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  1. Delivery truck left. I may be unreachable for a while. First impressions are nice, but the SX was built better. There are a couple of minor cosmetic flaws (a tiny bubble on the neck lacquer, some small flaking of the lacquer by the nut) and the nut slot for the high E is a tiny bit too low, so the open string chokes a bit against the 1st fret but fretwork is otherwise good (on the SX I had to level 2-3 frets around the 12th-15th fret area on the treble side). It is beautiful, the neck is really nice, a bit slimmer in profile than the SX... I like both, to be honest. Sounds... the pickups are a bit meatier than the SX, but not substantially better or anything: it's just a slightly different tone. With what I know now, if you just want a cheap but nice Telecaster, I'd pick the SX over the Squier... but the Squier is purple, so... Let's see after I adjust and set it up more to my preferences, balance the pickups etc.
  2. Oh, a large box? Being delivered today? I wonder what it contains!
  3. I'm not sure it's much different for local bands there. I think in general people treat better those who come from abroad, maybe they seem more exotic or important or something. What I've seen in the music scene in Madrid, for example, is that local bands struggle to make a penny but I've seen a few bands from the UK getting residencies and getting a pretty sweet deal with accommodation, food etc. I'm not sure musicians are treated that well anywhere, unless they're big names.
  4. Wow, the 4 string one states 12-15 weeks now! 😄
  5. I think 4 string ones are still available, it's the 5 string ones that they don't have in stock... Lucky me!
  6. Well, finally a decision: no, I won't be buying one. This is because it seems that my girlfriend is buying the MB-5 for me That tortoiseshell style pickguard has to go 'though. It's got to be black.
  7. Nice! I don't own one but here at Pirate Studios they have a few and I always liked them, but in dim light with the mirror panel... yeah, not great. Last thing I want when trying to read which knob does what is seeing a guy that looks a lot like me staring right back.
  8. mcnach

    Barefaced Machinist

    oh, oh, oh! Is that the bicycle???
  9. Ok, I get that not everybody is a fan of symbols over words, but what do we have here? Level, gain and some kind of EQ, as in a miriad of dirt pedals out there... Even I can manage that, and I'm having a doofus maximus week I'm pretty sure you will not damage anything by mistake by turning the wrong one, unless I missed the nuclear launch button Personally I had more trouble with the controls on a Mesa D800+, to be honest: dark knobs on a dark plate with a tiny white marker and small lettering labels above them. I replaced the knobs to aid visualisation, and as for the labels... I just learnt what they do. Much like in a lot of other amps and pedals: Ashdown RM series with their mirror-like face panels and black letters, great when I need to retouch my make up, terrible otherwise... and ultrabright leds on pedals that mean I can't make out where the controls are pointing at. I suspect we'd manage just fine
  10. I'll be very disappointed when the amp comes out. I wanted a bicycle.
  11. Meanwhile back in 1986, my first electric guitar cost new something around £100 and was a pretty poor instrument. Amazing.
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