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  1. Muddy may be a little over stating it .One persons muddy is another persons dark. But I would just like a bit more clarity and bite.To much brightness within the sound would be easy to adjust down but trying to get it from something that is not there to start with becomes more difficult.I suppose its all down to how we feel when we play, a lot of what we all search for from the gear we buy gets lost in the mix when we play live, but if we are happy with what we have got we just play better. Cheers
  2. Cheers This is the page for anybody interested. Thanks Dov65 http://contact.bartolini.net/support/solutions/articles/5000587194-ibanez-basses-pickups-and-electronics https://bartolini.net/?s=ibanez
  3. Hi I love the bass,the neck is probably much like yours and very comfortable. The pups imho are quite muddy and have a relatively low output compared to my less expensive Sire 5 string v3 2nd gen.I know it sounds like I am berating my own bass but it is a lovely instrument.As the Bh1 pups on my bass as far as I know can only be replace like for like size wise with the new range of H6 Barts this is why I posed the question. Other pups would fit into the routed cavity but after a lot of research no other manufacturer makes a direct replacement as far as I can see.The option I considered was to replace the pup with a chosen brand and get a pair of wooden custom pup covers made to fill the existing cavity. Alternatively get the pup cavity re routed to fit a chosen pup set. Choice of pickups with custom covers will probably be my chosen path along with an East pre amp. I know there are cheaper options as suggested above(change the bass) but as the saying goes. This is my bass ,there are many like it, but this one is special, because this one is mine. Sorry for Paraphrasing. Just a note, my bass with BH1 pups is the first version the newer SRF version had BH2 different pups and different size, which I think can be replaced with EMG's Nord's etc although. As far as I am aware all the Barts in the Ibanez basses are made under license and are not oem. Hope this helps
  4. Not Wising to hijack the thread,but has anyone changed the pups in a Ibanez 805 fanfret with BH1 pups to the Bart H6 series. If so what are your thoughts. Cheers
  5. You Only Live Twice. Went to see this with my Dad when at the time it was an (A )certificate film . I was to young to see it, being tall had its advantages though in them days. Made it all the more special knowing I shouldn't have been in the cinema for another year'.I would give anything to be able to sit and watch this with my Dad again. Even Robbie flogging the opening few bars hasn't spoiled the great memories of a Dad and his son sharing one of those moments that stay with you.
  6. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  7. These are outstanding amps and this is a real bargain. Wish it had been around when I bought mine from new.GLWTS fella
  8. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  9. Happy New Year Kev. Should have kept that Elf and single Schroeder mate.GAS is an illness from which non of us can escape!
  10. Have a bump mate 2 months ago this would have been my ideal set up but just bought brand new abm600 and 410. GLWTS
  11. This is a great deal and Lloyd is a great guy ,buy with confidence.
  12. Think these were mine once. If so these are a cracking light powerful rig.
  13. It is my pleasure to start off Colin's feedback. Recently sold Colin my TH500. Absolute top bloke, all monies transferred as requested. Great coms felt like I had known Colin for years. Deal with Colin with utmost trust a great representative of this forum. Enjoy the amp mate Wayne
  14. Doubt he needs the money, I would imagine its all about trying to live with his peer's but this damages a great reputation. I think he would know he is sinking fast and the only enjoyment is hanging with other musicians. I would suspect this is tearing him apart. The guy has been playing Butlins Holiday camps and dying on his derrière. As a fan of what he achieved I wish he would call it a day and just write songs, but as you say if he is still enjoying it then power to his elbow. In the end the audiences will determine how long he can sing live.
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