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  1. mcnach

    USA Musician Stingray Pre-amp Question.

    This. There's a thread over at TalkBass dedicated to these basses and the head of SBMM participates there and is quite good at answering questions like these. But essentially what mikeswals said is the truth: the electronics are different.
  2. It's a ground lift switch installed with the DI, part of the Putnam modification.
  3. Pah... holidays? where are your priorities???
  4. mcnach

    Stolen - Scott Devine’s Moollon P

    same here... from outside it just looks like there's nothing on the back seat. Sometimes I am forced to have something on the footwell of the back seat, and that's what I do. It's not fool proof but I hope that's enough to make the *&%$£$^ move on to the next car...
  5. mcnach

    Cabs to consider TKS, Greenboy etc etc

    I love the S112, super light and great sounding... but if we're talking needing loud, that is not going to work well. I have a pair of them, and I still moved to a pair of 210. However... TWO of those S112 cabs will probably be a good solution. They're attractively priced compared to many other cabs, and they're so small and light that frankly, they're extremely easy to carry around anywhere.
  6. mcnach

    1x12 bass cab to replace a 4x10

    Indeed. That VK is a pretty damn good cab. Personally, I see the attraction a single cab solution can have, but then we also want it tiny and light and powerful and... and we're going to be compromising somewhere. The truth is that these days there's a wide selection of reasonably small, powerful and light cabs. Keyword being "reasonably". I stopped trying to get 'one cab' and personally I find two cabs is not a hardship. One cab works as stage monitor, and two cabs work for the kind of gigs I do without PA support... Would I like them to be smaller? Lighter? Sure, but it's not like we're dealing with 50Kg 410 cabs... at some point I've got to stop obsessing and just play Once the basic portability issues are met, sound quality is what matters. That's why I like a pair of BF Two10 cabs these days. I really do not find them extraordinarily loud, but pretty normal volume-wise for a modern 210 cab. But I love their sound and weight. They do what I need them to do. I'm a fan of them... even if one the the handles seems to be loosening let's see how it goes.
  7. mcnach

    1x12 bass cab to replace a 4x10

    Those TKS 1126 are beasts. I remember playing in a bar in Glasgow where I provided the amplification for both my band and the one supporting us, a reggae band, no PA support. They sounded fantastic. It was very interesting to listen during soundcheck as their bass player had to use my bass (he damaged it while arriving at the venue... fell down the stairs and broke a tuner), so technique differences aside I had a good listen at how my equipment could sound like. I ordered the 1126 with a tweeter, but it was completely unnecessary for me too... I compared the two 1126 to a pair of BB2, and volume wise I don't think there was much between them. The 1126 had a tendency to sound a bit 'bigger' than the BB2, whereas I like a fat but tight bottom end, so I kept the BB2 instead. But the slight colouration of the 1126 was more pleasing to my ears (the BB2 is more 'flat' so you can still get there).
  8. mcnach

    1x12 bass cab to replace a 4x10

    These days power is cheap... a more powerful amplifier would be able to push the cab enough.
  9. mcnach

    1x12 bass cab to replace a 4x10

    I see the Barefaced Two10 being suggested... I disagree. I have two of them, and I like them a lot, they sound great and they have nice weight to them, portable etc... but they don't strike me as particularly loud compared to other similar 210s and no way I'd compare it to the old Peavey TX410 I used to have with regards to loudness. I love the Two10... but it's not extraordinarily loud. The BB2 would be a better bet, volume wise. It's a loud 112 cab. Lots of bottom end too. But it's not magic. I never found that I could do with a single speaker cab, when I had a BB2, I had two of them. Unless you just play small rooms or only need it onstage for monitoring.
  10. It is faster and easier with a pick... if you are used to a pick and not fingers. When I started playing bass I had played guitar for years and pick just came naturally to me. I liked the sound with fingers more, and I tried playing with fingers, but it was clumsy and I'd get tired... But, like everything, once you get used to it, it just works and right now I'm much better with fingers. My choice of fingers is based solely on the fact that I prefer the sound and the control I have over the strings when using fingers.
  11. mcnach

    What's going to happen to CDs ?

    Thank you :D !!!
  12. well, you need to have a decent instrument you can play at home while your gigging one is at the cleaners'...
  13. mcnach

    What's going to happen to CDs ?

    Do you really think it is a problem? In the UK? US? China? Malaysia? Are we really concerned about CDs lasting *forever*? I thought we were talking about reasonable lifetimes. I think by now CDs have been shown to be pretty durable all over the world.
  14. mcnach

    Best Preamp Shoot out.?

    really? I have 4-5 overdrive pedals... because they all do different things. Well, except the SA Aftershock, that one does EVERYTHING :p but yeah, I have different flavours to choose from. Just like the preamp in your amp and on your bass (or any other amp) is probably different. So that's one reason you may want to mostly use the preamp on your bass, because you like, or are used to, how that particular preamp responds. I used to play with an amp with 4 semiparametric controls. I could get pretty much anything out of it, I still prefer the controls of my Stingray (familiarity, for the most part, perhaps). But I think the major reason people like onboard preamps is the ability to slightly tweak things directly from the bass. It's not better, or worse, but some people like that. It seems strange to me to suggest that people use their onboard preamps because their amplifier is not very good :D
  15. mcnach

    What's going to happen to CDs ?

    You mean physically? My experience disagrees quite strongly... my CDs back to the 80s are all ok. Scratch damage has happened through carelessness... but even that is easy to fix. So, what do you mean they don't last?