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  1. Fabulous Jazz bass that just doesn't see any playing time anymore. Those of you who have played these basses know how good they are and those of you who want to try one here's a great example for £200! This is the Antique White Alder first generation model, I've had it since new and it has seen alot of playing time. Comes with a nearly new set of Bass Boomers strings on it and a basic Thomann gig bag. Specs of the bass are; Body Material : North American Alder Body Shape : New Marcus Miller Jazz Type Body Color : Antique White Neck Material : 1 Piece Hardmaple Neck Shape : C-Shape Scale : 34″ Fingerboard : Rosewood Fingerboard Radius : 7’25” Frets : Medium Small, 20 Frets String Nut : Natural Bone 46mm width Binding : Bound fingerboard Inlay : White Block Neck Joint : 4 Bolt Steel Square Plate Pickups : Marcus Vintage Jazz Pickup Set Electronics : Marcus Heritage – 3 with Middle Frequency Control Controls : Volume / Tone (Dual Pot) | Pickup Blender | Treble | Middle / Middle Frequency (Dual Pot) | Bass, Mini Toggle (Active / Passive) Knob : Upgraded chrome pots Bridge : Real Vintage Standard Tunning Gear : Marcus Vintage-S Bridge Hardware Finish : Chrome Pickgaurd : Tort I have upgraded the knobs from the black plastic ones to chrome ones that really compliment the look. Bass is £200 collected from Newcastle Upon Tyne or can be posted fully insured but expect that to be around £30-£40 Loads of life in the frets! As for dings on the bass I have tried to show these as best I can, there is nothing major at all nothing more than paint deep but It's best to try and show any marks there are as I like to know what I'm buying; Cracks in the lacquer around the bridge pickup, no idea what has caused this but it's only the top lacquer coat deep. Paint chips around the neck plate Small area of rash on the back of the bass (if you can see it! ) Small chip near the control plate Apart from that the neck is solid, action is great, bass sounds fantastic and it's a lot of fun to play! Thanks,
  2. All PM's replied too. Full disclosure I have 4 people all wanting the bass so there is a que at the moment so I will update the advert should the bass go to one of these chaps tonight. Thank you,
  3. Trades; 6 string basses only; Nothing with a string spacing under 17mm, ideal is 18mm with adjustment up and down Under a 35" scale unless its part of a multi scale layout, again ideal is 34 and under Active preamp only no passive basses That's about it, happy for cash to go either way for the right trade. Thanks,
  4. Hi, With a very heavy heart I am selling one of the very best basses I have ever owned, it's only fault is that it has 4 strings and as I move to 6 strings it's getting less and less playing time and that's just not right. This thing sounds incredible; The bass has a Mahogany Body with a highly figured Bubinga top and a Wenge sandwich veneer in the middle, the neck is maple with Wenge stripes and this bass has an Ebony fingerboard. The headstock has a matching Bubinga face. Electronics wise we have 2 Delano SBC pickups and a 3 band Marleaux custom BC3 pre amp. Hardware the bass has a custom german made GTS bridge and knobs and german Schaller tuners and straplocks. Finish Matte Satin finish Neck measurements Scale: 864 mm / 34" Nut: 40 mm / 1.57" 12. fret: 55 mm / 2.17" 24. fret: 62 mm / 2.44" Bridge: 60 mm (2.36") / 20 mm (0.79") each string Everything about this bass screams premium, it's a beautiful instrument. I'll be very sad to see it go. Comes with the fantastic hard case shown in the images. The bass is very very light I don't have scales to weigh it, but it must be under 3.5kgs I can try and get a firmer estimate. Bass Buddha on YouTube has a great review of a 5 string version with incredibly similar wood combinations, just the top being different. https://youtu.be/z9Pqh1TV3tI Info on the Pups and Pre; Pickups - https://www.delano.de/sbc_4_he_s/sbc4_he_s_details.html Pre - https://www.marleaux-bass.com/fileadmin/pdf/Elektroniken-PDF-2020/Marleaux-Electronic-BC3-EN.pdf Collection from Newcastle Upon Tyne or I will post this insured, but this will be around £40-£50 depending on courier and delivery timescale in the UK. Europe I would need to investigate. Trades - Pics;
  5. Game changer! Absolutely love mine!
  6. No worries! They make your life so much easier going in and out the cavities!
  7. @benh Let me know if you'd like me to get some in the post to you? I got loads from work so they didn't cost me anything so I'm happy to pass some on for you to try? PM me your address!
  8. You'll learn to love the processes, every build I've done has had a "oh FFS" moment!
  9. Hi Haz, So it was https://www.colron.co.uk/products/colron-refined-range/interior-lacquer/ which I've used previously, it's brilliant stuff, easy to apply and finishes nicely. I then put some Autoglym Super Resin Polish on the top of that, even though it's for car paintwork it buffs up super nice with minimal effort Looking forward to what you come up with next!
  10. So very close now... I've installed the metal saddles on to my bridge and they work brilliantly so that's that sorted, I've made some knobs from ash and wenge, but I'm unsure if I'm keeping them or replacing them with black ones to keep a small black hardware theme going. I re-did the nut too as the old one was too small, this one works and fits perfectly, At some point this weekend I'll get the bass setup and work on the frets and then I'll aim to get some form of video done so you can see and hear it 97% done I think?
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