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  1. Did a slightly ropey cover of Meshell Ndegeocellos Evolution on the bass this afternoon (one with flats) in case anyone still wants to hear it! https://youtu.be/DErbRehBfvM
  2. Woah woah woah I'm far too persuadable at the moment! Don't remind me of all the options! 😉
  3. Fantastic outcome! Great work!
  4. In fantastic used condition Apogee Jam single input interface a nice quick way to get your instrument hooked up to your DAW. Think this is Mac OS only, but it's been a fantastic bit of kit to have around. Now this is free to a good home with one caveat! New owner must be happy to send me £10 that I can donate to the PDSA so a doggy can eat and be warm this Christmas. Sound like a deal?
  5. That's lovely! Forgot about this thread let me pop a couple of finished pics here!
  6. Might have priced this a little high so let's go for £65 posted. Or I'd be interested in a trade for another pedal let me know what you have!
  7. Hi Guys, EBS Multicomp pedal, no box, but in great condition, has velco on the base. £80 posted. Thanks,
  8. Any excuse to post these again!! The two tone sunburst finish and gold pickguard look absolutely tremendous together!
  9. I have one of these but in the two tone sunburst, it's made me realise that after so many years of playing and never trying one, a P Bass might be the only bass I need. As you mentioned the quality is fantastic, it plays brilliantly, and sounds superb. It's made me fall in love with playing bass all over again.
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