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  1. I always found my first series Realist to be very sub heavy, and always had to dial out low end, no matter if I was using an amp or pre amp/di into the desk....
  2. mart3442

    Cat Burrito

    Bought a pair of cables from Tim. great comms and quick transaction over the christmas period. Recommended.
  3. Phil bought my Barefaced SuperTwelve T. He paid upfront and after sorting his own courier, rearranged the schedule to fit around my day. First rate Basschatter and a top geezer. Mart.
  4. Bought a set of Bare Knuckle J pickups from Alex. Great comms throughout and next day delivery. A Basschatter after my own heart. Cheers, Mart.
  5. Generation 2 Super Twelve T cabinet, from Barefaced Audio. Monstrously loud, and super light. Specs here: 2X12" Speakers and adjustable tweeter. 1000 watts at 4ohms. 30” H x 19.5” W x 13.5” D (76cm x 48cm x 34cm) 19Kg. In the same condition as when I bought it from fellow Basschatter chrisbass5 on here, back in June. (I've shamelessly used his original pictures). Comes with a Roqsolid cover, which has handle apertures, (one has a slight tear, shown in the pics), a locking velcroed flap on the bottom, and for ultimate overkill protection, a board to cover the speakers, which are already protected by a metal grill. Very good condition, with some scuffing to the feet, wheels and underside of the cab. And working perfectly. Due to its relative light weight, I would be prepared to courier this cab. But until such time as somebody required shipping, I don't have a price for that, but I would imagine it will be in the region of £30-40.... Any questions, please ask. Cheers.
  6. I'd need the money to buy it, and the money to get Bravewood to replicate the original sunburst finish... What a great Bass, glwts.
  7. Gavin bought my Nordstrand J pickups. Instant payment and a top lad to deal with, enjoy! Cheers, Mart.
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