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  1. Tonehammer 500 with Aguilar Carry Bag for sale... postage is doable but collection preferred!
  2. Hey @drewk_ie the Mono boards don't come with cases or bags sadly!
  3. Used only for two gigs whilst my other board was having some work done on it! Price includes postage in the UK.
  4. https://www.bassbags.co.uk/product/wolf-super-endpin-ball/?gclid=CjwKCAjwxOvsBRAjEiwAuY7L8vz5OJNOwO5lIlmasjV7oIVX_JBDbP-rgAdra46P_V_MROF9lxdwoxoCE_gQAvD_BwE Been using one of these for two years now, works really well!
  5. Less good condition one sold....one still available!
  6. Price includes Special Delivery in the UK. These guys are known more for their guitar amps and pedals but they've recently released this top notch overdrive for bass. I was able to imitate all of my go-to drive pedals with it, but have recently had the epiphany with both pedals and amps that my preference is for simple things that do one thing really well, and tweakability isn't something I seek! Velcro on base, but aside from that it's in mint condition.
  7. Up for sale is a pair of Ampeg 2x10 cabs. Vintage voicing, like a mini-fridge, but fully capable of decent sized gigs. Compact & Lightweight, 200w 8ohms each, although I've seen a lot of people using them with 500w class D heads for a mini stack with no issues. Both with padded Hotcovers, just shy of £60 each new! Happy to post, looks like £22 per cab with parcelforce. £190 for the best condition one SOLD £170 for the one that's a little more used, with some tolex missing on the bottom. Collection from Bournemouth (or Devon if I'm down there) very welcome!
  8. Honestly the only pedal that's stuck with me for years for that is actually the Pork Loin!
  9. I've just received another Fender Neo 410 to complete my Super Bassman setup, and to allow me to have 2 separate rigs when need be. I've always believed in breaking in speakers before using them in anger, but it's been really interesting to compare the same cabinet brand new with one that's been working hard for 9 months or so. Considerable difference here! I'm now running some gentle break-in stuff through it... 100-200hz for a bit, and we'll go lower later in the day, with a gig on it after some practice tomorrow evening. I'll be playing some synth through it, so want to be absolutely certain it's ready for that kind of beating! Does anyone else go to these lengths with a new cab? When I got my first one, and the matching 15", I essentially used them as an very OTT home stereo for a week or so! I used to take care of an early 80s Marshall 4x12... never liked that era but this one had done thousands of gigs, and looked like it. It was absolutely the best guitar cab I've ever used, and I'm certain some of that was due to it just being beaten into submission! Gear porn below...
  10. @dhammers I've had a week or so to play and I'd say it's a great sounding versatile drive. It almost doesn't have a sound of it's own, with a lot of options! I've always tended to find simple things I like and leave them be, so it's a new prospect for me, however I've managed to well imitate both my 3leaf Doom and SolidGold Beta. The Pork Loin (my absolute favourite) has been tougher, but by moving the EQ to post and boosting the bottom I'm nearly there, needs work though! That said I can't even get my Pork & Pickle to quite sound like my pork loin... Definitely a well built and great sounding overdrive though, but needs time to get used to the many options available. I wouldn't be surprised if someone with really good ears could pretty much get anything out of it they wanted!
  11. Anybody else gone for one? Initial findings very positive! Enjoy a day of multiple OD...
  12. Barefaced Retro Six10 (the current model) purchased recently on here but it turns out I actually get on better with a more Hifi sounding cabinet... who knew! 4ohms, Amazingly light and compact for what it produces, and especially blew me away with dirty tones. Both a Black and a silver grill, cover and has been back to Barefaced very recently for a full health check. 24" across, 13" deep and 36" high. 29kg, pretty much the same weight as my current 410 and easier to carry thanks to some very well placed side handles. I don't think shipping would be an option on this, we can look into it but I'd imagine it would be pretty spendy! Any questions please give me a shout... I'm in Bournemouth but I do travel a bit so there may be a convenient time! No Trades I'm afraid!
  13. Great dealings with Andy @Salt on your Bass? yesterday... top dude who goes the extra mile!
  14. Would consider a trade involving a not too heavily used set of spirocore weichs, in case anyone has any spare!
  15. Inspired by the Lowlife thread I thought I'd give these a go. One covers gig (great!), one folk gig (not so great!) and I'm going back to something a little higher tension. Price includes UK postage.
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