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  1. mart3442

    Geddy Lee pedal

    I'll just jump in with my ten pence, in addition to the Sansamp stuff and a couple of Avalon U5 preamp/di's, Geddy used the Orange AD200 valve head and a couple of the OBC 410 cabs for parts of the time machine tour, retaining the AD200 head for one of his 4 lines to the pa until the final tour.....
  2. Hi, I'd buy that, but shipping will not be anything like £25......... Can you get a quote? Cheers, Mart.
  3. So I guess not then. Cheers for the heads up.
  4. Have a Friday bump for a cracking piece of kit.
  5. mart3442

    Flight Cases

    I'd like the GK flight case for my hard done by MBs 3..... Would need to be posted though. How much are you asking for it? Cheers, Mart.
  6. mart3442

    Maintenance of having an oldish carved bass

    I Bought a carved German "Trade" Bass, made in about 1850. Cost me £325, 20 years ago. It was solid but old, with little or no moisture left in the wood. Rule one, you must have insurance, because an old Bass will need serious work every couple of years... I kept mine hydrated as much as I could, but eventually had to retire it from live work, as it was just too fragile... Insurance with Allianz was about £70 a year (£36 with New Moon...). It's worth about £5000 now, so owes me absolutely nothing. As long as you're prepared for the ongoing maintenance, you'll be fine.
  7. mart3442

    MXR Bass Chorus Deluxe

  8. mart3442

    Feedback for TJ Spicer

    Bought Tylers Markbass Tube 500, easy transaction from start to finish. First class Basschatter. Cheers, Mart.
  9. Cheers, selling this Bass has been like waiting for a bus, nothing and then 3 offers all at once......
  10. I've brought loads of Basses back from the US, and have never been challenged, ever..........
  11. Maybe you should buy mine then.... 😉