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  1. What a beaut. These things are class
  2. Stu made my life better with a Hipshot detuner. Thanks man! Buy with confidence
  3. +1 for dealing Ash. We easily worked out a part exchange - which included me paying in two instalments. Purchase with confidence. Thanks Ash
  4. NOW SOLD Hi All, I'm looking to thin the herd, and I'm just not gigging this. For many, the J pickup on a mustang is sacrilege - but it quickly became my favourite part of this bass. It's nicely voiced, and the VVT controls provide a really decent range of sounds that I don't get out of other short scales. I now wish my 70s 'Stang had a J. I can't find a mark on it, and the finish is great. I'll include the spider hard case pictured (which just about fits). The latches on this case are annoying, but it works fine and will protect it in transit. The price doesn't include shipping as I haven't yet secured a quote and people may have preferred couriers etc. I'm not really looking for trades/part exchanges - but feel free to PM me. A Helix Stomp (XL) would be tempting though...
  5. Wow - does this have the original preamp/electronics etc? Thanks
  6. Well done on those mods man. I love these basses - GLWTS
  7. My-missus-has-reminded-me-that-this-is-still-in-the-house-BUMP.
  8. I came for the novelty. I stayed for the beauty. I'll likely only leave when my laptop runs out of battery. GLWTS
  9. I'd be interested too - can you show the underside in any pictures please?
  10. Amazing! I would have this in an instance if I could. Somebody buy this and put me out of my misery. GLWTS
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