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  1. Nord Electro 5d, 73-key waterfall keyboard. Gigged by previous owner but just used in the house by me. A lockdown project that has proved I'm not the next Hancock/Collier/Winwood/Emerson... I'll be downsizing to something more befitting my abilities! A few cosmetic scuffs, and there is damage to the left output, which i believe just requires a new jack socket, although it works as it is at the moment! Delivery around Bournemouth possible, not willing to post but I do travel a little so please ask.
  2. @MoJoKe Despite the best efforts of a function band we know...
  3. 2u Rack shelf with clamps to secure equipment and 2 pretty standard guitar stands free to a good home. Based in Bournemouth and can't post either i'm afraid!
  4. Stay 2 tier tower style keyboard stand. Compact version of the Ultimate/K&M style, recommended for use with 61 keys or below. Bagged up it weighs in at only 3.6kg. Some marks from use but nothing major. Comes with two long sets of arms and one laptop/small keyboard set. Price includes UK Postage, Collection welcome! Moog Sub37 shown for scale.
  5. All including UK postage, collection always welcome! Moollon clean boost £80 NRG Purrer Overdrive £100 Broughton Audio High Pass Filter £75 SOLD Bright Onion Pedals Custom Switcher £55 (2 inputs, Tuner output, two FX loops) SOLD Bright Onion 4 way Patchbay £35 Radial JDI Direct Box £120 SOLD
  6. Howdy all... I fitted the Nordy, and looking back at some bass direct receipts it looks like i went for the split-coil option for hum cancellation This is a really fun bass with a great classic tone!
  7. Love the patch... sounds old in the best way!
  8. @Ceebass Thankyou for the kind words... trust me, these weren't one take wonders!
  9. @paul j h yes! PM me if you’d like a folder of bass patches to get going with, that goes for anyone here!
  10. @obi 2 kenobi welcome to the club! When you feel up to it we'd love to hear something I've been spending some time away from social media/forums etc, but have done a few new ones since i was last here... even got @Bill to double up for PYT!
  11. I've had a few offers on this over on Facebook, but would always rather sell here so price reduced for a quick Basschat sale before I accept a FB offer!
  12. Cheers guys... @seb I don’t know that they have any specific neck sizes, its just their default! More Vintage Jazz than thick P, happy to provide any further details I can if needed! No trades I’m afraid, it looks like my career is in the toilet for the next few months so cash is king!
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