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  1. jay-syncro

    Phil Jones M300 Head

    Postage is always an option?
  2. jay-syncro

    Phil Jones M300 Head

    Hi Steve, Margate in Kent 👍🏻
  3. jay-syncro

    USA Custom Shop Stu Hamm Washburn, 7.5lb

    I can include postage in the asking price. The Flightcase appears to be bombproof so no worries there.
  4. jay-syncro

    Phil Jones M300 Head

    Up for grabs is this absolutely lovely amp from Phil Jones. It is in immaculate condition and comes with all original packaging, manuals etc and high current power chord. It sounds absolutely fantastic and simply oozes quality. It's practically silent in operation and has a thermostatically controlled fan so ideal for the studio. It features two completely independent ultra low noise preamps (which can be used simultaneously), a great sounding compressor, a headphone amp and more. It offers 500w @ 2ohms, 400w @ 4 ohms and 300w @ 8 ohms. I've only used it with an 8 ohm cab (Markbass 115 also for sale) and it is incredibly loud. The way it delivers the low end really needs to be be experienced. If you play 5 or more strings you need this in your life 😎 I believe these were around £900 new, I'm after £375 for this as-new piece of bass art. If you don't need an amp you can just gaze at its beauty.
  5. jay-syncro

    USA Custom Shop Stu Hamm Washburn, 7.5lb

    Good shout, thanks.
  6. jay-syncro

    USA Custom Shop Stu Hamm Washburn, 7.5lb

    Bump for this beast of a bass.
  7. jay-syncro

    Feedback for TorVic

    I recently sold a bass to Victor and it was a pleasant and hassle free affair. I'm glad you're happy with the bass, Vic. Cheers 👍🏻
  8. jay-syncro

    USA Custom Shop Stu Hamm Washburn, 7.5lb

    It does indeed, the photos don't really do it justice to be honest, it's a great looking bass. The pickup configuration is very versatile as you can imagine. The Musicman pickup soled give a real P/MM hybrid sound that works brilliantly for 90% of situations, adding the Jazz pickup tightens up the sound and makes it more punchy. The J pickup soloed is very fat sounding, dare I say 'Jaco-ish'. The Piezo adds a high end sheen when combined with the other pickups, and when soloed gives an almost upright bass quality. Then when you consider the two band EQ you're not short on tonal options! 😎 If Basschat has taught us anything, it's that we definitely need a new bass. At all times. 😉
  9. jay-syncro

    USA Custom Shop Stu Hamm Washburn, 7.5lb

    Can meet in Central London or around the M25 if required 👍🏻
  10. jay-syncro

    USA Custom Shop Stu Hamm Washburn, 7.5lb

    I've never personally played an Urge 2, but it's a bit wider than a typical Jazz neck and quite shallow front to back. It's a breeze to play fast runs on, as you'd expect considering who designed it. The weight is correct, 7.5lbs. I've had to lock it in the case to stop it floating away..
  11. Up for grabs is my USA Custom Shop Stu Hamm signature bass. This bass was featured in an issue of Guitarist magazine where it received the 'Guitarist choice' accolade. A copy of the magazine is included in the sale. This bass is built to perfection, has extremely versatile bespoke electronics (humbucker + jazz pickup + piezo with 2 band active EQ) and weighs just 7.5lbs (3.4kg)! It uses top quality hardware (Hipshot USA Piezo Bridge and detuner on the E string), and features a lovely quarter sawn maple neck, lightweight Alder body and a beautiful Rosewood fretboard. It also comes with the plush Washburn Flightcase. I'm after £875 collected from Margate. I can meet somewhere mutually convenient if required or postage is an option. Here's a video of the man himself taking it for a spin -
  12. jay-syncro

    Feedback for Universalamateur

    I sold a Fender 75RI Jazz to Universalamateur/ Felix recently and it was a pleasant and hassle free affair. Top man to deal with, cheers Felix 👍🏻
  13. And sold, thanks for the recommendation 👍🏻
  14. Yes it is, I finally got round to sorting out the music room 🙌