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  1. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  2. TC Polytune/Unitune clip has been flawless for me.
  3. Those are the two we do. Singer I work with is very upset today, JP really meant a lot to her.
  4. Also so glad I caught him - London Palladium in 2017. Unforgettable gig. "You come home straight, you come home curly/ Sometimes you don't come home at all..."
  5. I came across a cracker just today... far from famous, mind. It’s a lovely Staples Singers cut of an old gospel tune, recorded in the mid 60s, and it's obvious the bassist (who can certainly play) has pretty much NO CLUE when Pops Staples is going to go to the IV chord. Assuming it was one take and live in the studio, I suspect Pop's open tuning and lack of conventional chord shapes may have thrown the poor bass player off. Anyway, they couldn't be arsed to do a re-take, not even one. Amazing. Fab groove though...
  6. Irresistible pop bossa nova from 1967. Glorious lift into the chorus
  7. Thanks. Very interesting to hear his timing so closely... very relaxed, never ever pushing, very much on the back of the beat. Bloody pros eh.
  8. 42.8 here on an August '82... Radius feels actually a touch flatter than on an 85 A-series, but I don't have a gauge alas.
  9. My first attempt would be with Virtuoso cleaner.
  10. Spookily, here’s one singing bass player channeling another singing bass player 😉
  11. I’ve read all those threads... 😗 Y’know, at that price, and seeing Kents are now (I think) import pickups, I might be tempted to add a few quid and support a more localish maker. Amdusias in Belfast charge £65 for a handmade P-bass pickup , which is bonkers cheap.
  12. Bearstraps is another really good buckled strap maker.
  13. Always loved Withers and this LP is wonderful. In places the bass reminds me of some of the Curtis Mayfield stuff. Sooooo right!
  14. Just to add, I've had them on one P-bass for 10 months or so now and am still happy - interestingly, unplugged they are still very loud and positive-sounding, they haven't gone nearly as hollow, thonky and quiet as a set of Labella FL760L's, which are admittedly a bit older. They are slightly on the firm-tensioned side for me but no worries as in this case 32" takes the edge off. Quality seems absolutely fine.
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