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  1. I’m astounded that no one has grabbed this yet.... beautiful bass. if I was gigging at the moment I’d snap this up!! Have a bump
  2. Nice example!! Have Bump 😄
  3. Oh man.... I did not need to see this 😞 I LOVE the helium models... well above my price range though! Good luck with the sale!!
  4. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  5. Can I have two please?? 😂 I honestly can’t decide between Duff McKagan and Doug Wimbish. Duff is one of my earliest recollection of a bass player, and his cutting tone with guns n roses is part of my misspent youth. Later, his tone on the velvet revolver albums was just incredible! Doug is one of the most under appreciated bass players out there, and he is an amazingly talented player. I love the combination of the roto’s and his Spector bass 😈
  6. This is getting close to theft... @WaveyDavey might be worth a look if your back can take the weight??
  7. About time mate!!! 😄 i would kill for this bass, as I mentioned on the Facebook page, I missed one that looked identical to this for a stupid price. Devastated!!!
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