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  1. Hello, I bought these the other day, played them for a couple of hours but in the end decided they are not for me. These are as new, hardly used and uncut. Looking for £30 including postage in the UK. Thanks, Chris. The 0760M set was used on virtually every Motown gold record in the 1960s. Donald "Duck" Dunn used the same strings on countless recordings with Otis Redding and Booker T. & the MG's. They're the fullest and deepest sounding bass strings ever made. Stainless Steel Flat Wound strings constructed with thick cores to produce full, deep, vintage tone Tension: Heavy String Gauges: .052, .073, .095, .110 Standard Long Scale Set Made in the USA with American Wire Packaged using MAP Technology (Modified Atmosphere Packaging) to prevent tarnishing and ensure freshness All standard bass sets are LONG scale length. The 1st (G), 2nd (D), 3rd (A) strings are 38” from ball-end to silk/taper. The 4th (E) string is 36 ¾” from ball-end to silk/taper. Only the silk portion of the string should wrap around the tuning post or else the string will break.
  2. Now accepting new private students in the Bristol area - check profile for links to my work and message me for more details! 

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      Highly recommended

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    Cheers Lozz, glad you are enjoying the bass! All the best.
  4. A couple of messages but it's still here! NOW £750.
  5. Now £780. Make me an offer - it’s a lovely bass!
  6. They are 760FS 45-105. Been on the bass for months now.
  7. Sorry should have said - I’m in Bristol but happy to post at buyers expense.
  8. Selling my beautiful Fender Precision Bass - 


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      Very, very nice indeed. Especially the CS pickup which nails 'that' P-Bass sound perfectly. Me like!

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      Agreed Sir - that CS pup has growl, thump and warmth in spades! GLWTS Chris

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      Mind you that B15 doesn't hurt, either. ;)