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  1. I find it really interesting that this conversation has often gone down the 'All or Nothing' route. In an ideal situation it's always a good IEM mix and a nice amp. I'm a massive IEM fan and go ampless where appropriate, but I know I play better with the reaction of an amp and the feeling of (for want of a better word) some weight behind the notes. Stuff like the Woojer and platforms can do the same thing but unless you really want it to be quiet on stage you may as well bring an amp instead. I find even a quiet amp makes a big difference to the feel of the instrument. @Swijn it sounds like you're in the perfect situation to get stuck in with some help. If you're using your Amp DI there's not much pain in bringing a cab... some gigs you may find (as I did the other day) you forget to unmute the cab and manage not to notice! Also, from the perspective of a working guitarist, I far prefer it when there is a bass amp on stage... I find it encourages a more musical approach. Short version: Getting used to IEMS gives you a lot of choice in how you approach a gig, and you'll certainly never regret being able to hear better (both and off stage!). Be flexible and appropriate to the situation, experiment and give yourself what you need to play at your best!
  2. Realist Copperhead Pickup, lightly used. Includes Bassbags mounting kit and a bit of cork gasket material which helps the bridge stay in place and affects the sound in a way I rather like! £110 includes postage in the UK Fishman Platinum Pro EQ Preamp, very good condition. Boxed and with a DIY padded pouch it's always been kept in. £160 Posted in the UK.
  3. Great dealings this week... possibly the quickest Listing to Shipping in basschat history! Well packaged and all in great condition, buy with confidence!
  4. @krispn ha, yes it has both Upgrades and err... 'Upgrades'! I see a bass making way for my newly found synth habit so I am open to a discussion on this one. I went for it after finding the 70s models with the cutaway far more comfortable than the 60s reissues. Would've been nice if it was neater but it does do the job!
  5. Echoing everything above... @udo and I both trekked to 'sunny' Guildford today so I could pick up his Sandberg, lovely bass and top Basschatter!
  6. For sale for the moment as there's something that's really caught my eye on here! 2002-2004 Japanese Mustang Bass reissue. A few things different to stock on this one. Firstly the good... Nordstrand NM4 Pickup (original included), Hipshot Tuners (Originals included but were rubbish!), Gator Transit Gigbag (Guitar variant...snug fit but the best I've found for it!) There are a few marks on it which I've tried to show clearly in the pictures. The pickguard is a replacement from WD music as the original was for some reason cut in half! A previous owner had also added a string tree for the bottom strings... I've got that for it too but I found it wasn't needed. Currently fitted with Dunlop Superbrights. Now the ugly.... somebody decided to give this one a home brewed belly contour. It looks rough... however 1. it actually works really effectively, and 2. it can't be seen from the front. But there's no missing it! Collection from Bournemouth very welcome, postage would be £35 fully insured.
  7. Bump as of course I've spotted something on here I like the look of! The bass is currently in Devon with Classic & Cool Guitars (limelight Basses), it can be viewed there or shipped happily.
  8. Whilst you're at it did you sell the cab....
  9. Two gigbags and a Tick bag for sale... The Monos arn't in the pristine condition some on here have been, which has been reflected in the price. Collection from Bournemouth or can arrange to ship. Mono vertigo £110 SOLD Mono Tick £40 SOLD Gator Transit £45
  10. @wateroftyne the best PJ balance I’ve tried so far actually... other basses I find to be an absolute mission sometimes!
  11. @TorVic I think that's an error on the site... It's the same as my Limelight P/J, which should be 38mm. Now you've got my doubting myself though so it might be worth Bill putting a tape measure over it!
  12. @Dannybuoy 38mm Jazz Nut. This is an amazing bass... I'd have it if I had the cash! Same goes for the Ripper, two basses that shouldn't be fore sale!
  13. James is such a star, I’m always hitting him with problems in need of solutions and he never shies away from it!
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