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  1. I hate to nitpick but how can they be vintage correct if they use ebony instead of Brazilian rosewood? Lovely looking bass btw!
  2. Close but slightly different. Maybe not quite has honky.
  3. Erm... no. Not with the amount of dodgy sellers I've encountered!
  4. I would recommend the Unitune. Just as accurate and cheaper. So good, TC discontinued it!
  5. $599 on Sweetwater. £500 in the UK? https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/FalloutSSJB--g-and-l-tribute-fallout-short-scale-bass-guitar-jet-black
  6. Toneriders are good pickups though!
  7. I buy all my strings from the US and have done for ten or so years. Why? Because even with shipping, it's still cheaper than buying from a shop here.
  8. GHS Boomers and Dean Markley Blue Steels are in a similar category being broken in out of the packet.
  9. I don't think I've ever been told stick to root notes or no playing that stands out. Tell a lie, one of my very first (original) bands did... I left after two weeks.
  10. Sandberg also offer Black Label pups now. Like their traditional pups but with a little something extra.
  11. Neck and pickguard back on:
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