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  1. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  2. Makes me feel proud to be part of the fat wire community.👍
  3. I have the 5 string. The necks are lovely on these bass's wish I could justify another bass but like you to many already.GLWTS from another son of Stoke.
  4. Wire's intertwined behind the mixing desk. Set list taped to mike stand. Poor routing Headstocks that look like an afterthought.
  5. Just sold Mark a Bart pre amp. V/fast payment and a great transaction.As all before me have said very reliable obviously a great bloke to deal with. Enjoy the pre amp mate Wayne😊
  6. F/S £135 inc postage BARTOLINI HR 5.3AP/918 pre amp NEW UNOPENED. This was a replacement for a faulty one.This is Brand new never removed from box decided to to stay with original pre linked to new Bart pups HR-5.3AP/918 Pre-Wired Harness: 3-band EQ, Volume – Volume (Active/Passive push-pull switch on 2nd. Volume knob) & Treble-Mid (+ 3 freq toggle switch) – Bass
  7. A while back I asked for views and suggestions in relation to swapping my BH1 pups and pre amp that came as standard on the Ibanez SRFF 805.Got a fair few reply's but unfortunately due to ill health in the family could not move along with the project and pass any feedback to all of you that commented on the original post.Just to recap the general view on this Ibby is that the standard pups have a low output and are quite dark /muffled the pre amp does not have a great deal going for it either. My experience with factory installed electrics was pretty similar.That said I love the bass the neck is great its not heavy and aesthetically I find it very pleasing to the eye.With this in mind I decided to go for the proper Bartolini replacements and a Bartolini pre amp.(Bart Singularity pair & HR 5.3 918 pre)This decision was also based on recommendation from a fellow basschater. I apologise for the long winded tale but here is the point.After purchasing the pups and prea amp a fault was found on the pre amp.A few attempts to correct it but no joy. A replacement was sent in the mean time my tech re-installed the original ibby pre amp.When linked to the new pups the pre amp came alive giving a range over the mid frequency's it failed to do with the BH1s. The Bart replacement pups are Bart Singularity's H65 which I know are different from the originals but the clarity, gain working in conjunction withe the original pre amp is fabulous.The thing that surprised me most was that although the Bart pre amp was faulty it worked in active mode but the passive had a fault so I was able to test both side by side. IMHO spending the extra £155 to upgrade the pre was not needed when connected to the original pre and good set of pups for me there there was no significant gain to be achieved other than choice of volume/balance tone control knob options and the added gain boost on the Bart pre option. Hope this is of some use, not all may agree but for me I am now a very happy bunny. Just need to be out playing! this though may prove to be something even Santa is going to struggle with this year. Cheers
  8. In these challenging times its good to receive great service, especially when retailers are facing pressure on so many fronts. As a first time buyer from this company I purchased Bart pups and pre amp from Mark at Bass Direct.Unfortunately the preamp displayed a fault. Mark spoke to Bartolini to see if it could have been an easy fix. I received an email that night from the US who were equally efficient in there response to resolve the issue.Mark contacted me today to say that there was a replacement pre amp on the way. This is the standard of service we all hope for and ensures my future purchases with Bass Direct. Hopefully we can all ride this covid storm return to playing live and get to realise our GAS in stores such as Bass Direct. Thanks again Mark.
  9. My mate would have bid for this but he stopped playing as he's in the army now!
  10. No but I will pm you later as my srff805 pups and pre with 3 position EQ should be out this week and I was going to put them on here at some point . Cheers Wayne
  11. Just waiting for mine to come back from Doug Wilkes. Bart Singularity pups and Bart active passive 3 band pre amp.Spoke to Kev who originally owned you Ibby which inspired me to upgrade mine. Great bass with excellent play ability as described by Jellyfish. GLWTS someone is getting a bargain.
  12. May I be the first to start a feedback for Jimbops. Just sold a GK 212 combo to Jim . Lovely fella great coms,turned up on time as agreed and completed transaction.Another great addition to the basschat community . Enjoy the combo Jim
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