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  1. Spotted this one on eBay, lovely looking bass!
  2. What a gorgeous bass!!! Great price for a USA, sure it won’t stay around long 😉
  3. I believe the neck profile is the same on the new euro models as they always have been, at least on the 4 string models. the Wimbish model has a narrower nut, but that’s the only model that has this. The Ian hill as a thinner neck (front to back) than standard, but otherwise I believe they are all the same give or take. I find the gloss necks always feel a little thicker to me. @cetera May be able to answer more accurately than me.
  4. That’s the one that got away...I should never have put it back on the rack!! It’s a very special bass that one 😉
  5. Depends if it’s trim pot or not really...
  6. I’d recognise that door anywhere 😂 what a cracking looking bass mate! I’m sure it won’t stick around long! do you still have the ‘77??? 😱😱
  7. @cetera If it’s a legend custom, don’t these come with a 3 band eq?? In my experience, the lower end emg preamps are always lacking with passive pickups. The emg bqc is a great alternative, or possibly even go a tonepump? You will certainly not be looking for bass with a tonepump lol.... someone in this parish might have a spare or two 😉
  8. Wicked basses these... I love mine. truly underrated and overlooked due to the 34” scale but I’m sure Bagsie will attest, it really isn’t much to worry about! good luck with the sale bud
  9. What a great example!!! Good luck with the sale mate. I’ll take that SNC off you since it’s already out!!! 😂😂
  10. It’s a sign of the time’s when a bass like this doesn’t sell straight away... what a stunning example. I’d love it but I’ve just cleaned out my spare cash (and good will) with Mrs DJ on an ns5crfm.
  11. Gorgeous buckeye burl mate!! Congratulations 😄
  12. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
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