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  1. Not quite getting your drift now - spending a load of dosh on a pile of cr*p and it's still useless? Would maybe understand if it wasn't so fugly….😧 This^^^^, in a nutshell.
  2. Don't do it, especially for £135. Dreadful things, and that's coming from someone who loves a Danelectro….😆
  3. Paul Anka did an album of swinging rock covers in 2005, which included this one. Squeamish people look away now....
  4. Could have been, unfortunately my memory of the details is rather hazy although I recall there was a young lady in the band. 🙂
  5. Seem to remember seeing John Dummer's band (ex Darts) at a local pub in the early 80's where the whole band came on naked for the encore. Mind you, I was very very drunk......
  6. Good call. I get my spare bass out every now and then and give it a blast at soundcheck just to make sure.
  7. We went to see The Circus of Horrors a few years ago, which is a theatre show in a bit of a rock/burlesque style. The finale included a gentleman of limited stature wearing very little, attached to a Henry vacuum cleaner via his John Thomas and dragging it around the stage. Very unusual....😮
  8. Surprised no one's mentioned Bananarama yet too …….(runs for cover)
  9. One of our band members often has Smooth FM on when we're driving home after a gig. I'm always worried he'll fall asleep at the wheel. Smooth FM seems to cater for people who grew up through the 80's mainly, although I imagine Alexander O'Neal must love them for all the airtime his few tunes receive 😅
  10. Not quite the same thing with myself and Currys but still odd . I saw a PC advertised with them online, and popped down to my local branch to buy one, to be told that was 'internet price' only. The store price was £50 more. They tried to make out they had only a couple in as well so I'd better not hang about. When I asked where the PC would be if I'd bought it online for store pickup, they said it would be from that location. Now I understand that some businesses operate separate online and store departments, but this was the same boxed PC from the same stock in the same store. Bit annoyed at this, I went back home, bought the PC online with Currys and opted for local instore collection. Half an hour later I returned to collect my item from the same store (with £50 in my back pocket), job done. Can't help thinking it was a sales ploy to maximise revenue.
  11. Quite possibly. I've always disliked the PSB, vapid soulless tunes with a dreary vocal makes for a very boring gig for me. Also their desecration of 'You were always on mind' ranks for me as one of the worst cover versions ever! Obviously there are a lot of people who don't agree judging by their popularity 😄 Bands with just a couple of keyboards / perc etc are never going to be as entertaining for me as those with a fuller line up, hence their need for all those dancers and effects I guess.
  12. There is an article on Reverb some may find interesting. It's by Tony Bacon, charting the history of guitar / music publications. https://reverb.com/news/a-history-of-guitar-magazines?utm_campaign=20190915+Sunday+Content+(UK)&utm_medium=Email&utm_source=MarketingCloud
  13. I have two of everything, except a speaker cab which we just don't have room for. ( As it's a 4x10 cab I think it would be rare for all 4 drivers to go kaput? ) I always ensure the spare bass and leads are close by too as you never know. In my gig case I keep a small toolkit / fuses / superglue / cable ties / electrical & gaffa tape / batteries / allen keys / mic clip holder / earplugs / strings (bass & guitar!) / plectrums / Behringer BD121 DI pedal. Rarely need any of it TBH but somehow gives me reassurance knowing I can cater for all eventualities. Does seem to me that bass players are usually the ones with the most spares on a gig. 😄
  14. What about when the band get a dep better than yourself? I got put into that situation a few times when our band was guitarless, and as they couldn't find a dep they asked me to play guitar and use a dep bassist. The dep was a mate of mine, a wonderful player far better than myself, so I had to suffer the indignity of hearing him make a great job of covering for me whilst I struggled with playing another instrument (not particularly well either) ! Needless to say I didn't put up with it for long.....
  15. Think I read on here a while ago about Gear4music doing a similar thing, with ‘in stock’ sometimes meaning in the group stock, including Sweden! Bit of a trek from York for me ......
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