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  1. I had one of these, and it was epic. Just like an SVT ( but obviously smaller and lighter), it wasn’t a much of a problem moving it around on flat areas, just needed help with the stairs! The sonic benefits were worth it though, GLWTS.
  2. Mike Batt formed The Wombles Band, and performed on TOTP as Orinoco. The guitarist was none other than renowned session ace Chris Spedding, along with drumming legend Clem Cattini.
  3. Credits from 'Red Dress video below. She does quite a lot of stuff but also has a team of people involved too - presumably earning a living from their work? Let's face it, anyone who's been in that situation (myself included) just shuts up and gets on with the job as best they can. Doesn't explain why her family and friends haven't sat her down for a frank conversation though. 😆 Directed, Produced, Choreographed & Edited by Sarah Brand Director of Photography: Gordon Gronbach Production Assistants: Daoyue Zhai, Antony Mikallou Special thanks to Saint Michael at North Gate Church, Oxford. Special thanks to all of the actors and extras for participating. “Red Dress” … Music & Lyrics Written by Sarah Brand Music Produced by Alice Haines Music Mix & Mastered by Miguel León
  4. Really enjoyed the programme, great singer with a wonderful band. Thought the rhythm section were superb, as well as the backing vocalists.
  5. I’ve had a couple of USA Subs, and agree with drT’s comments above. Sound and play great, and medium weight IMO. Only other thing to mention is the lack of a belly cut and arm contour so more of a slab body design. Not a problem in particular, just doesn’t fit your body quite as well as a USA Stingray. Great basses which seem to be rising in price just lately too.
  6. I’m now at the stage of seriously wondering if any of the last few suggestions above are actually ‘real’ / serious ? If they are then I truly worry about the future of this planet. Unbelievable.
  7. Actress Sally Lindsay ( Coronation St, Open all hours etc) owned up to being on that record and can be seen in the TOTP appearances. ( Even more trivia - she’s married to ex Style Council / Paul Weller drummer Steve White.)
  8. Try a mixer on it’s own first. I’ve used both a Soundcraft Folio Notepad and (currently) an Allen and Heath Zed 10FX and they’ve worked perfectly well, either into headphones or small powered monitor speakers. Mate of mine has a small Alto mixer and that is fine too.
  9. Haven’t tried the Legacy, but from my experience of other GK stuff it should be quiet. Both my MB200 and MB800 heads were/ are good in this respect. Have you considered the Fender Rumble 100 combo? Sounds amazing, weighs 22 lbs and never heard the fan in mine at all ( assuming it has one of course 😆 ). Perfect home / practice / small gig combo IMHO.
  10. Our engineer always refers to the audience as ‘meat baffles’......
  11. Exactly this. Can’t go wrong initially with the Behringer, then keep it as a spare if you decide to upgrade later. I have two of them, brilliant for the money as well as great units in their own right.
  12. Just beat me to it - soundchecking in an empty room is really only a starting point for getting a good sound mix IMHO. First few songs with an audience in are critical for the engineer to make adjustments, however small or large.
  13. Wow - hope this new band are appreciative of your skills! Good luck, break that leg etc.
  14. Another recommendation for a Fender Rumble combo. I have the 100 watt job, and used it for a rehearsal yesterday in a barn where it was competing with 2 loud rock guitarists and a drummer. More than held it’s own without breaking into a sweat, and most importantly sounded great. Very intuitive tone controls make dialling in your sound quick and easy. I like the ‘vintage’ pre set button, made my Jazz sound thick and full. The combo also weighs next to nothing too! Second hand ones can be picked up for around £150 upwards, but even the new price of around £280 ish is still under 50% of your budget. Try one before spending more, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised. edit : there’s one for sale in the Marketplace section (in Essex) at the moment for £130, which is a bargain deal.
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