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  1. Was that John Wetton, Phil Manzanera, Bill Bruford and co? Album sleeve had a pre-CBS headstock on it IIRC.
  2. Forgot another - Elton John 17.11.70 - Dee Murray is awesome
  3. Stanley Sheldon's bass playing on Doobie Wah (daft song title) and I wanna go to the sun, is good. Played a fretless P bass apparently. Frampton is a hell of a guitarist too, but some of his lyrics are a bit cringe-worthy.
  4. Forgot Pulse by Pink Floyd
  5. Hi folks Possibly been done before, but what are your favourite live albums? A few of mine for starters: * Joe Walsh - You can't argue with a sick mind * Lynyrd Skynyrd - One more from the road * Thin Lizzy - Live and dangerous * Nils Lofgren - Night after night * Wishbone Ash - Live Dates * Peter Frampton - FCA All have great bass players - Willie Weeks, Leon Wilkeson, Phil Lynott, Wornell 'The Sonic Prince' Jones, Martin Turner, Stanley Sheldon.
  6. Have to admit to some envy here. MT was always my favourite bass player because he was able to create such variety in his basslines and never sound flash. His tone on some songs is awesome - Master of Disguise, Surface to Air, Come in from the rain, etc. I think he used an old Ric 4000 with a Dimarzio EBO pickup at the neck for some of these as well as the usual Thunderbird. His Hamer Explorer was always a great looking bass too. Thanks for posting this. Cheers Paul
  7. Thank you. I'll give that a try. Shame I can't convert to the smaller switches. The '78 ones are a bizarre bunch of metal strips!
  8. Hi folks I have a 1978 Gibson RD Artist bass that I've owned since new. It has always been kept safely in its case but for some reason the output has suddenly fallen. All the controls work OK and I've changed the battery, but the output is lower than my passive basses. I don't think it's a fault with the Moog circuitry because the onboard effects still work OK. Does anyone know an electronics tech who could check it out please? I'm located near Selby in North Yorks. Any help would be really appreciated as I love this bass (despite its weight) and want to restore it to full health. Cheers Paul
  9. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  10. Thank you. It's an old Squire Jazz, Plays really nicely but the pickups are a bit weak. That's my next project. Might get a fretless neck for it too. Bought it for £70 a few years back.
  11. Amp arrived earlier this week. Love it. Sounds almost exactly the same through headphones as via the speaker. Photos of basses and amp.
  12. Amp due to arrive on Monday so will post a photo. With some basses.
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