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  1. Just spotted that it was on ebay but failed to sell for a mere £777.
  2. Spotted on Market Place , I suspect it's a home made body with an old neck. Can't find anything about "Slipstream" guitars or basses. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/432897194581162/?ref=search&referral_code=undefined
  3. Good loud - Metallica at Glastonbury. The crowd was big but not tightly packed but it felt like you were being pushed around in a mosh pit just from the shear noise they made. I was about 100 yard from the stage, heard everything clearly , no problems with hearing post gig.
  4. Motorhead , Birmingham Odeon , 1982. So loud that I slept through the alarm and missed my paper round the next morning. They came on, played the songs and left, it felt a bit odd. Tensions in the band must have been high , Fast eddied had left a month later.
  5. The first thing I will make in the workshop will be a time travelling De Lorien so I can go back in time and persuade Washburn to pick a different name for their bass. 🙃
  6. As long as the finished product isn't sold as something it's not does it matter? There are various levels of "build" going on here , all valid in their own way, some interest me some don't . I started out assembling parts, there's a lot to learn doing that, I'd advise anyone thinking of trying a first build to go down that route.
  7. Hi, those of you who have followed my builds here and on guitarchat will know that I specialise in reclaimed materials. This will be no exception. I moved to Dorset last March and since then have been working in half of my mother's shed. During the first lockdown I build this summerhouse/shed pub almost exclusively from reclaimed materials (I bought some decking planks , roof felt, insulation and used about 3000 screws) but everything else was reclaimed and recycled. Now I'm building a workshop (no idea why this is underlined BTW) I've been hoarding materials during the winter and we've removed a clapped out shed and green house from the site . Today I put some bits of wood on the ground to get an idea of what I'm dealing with. I've laid out an 8'X12' rectangle but I may swing it out from the hedge and enlarge it a little. I won't do much more until the next batch of materials arrives but I wanted to make some sort of start.
  8. I'm fairly certain that Fender have never put a plastic washer under the neck plate. Aren't fender neck plates branded anyway? In it's defence I can vouch for the fact that some of their string through ferrules are loosely fitted and can fall out.
  9. I've agonised over posting this as I'm mostly sick of the subject but...I think it's only fair that you do. If it's ok for us to go on about the problems caused by Brexit then you should be allowed to tell us what the benefits are. I'm not trying to get an argument going, I'd genuinely like to know.
  10. Sitting in the open back door of the van quietly running through some of our songs before a gig at a music festival , bass guitar on my knee. A stranger approaches...."Hi , are you in (insert band name) ? " Me : Yes "Who's your bass player?" - not even recognised as a bass player.
  11. When Maddy Prior left Gay Woods re-joined thus keeping an original member.
  12. Fairport Convention, numerous line up changes over the years resulting in several periods with no original members.
  13. I never played guitar seriously , I had an acoustic for writing purposes but that was it. A few years ago we revived a band I was in as a student 25 years ago, it's the only band I ever played electric guitar in. I was very much the second guitarist , mostly rhythm and riffs while the other guy was the "guitar hero". The other guy threw his toys out of the pram the night before a gig in 2019 and I became " lead guitarist" . I got away with it at the first gig and them practiced like mad to nail it for a Christmas gig. That was the last gig I played , 20th December 2019. My only full gig as sole guitarist in a band. I've subsequently moved to Dorset and while none of my three bands (none of them did a lot, but collectively kept me occupied) have split I fell very much between bands, not sure what I play. I think I'm most keen to play guitar at the moment because it feels like I learned to play an instrument for one gig, I want to use what I learned more. As I can't even meet others to rehearse it doesn't matter what I am right now. Go with what interests you most.
  14. Personally I'd tick the fourth box "A necessary evil" Mine is a cheap nasty one I bought many years ago for something none bass/guitar related , it has it's limitations but as I'm a tight git I'm not replacing it until it falls apart.
  15. I think I have 8? A Rick and a T Bird would round it up to ten.
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