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  1. jay-syncro

    Musicman Sabre Classic

    Resistance is futile 😁 I'm ideally after a straight sale but this is Basschat and I am weak. So trades are possible 👌🏻
  2. jay-syncro

    Musicman Sabre Classic

    The Classic's pickups are the same physical size as the Stingray, the bridge pickup soloed absolutely nails the classic Stingray tone. I've never played an original Sabre but I gather the electronics are quite different between the two. Some more neck porn for those that dig it.
  3. jay-syncro

    Musicman Sabre Classic

    Very true, hard to believe these are less popular than the Stingray when you consider what they can do.
  4. jay-syncro

    Yamaha BB P34 MIJ

    A link to the Yamaha London store where I purchased the bass. It includes more info on the features and spec 👍🏻 https://www.yamahamusiclondon.com/BB-P34-Pro-Series-Bass-Guitar/pidGBBP34VS
  5. jay-syncro

    Musicman Sabre Classic

    Thanks, it weighs 9.2lb. Regarding the neck profile, here's a quote from the Premier Guitar review - '' The shallow C-profile neck was fast and fairly narrow (1 5/8") at the nut—almost J-bass-like in feel''
  6. jay-syncro

    Yamaha BB P34 MIJ

    I'm selling a couple of basses due to extreme, uncontrollable GAS. Next up is this beautiful, hand made in Japan Yamaha BB P34. I bought this new from the Yamaha store in Soho this summer. I tried it out of curiosity and was so bowled over by the way it felt and sounded, it came home with me I was initially skeptical about Yamaha's changes to the iconic BB line, but they have really knocked it out of the park with this. It's such a cohesive instrument, you really get the impression that the design team have agonised over every design detail to get it just right. It's a million miles away from a factory bitsa (Fender) 👀 Yamaha Flightcase and all case candy included. Bass is located in Margate, postage can be arranged 👍🏻
  7. jay-syncro

    Musicman Sabre Classic

    I'm selling a couple of basses due to extreme, uncontrollable GAS. The first is this absolute peach Musicman Sabre Classic. If you love the idea of a Stingray with added versatility then this is it. I've had a couple of HH pickup configuration Stingrays but found that the pickup switching options were a bit lacking. The Sabre's neck pickup has 16 poles (think of two jazz pickups side by side) and the bridge is a standard Musicman 8 pole jobbie. This means that you can get a great HS (humbucker + single coil) sound, and a lovely solo single coil sound. Wind up the string mutes and you're in vintage P heaven! Of course if you solo the bridge pickup it sounds exactly like a Stingray 😎 The build quality of this is exemplary, and it has the most amazing birds eye maple neck. I've owned a Stingray Classic in the past and this trumps it in every way. It's more sonically versatile, it has a smaller, contoured body, thinner neck, it's lighter, it's prettier.. It's cooler 😁 The bass is in excellent condition and comes with the Musicman Flightcase and case candy. It's had a recent setup with new D'Adarrio rounds but included are a set of used flats as they sound phenomenal on this bass. Collection from Margate, postage possible.
  8. Bump for price reduction. £250 Posted to your door for 800w of UK built goodness 😎
  9. jay-syncro

    EBS Microbass II Preamp DI *SOLD*

    A live recording made using the EBS. Excuse the bum notes! P.Y.T (1).mp3
  10. This pedal can do it all, it's a preamp, a DI, a headphone/practice amp, an instrument switcher, it's has an effects loop, cab simulation, tube simulation, and a switchable overdrive channel. It's been gigged but is in good condition and works perfectly. I've used it numerous times for live gig recordings and it always sounds great (IMO), I'll add some sound examples soon. £150 posted to your door 👍🏻
  11. jay-syncro

    Tell me about preamps

  12. jay-syncro

    Bassics BPA-1 Preamp £225 posted!

    Bump for trades?
  13. Thanks mate, it'll be for sale soon no doubt!
  14. Such a selfless offer, thanks mate 👌🏻
  15. Hi mate, the Sabre is an absolute beast. It has a smaller, contoured body and thinner neck than the Ray, so it's lighter, nicer to play and massively more versatile sound wise. Plus it has this neck 😍