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  1. Where's the rest of it? The ends dropped off....... paying for it in instalments are you? How do you tune it up? Couldn't you afford a whole one then? All questions aimed at gigging with a status bass over the years.......
  2. Pass the handwash? Just being socially responsible........
  3. I sometimes just open the case to have a little sniff of mine - there's something about USA basses (my 4003 is the same)............
  4. A little bit off on the E and G as it turns out (never noticed before), but certainly doesn't affect the tone or volume across the strings......😎👍
  5. I'm going to go check mine right now.........
  6. got it finished last night (far left). Just needs a little fettling to sort out the action and find the source of a bit of a buzz on the open E.........
  7. How about a couple of crash helmets, and go as a Daft Punk tribute band?
  8. Our guitarist is still using the same plastic mothers pride bread bag ties that he has had since the mid 70's!😜
  9. The first time I heard Rush - courtesy of my younger brother back in 1980. He died 2 weeks ago, it would have been his 52nd birthday today, so this is currently getting played at full volume.......
  10. Latest update on pubs and restaurants guidance still states that live music in front of live audiences should not be permitted........
  11. But would you pay to watch yourself?😂😐
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