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  1. Lovely all valve Orange up for sale. I've owned and used this for a few months at band rehearsal but I'm moving it on since picking up a Traynor Yba-300 which I prefer. I sold another one of these last year. Yes, I had two. Cosmetically the amp is in good condition, there's a couple of small nicks in the tolex which I've tried to picture but as you know that's quite difficult. Valves sound very good and deliver ample power, I'm not certain how old the valves are but there's still plenty of life in them - no pops or odd noises. Pots are smooth without crackle. There's a two smart covers included: one Orange and one Roqsolid. The Roqsolid fits over the Orange one quite tidily. Somewhat sad about moving this on as I really do like the sound however I can't justify owning two valve behemoths. I'll definitely miss the excellent valve saturation you get at higher volume, which the Orange delivers in spades. Will not ship, simply too heavy and fragile at 26kg. You can come round and try this through my cabs if you like. I am in Leicester. I would drive reasonable distances to meet but my car is in the shop (partially why I am selling) til next week sometime. I may be able to get a lift depending on the circumstances. Offers considered, no trades though thanks, too much gear already. Thanks for looking, Chris.
  2. Had a Darkglass vintage ultra, sansamp deluxe, sansamp programmable, mxr m80/81. Now on the Sansamp BDDI V2 and I think this one will stick around.
  3. Tech 21 boost chorus is fab. Wide range of depth and rate control. Detune control is a laugh too.
  4. The Soundhouse is okay, I think they always crank it too loud for the size of the venue though. Supported a female - fronted band a while ago and her screams and yelps were just ear piercingly awful - way too loud and too much treble. It's cool that they have their own lighting guy though.
  5. Great, another bass I didn't know I wanted!
  6. Fab basses, wish they'd extend the road worn line further. Give us a road worn tele bass already!
  7. I've always quite fancied playing the Jools Holland show but their bass mix is consistently shïte. (sorry didn't mean to quote, can't get rid.)
  8. I don't know but you've just spurred me on go try some new picks. Going to order some red big stubbys after using the black nylon 1mm for years.
  9. A KCC Precision that was my brother's originally and some no-name combo amp that came with it. Both were P.O.S linked together by some garbage cable that never worked properly. Ragging aside, they let me start my first punk bands with my friends and, several thousand pounds later, here we are. The KCC eventually got a viking funeral and the practice amp ended up in a skip after we decided to spray paint our band name (Hell Tramp) onto the front of it, thinking nothing of the speaker cone 😂 I still remember practising in my best friend's car-port trying to nail Misfits songs. Me and my brother with two tiny practice amps while he pounded the hell out of his drumkit. Good times. Edit: Bass and amp were off a website called Ebuyer (think it's still going and sells computer parts.) This would have been about 2004/5 when I was 12/13.
  10. Few additions to the setup. Not wired up the power yet but its all running off a Walrus Audio Phoenix mounted underneath the board. The RTG and Echobrain at the top right are linked in a loop to the LS2 which I use for a creepy intro / outro to the bands set. The position of the Diamond compressor kinda annoys me but the large ends on the mogami cables force me to do it. Its always-on and I never fiddle with it so whatever. The STOP tin at the top contains my ear protection and reminds me to STOP playing too many notes...
  11. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  12. Might be a bit of a late reply but Jack's Instrument Services did a cracking job on a custom black anodized pickguard for my precision. Cost me about £80 but hey, its a one-off.
  13. I finally dialed in my sansamp exactly how I wanted this morning and then used it for 8 hours at band practice. I will take it to my grave.
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