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  1. One, set of Nordstrand NJ4 vintage pickups for Jazz Bass. Wound to 1960's spec, these are in excellent condition. Priced to go at £90 which includes Uk postage.
  2. Hi Dan, possible quick fix, and apologies if you've already tried this: Lower the pickup under the E string slightly and see if there is any improvement. Not familiar with the Elf or Deltabass, but do either have an input gain that could be trimmed?
  3. Bought like that with the power input socket not fitting correctly....? Blimey, their quality control's gone down. Cheers Man.
  4. Right, that's not original to the unit, did you buy it used?
  5. Sold my EHX Bassballs to Stew this week. Top lad to deal with, thank you. Mart.
  6. Is the Fuel Tank Jr hardwired or does it use a kettle lead? Cheers.
  7. Kluson reissue 1970's style Bass bridge for Jazz of Precision Bass. VGC. £22.00 inc UK postage.
  8. Original EBS Octabass.Good condition and boxed £65, inc UK postage. Electro harmonix Small Stone Phase Shifter. Used condition, works perfectly. £40.00 inc UK postage. Electro Harmonix BassBalls Nano. Good condition, £30 inc UK postage. ART Direct X twin channel active di box, £30 inc UK postage. Mooer Micro 5 band Bass graphic. £20 inc UK postage
  9. Andy paid for my Macbook pro and then waited patiently whilst I sorted a software issue. First rate Basschatter. Cheers, Mart.
  10. John made up a standard Vol/Vol/Tone loom to replace the failing stackpole setup in my 1971 Jazz. Good quality kit that's done the job a treat, recommended. Cheers, Mart.
  11. I asked Steve Berry ( Loose tubes) and he said he reverts to an almost Bass guitar finger technique ("It worked for Scott Lefaro....").... As has been said, if it works for you, use it.
  12. 3 Precision Scratchplates, 13 hole, one with holes for the thumbrest below the strings. These all fit my 1977 P, but not my 1978.... Go figure. 1 Jazz Scratchplate, 10 hole, it doesn't fit my JV Squier or my 1971 Jazz.... No idea what model it came from Prices: Top left, white scratchplate sprayed black. £7.50 inc UK postage. Bottom left: Matt brown tortoiseshell, drilled for thumbrest £12.50 inc UK postage. Bottom Right: Red/orange gloss tortoiseshell, unused, but scratched (see final pic...). £12.50 inc UK postage. Top right: White scratchplate for unknown series of Jazz Bass £6.00 inc UK postage.
  13. A very longshot, don't suppose you still have this?
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