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  1. When lyrics take on a different meaning a few years after you heard the song. That stuff gets me every time.
  2. I have tried the Fender flats and they were really stiff in my opinion!
  3. Never too old! Why should only young people get to play original music?
  4. I have avoided this by downsizing to a combo instead. My big rig days are very much over!
  5. Has anyone tried these? Thinking of switching over from GHS Precision flats. Could anyone compare the two?
  6. Sandberg do an awesome Precision copy. I played one the other day and was very impressed. http://bassdirect.co.uk/bass_guitar_specialists/Sandberg_VS4_3TSB.html
  7. I went this year, my first time in a while. I really enjoyed the performances throughout the day and was happy chatting to the stall owners about what products they had brought with them. I will admit, it got a little noisy at times and there should have been more quiet periods but this didn't detract from the great day I had.
  8. I have a 2014 MIC Classic Vibe 60s Jazz in Inca Silver and it's an awesome bass. The neck is so nice to play and the bass is very well put together. Threw on a new set of DR Fat Beams earlier this week and it just sings.
  9. Hoping to settle in here and make it my 'new' local. Keep twanging!
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