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  1. I had a PPL cheque for a whopping £1.70 this summer so somewhere at some point someone is playing something i worked on.... Last time i did a live broadcast for Radio 2 things couldn't have gone more wrong, glad those are wiped from the iplayer now!
  2. @Quatschmacher nope, none about until January-ish! But i do have a Mk 2 on my desk right now!
  3. The current holder of my OC-2 is being unresponsive
  4. I've been trying to figure out what's being used on 'People Say' by SIMO... haven't found any clear pictures of a pedalboard! I'm wondering whether something Big Muff-ish would do it well. I think Elad Shapiro is a bit of a vintage gear nut! Any ideas?
  5. I'm hoping to have 6 or 7 OC-2ish things gathered here by the end of the week... will record some comparisons. I want to keep it short and to the point, is there anything anyone would particularly want to hear from them? Hoping for at least OC-2, OC-5, COG T16, Octavbre, MXR vintage, Mark Bass Mini...
  6. Really enjoyed this... lovely to see him in this role! Take a listen to one of his early tunes 'Shooter' if you want to hear some nice bass playing/tone. Sean Hurley i believe!
  7. Arrrghh... this is just what i've been looking for and couldn't have come at a worse time Would you accept payment in Hopes & Dreams?
  8. @walshy looking forward to a report once in use... somehow!
  9. @Quatschmacher the only UK stockist arn't they? Mark says the next batch will be December, if anyone has bought one and doesn't love it i'd be happy to take it off their hands. Been hoping for a small two switch OC for ages! Currently using a COG, bit of a different beast though. The new Markbass one is awesome too....
  10. Plenty of buzz about the new OC-5, but less about the new mini dual-switch Octavbre... anybody picked one up? Strongly considering placing an order myself. Interested to hear peoples thoughts on this or the previous, not sure if the actual circuit is different!
  11. I also appreciate that half the fun is in the problem solving however!
  12. Honestly for the price of a decent speaker replacement and less man hours you could probably get a decent bass-specific small combo, like the smallest Fender Rumble 2nd hand?
  13. Actually on the front of the fingerboard, between the frets. Odd, as i love a non-dotted fretless!
  14. A facelift for the masterpiece... Minty or Tortoisey?
  15. I should also say that I'm always happy to answer or seek the answers to any Sandberg related questions anyone has... inbox is always open!
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