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  1. Is the neck satin or gloss finished? How are you finding it without a tone control?
  2. SB-2's are also superb for the money. TBH the whole Tribute range is.
  3. So a Sandberg or a 'Warwick' Sadowsky... I'm in the market for a new J so this couldn't have come at a better time.
  4. Simple, but your strap WILL NOT fall off. Diago Twistlock
  5. I had an MIA Fender 05 Jazz. I sold it a week later...
  6. Apparently not. I messaged him saying it's not rare and that was a production colour. Still wants £650...
  7. How much does the alder body weigh compared to the swamp ash version?
  8. I would take a Schecter any day over a Fender.
  9. The clean section is good. The drive section is good for hard rock and metal but definitely not just a hint of valvey goodness. But the worst thing? The colour button auto engaging when you hit the drive section! Hence, I would just buy the M81.
  10. Can't find it on their website but it looks like it may have a J style neck and Schecters are known to be lightweight...
  11. Thanks! I have a chance to pick up a BB434 for a good price. I've wanted a passive PJ bass with J style neck for ages and this looks like it fits the bill.
  12. For a Precision type sound, how well does the BB do?
  13. Same but have the CMD 121P. Why did I not buy this thing years back?!
  14. I thought the first lot of D Lakin basses were really good.
  15. You could argue that they're copying Flea but then you could argue Flea was copying Bootsy. Props to Davie504 etc. They're having fun, making money and have proved beyond doubt that they're great players with a great ear. My ego is small enough for me to say they would play me under the table.
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