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  1. I’ve been fortunate to own a lot of mine and other peoples” dream bass’s” Wal Status,Jaydee,Thunderbird,Musicman.many Fenders new and signature models, Warwick etc etc over a very long period.As a weekend warrior all my band income was re invested due to GAS searching for that holly grail.I have no regrets about any of my dream purchase ‘s.I was lucky and fulfilled my dreams.But this is the thing.My son and wife bought me a Ibanez 5 string fan fret for a special birthday after I expressed an interest.Not a dream bass you may say but it has become my all time favourite. Would I swap it for anything else. Not a chance What makes it special? Well to paraphrase. This is my Ibanez there are many like it,but this one is special ,this one is mine and there is no other like it. Would it be the dream bass if I had the dream in the past knowing what I know now. In a heart beat.
  2. Bose comfort 3 if you can buy used very deep sounding. Had mine 12 yrs never let me down.
  3. We had a guy who tweaked the sound for us we called him Geoff too cuz that was his name......I’ll get my coat then,
  4. Extra pants, tennalady, Imodium and some weights gaffa’d to my cheeks to stop the permanent smile peeing off the audience
  5. I’ll give most stuff a fair shout but find I invest a lot less in a single artist/ bands than I used to. That said I revisit a lot more often in my music collection ,don’t know what that says except contentment in my older choices.possibly just an old friend familiarity thing.
  6. Doug has been the go to guy for as long as I can remember and a lovely bloke to boot.
  7. Thanks folks for all the input appreciate you taking the time to contribute.
  8. Sometimes imho we get craftsmanship mixed up with how good a product is. If a purchase gives pleasure and we are happy with its price that should be enough. We do spend a lot of time trying to justify our choices to others by comparison’s instead of saying that we love the bass for what it is.The example I will give is watches another great topic on here. Craftsmen ship is what separates that market. Price does not determine which watch gives the best time as a £5 battery driven time piece will out perform any mechanical watch for accuracy.Some of us still spend finances allowing more money on some watches than others but all tell the time.Therefore any bass that can be set up to the required standard with a feel and sound that please’s the owner is a good one. Aspiration to own a crafted item does not have to be justified at the detriment to another instrument.If your choice makes you happy job done if you think spending lots of money will make you sound better well,,, one size does not fit all.But there are not many bad quality bass’s made these days but the quality of marketing has grown out of all proportion compared to the 70s and 80s and its impact can not be ignored on our choices even when we don’t think it has.
  9. Not wishing to teach anybody to suck eggs hear but tips I received many years ago. Put a good bend in string by machine head before cutting length to stop winding slipping on core. Don’t twist the string when tightening As mentioned press string by bridge and nut to get defined contact. String from nut to machine head needs a defined bend down. A few days ago I bought an a really cheap Harley Benton MusicMan 5 string copy from Thoman to throw in the car and to play around with to practice my woeful lack of luthier skills. After a full set up fret level nut filed , intonation and very little neck relief this bass could now live with a happily with a much more expensive guitar.But relevant to this thread the b sting is really clear and rings like a bell. The stings I think are Harley Bentons own. Thoman sell them for about £3.50 for 4 string and £6.40 for 5 string. These are defiantly not DR or Elixer but imho a lot better than some strings I’ve used demanding a lot higher prices. Certainly usable for rehearsals and general noodling but also very acceptable for a gigs if you have very greasy hands and need to change strings a lot or budget is limited.
  10. Thanks for the info.It’s really the One 10s I need to get info on.But thanks for the contribution.The SL112 x 2 get pretty loud and they are very lite.I’m happy with there volume but a tad smaller cab size would be useful .
  11. Hi folks. As I am lucky enough to to possibly be changing my car for something a bit more fun.Wondered if any of you have owned An Aguilar SL112 and a Barefaced One 10 and could give me your views on differences in volume tone etc. My current rig is TH500 and 2 x SL 112 .The SL would not fit in the boot but for small gigs thought about the possibility of a One 10 or even a One 10T if you could give me your views it would be much appreciated.. Cheers


    It is my pleasure to start the feedback for. amedlock88 .Sold my Sire to Adam today.Very pleasant fella and a joy to deal with. Turned up at meeting place as agreed,had great coms.Another great addition to the Basschat fat wire thumpers.Deal with confidence. Enjoy the Sire Adam
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