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  1. Seems a bit much. Most recent big box models sold on eBay went for £325, £510, £540, £588. I paid 200 odd for my Diamond and I think even that was a bit much.
  2. One of my favourites Cheryl Lynn - Got to be real Easy enough disco/funk/soul tune https://youtu.be/fI569nw0YUQ
  3. To paraphrase the great Mike Watt: "When you go into a bathroom, most people look at the tile. Bass is like the grout."
  4. Yeah, weird. Could be more pronounced as the rotos are round wounds. Could be a dodgy string though.
  5. I've experienced this with fresh sets of d'addario chromes. Went away after about an hour of playing and getting the string the settle in.
  6. Jonse


    American original? Looks good 👍
  7. Jonse

    Show us your rig!

    Don't think I've posted in this thread. Google photo on my phone has an 'on this day' feature and today is the 3 year anniversary of this rig. Haven't got the Mustang any more though.
  8. I think that's me but jury's still out on that...
  9. Didn't realise how old and knackered my Grolsch ones had become. I soaked them in hot water for a couple of minutes to loosen them up as they were a properly tight fit. Before and after:
  10. Changed amps to an ABM 600 and since I like the on-board compressor, sub and drive I thought it'd be rude not to get the footswitch for it and do away with a few pedals and update the board. Bit of work in progress but I thought I'd take a snap while there was some daylight still. Super Russian and the BB Pre run in a loop from the LS-2 so I can have a nice dry/wet blend as I'm always conscious of the bottom end being sucked away by distortion pedals. Trying to keep it simple (stupid!)
  11. Sorry, didn't realise I was being controversial 😂
  12. Re Ashdown + Barefaced, I'm using an ABM600 IV and a barefaced six10 but I'm thinking of either selling the six10 or doing a trade for a supertwin. The six10 is just a bit big. Any thoughts?
  13. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  14. Thought I'd posted in this thread but obviously not. Roadworn P that I've came to love. Think the initial factory relicing is a bit fake but it's picked up lots of organic knocks and wear that blend together nicely.
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