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  1. I came for the novelty. I stayed for the beauty. I'll likely only leave when my laptop runs out of battery. GLWTS
  2. I'd be interested too - can you show the underside in any pictures please?
  3. Amazing! I would have this in an instance if I could. Somebody buy this and put me out of my misery. GLWTS
  4. Back up for sale (I was being picky on a potential trade option). Not really looking for trades though
  5. ...and it still makes me smile! Great bass. If you're interested in this, don't be put off by the narrow string spacing. It takes ~30 min to get used to it, and then you are completely uninhibited to enjoy making all the mistakes you typically make, just more efficiently. GLTWS
  6. I seem to remember lusting after a Roscoe of yours a few years back?
  7. Cheers Eude mate. I have loved this. I almost exclusively play 30-32". This 33" scale certainly feels like a 32", probably because the bridge is so far south on the body, so the 1st fret is less of a reach - if that makes sense?
  8. Hi All, Up for sale is my custom spec 6 string ACG Finn SC Classic. The details of this exact bass can be found on the ACG site: https://www.acguitars.co.uk/project/0095-finn-sc-classic-6/ The low B can sneakily be strung through the body (if you see the pictures of the back), although I've never found the need. The 33" is lovely, and makes this far more playable than the 34-35" I've tried. It has the John East preamp, and I'm a huge fan of the ebony board. Ziracote top and Wenge back. There's not a mark on it - and I believe an order of this spec would be >£2.5k + build time. I'm only moving it on to make way for a recent addition to the fold. Comes with the hard case pictured.
  9. These things are great - best of luck
  10. Amazing build - well done. Do Warmoth offer that light relic + tint service? Or did you do that yourself? Tastefully done
  11. Amazing. Also - how have you created that sofa picture?! Are there two basses?!
  12. Ah! thanks man. I really love their shortscales too. I'm torn between the sunburst with rosewood board, or waiting and seeing the new colour + neck combinations with the next batch. I really want an ebony board. No idea when the "new colours coming soon" materialises though
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