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  1. Always wanted one of these!! Good luck with the sale 😄
  2. It wouldn’t be if I had the cash!!
  3. SOOOOO badly want!!! 😩
  4. All too well mate!!! we can’t keep them all 😞
  5. So surprised this is still available. The neck is ultra thin and fast, with a really deep growl thanks to to walnut wings. I think this model is a great gateway Spector, as it is not as “aggressive” as most people fear Spectors to be. A truly amazing model and one I will own one day!
  6. I just love the Adam Clayton, and is hands down the BEST fender I have ever played. Good luck with the sale!
  7. I LOVE this model. I played one at bassdirect and it took every inch of will power to leave it in the store. Good luck with the sale!!
  8. This!!! I bought a set of dimarzio p/j for my Spector only to realise that the bridge pickup on a Spector is the same length as a standard neck pickup. I had to buy a set of jazz pickups, to get the right one. Hence, I have TWO bridge pickups.
  9. Yes located in Warrington and I have updated photos to show depth
  10. Me too mate!!! I just can’t justify carrying one about for pub gigs 😂 my gk fusion 550 is as close as i can get in a more manageable weight! GLWTS!
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