me so I could have some made 😊
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