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  1. I was surprised the weight was 4.5kg to be honest, it doesn't feel that heavy.....
  2. Selling this lovely Korean made Coda Pro5 Bass by Stuart Spector. Bought brand new, 7 months ago from Bassdirect. The bass in in excellent condition, with 1 or 2 tiny marks that I can''t pick up with the camera. Price is £550 inc UK postage, this is for the Bass in its original packaging, with no case. Or for £590 inc UK postage, I can include a Stagg hardcase. Here are the specs for this gorgeous Bass: Neck: 1 piece rock maple, capped with a Rosewood fingerboard. Pearl dot inlays, 20 frets, scale length is 34", string spacing is 0.66 at the bridge, nut width 1.78". Body: Solid Alder with a quilted maple top in Black Cherry stain. Hardware: Spector locking bridge, Spector Legend machine heads, standard strap buttons. Electronics: Tonepump Jr Active 2 band circuit, 9 volt. 2 EMG HZ passive single coil pickups. Overall weight is 4.5kg, the build quality on this bass is very high indeed.
  3. New old stock Ernie Ball Hybrid Slinky Bass strings. 45-105. These are brand new, unopened sets. Some of the packaging is faded or has packing tape on it, but thats it. Bought as a job lot, so I'm keeping some for myself and selling the rest. 2 sets available. £16.00 per set, inc UK Postage.
  4. I did not need to even look at this add, I like that bass a lot!
  5. mart3442

    Geddy Lee pedal

    I'll just jump in with my ten pence, in addition to the Sansamp stuff and a couple of Avalon U5 preamp/di's, Geddy used the Orange AD200 valve head and a couple of the OBC 410 cabs for parts of the time machine tour, retaining the AD200 head for one of his 4 lines to the pa until the final tour.....
  6. Hi, I'd buy that, but shipping will not be anything like £25......... Can you get a quote? Cheers, Mart.
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