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  1. mcnach

    john east musicman preamp (3 band)

    do it do it do it do it do it do it I love mine
  2. mcnach

    Hartke HD150 - yawn

    Ah, no, :D I use a variety of rehearsal rooms all over the place with different bands. I may not love most of them, but they all work... The Hartke was very disappointing. I think the only worst combo I've tried locally is a Trace Elliot combo, a 210, at the Groove Tunnel... ugh... although I know that one it's just probably just been badly abused.
  3. mcnach

    Hartke HD150 - yawn

    I had an A100 combo, one of the tilt-back capable ones, with a 15" speaker, and it was pretty cool. The HD150 however felt underpowered and the minute you push it a bit it sounded pretty bad.
  4. mcnach

    Hartke HD150 - yawn

    I played through one of these combos at a rehearsal studio this evening... What a terribly boring, insipid and disappointing amplifier this turned out to be. That's all.
  5. mcnach

    What the hell is this noise?

    Have you watched "Signs"?
  6. mcnach

    Can Kiloton do a Stingray Impression?

    The pickup looks to be in the right place, from the images I've seen... so it will probably have a Stingray-type kind of sound. It's a different pickup though so that accounts for some of the sound too. The preamp is not that important. A 100% passive Stingray has an unmistakeable Stingray sound. The preamp only allows to to 'access' other Stingray sounds. If you really want a good Stingray equivalent without the price tag... look for a USA made MusicMan SUB, the ones made between 2003-2006. The range of finishes is limited among other things, but they are true Stingrays in anything but name. Around £400 for an excellent condition used one, and they're not hard to find. I have a white one as well as a 'proper' Stingray, and it's not going anywhere.
  7. You wouldn't want to look at the audience in some of the places I play...
  8. mcnach

    The Official MARUSZCZYK CLUB!

    ufff.... an all-fiesta-red.... luckily I'm not needing a new bass... :D
  9. mcnach

    The Official MARUSZCZYK CLUB!

    Not sure the truss rod offers much torsional rigidity, and aren't the lower strings (BEA) generally lower tension than the higher ones anyway?
  10. mcnach

    Trickfish Power Ratings

    I can understand why they feel that way, although it may come across as being unnecessarily obtuse to customers...
  11. mcnach

    Behringer bxd3000h vs Rack Tuner

    Like Jack, I prefer a tuner pedal in front, so that I can mute the amp.
  12. mcnach

    P-Bass with 2 MM pups

    Not sure about that. It might make you a happier player, maybe. It will make you a poorer player too. :p
  13. mcnach

    Bass/Amp with the most prominent midrange

    The thing is that most basses can do a varied kind of sounds, and so do amps with their EQ controls etc... so I'd argue that almost any bass/amp can be made to sound midrangey and aggressive. If I had to choose... I'd choose something with a humbucker close to the bridge, and pretty much any amp (the choice of speaker will also play a big role). Many people would argue a Stingray would fit the bill well, or a Sterling... but the fact that they're used to record some decidedly mellow sounds too shows that it's not just the bass but what you do with it. A Precision can sound huge and deep, but can also be an aggressive trebbly clank machine.
  14. Not really looking for anything at the moment... but feel free to tempt me (by PM)