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  1. I do believe they are different things, and when pushed to it, especially with beer inside me, I will argue that a pickguard is raised from the body of the instrument while a scratchplate is screwed down flat. A jazz guitar has a pickguard. A Jazz Bass has a scratchplate.
  2. I'm a lifelong Precision/Labella junkie so kudos to Alex for bringing on the flats. I've been using a Mk2 Midget for years - oof, nine actually - and always assumed that were I to switch BF cabs, it would be to a Two10 or 2 x One10 set up. Now I'm thinking the SC could well take it. Insert mindblown.gif here.
  3. Maybe not what you want to hear, but spookily enough about a year ago I too decided I was absolutely 100% switched over to 32" scale with the lovely bonus of super-light weight.... but had I sold my long-owned full-scale bass I would now be crying bitter, salty tears, writing bad poetry on clifftops, and that sort of thing. Tuck the MM under the bed, that's my advice.
  4. ^ I believe Wizard's tooling etc went over to Hot Rod Pickups, down in Chichester. They still do a P pickup called the Thumper, plus a 'vintage' one. https://www.eternal-guitars.com/product-page/pb-thumper-precision-bass-pickup
  5. David emerged from the woodwork with a much-needed bass part, excellent!
  6. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  7. TC Polytune/Unitune clip has been flawless for me.
  8. Those are the two we do. Singer I work with is very upset today, JP really meant a lot to her.
  9. Also so glad I caught him - London Palladium in 2017. Unforgettable gig. "You come home straight, you come home curly/ Sometimes you don't come home at all..."
  10. I came across a cracker just today... far from famous, mind. It’s a lovely Staples Singers cut of an old gospel tune, recorded in the mid 60s, and it's obvious the bassist (who can certainly play) has pretty much NO CLUE when Pops Staples is going to go to the IV chord. Assuming it was one take and live in the studio, I suspect Pop's open tuning and lack of conventional chord shapes may have thrown the poor bass player off. Anyway, they couldn't be arsed to do a re-take, not even one. Amazing. Fab groove though...
  11. Irresistible pop bossa nova from 1967. Glorious lift into the chorus
  12. Thanks. Very interesting to hear his timing so closely... very relaxed, never ever pushing, very much on the back of the beat. Bloody pros eh.
  13. 42.8 here on an August '82... Radius feels actually a touch flatter than on an 85 A-series, but I don't have a gauge alas.
  14. My first attempt would be with Virtuoso cleaner.
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