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  1. I like those, that extra top end mellows out nicely in not too much time. It sounds like you might enjoy the DR Pure Blues.
  2. I like DR Sunbeams because they get into that 'played in' zone quickly. But recently I tried the DR Pure Blues and I'm really enjoying them. It's the first roundwound string that I like from the first minute, and they get better over the next few days. The low end may be a little less pronounced than other strings (Fat Beams or Sunbeams, typically for me), but it's marginal and easy to compensate for. The mids are strong, and the top end is there but mellow. From the start. Really nice and flexible too, if you like that.
  3. I liked the EBS multicomp a lot for slap-rich stuff. It does colour your sound a bit, but it's not a bad sound and it's a really easy to adjust pedal.
  4. On the contrary, if an amp survives with you, we'll all know it's a solid one
  5. The thing with Hendrix, for example, is that you need to consider the context. What was out there at the time that Hendrix came along? Right now it may not sound that impressive, but in those days it was quite special when you look at the alternatives.
  6. That's strange indeed. One thing that might help anchoring is putting the string back through the slot after a half turn. I do that with guitar strings, especially the plain ones. It should help with the thicker bass strings too although I never thought it would be necessary. Just to be sure: the string is losing its anchor then, it's not about the windings being a bit loose and settling in etc, right? It's the actual anchor being loose and the strings ends up being detached?
  7. As always, being sensible is desirable. I tend to leave my switch at the 2 ohm position. That automatically limits the power somewhat when using a 4 or 8 ohm cab, which may help. I only do it because of simplicity and that I like how it sounds. I use one cab alone frequently, for rehearsals.
  8. The B word that cannot be pronounced will soon take care of that...
  9. For a small ding I've used nail varnish.
  10. Do you anchor it in the tuner? As in putting the string down the hole, then sharply bend it? That alone is enough to keep most strings in place, even without a full turn winding (I sometimes have cut the string too short by mistake and found it was stable). Do you have a picture? Been using DR strings mostly for a decade now, Fat Beams, Hi Beams and recently Sunbeams and Pure Blues, and never had an issue like that. It's intriguing and I would first think of a string being incorrectly fitted... but you don't sound inexperienced so I don't know. A picture would be useful. Any chance the string core broke and it's being held by the outer windings only?
  11. Mesa D800+ with a pair of Two10 here, playing mostly funk/ska/reggae but also Rage Against The Machine, RHCP and more... It's just mighty. Great combination.
  12. FX pedals with LEDs so bright that you can't see what each knob is set at
  13. 1) Don't they make chrome AND nickel? I was convinced they did, but it's been a while. Mine certainly seemed to match the other tuners (chrome) 2) the ones I've had (a few BT-1, a BT-2 and a BT-7) looked just fine, the lever matched the rest. 4) I'm with you there... I really dislike reverse tuners. I owned a Classic 50 Precision for a few years and never really got used to it. 5) Being somewhat 'vertically challenged' I never encountered this problem 9) why would it be more logical the other way around? Unless you're lefthanded, of course. With the pedals in front of me, if I plugged into the leftmost one, the cable would get in the way between myself and the pedals.
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