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  1. Damonjames

    Clear B string

    Not string related, but there is a reason that so many 5 string basses are 35” scale. It specifically related to the string tension on the low B. I have owned stingray 5’s and I have a pretty heavy attack. Personally I found the B pretty decent, certainly compared to other 34” scale 5 strings I have played. 35” scale does make the low B much better!
  2. Damonjames

    [SOLD] Spector Bantam 4 now **£950**n *SOLD*

    Agree, lovely little basses!! I’d love to try one 😄
  3. Open to offers, and will it if someone only needs one. Would be a great upgrade for the squirt/early mex jazz basses that had the same size pickups!
  4. Damonjames

    Spector Chris Kael..SOLD

  5. Damonjames

    Spector Shorty (Withdrawn)

    I just watched an interview with Gary Tallent where he played his j/j shorty... oh my lord it sounded awesome. SOOOOOO TEMPTING 😱😱😱
  6. Yep, they shifted into my Spector 😄
  7. Up sale is this pair of dimarzio dp123 dual coil jazz pickups. Amazing deep him cancelling in series mode, or can run them parallel. Really versatile pickups. You can wire these up to push pull pots and have versatility on tap Please note that these are a set of 2 x 95mm pickups will split if that helps! £50, postage to mainland U.K. £5
  8. If my tonepump sells I’ll grab this off you mate!!
  9. Damonjames

    Spector trim pot tonepump pre

    Bump still available
  10. Damonjames

    Spector Euro Doug Wimbish SOLD

    Are you open to trades??
  11. Damonjames

    "KORG USA, Inc. Acquires Spector Bass Company"

    Agree!!! They have shot up signifficantly over the last 2 years.
  12. Damonjames

    "KORG USA, Inc. Acquires Spector Bass Company"

    I’ve never had an issue getting a good sound out of a Spector....each to their own though!!!