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  1. I just love the buckeye burl tops on these bolt on basses!!! good luck with the sale!
  2. The 77 is an awesome bass, I love mine. The neck is super fast and it has a great dark growl to it!!
  3. I LOVE the helium model… good luck with the sale Dave!!
  4. Great quilting on this one mate! Good luck with the sale
  5. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  6. It is still a Spector mate 😄
  7. I’m quite particular with necks, it’s not nut width I struggle with as I have an ns5crfm that is fine, but it’s the thickness front to back that bothers me. The ‘77LE is absolutely amazing and by far my favourite bass at the moment. Trying to find an Ian hill or Kramer era to try and see if they are more comfortable than my euros. I’ve always been under the assumption that the wimbish is a little deeper than the normal euro?
  8. I really need to try a wimbish… they always seem to get the most beautiful woods for the Czech basses… just not sure the neck will suit me..
  9. Now that IS pretty… is that a wimbish?
  10. I’ll have you know possum’s are quite smart!! 😂
  11. @karlfer I don’t notice the string spacing if that’s any consolation?? great basses! The necks are super fast
  12. Awesome basses for the money these, they sound fantastic. I love mine!!
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