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  1. The king of bridges. Supremely well engineered and manufactured, rock solid and yet lightweight. Standard Fender-style screw spacing. As new condition. Some manufacturers info - 1 Utilises a patented ramp design 2 Maximises the transfer of string-to-body vibrations 3 Allows for precise adjustments 4 Patented locking system locks all moving components 5 Built for either String-Through Body or Top Load basses The KSM Foundation™ Bass Bridge was designed to achieve the benefits of a single solid piece, but also to be fully adjustable for each individual player. The bridge utilises a patented ramp system that allows for precise adjustments and maximises the transfer of string-to-body vibrations. This improved string-to-body contact gives the instrument exceptional brightness and clarity. The KSM Foundation™ Bass Bridge is designed to be installed on many new or used bass guitar brands, such as: Fender, Ibanez, Spector, BC Rich, Jackson and Tune Guitar Technology. The bridge is also favoured by builders and luthiers that require the best style and tone for their instruments. Specifications; 4-String KSM Foundation™ Bass Bridge Specs • Both String-Through Body or Top Load Design • Anodised Black (or) Nickel Plated 6061-T6 aluminium • .468” minimum string height - bottom of string to top of bass body • .703” maximum string height - bottom of string to top of bass body • String Spacing: .750” centre to centre • Intonation adjustment range: .750” front to back • Footprint: 3.500” x 2.250” • Frame Height: .437” • Intonation and lock bolt wrench (included) • Ramp height adjustment wrench (included) • High-strength mounting screws (included) • Weight: 4.25 oz
  2. Just to confirm this is essentially a jazz style bass in terms of dimensions but with the guts of a Stingray. Much like Fenders active Flea bass but nicer! And browner!
  3. A what? A Crews Maniac Sound Uncle! AKA a lovely hand-made in Japan Stingray killer. Crews Maniac Sound are a Japanese custom shop (think Atelier Z, Sadowsky Japan (RIP), Moon etc) that make a host of high-end instruments with strange names. This one is a very high quality build in a natural oil finish complete with SD Basslines pickup & preamp, Badass II bridge, lightweight tuners and a stunning Pau Ferro fretboard. As is often the case with oiled finishes, the bass is showing a fair bit of honest play wear. I had intended to get it refinished at some point but now need to move some basses on to pay for boring house stuff... If you like a genuine road-worn look, you're in luck! The bass comes with the original Crews branded flight case, tools, instructions and the never-fitted transparent pickguard and screws.
  4. Thanks chaps. They record pretty nicely too..
  5. My awesome sounding Acinonyx is up for grabs. It's in great condition, very light at 3kg and plays beautifully with the Slinky flatwound strings fitted. The neck and dark rosewood fretboard are exceptionally nice.. Some manufacturers blurb for the uninitiated - A short scale, plus the added fun of the tone control switches. Tone choices are available with a push of a button. Go “All In” by punching all of the buttons at once, which isputs the pickups in series mode resulting in a a loud, thick, and punchy tone. The 1 over 3 headstock may seem unusual, but it provides straight string pull while honouring the original aesthetic of the Goya Panther. •780mm scale (about 30.7”) •17mm spacing at bridge •1.4” wide nut •Alder body with Indian Rosewood fingerboard •Parchment and Tortoise pick guard options •2 propriety (of course - it’s what we do) single coil chrome cover pickups •4 push button pickup selector switches (including “all in” series mode) •4 tone selections including flat, traditional tone roll off, heavy tone roll of, and mid notch •Very light weight - averaging 6.5 pounds •2 way spoke wheel truss rod •Classic color options: Lake Placid Blue, Olympic White, Surf Green, Black, Dakota Red •Compound radius for excellent playability •Proprietary custom US Hipshot bridge •Proprietary custom licensed Hipshot oval tuning machines •All basses are inspected and set up in our Redlands, CA shop •Weight: 3kg/7lb History: Inspired by Juan Alderete, reimagined by Carey Nordstrand, the Acinonyx (genus for Cheetah) is a well thought out, modern reinterpretation of the Goya Panther. Carey sorted out the design flaws of the Goya with the problem solving prowess for which he is known. String pull, switch assignments sorted out, Carey developed this bass with ease of tone selection and overall playability in mind, but the ultimate goal is for the bass to be as fun to play as driving a race car. Features; Lightweight Alder body Maple neck, 1.4”/35.5mm nut width Rosewood f/b Custom Pickups Custom Hipshot Vintage bridge, 17mm string spacing Hipshot Licensed Lollipop tuners 4 way pickup selector switches - both, front, back, off 4 way tone switching
  6. Thanks Nik, I'm glad it's gone to a good home. Thanks for the compliment too, although I'm not sure it's deserved 😁 Regarding gear, I think everyone on Basschat has something once owned by me!
  7. I'd certainly be interested in an Ashdown Medium Pratt Bastard.
  8. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  9. Hi Nick, I can't seem to find a spec list for this model but the neck is quite slim, I'd say somewhere between a traditional Jazz and Precision. You're welcome to collect from Margate or i could box it up if you'd like to arrange a courier. Thanks, J
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