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  1. The reverse V or as I like to call it "An abomination in the sight of the Lord."
  2. I've had an order from a Mr Derek Smalls for a 34' scale bass ...well that's what it said on the napkin.

    1. prowla


      I drove past Stonehenge a few weeks back.

      It did seem rather small...

    2. Rich


      I remember the actors' commentary track on the Tap CD ROM I had many years ago. When Tony Hendra yelled "F**k the napkin!", Harry Shearer said "That was our alternative working title for the movie..."

  3. The other thing I've been building: https://www.scavengermusic.co.uk/
  4. "spoiler box in your signature file" - I have no idea what that actually means! I'll remedy the situation if you can explain.😕
  5. It's on it's way... I just need to print it. I'm not limiting myself to basses and I won't just be using pianos but the emphasis will be on recycled materials. Website and decal should be ready in a day or two.
  6. Ready for sea trials. I went for chrome knobs in the end. Contours (well one contour) Headstock waiting for a suitable decal ...watch this space...
  7. I was sticking to basses while I'm here. The Tele was originally going to have a bought neck but it was crap so I decided to make one for it, hence the strings but no neck. I do have a facebook page (name change and website coming soon) I'll be doing a build diary for the V there. I'm just working on templates and jigs when other projects grind to a halt. https://www.facebook.com/pages/category/Musical-Instrument-Store/Dominic-Allan-Bass-Guitars-697594160378026/
  8. Once again I'm using piano frame bolts as strap buttons...proper chunky! Close up of knobs. I bought these in but will try making my own next time. Getting there... Every good project deserves a side project... Every good side project deserves a side side project...
  9. If anyone needs a band name "Peacock Death Hoax" is free.
  10. I am planning on selling these eventually but not just yet. There's a lot I have to do first , build a workshop, website, stock, refine my designs/technique and all on a shoe string. It should be months rather than years but not until I'm ready. I moved to Dorset earlier this year and I'm hoping that this plus repairs will make up the shortfall in my income after having to reduce my hours at work. I have a part time job at a shop that sells pianos , that's where the materials are coming from, although I'm not directly involved in piano restoration. I won't just be limiting myself to pianos, any suitable materials will be involved.
  11. ...and that's why you are only allowed two.
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