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  1. mcnach

    Best Warm & Funky Strings

    can you get pure nickel strings?
  2. mcnach

    Best Warm & Funky Strings

    This. Especifically Labella White Nylon tapewounds. Both the standard white or the copper varieties work well. The Gold is a little too brittle for my taste. They can be very bright, although nothing like new roundwounds, and can do toppy and aggressive. But if you bring the treble down a bit (passive tone controls work very well with these) you get very warm tones, with strong low mids and nice tight low end without getting boomy. Fat, with definition, warm... You can tell I love these They are very flexible, the 50-105 gauge feel a lot lighter than what the gauge would suggest. Very easy to bend too... which can be a good or a bad thing: I found it very hard to not bend strings at every occasion when I first got them
  3. mcnach

    Pedalboards... recommend a good, light one.

    I have a Nano too, that's the 'compact' one I use. The other one is something like 75cm x 35cm, so a Nano+ was still going to be a bit small to be able to replace it The Rockboard CINQUE 5.2 is 61cm x 41cm... but it allows to mount the power supplies underneath and all my pedals fit in really nicely. In fact... I can mount more! But I'll try to resist...
  4. mcnach

    Bugera BXD12

    Never tried one... but for that money and knowing some of the other stuff they and Behringer do... I doubt it'll be terrible. I have owned and played a few Behringer bass amplifiers and they all did the job pretty well. Bugera is supposed to be a little better, if anything. Just don't pay much attention to the 1000W thing in the blurb. It isn't. But it doesn't matter. It's probably a 100-250W combo, which is very reasonable for the format.
  5. And a better protective case, for not that much money... here: See thread here: https://www.basschat.co.uk/topic/331800-amplifier-case-mesa-d800-here-but-others-too/
  6. Looking for ways to better protect my amplifier when being loaded in the van with everything else... I came across this plastic case for around £22. https://cpc.farnell.com/unbranded/17051n-079-gpb/plastic-case-515x415x135-black/dp/SG33316 They come in various other sizes, and colours... I went for the black one. It has two layers of foam inside, and I bought an additional 6cm thick block of foam, with precut squares, to allow perfect fit of anything else you want to put in there. Total £34. It arrived today. First impression is good. Not the sturdiest thing (hinges and catches will not last a lifetime), but considering the light-weight of these amplifiers, I think it's a good match. Very light too. It'll fit the amp, cables... and there'll probably be space for a bit more. Pictures to follow...
  7. mcnach

    PRICE DROP. Ashdown Lomenzo Hyperdrive

    Ashdown Hyperdrive... I used to have one of those. Really cool overdrive pedal. The ability to adjust the midrange band to be distorted was very very useful and ensured the bottom end and definition was retained... I wish that feature was present in more overdrives. Here, have a free bump
  8. mcnach

    String Volume Disparity

    It helps, but this kind of thing is better fixed at source.
  9. A while ago I had a lovely Tanglewood with that issue. I went to buy nail varnish... and I could not decide whether to buy clear one, or coloured: they had silver, black, metallic purple... The male assistant came to see if I needed help. I very casually told him what I needed (fast drying) and what for... he didn't seem surprised and showed me a range that were cheaper, fast drying, and came in a range of beautiful colours. I even bought a red one to retouch the body of a guitar as well. You can do that... or ground the polepieces, which is what I ended up doing. You just need a bit of foil (or that copper tape with conductive glue, that's really handy) to touch the polepieces from below, and connected to ground. The static noise I see you dealt with already. Just make sure that everything (that needs to be connected to ground) is connected to ground solidly.
  10. TE sounds old fashioned? Meanwhile we play basses largely designed 60 years ago... edit: to add the question mark I missed
  11. mcnach

    If you could only choose one overdrive pedal?

    Ah, it looks like the SA Tap-tempo switch can be used to toggle between 'channels'... so if you set up a preset using two different overdrive engines on each channel, in parallel, then you can select to alternate between them, or (I think) even rotate between one, the other, and both combined. Now that's worth a look
  12. mcnach

    Pedalboards... recommend a good, light one.

    Received it on Friday. Looks pretty good in person. NOt sure about the bag. It's functional, but I'll probably end up getting one of those plastic light cases (Kinsman and the like) to offer a bit more protection in the future. I don't think I'll but the optional panel. It's a nice idea, but unnecessary. There's enough space below for a 4-way strip, which then allows multiple power supplies, as it may be required if using a few large draw pedals... so I think I'll just keep it as it is and find a way to fit a multiway underneath instead. Light and solid. Good call @cLepto-bass!!!
  13. We used to play a version of "Ghostbusters" with Sea Bass Kid... the downsweep filter was perfect for it. Maybe we'll bring it back
  14. Same here. I like the old SA BEF for all kinds of filter sounds... but you need to tweak to change sounds. The idea of having a couple of little cheap pedals, each with its own 'preset' is very attractive. The Donner is really cool on guitar. I like it more and more. I love those leads like at the beginning of that video, very smooth Satriani-esque in a way... and the Donner Dynamic Wah works very well for that, especially with a stratocaster, but my P90 Les Paul style guitar also sounds great. On bass is a bit limited compared to the BEF, but I like it a lot. It's not easy to get those long decayed dirty sticky sounds like in Sir Psycho Sexy (with an overdrive), but it produces good sounds nonetheless, and it keeps the bottom end, which many others lose, or boost the midrange crazily and just sounds too different from the non-effected signal. Let's see how the TC-61 works out. It's supposed to arrive in a week or so.
  15. Played first gig with it last night. Well lit stage! Still... I did find it a lot nicer to use. Happy with it.