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  1. I think up to Somewhere In Time they were ok... and then they just used a machine to make songs, which were all very similar indeed.
  2. To the *originals*, that's quite a medley he's played there!
  3. mcnach

    Jazz/Stingray pickup

    To get close to the Stingray sound you *need* the pickup at the right spot. Preamp and all that is not really key. Position is. You can't get one of the coils at the exact right spot for the Jazz type of sound, although you can get very close. If you put the MM at the correct spot for a Stingray, the polepieces of the bottom coil are *almost* where the polepieces of a Jazz bridge pickup would be, just slightly off by 5mm or less. The problem in your case is that you already have a rout for the J pickup, with the big ears... so in order to cover that up you'll have to shift the position further and you're not going to get the Stingray vibe (it's surprising what 1-1.5cm up or down can do). You could use a frame to place the pickup exactly where you want it... Either way, try to get that bottom coil as far from the bridge as possible. Whatever you do, be aware that it may not sound like your Jazz again, or get the Stingray sound... but if you don't need to nail your existing sound or the 'Ray, it will probably sound pretty good regardless. I always feel the bridge Jazz pickup is very nice, but a bit weak, and a humbucker in its place is nicer. For my taste. Alternatively, I've generally used a J-Retro preamp to bring the fat to the bridge pickup in Jazz basses. But no, you don't get a Stingray sound that way.
  4. mcnach

    EBS Stanly Clarke Wah

    I have been intrigued by the 105Q mini as well, as I was putting together a mini pedalboard... I heard elsewhere that it is a bit better than the original. You find it different, in what way? If space/weight is not an issue... The G-Labs can't be touched, in my opinion.
  5. mcnach

    Jazz/Stingray pickup

  6. mcnach

    Jazz/Stingray pickup

    I owned a couple of basses with a MM at the bridge and J neck, where the MM was coil-splittable and at the right place so that with the coil split you ended with the active coil at the Jazz position (Cort and Lakland). It worked well enough. How well, it will depend to some extent to the actual pickup you use, I guess. As you are going to route your bass, you have the chance to fit it at the right position, so it will work well if you add a switch to split the coils.
  7. mcnach

    New bass strap

    That looks really good. Thank you!
  8. mcnach

    EBS Stanly Clarke Wah

    I used a 105Q for a while but found it was damaging my signal too much (quite a few other pedals in the chain, but the 105Q was by far the worst), so I started looking for alternatives. I tried a few ones that didn't quite hit the spot... and I had the Stanley Clarke one in my sight but I didn't get to try it. That's because I came across the G-Labs Wowee Wah. I love it. It's chunky, and heavy, and it sounds great. Definitely one to look for too. I use it mostly in a RATM tribute band, with a Stingray and a John East MMSR preamp (I noticed you use that too). I often use it with various overdrives, and it's a beast of a wah. http://www.glab.com.pl/index.php/en/products/effects/bass-wowee-wah-bww-1
  9. Indeed. I had one and didn't find it lacking in volume. I sold it because I preferred the sound of another amp, not because the TC felt underpowered. In fact, people used to comment how loud that little amp sounded when I first bought it...
  10. Yeah, I found the same (having owned both a Compact and a pair of BB2)... and have ended up with a couple of Two10 that really suit me. They are not 'transparent' like the others, as I found that transparent really wasn't what I needed: the right 'colour' suits me best, and their 10" series are really cool in that respect.
  11. mcnach

    TKS Cabs

    Fantastic cabs... I have had a pair for 3 years or so now... love them!
  12. Really nice amp - and a great seller... have a free bump!
  13. mcnach

    Genzler / TKS Rig

    I own a couple of S112, although I never tried them with a Genzler. I have tried them with a variety of other amps, including Genz Benz Shuttle and Streamliner (and MarkBass, and Mesa and...). They're not the deepest sounding cabs, as you probably know, but I don't find them lacking. You can turn the bass up a bit if you need more, and they respond very well. They sound great, in my opinion. I have moved to a couple of 210 cabs (BF Two10) because I was often (edit: at the time!) requiring a bit more volume (quite a few gigs without PA support playing larger rooms and outdoors... the TKS always sounded good but I was afraid of pushing them harder than they could take - perhaps unreasonably of me... but I wanted to be safe)... The truth is I still have the two S112 and I have no intention of selling them. That should tell you something. I prefer two S112 as it made loading my little hatchback (A3) easier... but to be honest, a S212 is still a very manageable cab in size and weight. They're super light, great sounding, and in truth, I could play >90% of my gigs with them, at least. @wateroftyne has been using a S212 for some time and I think he's very happy with it.
  14. It will depend entirely on the setup of that particular instrument and the strings on it. Think of electric guitars, 24-25" scale. They can be super soft, or really tight.
  15. mcnach

    Mickeyboro feedback

    I bought a book from Mick. It arrived quickly and in immaculate condition, and had a nice chat too. Great guy. Thanks Mick!