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  1. Could be, Bartolini make a dizzying range of J pickups!
  2. I did not know this, thanks for the heads up. I had them in a Fender Jazz for a while and they sound great together.
  3. A set of Bartolini Jazz Pickups in good condition. These are typical Jazz bass fitment with the slightly longer bridge pickup. Complete with a set of screws.
  4. An as new, unopened set of EMG PJ HZ pickups including the wiring loom and pots etc.
  5. A set of 4 USA Hipshot tuners, 1/2" Y Style in great condition with screws.
  6. Ah, my old bass. This is a decent P, wouldnt mind it back in different circumstances.
  7. Agreed, loads of bass for the money.
  8. Check out the above video at around 1:30 👍🏻
  9. 1.5", classic jazz profile 👌🏻
  10. Here's the back of the pickup, it isn't potted but then again, most vintage style pickups aren't to my knowledge? Certainly worth some further investigation though 👍🏻
  11. I have a large box and lots of decent packaging, £375 posted to your door.
  12. Thanks chaps, I'll persist with this as I really want to gig it when BoJo lets me.
  13. It's funny you mentioned that, I tried it earlier and it didn't make much difference. It's quite odd, it almost seems like the whole bass is "live", if I tap the body anywhere it comes out of the amp. I removed the pickup to see if there's was anything amiss but all the joints seem okay. I was impressed by the countersunk threads in the body for the pickup screws. Nicer than the self tappers you get on a four grand bass from the Custom Shop 😁
  14. I recently picked up this Westone Spectrum out of curiosity. Westone seem to have a loyal following with lots of people suggesting they punch way above their weight. To be honest I didn't have massively high expectations, but wow what a bass! The build quality is amazing and it feels really solid, despite only weighing 3.7kg. The tuners look like Gotohs and are really substantial, the painted neck is silky smooth and a joy to play. The two most notable elements for me however are that it sounds amazing acoustically, really resonant and punchy, and secondly is that it almost plays itself. Seriously top notch playability. I always spend ages tweaking the action of a new bass to get it how I like it, but this was totally gig-able straight out of the box! The only two negatives for me are that the standard bridge has really long grub screws on the saddles which I found to be a hindrance as I like to palm mute a fair bit. This was easily rectified by throwing a Wilkinson bridge on, which fitted perfectly. The second, and the reason for this thread, is that when I play over the pickup the sound of my fingers hitting the pickup cover can be heard through my amp. Any ideas how to get around this? I can't imagine there's a drop in replacement as it's a bit of a mad design...
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