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  1. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  2. I've had 3 of those buggers and the handles were dodgy on all of them.
  3. I got a guard from this account. Look like similar guards but maybe slightly cheaper? https://ebay.co.uk/usr/fenderparts I bought from there as he had a range of 57/58 style 10 hole precision guards. Good stuff and fit perfectly.
  4. I'd say it's good. I'm used to using a diamond bass compressor, so pretty subtle compression, but I'm growing pretty tired of carting a big pedalboard around. I'd say the ABM comp is on par with the Diamond. I had it around 3pm the other day and it was pretty squashy. I like it best around 10 / 11 o'clock.
  5. @jrixn1 Great, thanks for that. I have that ad saved on my eBay watch list so you've saved me a bit of deliberation there! @Al Krow Yes it's annoying isn't it? Why can't they just screw them on instead of riveting them!
  6. Large pedal board is out the window now that I'm using an Ashdown ABM600. While the amp is taking care of the boring stuff like tone and compression the nano board is go! Cioks Adam underneath doing the (not so) heavy lifting. Just need some larger rubber feet so I'm not putting pressure on the power supply when I step down. Fits in my Mono tick too so that's one less thing to carry.
  7. Tuners? Don't those come with the Hipshot lollipop ones like on the JMJ signature?
  8. Always rated Canadian stuff; Godin, Traynor, Diamond etc... A Godin shifter has sat in my local music shop the last couple of years. I've been eyeing it up recently but haven't taken the plunge yet.
  9. I think a quick acid bath would soon sort things.
  10. I use badass bridges but I like the look of that.
  11. BB Preamp might be worth a punt
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