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  1. Fender Jazz Bass Special made in Japan by Fujigen in either '89-'90. This bass is in amazing condition considering its age and could pass for 2 years old rather than 32+! The control cavity cover still has the original paper protector on it! It comes with the original gig bag (also in amazing condition) and the original lead still in the bag. It is ridiculously lightweight at 3.2kg/7lbs and balances perfectly on a strap thanks to the high quality lightweight Gotoh tuners. The Fender PJ pickups and active preamp sound nice and articulate, although I notice the output isn't as loud as my other basses. I've gigged this bass several times and it's a lovely thing. Collection from Margate, potential meet-up or I can box it up if you'd like to arrange a courier.
  2. I read it as GAS. But then again I see GAS everywhere!
  3. Available again as I "need" a P bass.
  4. I've just checked and it's 38mm at the nut. I'm unsure of the radius but it's certainly flatter than a vintage style Fender. No idea if it has carbon rods I'm afraid.
  5. Maruszczyk Elwood TCS in great condition up for grabs. I understand that TCS stands for Tone Chamber System. The body is made of three pieces of Ash, the middle one being hollow. This results in a lovely resonant body with reduced weight. It also looks cool with the dark veneers between the ash layers! The neck is a lovely looking piece of quarter sawn maple (check out that fretboard figuring), and it features a zero fret. It has a Glockenklang preamp (with active/passive switch) and Delano pickups. It sounds excellent with a lively jazz character in active mode and it also has a great punchy passive tone. The pickup pan pot has been replaced and the frets have been polished. The volume pot is slightly scratchy when first moved but that clears after a couple of turns. It weighs around 3.8kg/8.4lb and comes with the Maruszczyk gig bag. Here's a clip of a similar bass in action - Collection from Margate or I can box it up if you'd like to arrange a courier. Better photos to come!
  6. I can include postage within the UK and I'll also chuck in a 3 pin adapter 👍
  7. Fender Custom Shop Custom '60s Jazz Bass Bridge Pickup recently purchased new but never installed, so as-new condition. £60 including postage within the UK
  8. Nordstrand Starlifter Preamp in fantastic condition with original (2 pin) power supply, box and manual. Here's a link to the manufacturers site for more info https://nordstrandaudio.com/products/starlifter-bass-preamp-di It sounds great, especially in vintage mode and really fattens up the bass sound into the PA or for direct recording.
  9. I recently sold a bass to Pete and can confirm that he is a top chap to deal with. Cheers!
  10. I purchased this recently (link below) and have used it sparingly. As you can imagine it's in pretty much new condition, and comes with the added bonus of a nice new Hot Covers cover 👌 Ultra lightweight and compact and packs a surprising punch. More than capable for rehearsals and small gigs. Collection form Margate or possible meet-up. I have the original packaging so can box it up if you'd like to arrange a courier.
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