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  1. Aha, yeah exactly. I have one of those as well.
  2. I have never owned one. Only ever had a wee noodle on other people's. I don't like thick, wide necks. Also not a massive fan of the sound of P pickups solo normally. These days, I only play short scale basses anyway. So the only P-bass which would potentially be on the radar for me would be a short scale with a jazz style neck, and a J pickup at the bridge. And I already have a player series mustang.
  3. Maybe. But I reckon its easier to be an average bass player than an average guitarist. Thank gods for that too, or I'd have packed up long ago. Lol.
  4. So you think he should play guitar and use effects to generate the lower octave instead? Maybe he can't play guitar? Also, no offense, but bass is easier than guitar. Lol.
  5. You get that he's doing that cuz it's a two-piece, right?
  6. Vin Venal is not my real name. Thinking of changing it though.
  7. I hope Maruszczyk are more than a forum fad. They make really high quality instruments and sell them at really reasonable prices. Darkglass are here to stay I reckon. I think that with an established line that covers pedals, amps and cabs, top drawer bassists on the books as endorsers, and international distribution which puts them in the major high street and online retailers, they are now one of the big names in bass amplification.
  8. Fingering your oilboard.
  9. Thanks for the input all. I'm now getting the sound I want due to a fantastic combination of a GK MB800 and a Darkglass 112 cab. I'm getting all the clank and crunch anyone could ever wish for out of that. 😁
  10. Used to wear it low slung. Most of my bass idols did so. Now that I'm old and fat, it has had to be elevated considerably to accommodate my girth, and back pain. I'd say nowadays I'm at about Joe Lally height.
  11. I dunno who either of them people are. Lol.
  12. Dude, you're super adamant about what will and won't work, considering you just told us your experience of downtuned heavy music is your band wanted to tune down one step live, so you went out and bought a 35" scale 5 string cuz you thought your 34" scale bass couldn't handle that for some reason... This bit - "Of course if the rest of the band are using top quality gear then there is a risk that any deficiencies in yours may be more apparent." - just makes me feel sad.
  13. Yeah, I get you. I dunno much about down tuning, or crazy multi-scale 5 string basses. I play short scale 4 strings. But a few people above have said a 34" scale with a good setup would do the job, and even if not, there are multi-scale basses available for very reasonable prices these days. If twere me, I'd not want to drop a couple of grand not even knowing I was gonna get on with the multi-scale thing.
  14. It's so easy these days to have a decent DI pedal on your board, and/or a tiny class D amp in your gig bag. Only thing it really makes sense to borrow is a cab, which I wouldn't have any issue with, as long as I knew it could handle the output.
  15. Agree that a grand sounds like a very sensible budget for an instrument upgrade at that stage, if you feel that an upgrade is needed. Don't let gear snobs pressure you into spending more than you want to.
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