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  1. If anything started peeling on mine I'd get a can of spray adhesive with the long straw-like attachment and go to work, leaving some sort of weight on it overnight to make sure it sticks flat.
  2. I've owned a six10 from new for the past 2 and a bit years. I leave it in hot cars and stages and don't particularly baby it. No issues regarding the tolex or anything else for that matter.
  3. I'm interested in where you picked up that brown guard, looking for something similar 🙂
  4. I like to dig in and I like to play lightly, but I only like to use one bass. P Bass + daddario chromes with low action + sansamp has worked for me for years.
  5. Seconding this. I've bought three mint green ones off there and they both looked more 'aged white' than green when mounted.
  6. I've owned a Road Worn Precision from new and apart from the aged lacquer, there was no knocks or dings in the neck (plenty on it now though!) Anyway, is the lacquer cracked or is it a sort of V-shaped ding? If you're keeping it, I've had varying success drawing those knocks out with a wet rag and an iron and steaming the knock out. There's a bunch of instructional videos on YouTube but YMMV of course! Either that or learn to live with it, the roadworn series seems pick up knocks and dings like no other. Kinda let's you add your own stamp to it in a way!
  7. In my opinion (!!!) the best stuff they've done in the last decade is their roadworn line, why can't they expand on that? Roadworn 60s Precision? Roadworn 51 Precision? Roadworn Telebass? Sure they pre-aged look is polarising but it's more original than this. 🤷‍♂️
  8. They're great! So easy to adjust.
  9. Looks like that 50s precision is just the classic series wearing a different shade of red.
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