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  1. From yesterday’s i news - ‘Every generation laughs at the old fashions, but follows religiously the new’. Henry David Thoreau.
  2. I’ll kick it off with a budget option - Sennheiser HD201’s. Around £30 and a lot better than they should be. I hate headphones generally, but have found these pretty good for using at home with a small Allen & Heath mixer. Comfy to wear and sound fine. Anyway, am sure there’ll soon be more exotic suggestions below. Cheers.
  3. I’m in the process of looking at selling stuff I rarely use, most of which I know I will regret probably sooner than later. Sad to say that getting older does make you think about how much you have in material possessions and in my case how that dosh could be better used to make life easier and less stressful. Subsequently have been having a check on what’s going and what’s staying, and whilst trying to go by the maxim Mrs CP uses when ‘refreshing’ her wardrobe ( if it hasn’t been worn in 12 months then it’s time to go...) it isn’t that easy with musical items. I have a few basses and guitars that have been with me for a long time, ( between 30 and 45 years!) that rarely see the light of day despite me still enjoying owning them, so what to do? Covid and it’s effect on my finances haven’t helped either. Anyway, I’ve made a start with a bass that’s going to a new owner, so will see how I feel after that.
  4. Just heard this on BBC news - grim reading. https://www.ukmusic.org/news/uk-music-calls-for-government-action-to-boost-recovery-as-new-report-reveals-covid-wiped-out-one-in-three-music-jobs/
  5. Absolutely Chris. I also dread to think what they've done to the original string parts on a lot of the songs. Imagine if you'd been one of the string players on those, and now the RPO are all over it. 😠
  6. Old thread update! I'm dreading the next in this series - Motown! As a lifelong fan of Motown, I'm at a loss as to how this will possibly improve upon the original recordings. Even with the addition of the very well respected Beverley Knight and Mica Paris, I just don't get it at all. Still, Christmas is coming..... https://www.udiscovermusic.com/news/motown-symphony-of-soul-royal-philharmonic/
  7. It’s crap regarding strings when you have sweaty hands. I am lucky to have quite dry hands so can make mine last a reasonable time, but a guitarist friend of mine can kill strings after one gig! I once let him try a bass of mine and could noticeably tell the difference just minutes afterwards. He uses Elixirs and they’ve been a godsend for him, not only saving money on strings but also time spent changing them a lot. He reckons you get used to the feel of them after a while too.
  8. Average White Band in November.
  9. That’s my experience of them too. I guess the trick is learning to appreciate how they don’t deteriorate from that sound for ages though. For me, the cost doesn’t justify the outlay so I’ll stick with my D’Addarios for now.
  10. Like most other Fenders, they can vary a great deal. Generally speaking ( as with basses perhaps ) their more 50’s and maybe early 60’s inspired vintage-y stuff tend to have bigger necks. Their more ‘modern’ incarnations have slimmer necks , and demand seems to have led most manufacturers to do the same. With 6 string guitars I’m one of the relatively few people who like a large neck profile. I have a 59 Les Paul Junior that is nigh on perfect for me, as well as a ‘Fat neck’ 335, a 54 Strat reissue and a Baja Tele, the latter two having fantastic ‘V’ shaped necks. I find that the meatier necks are way more comfortable, and my hands aren’t overly big either! When I play a skinny necked guitar I struggle to get my hand comfortable. Horses for courses etc.
  11. I have one of these, and they are fantastic! Lightweight, sound brilliant and loud enough for a number of types of gig. This is also priced very well, GLWTS!
  12. I saw SZ play with Mark Ronson’s band when they were promoting the ‘Version’ album. Great player and sound, didn’t overdo it and played for the song. ( Never got Jamiroquai though for some reason ).
  13. I attend quite a few guitar shows, and would agree with the above. Basses seem very conspicuous by their absence, with usually only a few budget instruments for sale. Some of the stands selling spares do have bass stuff, but overall the shows are probably not for those who are solely looking for bass related items. The next show I’m going to is at Thirsk on 31st October. Only a small event, but it’s worth a look if you’re not far away. http://www.mojoguitarshows.co.uk
  14. We played at Billingham Forum Theatre last night - a full house, great crowd and no fuel problems getting there! Happy days.
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