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  1. Oh man... I played one of these the other day, and honestly expected to hate it but what a cool guitar it turned out to be! That neck profile is so easy to get around on... Took a look at the basses but the price tag is frightening! GLWTS
  2. Hey @gypsyjazzer, I have this Armstrong pickup that was made for my previous bass. Is this the kind of thing you are looking for? Attaches with Dual Lock to the end of the fingerboard. I use synthetic core strings, so it's been sitting in a drawer for a while!
  3. I've been on a bit of a string journey recently, with the arrival of a new bass. Who'd have guessed it, I ended up using the same strings (Evah Weich) I've loved for years! All prices include UK postage. Pirastro 'The Jazzer' £140 These were on my bass for a week, and have seen 2 gigs. Terrible name, great string! Often described as a little mellower than a Spirocore, and would be my pick if I was going steel core. Pirastro Evah Pirazzi Gold/Slap (Fully synthetic set) £140 SOLD These have probably done 7-10 gigs on my bass. Low tension, with the aim of being a little more of a gut emulation. Really easy on the hands, and good for more than just the 'slap' crowd. There's a little unwinding going on up at the top end well inside the peg box on the G, which does seem to be quite common with Pirastro synthetics in general. With my experience of pirastro, they would likely replace this string if it became a problem, excellent support. Pirastro Evah Pirazzi Weich G £5 Here's a G I have used for around 2 months, showing a slight unwinding which on my bass was just above the nut. As mentioned above, Pirastro were kind enough to replace this for me even though it still has some usable life in it. I'm happy to offer it for the cost of postage to anyone who may find it useful!
  4. This is likely going to be going to a shop shortly, so last chance if anyone wants to make an offer!
  5. @BassAdder27 check out Orchid Electronics for a range of options. They always win in a shootout, really well made and within your budget! Far superior to anything else in the price range.
  6. @Bloopdad1Thankfully Thomann have got that stuff figured out, so there shouldn't be any extra cost 👍
  7. New bass incoming so subscribing to this!
  8. Just wondering if anyone has tried their P pickups? Loved all the guitar pickups I’ve heard from them, and thinking about giving my P bass a new set!
  9. These work really nicely as a very secure flight package, but I will split if need be! With the Aero inside the SKB I never have to worry about my bass in transit. I now have a double flightcase for such occasions so this isn't needed anymore. Individual prices: Aero £100 SKB Bass Safe £115 The pull on the Aero front pocket zip is missing. It can still be opened but honestly it's so tight I've never found it much use anyway. It has comfy straps tucked away at the back. The SKB has had some of the internal foam removed... pretty much mandatory to fit any decent gigbag inside anyway!
  10. A very recent Limelight mid-60s inspired Precision. Typical full fat 42mm width neck and a back friendly 3.9 kg. Aged nitro, reliced faded Shoreline Gold finish, a rosewood board with clay dots and rolled edges, CTS pots, vintage wired, switchcraft jack. I do have the original tortoiseshell guard, pictured. Brand new tweed hard case, shipping possible but handover preferred! No trades as it stands.
  11. All prices posted in the UK... Mono Pedalboard Lite, with a Tick bag (clings to a mono gigbag if you have one), £100
  12. Price includes UK postage... this set have seen a few months on my bass, possibly 10-12 gigs? New bass incoming so just getting her set up with a fresh set!
  13. @QuatschmacherJust a very different flavour to the Thomastiks I'm used to! Sometimes I just try other things to remind myself how much i like them...
  14. All prices include UK postage: Polytune 2 Noir Mini £50
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