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  1. Me neither - wasn't keen on Duran Duran (especially with SLB's flat vocals) or Spandau Ballet either, but at least Spandau had a decent singer who could carry a tune.
  2. Think it was me mentioning Buble, and comparing him to Sinatra who he most probably idolises. What I don't get with Buble is that he's an okay singer , (nothing great but can do it IMHO) so why make records that so obviously feature 'that' sound? Most of the music he plays seems to reference older swing styles so at what point did anyone think they should change this to being more contemporary by relying on vocal effects? Then again, with record sales of 30 million worldwide what do I know......🤔
  3. Tonight on Sky Arts - 9pm Eric Clapton’s Crossroad Guitar Festival 2019, followed at 11.15pm by Nick Mason : Saucerful of Secrets (featuring Guy Pratt).
  4. Just starting now -‘Somebody up there likes me’. Film about Ronnie Wood, made in 2019.
  5. Whilst reading this, Radio 2 have just played Frank Sinatra singing 'My Way'. Some of his notes are just a bit flat in a few places, but it doesn't stop it being a great performance IMHO. Contrast with Michael Buble, who's more recent output appears (to me at least) to be quite obviously auto-tuned. I know which I prefer. ☺️ P.S. - Forgot to add, Sinatra walked in and did the song in one take too.
  6. I've done this alternating between an old Roland D5 and my P-bass. Just set it up using an A/B box into my rig then DI with no problems, very lo-fi but worked fine. Main problem was having enough room onstage to set the Roland up. When I went to see Stevie Wonder, Nate Watts switched between bass and keys for a lot of the gig, although must admit I couldn't hear much difference.
  7. I feel your pain. I had a Peavey 410TX, used it for years. Seriously underrated cab in my opinion, shame it weighed a ton. ( Had a 210TX as well, another great bargain cab.) Mine survived a few months in Morocco, shipped out there with just a vinyl covering too. Just because it’s regular stuff is no reason to abuse it though.
  8. Zambezi was actually a cover too - was from the 1950’s by Lou Busch. 🙂
  9. Sounds good then, go for it! Nothing wrong with simple stuff either. Good luck.
  10. Years ago when I was playing guitar in a country rock band, we were supporting a well known rock n roll band who turned up a bit late for the set up. They had to get a piano onto the small stage which made it tight for room. With time running out the guitarist asked me if he could use my Fender Twin - he said it would save him dragging his identical amp in from the van, so I agreed as it made sense. His band also used our drum kit. We did the gig, then watched the main band who were great. Guitarist didn’t talk to me afterwards ( let alone buy me a pint for the use of my amp) and his band packed down quickly and left us to strike our gear. Wasn’t until half an hour later I realised my fairly new cover I’d had made for my amp was missing - what an utter tw*t! Never got it back. 😡
  11. Traditionally bluegrass was played on all acoustic instruments, (with double bass and a dreadnought acoustic being standard kit ) so a Tele and a Fender bass aren’t strictly authentic. Of course this doesn’t matter if that isn’t the route you’re going down - in my country band I used to use a bass uke to get an upright-ish sound on bluegrass tunes and it did the job well. I reckon your sponged Precision will do fine until you decide how the band may develop.
  12. Or even a Spice Girls gig......sorry, wrong thread.🤣
  13. I’ve seen Emmy a couple of times, with The Hot Band. Am a fan of Rodney Crowell too, who is in the band on the OGWT programme. I do prefer her earlier stuff but appreciate the way she moved with the times on the Daniel Lanois album and later work. A great artist.
  14. Just read in the TV schedules that this Friday (7th May) there is an evening of Emmylou Harris stuff on BBC4. Starts at 9pm and includes an OGWT special from 1977 that I remember being great.
  15. On this afternoon (Sunday 2nd May) at 4pm, the 2019 documentary film ‘Hitsville - The Making of Motown’.
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