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  1. I can't fault the stock pickups, to be honest.
  2. A video from last week... We're rusty and any semblance of a 'show' is sadly missing, but we'll soon look like we are enjoying being there
  3. Two gig weekend... little by little we're getting busy again.
  4. And that purple pearl in the picture is mine That and an orange one (Halloween )
  5. It is indeed. I sent him my MB-5 plate that he made a template from.
  6. Exactly, at that price you get a perfectly usable instrument, and nothing too precious so experiment at will! Being a Stingray/Precision kind of guy, mostly, I was considering buying another and turn it into a 5-string Precision sounding machine: those pickguards can hide all the routing sins so even I can take care of that. My chisel work is not pretty but it is functional
  7. It wasn't as good on mine, but nothing terrible. Intonation needed adjustment, the nut was a little higher than needed to get the lower action I prefer, but just a little. I took to filing the slots a bit at a time over several days until they were right. The fret ends were pretty sharp, 'though. I got all these little microcuts after playing it for an hour. Twenty minutes with a file, a bit of masking tape and care, and all good. I'd rather not have to do that, but when you look at the price... "ok, fair enough"
  8. I like it just fine. It seems pretty even in volume with the others and it's got good definition but I guess that's in great part a function of the pickup & its position. I'm still on the original strings. I bought a set of stainless steel Newtones but as soon as the original strings mellowed a bit (took no time) I liked them enough to keep them on.
  9. To play devil's advocate for a bit, I think I know where he's coming from. There are too many examples of something cheaper being hyped-up, sometimes ridiculously so, and it's hard to distinguish the good from the bad unless you have direct experience. Even Youtube demos can be very misleading.
  10. I thought I had read 'kittens' and I was very confused. Need coffee...
  11. Glad it made you chortle. Do all Precision style basses sound the same? Not to me, but put a P pickup at the right spot and it's going to be 'precisiony'... and nobody seems to laugh at the notion, try that with a Stingray and it's comedy time 🤪 If Thomann stuck a MM style pickup at the right place on that thing above, it's going to sound more Stingray than anything else... look, they even put the G string falling off the edge of the fretboard, a bit like in a SR5 I know my way around a Stingray and Stingray style basses, and have been for years so I would like to think I know what sounds a Stingray makes. But feel free to criticise without trying them, it's free.
  12. It's got the right style of pickup at the right spot, so it's going to remind you of a Stingray. The preamp gives you versatility, but a passive Stingray sounds very much like a Stingray. These basses are passive, but if you get one and like it enough there are lots of preamps you can try. I am happy enough with the original pickup. I'm a tinkerer and love modifying guitars, but I don't feel the need to change it. My 4-string Stingray sounds nicer, but we're talking an order of magnitude more expensive with a very nice 3-band preamp (John East MMSR). Regardless, I like it plenty.
  13. It is not very heavy, the SBK series (black satin) seemed to be generally on the light side from comments that I've read from others. I will check when I'm at home.
  14. Indeed I was considering installing a rotary switch for pickup series/parallel/neck-facing-singlecoil, master volume and a tonestyler type of tone control... then I remembered I have a John East U-Retro in a drawer somewhere, so I'm tempted. The semiparametric mids really makes the series/parallel option unnecessary. Not in a hurry, 'though.
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