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  1. You can't easily EQ the complex cancellations that are going one when you use both pickups on. I've had both types. Mostly 60s, but I was curious about the 70s, so I ended up with a couple. Yes, there is a difference but it's not huge. I prefer the 60s one, but the difference wouldn't bother me if I found a 70s spacing Jazz that felt better.
  2. I posted this on the 'now listening' thread... but I'm enjoying it so much that I thought I had to post it here too
  3. Cool! Check the rest of the range out, Joyo & Harley Benton seem to produce the same units under slightly different model names, and Boss have a few too. There are some pretty sophisticated units that include MIDI and all kinds of other things, as well and many more channels, and some pretty basic but still good if all you need is a handful of presets.
  4. I don't have GAS... but if I did...
  5. Oh THAT is a really sexy looking bass! I thought that Sandberg simply made good basses, but after being forced by circumstances to try a few (honestly, I didn't want to! ) and eventually buy a VM4, I'm saying that these basses are pretty special. The build is superb. I was not in love with the preamp in mine (I didn't specify anything and went with the stock one to start), maybe I'm a little picky, but it is a fabulous bass regardless. If the 'basics' are good, and they are VERY good, then it's very simple to modify any bits you'd like different. It's just hard to say what to change when you order a bass, as you can't try it before you buy. In case it sounds like the bass wasn't that good... I've pretty much gigged with it exclusively (a few gigs with the Stingray, but >90% were with the Sandberg) since I bought it without any modification. It's still in my to-do list to remove the preamp and have it set fully passive (I like passive tone controls) and probably use a Tonestyler in it. The forced lockdown might just be the time I needed for it, however with one of my bands we're doing a lot of "remote song writing" recording etc and I keep using it... It's just soooo nice to play.
  6. and as others have said... great customer service.
  7. Not sure about that... there's a lot more to a bass than the type of pickups and their location. But it's probably a very decent bass. I used to own a Vantage (double MM on a Ric/Jazz hybrid type of body) that was pretty cool.
  8. Ouch, a SBMM Ray34 costs £1076 these days???? They do have a few interesting instruments, 'though. Decent price on some Sandbergs indeed.
  9. I travel to Madrid often, how is it possible I didn't know about them???
  10. I love this one. Not exactly traditional reggae or anything, but it's a great tune and I love that bass...
  11. I use double sided sticky tape. Rests stay firmly attached but they can be removed cleanly.
  12. They're nice (I owned one for a while) but they're often quite heavy and it doesn't do the Stingray thing very well... although I do like what it does.
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