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  1. In my experience most drummers would rather not gig ever again than use rods 😄 To be honest I’m inclined to agree!
  2. Often I'm the least talented in the room but it's rare that i'm not the best-prepared... this goes a long way! There's so much to be gained from playing with musicians better than you, and i find very little pleasure in it being the other way around. It honestly sounds like you are a great band member... but never be afraid to voice any considered opinion you do have, even if it comes to nothing!
  3. I pinched these samples from a drummer I was working with, after really enjoying his click tracks. Use it on everything, seems to work really well... noticeable but musical! RITDO Click.wav
  4. @Quatschmacher Thomastik! A really good fit for that bass, by far my favourite. Labella's for anything else flat!
  5. @Al Krow I did indeed... tested them all very thoroughly and filmed a bit of it for anyone who was considering the same options! OC-2 still my favourite but reports from owners i know say that the 3Leaf Mk3 is really cracking. OC-5 was fine, but just lacked a little something fun for me.
  6. @Kev For me I love having the Sub solo switch, which I had on my COG T-47, and the opportunity to have all of this and a bit of extra volume on tap in such a small case was worth trying!
  7. @Quatschmacher I've just cancelled my order... sadly it looks like nothing is coming out of Spencer in the near future, or at all, and it seems Bass Direct feel the same. Couldn't have that kind of money tied up in thin air anymore! Original OC-2 back on the board!
  8. I firmly believe that ‘the wand chooses the wizard’... in that the basses that stumble into my life inevitably turn out better than the ones who’s specs I agonise over. There is almost no crossover between the instruments on my wall. I strongly disliked the colour of what is now my main bass when I first saw it, and yet here we are 3 years later! So much so that when ordering my next Sandberg I left them with a few options so I’m not 100% certain what will arrive in September!
  9. Oh really! That’s interesting... in that case I have no idea!
  10. I’d have to agree, but it’s less about the sound and more about what you can and can’t play with strings and frets!
  11. Another vote for hotcovers... my comparably priced roqsolids are in a pile in the garage!
  12. @Quatschmacher same! A friend ordered direct at the same time and got sorted months ago..
  13. Dexed (asb2m10.github.io) Also, I've just downloaded Dexed (above), a DX7 emulator... I always have the Moog wired in to my Mac anyway as a controller, and some of the patches on this are bang on to those dodgy 80s MJ bass presets!
  14. @Quatschmacher I guess the question is, anything worth the upheaval for? Having a look both of your patches now!
  15. @meercatzbass You've done a great job there... both on my to-do list and not at all easy! Would you consider sharing your patches? I've uploaded most of my decent ones to this site, a great resource for several of the best used bass synths! Moog Sub 37 Patches, Presets, Soundsets and Sound Design. (presetpatch.com) Well worth a look!
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