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  1. RaNoFuNkY


    Keen for this - PM incoming.
  2. RaNoFuNkY

    Tech 21 XXL

    Is that a Flint or Deco man?
  3. RaNoFuNkY

    Feedback for JaketheB

    I bought a pedal. Great communication throughout and speedy delivery. Cheers man.
  4. RaNoFuNkY

    Bananana Effects MATRYOSHKA Synth pedal

    Hope so - I PM'd earlier!
  5. RaNoFuNkY

    Tremolo suggestions

    Any love out there for the TC Electronic pipeline? Tap tempo, level control and customizable (so presumably able to be very choppy)
  6. RaNoFuNkY


    Hi mate - does this have a slightly sparkely finish? It's difficult to tell. All the best.
  7. RaNoFuNkY

    SOLD Warwick Thumb BO 4 Masterbuilt

    Looks lovely! Could you comment on the neck width and depth? Is it a slim neck profile, and what is the nut width? Thanks and good luck
  8. RaNoFuNkY


  9. RaNoFuNkY

    GigRig Three2one

    Cheers both
  10. RaNoFuNkY

    GigRig Three2one

    Hi All, Looking for some advice. I regularly switch between three basses which massively differ in output; 1) a 9V active humbucking bass, 2) a VERY hot 18V Modulus flea bass, and 3) a passive Fender Precision with flats. Some pedals on my board sound fantastic with the P bass, but need a lot of tweaking with an active bass (and these are also different to each other). The Zvex Woolly Mammoth is a good example of this, although it's true for almost all my pedals. I basically think I need a pedal similar to the GigRig's Three2one, whereby I can chose between three different inputs, and use a dedicated preamp on each input to boost/cut the signal, so there is parity between the three basses. I just wondered, is this piece of kit the answer? Surely "boosting" my P bass with that preamp would colour it's tone or turn it into an "active" bass, which would then disagree with the Woolly Mammoth? Or, I could "cut" the hot outputs of my active basses, but that might cause a loss of tone/character too? Any thoughts? Alternatively, if this sort of pedal would cure my woes, then are there others out there I should consider? I think there's a Radial product, and perhaps something from Bright Onions, but the individual preamp for each of the three bass inputs (provided that this is suitable) looks best? Any advice welcomed! Thanks
  11. RaNoFuNkY

    Tc spectracomp ..sold pending