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  1. The 800RB is 400 watts, but runs 300w into 4 ohms for the main amp and a separate 100w into 8 ohms amp for the high end if you’re using it that way. Mine has always sounded like it’s got enough headroom, and is second only to my old SVT rig on my list of favourite amps I’ve owned. Still really fancy trying the new Legacy stuff though! Hope you’re enjoying the MB200 too Dave. 😊
  2. Nice! Great guitarist and drummer too. Just goes to show what you can do with a 3 piece when everyone is of such a high standard.
  3. Selling my black Fenix PJ bass. This was made in the early 1990's in Korea by the same company (Young Chang) who made the excellent quality Squier instruments at the time for Fender. The bass is in very good condition considering it is close on 30 years old! Precision and Jazz style pickups, which originally had Stratocaster style knobs fitted but I have replaced these with the more usual chrome ones. ( original knobs come with it too though.) Nice chunky bridge, and the rosewood fretboard is nicely figured. Very well made bass, sounds great with recently fitted strings. Comes with a gig bag too. These often fetch around £200 + (one currently on ebay for £275!) so a good price for a great bass. Cash on collection from Brough, East Yorkshire, but possible help with delivery depending where and when for fuel costs. Prefer not to pack/send it at the moment, but may be persuaded so feel free to try me! I'm also gigging in the following places in the next few weeks so could bring it with me to the venue - Lincoln, Liverpool, Scarborough, Dorking, Swansea, Mansfield, Swindon and Cheltenham. Cheers.
  4. Good question! I don’t have the boxes anymore and not sure if the model number is on the unit itself. Think mine are the SN5 or the updated version, SN5X, which can currently be had for a tenner on a well known internet platform.
  5. Snark user here. Got a few now and they all work great, not too big / intrusive, will adjust angle to exactly where I need them , bright display but don’t eat batteries and not a lot of money either. Think I paid around £12 each for mine. If you get one though keep it quiet on here, as headstock tuners are just for amateurs, apparently....🤣
  6. Relying on unknown quality monitors and engineer is a recipe for disaster IMHO. Either insist on using your IEM's every gig, or maybe look at a FRFR powered cab so you can have your sound wherever. If you're not happy with what you're hearing then you're never going to be at your best.
  7. I’m a big fan of Gallien Krueger stuff, but even after using their amps for donkeys years I still sometimes struggle to quickly make tone adjustments onstage due to the placing of the 4 eq knobs. From left to right they are treble , high mid, low mid through to bass . In my mind they should be starting with bass on the left, which seems far more logical somehow. Also active basses that require undoing a lot of screws to access the battery compartment -why? Those on MM Stingrays etc make far more sense.
  8. Just sold Dave an amp. Quick payment, great communications and an easy transaction overall. Highly recommended. Thanks Dave!
  9. Think her and Mr Clapton were once an item too?
  10. She’s great - if you didn’t see her performance at Glastonbury last year then try to find it, excellent performance and a kicking band too.
  11. I'm still fairly good with songs, even at my advancing years. In my acoustic duo we play 100's of tunes, and most I can remember although for some strange reason it's the keys that often catch me out! Once I've got the key then the song just falls into place for me, and this is quite handy when we decide to drop the key for any reason - we call them 'sitting down' or 'lunchtime ' gigs, where we may be feeling a little rough and the vocals will be too much of a stretch! I guess I must subconsciously learn songs in a way that easily translates to other key signatures. The other stumbling block for us is lyrics - we can both usually remember the tune / chords etc but the words don't come to mind so readily. For those occasions we have an Ipad Pro running the Forscore app with song lyrics to help prompt us. Didn't like using this at first, but it's certainly better than freezing halfway through a number etc. Also most big touring bands (of a certain age anyway) seem to use those large monitor screens with the lyrics scrolling along, so hey ho.
  12. One of those songs that when you hear the original you realise it still sounds amazing, especially as it’s now around 50 years old. Great drum sound, and Andy Fraser’s bass part is sublime. Annoys the sh*t out of me when you hear covers bands killing it though, with the usual errors - wrong guitar riff, bassist playing through the verses / worst of all not playing the pedal root notes in the choruses. And relax.....
  13. We been asked for it a number of times in my country band, and also occasionally in my acoustic duo. Always seems to go down well whenever we’ve played it too. I think it’s popularity in recent years was something to do with it being adopted by the England rugby team and their fans, giving it a new audience.
  14. Don’t suppose anyone has a cover for a Rumble 100 V3 combo? It’s the black combo with the silver grille .The official black Fender cover will do nicely please. Seem to be out of stock at a few places at the moment, so thought I’d check here before I put an order in for a new one. Cheers.
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