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  1. One thing you ought to consider. I have had many Fender basses, most of which have been rosewood, but I have had the odd maple one here and there. When I am playing at a gig I find it easier to see the frets on a rosewood board than a maple one. I find the lighting can reflect off of a maple board and make it more difficult to see the frets.
  2. .... did someone say "black, USA" ....and string thru. Hmmmmm. Tempting.
  3. It also occurs to me that, just like old basses and guitars, you'll get some good old mature valve amps ..... and some knackered old bad ones. I guess the sound quality of valve amps - old and new - will be variable. On the other hand, I suspect that if I substituted my RH750 for someone else's - I wouldn't be able to tell the difference.
  4. Yes, they can. You ought to be able to mould the sound you need using a modern class D amp with option effects pedals. There is no rationale for using a vintage and / or big and / or valve bass amp any more.
  5. It is still for sale. I think that's a good price - I will include courier charges if you like.
  6. In ears sound like the answer for you sir.
  7. Aaaah. My very first amp. About 37 years or so ago. No that actual one (probably) but the exact same model.
  8. [quote name='White Cloud' timestamp='1394907520' post='2396596'] For me playing the bass with a pick is almost as uncool as using flat wound strings ...almost [/quote] It's funny how us pick players don't have a go at finger players for looking unmanly etc. Very boring.
  9. I'm mostly a 100% pick player and beat the crap out of the strings with one most of the time. For me, it's important that I can keep a hold of my pick - so I get one with good grippy properties ...... and have a few more taped to the back of the bass just in case. [attachment=157640:IMG_2891.jpg] I don't use big "bass" picks. I prefer the guitar size ones. I have been using Jim Dunlop .88 ones for a long time now. I don't know if anyone else does this, but I also have to have them slightly bent upwards. Fits to my fingers better that way. I beat the strings both with the pick and the end of the fingers holding the pick too ..... and I can end up feeling a bit bruised if I ever go a few weeks between gigs. So ...... find a pick you like, make sure it's grippy, keep a few spares close at hand ..... and beat the crap out of those strings!
  10. Don't care whereabouts they send me now ....... this has to be the ultimate pub band bass rig. The sun was shining today, so I got the top down in the sports car and headed off to Andertons in Guildford and bought myself a new TC Electronic RH750. Just spend a couple of hours in the banquet hall finding out just what it can do. Paired up with my recently acquired "as new" Barefaced Compact Gen 2 .... it's awesome. [attachment=157639:IMG_2877.jpg] So much volume on tap, the lights in the castle sort of dim when you hit those big notes ..... and your ears start to go a bit funny after a couple of minutes. I don't really care if I'm ever up against two guitarists with full stacks "up to 11"now. No guitar stack will beat this for sheer firepower. One note on the RH750. Like it's little brother, the RH450, it doesn't really do clean. Then again, neither do I !!!! It's a little bit grainy no matter where you put all the dials. But what a sweet, sweet tone. I can't imagine what this would sound like in 4 Ohm double Compact or Compact / Midget form .......... I suspect I will get the war chest out and discover the answer to that in the very near future.
  11. Leaves more women for the rest of us I suppose.
  12. This has been my main gigging amp for the last year. It's great. Get lots of tones out of it. £220 posted. [attachment=157562:IMG_2863.JPG] It comes with both the silver and the black facias. 550 watts when you run it at 4 Ohms ..... it's very loud. I've run it through a variety of cabs ..... Barefaced Compact, Mi12, RS112 and / or RS210. It's very light and compact. I often take it to gigs in my bass gig bag. But it's also built like a tank. Perfect condition. I've just pushed the button on another TC Electronic RH750 - so it won't be used for a while. Better someone gets the use of this than have it sitting around. The price is for the amp only.
  13. Great bass sound there ..... and man doncha just luuuurve Telecasters. Don't know why there are other guitars. And it's black = win !!! Put some vocals to the piece and make it a song though.
  14. Mount one of these on the wall. Will set you back £309 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2ezDiBArD_4
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