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  1. Found this on iPlayer whilst looking for more Glasto stuff over the weekend. Amazing voice and performance, and also proof that Jools can play a lot more than just boogie woogie. Stunning.
  2. We use one of these in my acoustic duo. When there’s only two of you it saves one of you having to stop playing to turn the page. Works pretty well using bluetooth.
  3. I share your pain, but using a sharpie and writing each set on one side of an A4 sheet of paper still works for me. (Strangely I can usually remember what song comes next, but not the key!)
  4. Exactly my set up too. ForScore is great, although I only use it’s basic functions. Apparently you can set the song tempo so it scrolls through parts and other stuff too.
  5. That's interesting - I've seen the Specials but a bit out of my price range TBH. If a s/h Stingray surfaced that was sub 8lbs I would be very tempted as have always loved MM stuff. I've had a fair few Rays over the years - a 78, 88, 94 and 2001 (IIRC) as well as a USA Sterling (which I mistakenly thought would be lighter!) and a couple of USA Subs. All fantastic basses too.
  6. Great basses, had a couple. I only sold mine due to struggling with anything over about 7.5lbs on long gigs, which has unfortunately ruled out these and Stingrays for me. IMHO the white looks even better with a matt black MM scratch plate which ties in nicely with the headstock. ( Never a fan of the original tread plate one ).
  7. You could try www.westfieldfasteners.co.uk Usually stock a lot of stuff like this.
  8. They were reasonable to good quality, great value for money and (hopefully) benefitted the charity too, what’s not to like? 🙂
  9. I bought one, blue with a rosewood board. Did it really to help the charity but the bass turned out to be pretty good, especially for the price. Sold it on here ( I think) to a happy buyer. Haven’t seen any since for some reason, maybe people mainly kept them, like I should have done!
  10. So if we're going off piste from the hits, Ry Cooder has done some beautiful stuff including his take on this -
  11. Pretty sure you won't hurt the amplifier, it's the speakers that are prone to failure if 'abused' by bass guitar frequencies.
  12. A Deville (especially in 4x10 mode) not a million miles away from a Fender Bassman combo, guitar amp originally designed for bass. I’ve gigged with a Marshall valve guitar head for bass. My bass head had died so had to use it, wasn’t too bad either. Conversely back in the day a lot of guitarists preferred Marshall bass amps to guitar models! Musicman used to make an amp (HD150 ?) suitable for both which had a valve power amp, sounded immense.
  13. Good call. Whilst not being a massive fan of The Shadows stuff, Wonderful Land is (for me anyway) their best tune. Great chord progression and at just a tad over 2 mins long a perfect pop single of the time.
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