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  1. You can tell I'm currently buying woodworking tools! Pic attached.
  2. Same for me chaps, I've had about 5 so far in 2 minutes of browsing!
  3. Hi Bassassin, I haven't applied any hand force when tightening no, I'm a little worried to do that with a friends bass . What I do have however is some good vices on my work bench that I have been tempted to put the neck in and "squash down" however as this isn't my bass I don't want to do anything drastic if I can help it! I'll give all the above a go and see what we can do. I'm feeling that a new neck could be an instant fix, but a mixture of the above might remedy it all. Cheers,
  4. Hi Andyjr1515, Thanks for the reply, It's definitely a bit of both, the action is high, not so much at the nut end but the bridge end it's very high, the saddles on the bridge are bottomed out but I don't want to file the saddle until the neck is straight. The 12 - 10mm is at the 12th fret, so the fretboard at that point is almost parallel to the string, before it then rises up at both ends. When you do the string straight edge technique you mention the string doesn't seem to be too high off the fret, I haven't had my calipers on it, but it looks to be 3mm ish. At the 21st fret it's very high again, possibly around the 8-10mm mark, but I can get the calipers on the bass tonight and give you proper measurements. I'll do the things you've suggested and see if I can induce the backbow and then see what I get when the neck is back on the bass. Really appreciate the comments and suggestions. Thanks,
  5. Hi, It's an allen key, imperial 3/16th I believe. Feels like it moves fine, but it does nothing, but does get tight, that's why I'm a little confused with it. No idea if someone else has ever had a play with it any other time. Cheers,
  6. So got a bit of a problematic bass on my bench at the moment. I knew when my friend gave me it to setup it would be a challenge but i'm stumped with this one and need some advice. I think my friend would be fine with me saying that this bass came in very worse for wear, it's been played and gigged hard and had been left for some time in it's case, a few years i believe. The metal had all rusted and the neck looked completely banana'd, without a lie the gap between the underside of the E string to the fretboard was 12mm. So the things that have gone well so far; Its a Mex Jazz Bass, with a swapped out Bad donkey Bridge. Took the neck off the bass, gave the truss rod a few tweaks to leave over night, came back to it and the neck was completely straight, not a single gap on my straight edge. Excellent. Levelled all the frets as they were very uneven and beaten up, crowned them, got them looking super lovely, checked the fretboard wood again, completely straight. No rocking on any frets. Excellent!. Put the neck back on the bass, put the old strings back on to do some more trussrod tweaks before new strings were put on... 12mm gap is back... instantly... so the tension and pull of the strings is completely pulling the neck out of shape and causing some serious upbow. I completely loosen off the truss rod, lubricate the nut and over the course of a week start to turn it a quarter turn to tighten it up again all under tuned up string tension, the truss rod is now at the point where I don't want to turn it anymore, it's getting stiff but there has been ZERO movement in the neck, not even a mm over the course of week. In comparison a recent Marcus Miller bass setup saw all neck problems resolved overnight with no fuss. I have taken the neck off the bass again, tweaked it to be completely straight, put in on the bass again, instant up bow, no amount of tweaking will resolve it. I'm stumped. Does anyone have any ideas at all? Photos below to help out. Cheers,
  7. Price reduced to £250! The craving for a P Bass is too much at the moment!
  8. Hi Guys, So some of you may have seen my NBD thread here - A fantastically playable instrument that i'm very glad to have picked up, checked out and played. Going to move it on however so I can pick up my next want which is a Fender Precision (Tort, Rosewood, and TTSB if anyone is wondering) this would be the only trade i'd consider (obviously with cash moving your way) Comes with a new set of D'addario steels, medium light gauge, and as you can read in the thread i've lowered the action of the bass in to a more comfortable playing position. Plenty of photos and a video in the NBD thread, of course happy to entertain any questions. £270 posted. Save yourself a few quid on new. Cheers,
  9. Did a quick pickup test video at lunch today for anyone wanting to hear it. Dry signal, bass straight in to my Apogee Jam in to Garage Band on a basic "Ampeg" amp setup with everything flat. First off I'm sorry you have to listen to the same riff over and over but that's the best way to hear the difference... if you can. I've kept the Treble and Bass flat on all, but hard panned the pickups so you can hear what they're doing, there's text on the vid so you know what's going on, at the end of the video there's what the bass sounds like acoustically picked up by the camera microphone, in the middle of it all of course there's a little bit of Space Cowboy. Honestly it really doesn't sound that bad, I'd like a bit more nasal bridge tone but the neck pickup sounds good.
  10. Oh and sorry Kev I got it from this ebay seller look's like they get stock every now and again! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/SX-ELECTRIC-BASS-5-STRING-ARCHED-BODY-NATURAL-SATIN-FINISH/362566353664?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m2749.l2649
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