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  1. Just sold Craig an Ashdown 410 lovely fella great coms. Met up just off M6 for pick up and quick chat. Highly recommended to deal with. Cheers Craig
  2. Have you spoke to Neil and Ben in Rythm House. Hope st Hanley 01782 266897
  3. £150 TODAY ONLY then withdrawn midnight tonight. Thanks for looking.
  4. Your probably right but I think my attention to answering inquiries will be a little less frequent after Christmas.Still think I will take your advise . Cheers
  5. Working Mens clubs where they are forced to play the Birdy song on constant repeat by patrons drinking cheap bear and eating cheese and onion sandwich's from tin foil .All this under the watchful eye of the flat capped concert secretary who's chair you sit in under a sentence of death if you dare to have the nerve.Our bass's shudder with fright as it may be resting on its stand just where the bingo machine could later be appearing to be worshiped by the congregation of the for mentioned establishment.Not wishing to denigrate these places of merriment as this is where the fat stringed little buggers cut there teeth,but the thought of ending there days in the place that time forgot brings tears to my eye's for so many reasons. Mostly because these were great place's to be many years ago but there demise through many reasons is not the place I would like the last ring of the string of my collection of bass's to be heard unless they brought genuine pleasure to the audience. In which case that would be ok.
  6. Thanks guys for the comments, As I have no use for it needs to go to someone who can enjoy it. But now thinking maybe I should just store it. I know gear is only worth what someone will pay but this is a killer price. Cheers
  7. The cab you heard was Tom's mate. This one all though the same is not the cab you heard me playing. The reason I had it as a long service gift was because of the cab I used and you heard. Sods law I then pack in as the band had to fold.A tad overkill for bedroom practice me thinks which is why it is now for sale but thanks for the kind words Paul.
  8. Looking for Markbass CMD 102P must be in mint condition. Cheers
  9. Reduced to £170 then its off to possible px Monday.
  10. Just sold Chris an Ashdown abmIV600 amp. Great transaction met half way for a quick chat in the cold. Nice fella thoroughly recommended for anyone's future trades.
  11. Here are two that stick with me. Sad cafe Every day hurts Player Baby come back
  12. Due to no longer playing . FS/FT My Ashdown ABM-410H CAB £160 in as new condition never gigged. Bought as a gift for a project that never materialized. Only played through twice in the bedroom. Any trial if you bring an amp along . Hit me with trade offers but any trades must be in great condition. Collection from Stoke along with tea and biscuits or possible meet half way. Specifications Power Handling 600 Watts Speaker Configuration 4 x 10 with Horn Frequency Response 30Hz - 20kHz Impedance 8 Ohms SPL 103dB 1W @ 1m H x W x D (mm) 660 x 610 x 420 Weight (kg) 33
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