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  1. One set of Thomastik Spirocore Double Bass strings, medium gauge, 3/4 string length. About 4 years old, so the silks have frayed, but the strings still have life in them. Priced to sell at £46, which includes UK postage. Cheers.
  2. Have you taken it to a Luthier to be appraised? That would be my first port of call......
  3. Hipshot Kickass bass Bridge, Nickel. For Fender. As new, boxed, with mounting screws, allen key, spare insert and spare intonation screws. "At first blush, the KickAss™ might seem like a simple, heartfelt tribute to Leo Quan’s BadAssII®. A closer look, however, reveals significant improvements under the hood that put this bridge in a class of its own. We worked hard to ensure that the KickAss™ possesses the soul of the beloved original without being a knockoff. Adjustable string spacing from a narrow .687" (17.5mm) to a wide .800" (20mm) and anywhere in between thanks to fully adjustable pre-notched brass inserts Replacement stainless steel saddle inserts (available here) emphasize overtones and treble frequencies Mounts with a typical 5 hole configuration Features recessed string ball holes for a sleeker, sexier look" Direct replacement for Fender 5 screw bridges. Price includes UK postage.
  4. Bought Andys Hiscox case. Seamless transaction from start to finish. Cheers, Mart.
  5. Just over two years after I sold my P Bass body to Colin, I bought it back! Once again a smooth and painless transaction. Cheers, Mart.
  6. Yep, it's a Mighty mite, I bought it, new old stock direct from a dealer in the 'states....PM'D.
  7. Owned two of them, an early 2000's SVT2 Pro, (gun metal grey fascia), and a mid '90's model (black fascia). When working, a truly fine amp, when not, a total ballache to fix (assuming you can find anyone with the knowledge and willingness to tackle one...). My '90's model was by far the superior amp, much more reliable, and better build quality, I sold it years ago. purely because of the weight of the thing, (and due to complaints from the guitarist in my band at the time...). Fantastic at giving you "That sound", and much more versatisle than you'd think, given that it's tagged primarily as a rock amp. My biggest complaint was that it doesn't develop the true Ampeg tone at low levels, it has to be pushed, otherwise it sounds very ordinary to my ears. The Pro2 has the Drive knob, which gives it more life, but it still has to be used at higher volumes.....
  8. Bought Andys EU Soundtap. Not only a brilliant price, but he managed to get it me with two days of sale. No mean feet over a bank holiday weekend. Cheers!
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