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  1. Thought I'd posted in this thread but obviously not. Roadworn P that I've came to love. Think the initial factory relicing is a bit fake but it's picked up lots of organic knocks and wear that blend together nicely.
  2. Can't find anything on it. Maybe there's only a couple in existence.
  3. This version of the abuelo also exists.
  4. Really like these, wish they came as a cheaper production model.
  5. Can't really go wrong with this. Sounds good and built robustly. I don't use much delay any more but it's fun to mess around with. https://www.gak.co.uk/en/tc-electronic-echobrain-analog-delay-/903370
  6. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  7. Yes, somebody gifted me one of those Dunlop system 65 kits about 8 years ago. I'm about half way down the guitar polish but the other bottles are mostly untouched. A little really goes a long way!
  8. The lack of windings is making my teeth itch.
  9. Think I need a tetanus shot just looking at that. In what world does a bass age like that? Unless it's been left under a dock or buried 6ft under for a few years.
  10. Yeah think I read they have 'bassman style' tone stacks where you can only cut certain frequencies. Might be wrong though.
  11. I've owned a few big valve amps in my time and I think a good starting point is to run the eq flat (may be at 12 o'clock, may be not) the volume on full and use the gain control to taste. You can fiddle with the eq to your liking later but I've always used this as a springboard for big, full and clean valve tone.
  12. Yeah I have a theory that the more valves the longer the lifespan. I may be wrong but this amp hasn't had any problems even after extended use across a few years.
  13. I use a Traynor YBA-300. 12 valves, no fan!
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