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  1. A load of Rolling Stones stuff tonight (2/7/22) on BBC2. A new four part series begins at 9.30pm, ‘My life as a Rolling Stone’. Looks like each episode features a different band member ( including Charlie), starting tonight with Mick Jagger. Following this is at 10.30pm is a film of a 2015 concert at The Fonda Theatre in Hollywood which features the band playing their album ‘Sticky Fingers’ in its entirety. Then at 11.55pm there’s another showing of the 1995 film ‘Totally Stripped’.
  2. Last night we played in Sheffield as part of their 2022 'Music in the Gardens' series of events. We were supposed to be doing this before but Covid caused it to be deferred until now. Great crowd of around 1500 or so in the Botanical Gardens, all enjoying the evening. Weather looked dodgy at times but the rain fortunately held off. I like doing gigs like these, make a nice change from our usual theatre stuff and also means I can wind my amp up a bit more without causing our sound tech any headaches!
  3. We played 2 nights at The Apex in Bury St Edmunds this week. Both nights went well with near capacity audiences, although had a lousy drive home with massive diversions on the A1 heading north.
  4. In my last band the trombonist was an excellent bass player. I found this out just after joining the band when we used to split the 8 piece up into two sets of four players on long gigs (where we played endless background sets). He was brilliant! Made me try and up my game a bit, but never could equal his talent.
  5. I’d have loved to take Bill Wyman’s job in the Stones. Probably late 60’s through the 70’s/ early 80’s. Of course I wouldn’t have been old enough.....
  6. Mine would probably be Gary Tallent’s gig with The E Street Band. Playing all the great songs by Springsteen and with one of the best bands on the planet. For the same reasons I’d also like John Conte’s gig with Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes , along with Jack Daley’s gig with Little Steven and The Disciples of Soul playing Steve Van Zandt’s stuff as well.
  7. Thanks for the heads up Mart, not sure I’m in a position to buy this ATM though - damn!
  8. We once gave a wedding DJ our set list, and came back to the gig to find him playing it - he thought it was suggestions for him to play. F*ckwit.
  9. As Glastonbury usually sells out before any of the acts are confirmed, then people go just to be there I guess. All about the ‘experience’ etc. Must agree with you about Miss Ross. Excruciating for most of the set, yet the crowd and the reviewers don’t seem to have been bothered. Superb band and singers didn’t manage to hide her dreadful pitching issues, such a shame as otherwise would have been great.
  10. Yup, me too. Especially strange when they’ve paid a lot of money for the band, guess it’s just been booked by people who don’t know their audience.
  11. Absolutely this - great band & vocalists. Brass section was superb, drummer, guitarist and bassist (MD?) perfect for the job. Such a shame Miss Ross wasn’t anywhere near the same standard really. And what was with the final tune ‘ I will survive’ ? With all her own back catalogue to choose from it seemed a rather strange choice.
  12. Same here - thought it was excellent. His band are just so good, and Springsteen & Dave Grohl looked to be enjoying it too. Held my complete attention for over 2.5 hours ( despite the dodgy vocal mix etc). Brilliant.
  13. Caught a bit of Celeste, in fact just enough to tell me the Jubilee performance wasn’t a one off ..... Alison Krauss and Mr Page were good, with a top band too. Sam Fender left me a bit underwhelmed, but maybe just me. Watching Haim now, pretty good.
  14. My thoughts exactly. Didn’t realise how much Nick played up the dusty end. Great band though, and (young kid aside) thought they came over really well. Caught a bit of St Vincent and will watch more on iPlayer over the weekend. Agree with above comments about the bassist too, sounded excellent. Watched Billie Eilish, not my thing particularly but the crowd loved her.
  15. He does this using an iPad when possible, but as the mixing area is sometimes a few flights of stairs away from the areas to check, it’s a nightmare if anything untoward happens when he’s left the desk unattended. (Also in some smaller venues it leaves the desk open to audience interference, which we had on one gig a few years ago! )
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