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  1. The Model T Session only comes in natural/maple with the black blocks on the fingerboards and black hardware, hard to miss... once you realise that. Session: EMG pickups and preamp. Diamond series is passive, not sure what pickups. How different can they sound? I don't know. I'm pretty sure you can get a similar enough tone to the King's X with the right strings/dirt box. It's not the kind of sound I go for, 'though. In terms of build quality the 'Session' is supposed to be better but I have zero experience with those others so I can't say, I'm afraid.
  2. Nice, I like a bit of King's X But just to clarify: not the same bass: different pickups/electronics, no idea about neck dimensions etc. I wouldn't conclude anything about the Model T Session based on this one, and viceversa.
  3. Yeah, I read your experience earlier. This was a £104 instrument [*] everything included, so I was not too worried if something went wrong, but I am not inclined to buy anything expensive for now, until the whole process is clear and streamlined. [*]: like this
  4. Well, it was delivered today, FOUR days early. Where do I complain?
  5. Pretty much, although I go for a bit less low end generally. Dump the strings it comes with, 'though. I very nearly returned mine as I didn't think a string change could transform it enough... but DR Sunbeams have worked really well on this bass. Once they lost the initial new string brightness (which didn't take long) they settled into this mellow tone that I love, and it's probably a couple of years or more and I like them even better now, which is why I dragged my feet about the preamp replacement: it's fine as it is now. It has a beautiful slap tone when you use both pickups on and moving the blend control slightly one way or another covers a very good range to get it just right in the mix. I used it a lot with a short-lived project (damn covid!!!) that was a sweet combination of funk and reggae and essentially just use the blend control to change the sound I wanted for each type. One thing that I noticed on that video is just how nice the B string sounded. Often it sounds noticeably 'bigger' than the rest of the bass, if you know what I mean, but that sounded nicely balanced, although I have no idea if he was using compression or anything, but it sounded very nice. The Precision tone on the Model T is very good. It's not exactly a traditional P, but it gets the vibe well enough that I would happily have that as my only Precision too. If rather than a J, it had a double J at the bridge, I wouldn't even have bothered with the Sandberg. I had a P/JJ Maruszczyk but the Schecter just blew it away despite its thin J pickup. I sometimes wonder: did I get particularly lucky with this bass? Because I never had a chance to try others, but reviews are generally good, I don't know. I really like mine
  6. Yeah, UPS (couriers in general) are a bit hit or miss depending on the area you're in. Over here UPS has generally been pretty good, I hope they haven't changed recently, I really want this guitar to do a little recording next week
  7. Too early to say as it's not been finalised... but I ordered a nylon string electro/acoustic on Sunday, it's been marked as shipped with a delivery slot on Tuesday 9th between 12-3pm. If nothing changes, that's pretty good compared to what it was like in Jan/Feb.
  8. Those straps do look good, yup. Weight is not a deal breaker for me, I played a boat anchor USA EBMM SUB for years because it sounded oh-so-good, but light is nice. If you end up finding/getting a 5er Model T please share your thoughts. This chat is giving me GAS (burp) - sorry
  9. One thing to consider, maybe, is weight. My Model T is not superlight but I'd say it's a light bass (I measured it at 8.5 lbs), however ther are reviews from others saying theirs was heavy. A 5er will be even more so. Sandberg are generally pretty light even without specifying their SuperLight range. It's a shame these basses don't seem to be stocked in the usual high street stores.
  10. Can't listen to it right now but I'll check it out. Definitely no anemic, that's for sure. But I didn't get anywhere until I replaced the strings, I hated the ones it came with. EMG preamp... it's still on a 'to do' list. I'm not in love with it but 3-4 times I set time to do it and something happened, or I wanted to use the bass for a gig and didn't want to be in a rush... and it's not done yet. It bothers me less and less. I just with the treble control acted more like a passive tone, but after I got the SFX LPF filter that became a non-issue and I might just leave it as it is, at this rate. I love that neck, it's wide and shallow which I find very comfy. I never tried the 5-string but with the silly prices of new Stingrays and my liking the Harley Benton MB-5 more than enough, the Schecter is a strong contender if I decide later on that I want a better 5er. I got the Sandberg VM4 because I prefer a fatter humbucker at the bridge and it was supposed to be a 'better version' of the Schecter for my purposes... but as nice as it is I use the Schecter more. Both get a lot of use, but I do prefer the Schecter a bit more.
  11. Yup. If I could only save two basses from a fire, that would be one and the Stingray the other.
  12. I see! I was losing track of where we were going with any of that Erm... yeah, my mobile phone would be my backup for the tablet, should it fail.
  13. Oh, and about n-track and mobile phone/android... For me it's not about having a full DAW (a laptop is not a lot bigger and much better suited). I was recording basic ideas on my phone alread, press record, away you go. But that was a bit too basic. With n-track (or garageband for Mac etc) you can use a decent sounding drum track (loops, or imported, or using the built-in drum machine... your choice), and add some bass, a couple of guitars, some vocal cues, or basic synth sounds, with ease, like the old tape multitrack machines. Much like in the old days I had a 4-track tape machine instead of using my little cassete player to sketch my ideas. The difference is I had to save to buy my multitrack machine (£4-500 in 1994 was a LOT of money to me) while I only had to pay $30 I think it was to get the app and use it on my phone or my tablet. It was worth it to me and I only use a fraction of its capabilities. I hope this clarifies the mobile DAW thing... edit: and as @Cuzzie indicated, there's even a free version of n-track, I forgot about it. I just tend to like to pay a little when I find an app that really works for me, even if I could live with the limitations of the free versions. But that's just my choice. I'm pretty sure n-track is just one of many similar apps (the reason I chose it is that I had used it years ago on an ancient PC and I liked their approach, very simple). I think this is as much of a derail I can take until next week
  14. You're somehow fixated with the DAW example I mentioned I don't do that sort of stuff with any DAW of any sort. I only said I 'discovered' this idea about having a 'bump' just at the corner of the frequency you're setting your filter at with my D800+ (the counterintuitive to me, at the time, set the HPF to cut higher, but also boost the bass EQ control), and that the DAW shows you exactly how that works in practice, so in that particular recording session I found it easier to communicate what I wanted to do to the bass by actually changing the EQ curve on the screen. The Broughton unit is supposed to allow you to play around with that 'bump' on both the HPF and the LPF so the effect should be reproducible with it, hence my original interest in it.
  15. Yup. You can run n-track on your mobile phone, in fact. That's how I started using it, as I wanted something to catch ideas anywhere fast. I only moved to a tablet because the screen was too small and kept hitting the wrong keys but the functionality is there.
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