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  1. Very kind of you to say 👍🏻
  2. Ideally after a straight sale, but feel free to PM me.
  3. It weighs 3.8kg or 8.3lb 👍🏻
  4. Just to confirm, the Atelier is passive 👍🏻
  5. I'm always open to higher offers 😁 I have to agree regarding the scratchplate. It gives the bass a classic look.
  6. Here we have my hand made in France Vigier Excess 4. This is my first Vigier and I really love the unique neck concept. To the uninitiated, these basses have a solid carbon support rod in the neck and no truss rod. The relief is factory set (very slight relief) and the playing action is adjusted via the comprehensive bridge. It's quite liberating to know that whatever the gig conditions are like, the bass will remain consistent. The quarter sawn maple neck is a pleasure to play. It's a little wider than a Jazz bass but feels slick and fast in the left hand. The lightweight Schaller tuners keep everything balanced and tuned to perfection. The neck is practically mint. The passive single coil Benedetti pickups sound glorious. The EQ is quite extreme (18db boost) but I find subtle changes can offer a great deal of variety. The most useful knob by far however is the pan pot. The neck pickup is incredibly full and deep sounding and the bridge is very articulate and funky. Combine various degrees of the two and you're pretty much covered tone wise! Despite the minty fresh neck, the body is showing a few signs of use. It has a ding near the recessed jack socket and some buckle rash. The Vigier comes with a rather nice burns gig bag which is very similar to my Protec Contego.
  7. Atelier Z Beta 4 in a gorgeous trans white finish. Hand made in small numbers in Japan, these basses really are a joy. The 24 fret Maple neck features block inlays with Luminlay side dots, stainless steel frets and classic style Gotoh tuners. The Ash body is scaled down with an ample cutaway allowing access to the dusty end, this results in it being super light at 3.7kg/8.1lb. The controls are Volume, Volume, Tone with a series/parallel switch to fatten up the sound when required. It features a Gotoh bridge and the latest Atelier Z pickups with staggered pole pieces. It comes with the Atelier Z gig bag and is in fantastic condition. I've added a picture of the top of the headstock which highlights the only imperfection.
  8. I'm open to trades and offers 👍🏻
  9. This bass was reviewed in Bass Guitar Magazine a couple of months back, I'll throw in a copy if anyone wants it.
  10. I'm not totally sure why.. I'm happy to haggle, especially if the buyer doesn't need the Protec case 👍🏻
  11. Thanks for the heads up, I'll check it out 👍🏻
  12. Thanks mate. I've dated my one using the trusty neck date method 😁
  13. JV fans, can anyone explain the difference between my bass and the one for sale here? https://reverb.com/item/23944001-fender-62-reissue-jazz-bass-jv-1983-white-japan-import I thought the 'Fender' labelled JV basses were the very first models made in late '82 before moving on to the Squier logo in early '83? The bass on reverb appears to be a Fender with a JV serial number and yet was made a couple of months after my bass?
  14. Unneeded? Every Fender is sacred.
  15. I guess you'd need to play it to appreciate the price point. It really is a very nicely built and well spec'd instrument.
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