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  1. Hi , the strap button is positioned lower as it helps pulls the bass into your body . on the GB Rumour basses , there are 2 strap locks fitted so the strap can be moved for different styles of playing. hope that helps
  2. This is the bass that Bernie used in his advert that was regularly in Bass Guitar Magazine a few years ago.
  3. Does anyone have any information on stingray 5 serial number and how to find out the age of a bass ? Serial number in question is = E56242
  4. Nice bass! What is the small circular silver thing directly below the split coil pickup? is it a modification?
  5. Wow I can’t believe that this is still here. what a brilliant bit of kit
  6. Ooooooo that is a very classy looking bass
  7. https://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/musicman-stingray-5-prototyp-1987-peach/113080084323?hash=item1a54192763:g:LBYAAOSwKJtatil2
  8. How much does this trb5pii weigh ?
  9. How much does this trb5pii weigh ?
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