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  1. I bet a few people are waiting for me to recommend these, and I hate to disappoint! https://www.gear4music.com/Guitar-and-Bass/Bass-Guitar-Foam-Case-by-Gear4music/C87 Honestly one of the best things I've bought in years - in fact I bought one as a spare in case the first ever gives up the ghost. This is looking extremely unlikely at the moment, probably 6 or 7 years down the line. Used it on every gig I've done with my main band, so at least 500 gigs in and out of our vehicle. Still looks virtually new, and has protected my bass perfectly. Lighter than a standard case, tons more protection than most gig bags, shaped so not overly large and dead easy to use. Quite a few mates have seen mine and got one, everyone commenting how good they are. Best thing is the price - £39.99. You really can't go wrong. A few other companies do ones not a million miles away (SKB, Gator?) but they tend not to be shaped and therefore not as user friendly IMO. And cost a fair bit more too....🤨 (just to add that my 4 string jazz fits in one of these, so although I can't guarantee your 5 er will, there is a fair bit of space around the headstock on mine so chances are it should.)
  2. Anybody caught anything good on this channel yet? I watched a bit of The Stones 2013 Hyde Park gig, followed by a Madness documentary the other night. And yes, Andre Rieu was also on yesterday ...... 😆. In case you can’t find it on Freeview, it’s Channel 11. May have to retune to get it.
  3. I was taken to piano lessons from the age of about 7, after my folks realised I had ‘a good ear’. My granny bought me a small Spanish guitar back from her holiday to the Costa Blanca which sparked an interest in me getting to grips with 6 strings. Disenchanted with piano lessons by about 11 years old ( largely due to a very slow teacher I’ve always claimed...) I got an electric guitar with help from my Dad, even though he didn’t really agree with it. Loosely based on a Gibson 335, I loved it. After that it was down to me to get an amp and stuff, with my folks always asking me to turn it down. To be fair, my Dad did run me and my gear to the next village when a I started rehearsing with what would then become my first band, aged around 14, although his keenness to help may have been something to do with our drummer’s rather attractive mother I think... All the time I played in bands my parents only came to see me twice which did sadden me a bit, especially as the other parents of band members regularly supported them. When I turned pro in my mid 30’s ( with a wife and daughter to support) my Dad supported me after making sure I knew what I was doing. Although he didn’t show it, I found out shortly after he passed away a couple of years ago that he always told everyone in the village pub what I’d been doing with my music and how proud of me he was.
  4. Four Ampeg brochures. 1973 - 16 pages in b&w. Full product range, (including SVT stuff obvs) Black and white print. In VGC, apart from 2 holes punched on left side. 1995 - 30 page colour catalogue, full product range. Exc. cond. 2010 - 20 page catalogue , full product range in exc.cond. Smaller pull out style brochure, probably after 2010 but not 100% - looks fairly recent though. UK postage at cost, any questions give me a shout. Cheers.
  5. 2 x TE catalogues, both in excellent condition. One dated 1999/2000, other one not far off this era too. Nice brochures in excellent nick. UK postage at cost, cheers.
  6. 3 x SWR catalogues in near perfect condition. From 1999 / 2000 (incl price list!) / 2001 UK postage at cost. Any questions fire away! Cheers.
  7. 5 x Ashdown catalogues. Two dated - 2000 & 2014, the other 3 not sure. Guessing two probably earlier (90's) , the heavy glossier one (middle top in pic)maybe later? Anyway, tenner for the job lot, UK postage at cost. More details on request if you need 'em. Thanks.
  8. Clearing out loads of stuff - lets call it a Covid sale. I've put some old guitar stuff on ebay, but thought I'd see if there's any interest for these on here first. Five MM brochures / catalogues, all in pretty good nick considering the age of some of them. I would imagine they will be getting quite rare now, but have hopefully priced them realistically. Selling as one job lot to clear. Let me know if you need any more details or pics and will do my best to help. They are as follows , ( L to R working down) 1) Early MM full product range catalogue - guessing around 1977? Features guitars / basses and amps, 24 pages. Fold mark on front but overall vgc. 2) Slightly later MM leaflet brochure - Sabre guitar and amplifier updates 3) The Sound of the Eighties catalogue - full 1980 product range, some in colour. 46 pages. 4) Ernie Ball MM - 1999 guitar / bass range catalogue. 16 pages 5) Ernie Ball MM Products 2002 - 16 page catalogue in colour, guitars and basses. Happy to post at cost anywhere in the UK. Cheers.
  9. I’ve always liked these, but never had chance to try one. Looks like Merchant City Music are the biggest stockist, although Andertons seem to have a few in some great colours too. I always liked the Rumblefish, especially after seeing Sheryl Crow’s bassist using one at Glastonbury, but didn’t know until reading this thread that they were semi hollow. Want one even more now.
  10. Bass -> DI->Amp. OBBM cables too. Don't like in line tuners so it's the Snark clip on variety for me. My feelings are that if you have to use eq type of pedals then maybe you have the wrong amp?
  11. Absolutely, especially with only one guitar player, although it is David Grissom! Keys guy does a good job covering the other part, and the drums and bass do just fine too. Nice.
  12. I'm starting to go through all the stuff I may need to move on, mainly due to not working in this current situation with Covid. I currently have two pianos, and realistically I only need the one so this will have to go! It's in absolutely immaculate / 'as new' unmarked condition, having only been used in a home environment. It is generally regarded as being the best digital piano in the medium price range, and there is no shortage of glowing on line reviews. It would be ideal for a child / beginner / improver / intermediate player etc - great lockdown idea! Would also make a great 'spare' stage piano too. Obviously it has a superb weighted keyboard, and is a full 88 note model. ( My other piano a Korg SV-1 is only a 73 note version, and to be fair despite costing over 3 times the price of the Yamaha, it's not far in front of it, either playing or soundwise). The Yamaha has built in amp and speakers so ideal for using anywhere, and is reasonably light at only 11.5kgs. It comes with all of the original accessories ( Yamaha power supply, sustain pedal and removable music stand). Also included are these optional extras - a very sturdy keyboard stand/frame, as well as a Yamaha piano bench finished in cherry wood I believe. There is also a dust cover included too. Everything is immaculate and in 100% full working order. Internet prices for all of this works out at £389 for the piano, plus around £40 for the stand, £15 for the dust cover and a further £76 for the piano bench, totalling £520. ( Potential saving over new by buying mine is therefore £225 / over 43% on discount internet prices!) The piano is in East Yorkshire, and is currently cash on collection. I would be willing to deliver / meet up somewhere within say approx a 60 mile radius of Hull for just my fuel costs (diesel). I have around a dozen pictures of the piano, PM me if you'd like them emailing to you, cheers. Full spec here - https://www.gear4music.com/Keyboards-and-Pianos/Yamaha-P45-Digital-Piano-Black/1805?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIn_2Chcro6wIVybTtCh0AsgxrEAAYAyAAEgIzIPD_BwE One of many in depth online reviews here - https://www.pianodreamers.com/yamaha-p45-review/
  13. It sounded great didn't it? So did his Stingray 5 er as well though. The bassist is Robert Kearns, been with SC a while I believe. Last year at Glasto he used a fabulous looking Reverend Rumblefish which (again!) sounded brill. Must admit I did miss her other amazing guitarist Audley Freed. He and the brilliant Peter Stroud work so well together. Think the band a great job with a cut down line up though. Incidentally, Peter Stroud co-founded 65 amps too - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/65amps
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