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  1. I don't own one any more but always thought Stingrays look great with the 3+1. Nice proportions.
  2. Will definitely be checking this out.
  3. I work in a betting shop. You may have heard that all sport and racing has been cancelled. Today I sat on my own from 1530 - 2030 with nothing to do but look at my phone. Just waiting for the lockdown now. I may not have a job when we all come out the other side.
  4. I saw those on Facebook too. I can't tell if it's all a joke not.
  5. Get a Kiogon loom from off here. Pickups? Fender custom shop '62 P bass or a Lindy Fralin.
  6. I've had a similar sound when playing with a fresh set of daddario chromes. Went away as the strings settled in. I've experienced this with 4 sets of the same string.
  7. Concerted effort to reduce the pedal pile again. All pedals are in excellent condition with boxes / manuals etc. Postage to mainland UK included in the price. I'm in Leicester. Edit: no trades thanks. Latent Lemon Audio Brassmaster - £125 Bought new on Reverb for £150, used a few times but I find myself chasing a big muff fuzz tone at the moment. Really great sounding and faithful reproduction of the Maestro B:ASSMASTER. Can often be a few weeks lead time on these, mine is available now 😉 Emma Electronic Okto Nojs - Sold Great analogue octave and gated, harmonic fuzz pedal, just add a filter and you've got a great synth set up. Very touch-sensitive and the two sides of this pedal interact very nicely. Aguilar Filter Twin - £115 More classic funk tones than you can shake a rhythm stick at. Walrus Audio Phoenix - £150 Seriously heavy duty power supply. 15 outputs with a variety of switchable voltages and currents. Excellent noise filtering and fits underneath most pedaltrain type boards with the included harness that I bought separately. I bought this from Reverb used and I believe there are two 9v cables missing, but thats all I initially received. Cheers!
  8. I probably have poor technique but I always found the D string a bit too skinny to anchor my thumb on. It just feels more comfortable on the A and I can make the stretch okay.
  9. I'll check for both of those things tonight. Honestly can't remember!
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