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  1. Thanks - will take a look. I just went from the last price on here and hadn’t realised they had dropped a little Will ad a pic tonight
  2. This is a brand new unit - unopened My own unit went in for a repair back in Feb and Line 6 have replaced it with a brand new one I bought another one as I had so much time on my hands during lockdown and hence the chance to learn how to use it. Price of £360 includes UK postage I'm away for 10 days or so from today but will take it with me so I can post it locally if required Will also advertise it elsewhere
  3. mikegatward

    MB1 Feedback

    Martin bought my markbass chorus - really nice guy to deal with. No messin’👍
  4. Our band has discussed this scenario and as a hobbyist pub covers band, we have agreed to offer a freebie to 4/5 of our regular venues where we have a good and long standing relationship. We will also ask them to commit to 2 or 3 paid dates for when and if they get back on their feet. Why ? Cos we really miss playing and want to be able to continue doing something we enjoy. I totally get other people’s take on it though. I just can’t see any normality returning anytime soon.
  5. His other item for sale is a vintage air guitar - that also seems a bargain
  6. Thanks - this the kind of advice I was after. The term ‘trading up’ has really hit home. Much to think about 😊
  7. Has anyone A/B’d these two cabs. ? I really like the Super Twin I have now but am tempted with the Big Twin up for sale on here now.
  8. Does anyone have contact details for line 6 in the uk ? They we’re going to replace a Helix Stomp under warranty through Dawsons just before lockdown but with Dawsons going to administration, I fear it will fall in the cracks. Dunno if I could get refunded through the credit card people
  9. PYRAMID Gold 40-105 Pure Nickel 4-String Flatwound Bass Strings Been cut for a 2+2 34” scale bass. They had only just been put on a bass I bought so are pretty much new. I just prefer rounds ! £49.99 at Strings Direct. £23 includes uk postage
  10. Decided to move to an all valve head so up for sale is my Darkglass Microtubes 900 v1. Really versatile amp with pretty well every adjustment you might need. Full specs can be found here :- https://www.darkglass.com/microtubes-900/ All in great condition and operating perfectly, it will come with the very excellent Darkglass gigbag and the 4 button super intelligent foot pedal which allows you to select clean,b3k, micro tube or mute. Will currently only ship within the UK until restrictions change. Price is £625 including postage. Bank transfer prepared or PayPal gift/family & friends. Thanks for looking.
  11. Just a heads up on 2.9 update having just done mine. For some reason, FS3 became tap tuner for all my presets. After a short panic I twigged it just needed a global setting change to set FS3 function back to Stomp. Never came across this when I upgraded to 2.8.2 so it must be a new bug, feature
  12. Another smooth hound fan here and can I add a call out for their excellent after sales service
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