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  1. Gigged both a number of times with a tonehammer 500 head. Personally I find the DB410 a far more enjoyable cab to use, but it's certainly heavier and chunkier. I did like the SL but found it a bit weak in comparison. I actually now use the Fender Neo 410, as I found it to be similar in tone and dimensions to the DB, but a similar weight to the SL!
  2. Performed with a couple of my favourite local bassists behind me... trying to pretend they arn't there! This is a track I've always wanted to do! @Quatschmacher Have you considered any of the Behringer offerings? Looks like the Deepmind 6 could be a useful tool for us lot!
  3. @Quatschmacher have you got a sub 37? Love to share some stuff! I think I’m keeping both Moogs
  4. Month-old Bass Station with gigbag and a dropbox full of presets/editors, some paid for some found and some tweaked! Collection encouraged, but delivery possible for around £20.
  5. Hey @Shroombass, nothing I'm after but feel free to tempt just in case...
  6. I'm selling my Sub Phatty (new in June), having fully bitten the bug and gone for the 37 key Subsequent. Heavy duty case from Trifibre, and the Phatty itself is in very good condition. Will be accompanied by a dropbox full of purchased, tweaked and borrowed patches and all the software required to get it up and running, plus a transfer of the remaining warranty. I'm sure we can arrange postage, but I'd certainly prefer to organise a handover in person if possible! Postage would be £26 with Eurosender fully covered. No trades I'm afraid!
  7. You can hear the autotune giving them a fight during the masked ‘performances’... Strangely mesmerising though!
  8. I actually quite like mine... I have a selection of foams for different basses but I like the fump for a quick option, and it sits on the strap when removed. I find the key is to push it right back to the bridge as far as you can get it, otherwise it's too dead for sure!
  9. Works really well... I wasn't ampless but it's a venue commonly known for being really dry and quite hard to get a good feel on stage. Certainly gives you an amp-like feeling, preferable a little to the Woojer I had previously, largely in where it sits on you. Missed it when I turned it down briefly!
  10. Just sold @colleya (Andy) my IEM system, great dealings, well recommended!
  11. I love my Curt Mangan nickel wounds when not using flats... nice under the fingers, sound a little played in from the start and stay pretty consistent!
  12. Sold a Maruz..maroos...maruuus... erm.... a strap to Paul, very easy to deal with, recommended!
  13. @obi 2 kenobi was watching a video of the Poly... sounds fantastic!
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