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  1. Genz Benz Shuttle 6.2.?

    That amp is versatile enough... I don't see why it wouldn't work for your style of music. (I owned a Shuttle 9.2)
  2. Gig Gear bag = what do you use

    I use one of these "electrician's tool cases" to carry my amplifier. I added a layer of hard foam at the bottom, and made a frame with more foam so that the amp doesn't move in the compartment. The space it leaves is where I carry most cables. There are additional compartments where various other bits can go.
  3. and with my luck, the holes will be anticlockwise
  4. Fantastic! The dimensions are perfect. Thank you so much! Order placed. Great price too!
  5. Walk in gigs equipment

    when sound engineers give me their DI to use, I give them my signal after whatever pedals I use, so you don't have to lose your effects. Watch for your overdrives 'though... an overdriven bass DI'd often sounds really fizzy out on the front. If you warn the sound engineer, he may be able to tame it somehow, but chances are it won't sound great, so best get a microphone for your cab in those situations, or use some kind of speaker simulation. I've recently started to use a DSM OmniCabSim which is pretty cool, it allows you to model the sound of a speaker cab, and sending that to their DI gets a much nicer overdriven sound. There are other units out there.
  6. Walk in gigs equipment

    Not being able to hear yourself is far from ideal, and it removes a lot of the fun of playing that gig... so that seems like a good reason to avoid falling into that. I've played quite a few gigs where they 'prefer' I use what's provided, but when I show up with my stuff I never had a problem. Of course, this is because in those cases I wasn't bringing a 410 or something, but something small that could easily be set in an already busy stage without causing trouble (A little MarkBass combo or a 210 cab + head, generally). On big stages they were always very accommodating and let me use whatever I wanted. I played a festival gig once through a 30W Gorilla practice amp. Yup. I would have loved having my amp nearby that day...
  7. anyone? I've been looking for one of these but everything I find is in the US. thank you!
  8. Walk in gigs equipment

    That would be my approach too. Even when everything is provided, I generally I still have at least one of my cabs and my amp in the car. There's been enough times that I showed up and either there was a problem with their gear, or monitoring is poor for whatever reason, and I could run to the car and set up my little 210 cab and amp before the drummer is done.
  9. Mark bass Little Mark combo handle

    Too late now but, in the future, check the screws regularly. I noticed mine had a habit of getting loose, so from time to time I'd tighten them. Before you reassemble it: have a look at the plastic mounts. On mine, the rubber covering the metal blade inside the handle had worn inside the mount. The blade was slowly but surely sawing away at the plastic post. It was almost at the midpoint! I guess it depends on how much you carry the amp by the handle. I was using it a lot and taking it everywhere... I was lucky it didn't snap one day while carrying it, it could have been an expensive accident. I contacted MarkBass about it who sent me a replacement straight away. But of course, it was identical. I would last a few years, sure, but I did not trust it, so I ended up getting a similar handle with metal mounts on eBay for a tenner.
  10. True, the cost of strings is not really an issue for me as they last long enough... ONCE I find the strings I want. It's the trial and error phase that gets expensive.
  11. Same here with Fat Beams. However, everytime I try a new set I get a little disappointed... until they wear out *just* a little bit, then I remember why I liked them so much. If I were an extravagant billionaire man, I'd have a guy wearing all my strings to perfection before I play them.
  12. Oh, nice. I'll give them a try. Thanks for the emasurements!
  13. New amp. Tc electronic?. Help guys :)

    I was just making light fun at how the font that you use appears really tiny onscreen
  14. Complaining Neighbour

    and you can bury your annoying neighbour under it
  15. Have you tried their white nylon tapewounds? I wonder how the flats compared to them with regards to feel? I really like how "controlledly floppy" they feel. I'd love to find a set of flatwounds (no tapewound) with the same feel.