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  1. SOLD to a mate of mine that I forgot to offer first refusal to!
  2. Great little modelling practise amp with headphone output and a punchy 10" speaker in sealed box. Very light use, but a little dusty. Collection only from Bristol. [attachment=251905:DSCF4055.JPG] [attachment=251906:DSCF4056.JPG]
  3. Cheers. Forgot to mention I'm open to offers or guidance on price if it's way out - really not up to speed on what stuff goes for and am aware that the finish makes it a bit 'marmite'!
  4. Bought from the US quite a few years ago ($250!), but hardly ever used so has been in storage ever since. Hence it's mint, as new condition. Beautiful padded case, very stiff/firm so very well protected, includes padded laptop compartment in outer pocket, padded rucksack straps (genuinely very comfortable, waist strap and chest stabiliser on it), shoulder strap and nice comfy padded handle too. Collection from Bristol preferred but will entertain postage if no interest locally. [attachment=251899:DSC09334.JPG][attachment=251900:DSC09331.JPG]
  5. Pics of this random stuff plus bits from my other ads are all on flickr to save clogging up the ad - . [url="https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/albums/72157685514953773"]https://www.flickr.c...157685514953773[/url] Prices include postage. D’Addario strings: EPS165 pro steel 4 string set (.45-105) £12, EXL170 nickel wound 4 string (.45-100) £12, Pro steel 6 string set, just opened to check how many strings in pack – guessing they’re .30-105 so £SOLD Wilkinson bridge, black 4 string, looks like it’s been fitted but unused, £10 - SOLD Shure beta 58a with soft pouch and mic stand clip, slightly grill, £SOLD Ultimate Support GS200 Guitar Stand £15 - SOLD Flight case style box – the ultimate odds and sods box. £10 collection only CABLES & Connectors (XLR). Naked cable (sommer and musiflex) for xlr/balanced use – black, purple and red sommer highflex, I’m guessing around 5m of each, plus purple musiflex about same length. 1 short and 3 long XLR-XLR cables with neutrik connectors. Plus a load of unused neutrik XLR connectors plus a jack and a speakon. £20 for the lot - SOLD CABLES – instrument. 3 longish leads, all jack to jack, one with single right angle jack, all home made with musiflex and neutrik connectors. 1 shorter lead ditto on connectors/cable, 1 no name factory cable plus whatever else I find whilst clearing up. £15 the lot - SOLD. Couch guitar straps – no leather in these, the vegan option but tasteful! £12 the pair Planet Waves padded shoulder strap pad (original strap broke!) – good for a weighty bass. free with any of the above. Planet Waves microfibre polishing cloth – free with any of the above. Dr Kyser lemon oil for fretboards etc. - free with any of the above. Planet waves bass tuner winder key thing - free GONE. Jack to jack heavy duty speaker cable – free GONE.
  6. Korg GT-12 – on pedal board all its life then stored, excellent condition, thru port for signal and dc power. £15 including postage Rocktron DC on tap power supply with all cables/adaptors + instructions, barely used (never did use it on pedal board). £15 including postage Home made patch cables, quality musicflex (studiospares) instrument cable and neutrik connectors for most, £10 including postage [attachment=251893:DSCF4062.JPG] [attachment=251894:DSCF4061.JPG]
  7. Fulltone Bass Drive – a reasonable amount of use but very little gigging and always kept in a flightcased pedal board so pretty mint condition. Left velcro on for pedalboard use, but original rubber feet and instructions included. Price includes postage, but Bristol collection welcome. [attachment=251890:DSCF4064.JPG] [attachment=251891:DSCF4065.JPG] [attachment=251892:DSCF4066.JPG]
  8. Oops, forgot photos [attachment=251888:DSCF4059.JPG] [attachment=251889:DSCF4060.JPG]
  9. Well used, believe it was a studio amp for a while (pat test sticker!), powers up just fine (see lights in photo) but the odd scratchy pot last time I gave it a go. No longer have a cab to test this with so recommend bringing one along if you want to test. If it needs posting and doesn't survive, unlikely given how bombproof these are..., then I'll happily refund so that you've got a novel paperweight - how does that sound? No idea of age, 240w into 4 ohms. Bristol collection or postage at cost with preferred carrier.
  10. I ordered this in around 2005 if I remember right, and to my ultimate shame it has never been gigged and has very little playing time. It’s been in a case for most of the time since then and the original G&L hardcase is obviously included in the sale, the neck has been rock solid throughout this, was always careful to find a climate neutral home for this wherever I was living rather than doing anything stupid like leaving it in a loft. In multiple house moves along the way, I’ve managed to lose the original paperwork but I’m hoping it’s fairly obviously legit given the custom options. Speaking of custom options, I believe I specified the older Vintage Narrow "C" neck, 1 ½” nut D shape style like a jazz (I’ve tiny hands), satin finish. Got the pimp-tastic red metal flake finish with matching headstock and got a nice clean maple board with no markers. Only change from the factory spec is the inclusion of Dunlop straplocks. Couple of negatives shown in photos – couple of red paint smudges on end of neck (pick up end), plus a mark on the back of the headstock just under the G string tuner, it’s in the wood under the laquer. Collection preferred from Bristol but if you’re itching and that’s too far to travel, get in touch. PM an email address for full set of photos. [attachment=251877:DSCF4032.JPG] [attachment=251878:DSCF4034.JPG] [attachment=251879:DSCF4036.JPG] [attachment=251880:DSCF4040.JPG] [attachment=251881:DSCF4042.JPG]
  11. SOLD They the super long scale version so good for extra long scale (up to ~36") 6ers. Regular light gauge .030 .045 .065 .080 .100.130.
  12. Sold to Mr Beneath it All. Nice to know it's going to Wakey - I used to work there!
  13. HOpeless delay - the bass is roundabout 9lbs according to my bathroom scales. Not sure how accurate that is given the relatively low weight but my kitchen scales don't quite stretch that far! The bass is still available; I'm still waiting for a PM/text reply from Beneath It All who was next to express an interest.
  14. OH, and I still haven't managed to weigh it - no scales to had at the moment. Will have that sorted by about 5pm tonight I think.
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