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  1. Just bought a Polytune3 off of Dave, smooth, speedy and seamless transaction! Thanks!
  2. Decided to build a board with inspiration from Dan @thatpedalshow
  3. I'm old enough to remember the old technology...... in the 70's our guitarist got a secondhand Wem Copycat........ it was always breaking down! But its great to have the old tech in a more modern format with more reliability.......
  4. I failed to notice how few people are using this forum and how old the posts were, alas!
  5. Bought a secondhand Strymon Volante off the bay..... no regrets!
  6. Maybe good to consider the Strymon Iridium: through a monitor, or similar? Fender Deluxe Reverb, Vox AC30 & Marshall Plexi........ all sounding good and a great drive which works amazingly with the Middle control. B46258DA-206E-41AE-B587-36BF75462ACC.heic
  7. TC Electronic Plethora X5 Purchased from Andertons in May 2020, minor home use, ex. condition; original box, mains adapter, USB lead, booklet, updated with latest firmware (includes tuner); selling as going different route with other effects. Save £50 off the cheapest new one...... Postage only and will be Royal Mail Sp. Delivery at cost. (Not looking for any trades at this time). The blurb: TonePrint Pedal Board Loaded with all Your Favorite FX and 5 MASH Footswitches Highly-flexible TonePrint pedal board with simple, intuitive controls and 5 MASH footswitches Select and load your favorite TonePrint FX including all TonePrint pedals MASH technology turns all 5 footswitches into expression controllers Free TonePrint app lets you instantly beam signature artist tones into your pedal Build unlimited custom pedal boards with any combination of TonePrint pedals Customizable FX, signal chain routing and much more TonePrint App lets you design custom effects using your mobile device via cable-free connection Built-in FX loop for inserting other pedals or connecting with your amp using 4-cable method 3-Year Warranty Program* Designed and engineered in Denmark
  8. It has an unplugable jack from amp to speaker, so can be done.
  9. My use would primarily be with guitar rather than bass as my bass amp is solid state.......... Probably should have put thread in guitar dept. But it's been interesting to hear peoples experience and views on attenuators. The Fender amp in question is a Pro Junior (15watt) but pushing the valves at the right level is still far too loud for home use!
  10. Having tried various digital amp/multi effect options I have returned to a good old fashioned (modern) valve combo. I love the simplicity of operation and the purity of sound....... My feeling is that the purity of the basic item is always ahead of even the best imitations and far more straight forward to use. I think as humans we like routine simplicity; the little nag in the back of our minds...... what can I do, or what do I need to change with my set up, can sometimes be a psychological question of insecurity, which plays well into those companies advertising and the economic necessity of upgrading to keep our musical instrument companies going......? So often you hear people referring to previous set ups, which they had regretfully sold on.......
  11. Thinking about using a power attenuator with my Fender amp (for home use) and wondering what anyone’s experience of using them might be?
  12. From a current TC Electronic ad......................
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