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  1. Well, just seen the movie. An excellent social history of Asbury Park and the musicians who emerged from there, with some rare clips and great interviews. We were told to wait after the showing for an extra added bonus, which turned out to be not so great footage of a concert ‘jam’ featuring Little Steve, Bruce etc and some other guys from back in the day. Rather messy versions of a few rock n roll standards which were no better than what you’d hear in a pub jam session over here TBH. Shame, as it brought the film to a rather downbeat end. Have you seen it yet Blue? Be interested to hear your take on it.
  2. casapete

    Gibson ES-355

    Think most people have the varitone disconnected, reckon it’s a bit of a tonesucker? Didn’t stop BB sounding great though...😀
  3. Yola at the Caroline Street social club in Saltaire. Sold out gig (200 capacity) , wonderful venue. My fears when seeing the small Mackie PA were unfounded, as the sound was faultless. One of the most outstanding gigs I’ve been to in recent years. Amazing young band - keys, guitar, drums, pedal steel and bass ( electric and DB) all playing to serve the wonderful songs. Yola was simply incredible, her vocals never failing to reach out and connect. We managed to get seats near the front, and were mesmerised throughout. If you get chance to catch her on the rest of the tour you won’t be disappointed. Dates coming up in Manchester, Nottingham, Birmingham, London , Bristol and Brighton.
  4. Good thing is that it doesn’t smell, and as you say isn’t as potentially vicious as some other spirits.
  5. Another homespun one - vodka! For some strange reason we have a small bottle of cheap vodka acquired from god knows where. Mrs CP uses it to remove marks, as you sure as hell wouldn’t want to neck it. Seems to work on most things although never tried it on an instrument to be fair, but it’s just another spirit I guess so who knows?
  6. It will be! Apparently Steven is doing a DJ set at Glasgow Hard Rock Cafe tonight as well. Enjoy the gig.
  7. Little Steven and The Disciples of Soul last night at Leeds 02 Academy. Nearly two and a half hours of amazing material covering many genres, all played superbly by a fifteen piece band. Sound was really good even though we were on the balcony. The superb Jack Daley on bass too, playing a white Stingray rather than his usual black Jazz. They are doing other dates in Glasgow, Bristol and London, highly recommended.
  8. Sounds like that car boot sale mentality. Years ago when my daughter was about eight, we did a car boot to sell some stuff we’d accumulated. Whilst I was busy , someone came up to her and tried to haggle over some of her books she was selling, for 20 p each! Unbelievable.
  9. If you haven't already seen them, there are quite a few others in the series - Ed Sheeran, Adele etc and even Mariah Carey! Brilliant arrangements / band, great stuff.
  10. What’s not to like about something that does the job and didn’t cost the earth? Just enjoy your bass and don’t worry about it. I’ve played a couple of Broncos and they seem well made and solid. Short scale basses are also quite in vogue at the moment too, so cool points to be earned as well 😄
  11. I had a similar problem Lozz. After using a 63 Precision for years, I went on to Stingrays - no problem there as the neck profile wasn't a great deal different. However, I did start getting the occasional twinge in my fretting hand which would come and then go for ages so I didn't worry too much. About 10 years ago I had an accident which damaged my shoulder, and also meant I couldn't cope with the weight of a Stingray either. Ended up buying a couple of Precison Lytes - around 7lb each and a very thin jazz style neck profile. Since using these I've not experienced any pains in my hand at all, only just a little aching after a long gig which I guess is 'normal'. Despite never playing jazz style necks before, I can't help thinking that by changing to them (along with the lighter instrument of course) it has enabled me to carry on gigging regularly. Really miss my Stingrays of course, but kept the 63 P bass....
  12. Agreed. Brass section in my old band used to memorise all their parts, and could play them spot on even after a number of visits to the free bar at functions. Think old school brass players were brought up to read everything, ( unlike guitarists! ) Subsequently they got used to just having parts in front of them all the time and never saw the need to commit stuff to memory. A lot of keyboard players seemed to be the same too. That 'reading music' culture didn't seem to extend to many bassists / guitarist and drummers, certainly not in this area anyway.
  13. Listening to 'Summer of Sorcery' from Little Steven and The Disciples of Soul, in readiness for seeing them this weekend during their UK tour. Amazing 15 piece band, can't wait. This is the opening track on the album.
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