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  1. Price drop to £1395 before it goes on ebay.
  2. An eagle eyed Basschatter noticed that the string alignment looked slightly off in the original photos. I can confirm that the bridge saddles were slightly off-centre (they aren't fixed to anything at the saddle end). A quick nudge and all is well again. 10 OCD points awarded to said Basschatter 😁
  3. I can post this if required, make me an offer I can't refuse 😁
  4. I recently sold a Mesa cab to Claustra/Ben and can confirm he is a top Basschatter! Thanks mate, enjoy the cab 👍🏻
  5. If only there was one of these for sale at a bargain price on here.. If only.. 🤠
  6. I should add that the stickers on the back are as supplied from new. Never got round to peeling them off 🤠
  7. I aso have the original packaging and manual 👌🏻
  8. These amps are much loved by the TE fan club and for good reason. It has heft in abundance, a great compressor, 12 band EQ, valve preamp and is seriously loud. This one is in fantastic condition and comes with a nice Gator rack case.
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