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  1. Update on the RD Artist (finally) Phil from MOR in York (awesome guy!) finally sorted things. One of the power feeds from the battery was dodgy and the RD is back to life! Moog circuit board is a bit tired but hopefully it will hang in there. OK, the bass weighs more than a small planet, but a wide strap helps a little and it's so easy to get the tone you want. These basses are so underrated.
  2. Excellent. I'll have it then if that's OK. Just let me know how/where to send the money. Cheers Paul
  3. Hi Andy How much is postage? And will the case fit a Musicman Stringray or Fender P Bass? Cheers Paul
  4. Yeah. Bass on Feed Me is perfect. KP's groove on the whole album is just what's needed. Nothing more, nothing less. Saw Kenny with EJ's band at Sheffield City Hall (a long time ago). His playing was flawless. Blue Moves isn't EJ's best material IMHO but KP never misses a beat on every track he plays on. He's the same with Joe Walsh, Stephen Stills, Dan Fogelberg, etc, etc. Glad the post made your day.
  5. Kenny Passarelli on Elton John's Rock of the Westies. Model of restraint but so classy. Great tone from his fretless P Bass too.
  6. Or maybe you do still get gigs with facilities like that! 😀
  7. Think I was there on the 4th, but Chas & Dave were definitely on the bill. They were low on the bill but were quality. Never saw the New Barbarians. Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes sounded a bit like Springsteen to me. What ever happened to them? Commander Cody were a bit meh for me. Todd Rundgren's Utopia kept changing instruments. Kasim Sultan was playing drums originally IIRC but switched to bass and was awesome. They put on a real show and were maybe trying to upstage the main act, a bit like Lynyrd Skynyrd tried in '76 when the Stones headlined (and were on way late). Zep were also on very late and a lot of folk left early because they ended up closing their set in the early hours. Planty kept blathering on about how deeply rooted in the blues their music was for some reason. I was in the same band as Rick Allen before he joined Def Leppard and I thought he properly hammered the drums, but John Bonham was in another league altogether. He just knocked the living hell out of his kit and never relented. His energy was unbelievable and he must have been knackered after every gig. It wasn't exactly a luxury event either, bogs were just massive pits dug in the ground with an old sack to protect the sitter's modesty. You don't get gigs like that anymore. All mod cons eh?
  8. Welcome Robbo. It was sunny in North Yorkshire earlier today, but raining now.
  9. Was that John Wetton, Phil Manzanera, Bill Bruford and co? Album sleeve had a pre-CBS headstock on it IIRC.
  10. Forgot another - Elton John 17.11.70 - Dee Murray is awesome
  11. Stanley Sheldon's bass playing on Doobie Wah (daft song title) and I wanna go to the sun, is good. Played a fretless P bass apparently. Frampton is a hell of a guitarist too, but some of his lyrics are a bit cringe-worthy.
  12. Hi folks Possibly been done before, but what are your favourite live albums? A few of mine for starters: * Joe Walsh - You can't argue with a sick mind * Lynyrd Skynyrd - One more from the road * Thin Lizzy - Live and dangerous * Nils Lofgren - Night after night * Wishbone Ash - Live Dates * Peter Frampton - FCA All have great bass players - Willie Weeks, Leon Wilkeson, Phil Lynott, Wornell 'The Sonic Prince' Jones, Martin Turner, Stanley Sheldon.
  13. Have to admit to some envy here. MT was always my favourite bass player because he was able to create such variety in his basslines and never sound flash. His tone on some songs is awesome - Master of Disguise, Surface to Air, Come in from the rain, etc. I think he used an old Ric 4000 with a Dimarzio EBO pickup at the neck for some of these as well as the usual Thunderbird. His Hamer Explorer was always a great looking bass too. Thanks for posting this. Cheers Paul
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