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  1. A picture of me at a recent gig
  2. MTR DI-3 Active Mono DI Box in great condition with original box and manual. This DI has been on my board for a couple of years and has worked faultlessly. "The MTR DI-3 single channel D.I. box can be powered in 3 different ways: by a 9 volt PP3 battery, phantom power up to 48v from the desk (or an MTR PPS-48), or an external 9v regulated power supply into the DC socket on the left edge. The MTR DI-3 has a mono jack input, and link out socket to, for instance, an on stage or in studio combo, a ground lift to eliminate hum loops, a three position attenuator for accurate level matching, and a balanced 600 ohm XLR output. The active electronics have a purely resistive high input impedance, and so do not colour the sound. * Frequency response: 20Hz-20kHz ±1.5dB. * Distortion: (THD) < 0.005% at 1kHz, 0dBu * Output noise: <-100dB unweighted * In/Link impedance: 1MOhm, jack. * Output impedance: 600 Ohms balanced XLR. * Attenuation switch: -40dB, -20dB, 0dB. * Ground Switch: lifted/connected. * DC Input: 9vDC, 100mA, neg. centre pin * Phantom Power: +18 volts DC to +48 volts DC * ‘Low Battery’ led: glows @ approx. 6v" Collection from Margate, or I can post if required.
  3. Soundblox Bass Envelope Filter in great condition. This has the ability to produce just about every conceivable envelope filter sound from Bootsy to Flea to... Orange Juice! It also has a phaser section which is really nice, perfect for Vic Wooten's More Love. No box or manual. Has velcro on the bottom. Collection from Margate, or I can post if required.
  4. This is a very early Moon JJ4 with the Fender style headstock. It's passive with the standard VVT setup plus a pickup selector switch. The tone pot also has a push/pull function with some kind of filter sweep? It weighs 4.4kg/9.4lb which is very light for one of these! The original gold hardware is tarnished but functions perfectly. It has some bumps/knocks/mojo but is in good condition considering the age. The body has yellowed more than the headstock which seems to be quite common with these. Still looks great. The only non standard feature is the locking Schaller strap buttons. I can replace these with generic standard style strap buttons if preferred. I'm after £895 collected from Margate, or I can post if required.
  5. Just the Moon left. New thread here 👍🏻
  6. Absolutely, there're loads of isolated bass tracks on YouTube. A couple of eye openers.
  7. Big Muff Pi in good condition. Its about 2 years old but hasn't had much use. Comes with original box and manual etc. "The Electro Harmonix Nano Bass Big Muff Pi offers classic bass fuzz tones. If you are looking to dirty up your bass sound then try one of these. In a typically quirky enclosure inspired by Battle Tank Green it is super compact. The Electro Harmonix Nano Bass Big Muff Pi provides loads of sustain and fuzziness. If you want to just add a little bit of grit to your sound it will do that. If you want mega all out bass fuzz it'll do that too with bells on! The Electro Harmonix Nano Bass Big Muff Pi is also true bypass for maximum signal path integrity. The Nano enclosure will easily drop into most pedal boards. Or gig bags for that matter."
  8. Stone valve preamp, hand wired in the UK in the 70's I believe. The volume control can be switched in as a signal boost or to drive the front of your amp a bit harder, and the tone control can be varied to go from a deep dub tone (fully anticlockwise) to more bright and zingy (fully clockwise). It's a cool unit, also sounds good with guitar! It comes with the original box but no manual. The photo of the manual was sourced online. £70 👍🏻
  9. That's the plan. I generally have an easy-come-easy-go approach to basses but I've realised that the Moollon would be very difficult if not impossible to replace. Together with the fact that it's awesome means it's staying put 👍🏻
  10. I'm keeping the Moollon 👌🏻 Moon and Windmill still available.
  11. Another BCer is interested on the pair, if they don't go for them I'll be in touch 👍🏻
  12. @Beedster, @BassKSyou guys need to stop living in the 50's and move into the 60's!
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