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  1. I would not go without ear protection just because it doesn't look good. My ears are too precious to me. If it came to that, industrial ear defenders would do. Like Paul Gilbert. Unfortunately I do not know of anything that sits on the outer ear and is discreet enough while still doing a good job.
  2. Bluetooth for live music won't work. The delay is too large.
  3. Start a Star Wars themed band. Then you can be Princess Leia and use big headphones that look just like her hair buns. No?
  4. Noisy Strings

    I don't understand this. I keep looking at my stash of strings on the shelf... they haven't made a noise for the past hour or so. maybe they're like dogs sometimes, the minute I leave the house they start making noise. I'll ask my neighbours...
  5. Leaving a band

    I used to think that I'd like to do that, even if my income came down quite a bit. But then I enjoyed a busy summer, travelling up and down every weekend (not even the full week, but typically Friday lunchtime till Sunday silly late in the am - technically MOnday)... and I changed my mind. The 3 hours or so playing each night were great. I even didn't mind that I didn't always have my own room and had to share with a tractor (that's our guitarist, who snores like one)... but the WAITING AROUND was unbearable. I liked the guys, we got along great, but it felt we were stuck with nothing to do for far too long. Free beers are welcome, especially when it's warm... and coming home with a good wad of notes was great (even if it paid less than my day job, somehow that money seemed more valuable)... but it was BOOOOOOOORING for hours and hours each day. I really admire bands who are out touring all over the place for months at a time. I'd go crazy... I'd have to find a way to bring some kind of activity to my day... bring my bike so that I can cycle in each new place, I don't know... but even then... What I'd like is to be able to play good paying gigs within a 70 mile radius a few nights a week. The kind where I just drive and show an hour an a half beforehand to set up things, play, get money and go...
  6. If I changed them once a month I'd do the same! I only start really liking my strings after a couple of weeks... and then keep them for about a year, depend on usage (I rotate a couple of basses live, and at home I use other basses). As I type, I still have a couple of sets of Warwick Red labels... I keep them as backup with my live stuff, in case myself or somebody else ends up needing a set in a hurry. By the way... £8 is even better than the £11-13 I've found. Where do you buy yours?
  7. I like the ss Red Labels, and their price!!! but they're quite coarse... The DR Fat Beams sound nicer and they feel sooooo much smoother, that I pay the 3x price difference without second thoughts.
  8. I don't think it has anything to do with being harder or not... both metals are considerably harder than fingertips How rough a roundwound string feels is a function primarily of the wire gauge used to wind around the core. There's quite a variety out there. If you then get coarse strings that are also less flexible (they feel more taut)... fingertip killer, until you get used to them
  9. It could be that they're rougher, not necessarily a 'chemical' reaction. There are some strings that seem like a lot more work on my fingers because of their coarseness, while others have tighter windings with lower gauge wire and they feel smoother. Over a couple of hours that's noticeable. If you play a couple of gigs during the weekend, on Monday the fingertips may feel a bit... sensitive.
  10. Noisy Strings

    are there any strings that aren't steel or nickel plated? (apart from obvious ones like tapewounds etc)
  11. Leaving a band

    I find that in newly starting bands THAT is when you need eye contact the most...
  12. The Official MARUSZCZYK CLUB!

    How long are you into yours?
  13. Great gig, poor turnout

    I don't know... I can learn 10 songs by Saturday, but I doubt I can write 10 songs with the band by then. We're not Status Quo
  14. Indeed. But they work for YOU. So you have to make sure they know what YOU want, and that they do what's needed. If they are reluctant or refuse... move along and find someone else.
  15. He doesn't seem to care to set it the way YOU want it, or maybe he doesn't know how to. Unfortunately the name 'luthier' is tossed around without regard for its real meaning and covers people who really know their stuff and build superb instruments (acoustic or otherwise) and people who barely know how to use a screwdriver. Definitely find someone else. And if someone says what you want is not achievable, ask them why. Just saying "due to build quality" or something like that is not enough. If it's a bolt-on instrument and the neck is not completely screwed up (very rare even for the cheapest instruments), it would be very strange if it could not be set up to have low action across the fretboard.