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  1. May I be the first to start a feedback for Jimbops. Just sold a GK 212 combo to Jim . Lovely fella great coms,turned up on time as agreed and completed transaction.Another great addition to the basschat community . Enjoy the combo Jim
  2. Its here and waiting if yours goes. GLWTS

    ML94's Feedback

    Just bought Aguilar TH500 and SL112 form Manny. Items as described. Met up half way as we do,Manny is a lovely guy and totally recommended.As above Another trustworthy member of the basschat community! Hope your Dad had a good day.
  4. For Sale possible trade my GK MB212 2nd edition COMBO £500 excl condition no dings tears etc.I bought this for practice and any possible gig that may come along but its way to much for what I need and loud as hell full 500 watts into the cab. Any trial welcome along with tea and biscuits in the garden(due to covid) as long as its not raining.As this has already been replaced sensible offers will be considered inc trades but with money my way. No amps or cabs other than Aguilar SL112. Collection or meet up within reasonable distance poss delivery within 25mile radius of Stoke. Any questions just drop me a PM. Please check my feedback. Thanks for looking Specs below Full Description Master Your Tone Gallien Kreuger have given you everything you need to craft the perfect tone for your bass guitar. The 4 Band EQ is inherited from the 800RB and is built specifically to keep your tone as musically sound as possible, even when the settings are pushed to their limits. Inject more sub-frequencies into your tone or scoop your mids. The MB’s variable EQ offers the ideal way to shape your sound. The MB 410-II features 4 powerful special Neodymium drivers with 2” copper voice coils. Designed specially to fit this bass amp. Get the best sound possible. Chambers of Depth The ultra-light weight MB 212-II is chambered to benefit the tone and the portability of the amplifier. Gallien Krueger have opted with plywood to help with keep the combo as light as possible. The chambers have been tuned to resist leakage and help your tone be as full as possible. Each speaker is isolated in its own chamber meaning there is no standing waves produced that ruined the output of a single speaker. The porting has been optimally tuned to make sure you always get the best tone, no matter far you push the EQ settings. Built for the Road Gallien Krueger are known for creating great looking and incredibly tough cabinets. They know that the professional musician is often on the road for weeks at a time and needs to be assured their equipment will last the journey. This informs every design decision they make – resulting in tough, great sounding amplifier cabinets. Gallien Krueger is all about top class tone, but without a solid construction, that incredible tone is put at risk from the dangers of road. Gallien Krueger’s design ensures complete safety. Features Impressive 500 watts of solid state power Special lightweight Neodymium drivers made by GK with 2.5'' edge-wound aluminium voice coils High-frequency horn for extended high-end response Ultra-lightweight unit with aluminium chassis and switch mode power supply Quality plywood construction Ported, chambered and damped cabinet for optimum response and minimal standing waves or sound leakage Aux-in and headphone-out for silent practice XLR DI-out for direct connection to mixing desks/recording devices Internal circuit protection Tough vinyl covering with metal protected corners 4-band active EQ for with musical response from a Variable 'Q' Specifications Type: Solid State Power: 500 Watts Speakers: 2 x 12'' Neodymium Drivers with Copper Voice Coil, 1 x Horn Controls: Gain, -10db Pad, Contour, Treble, Hi-Mid, Low-Mid, Bass, Boost, Master, Limiter, Horn Bypass Connectivity: Input 1/4'', Aux In 1/8'', Phones Out 1/4'', XLR DI-out, XLR Chain Outp, Speaker Out Dimensions: 36.83 x 48.26 x 66.04 cm Weight: 18.6 kg
  5. Nothing wish I could do it Correctly . Just think it gets over used which ruins it's impact when it's required. Hats off to them that can.
  6. Also taught me that this place hosts the best worst jokes posts on the planet, which has lifted me so many times when I'm pee'd off and especially in these worrying times. Thanks go to Basschat and all who contribute.👍
  7. And now Ive learned at 6ft 4 in 6st is probably not my correct weight. Well thanks for that!!
  8. Taught me that anything weighing over 8lbs is to heavy to hang from a strap and if I want to sell musical related products bathroom scales are essential.
  9. Welcome back Bassimmo from the North Staffs and a little bit over to the left.😀
  10. Had the head and 410 really wanted the 210 as well but just couldn't transport it then finished with the band. Would have loved to have kept it but could not justify it.Great set up GLWTS.
  11. Theme from Stingray, Thunderbirds,Super car,The Munsters, Addams Family,Beverley Hillbillies etc. Guess how old I am.I know not cool track s from cool bands but clever catchy tunes never the less.The good old days when all we had to worry about was what time the ice cream man/lady was turning up. Oh and Rickets, diphtheria Ringworm Measles, but no Corvid 19. Strangely though as a child the whole world was put to rights with the sound of music from a Warner Brothers cartoon intro or the famous 1960's version of Batman. Sorry if this doesn't quite fit the original post just feeling a bit nostalgic whilst on lockdown. Stay safe folks.
  12. Always came over as a really nice guy who was very grateful for his career. RIP .
  13. Rock on -David Essex DSOTM-Pink Floyd Brain Salad Surgery_ELP Chairman of the Board_Give me just a little more time Queen_ Severn Seas of Rhye
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