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  1. Could be worse. All I get is Raid: Shadow Legends, Trading 212 and Yolt.
  2. Agree with Beedster on that one.
  3. Got the wife a new bag and belt for her birthday. The Hoover works a treat now.
  4. How the hell is Gumtree worth $9 bil?! Unless that's including the other sites also...
  5. I've sold a lot of gear through Gumtree but the amount of idiots on there. I put a bass up for sale a week ago and within ten minutes I had a reply asking is it still available. I replied back and they responded with an email address asking me to 'send my details'. I just deleted the message...
  6. Some people will fully agree with my statement but will never admit that. The punters at that gig would agree with it. I didn't use a smiley because I'm making a point - I have had Covid and know how bad it is. I spent three days in the hospital because of it. It angers me that people assume that Covid doesn't exist or it's only killing old people or that we just need to get on with things. It's clearly still out there and precautions are in place for a reason. No wonder the term 'Covidiot' is being used every day now.
  7. Covid is clearly a hoax. The economy is more important than some old people dying. We all need to get back to work and carry on as normal.
  8. DR Sunbeams 45-105 gauge. Brand new. Unwanted gift. £25 including postage.
  9. I believe he was still using the Mess cabs at this point since his head was a 400+.
  10. This was the Chad Smith instructional film was it not?
  11. His Stingray was strung with GHS Brite Flats out of the factory.
  12. Put a flame over a needle, small pr1ck on the edge of the blister and slowly squeeze the pus out. Waiting for a blister to naturally heal takes forever...
  13. Still loving my Sandberg. The light weight, the fast neck, the tonal options, the Black Label pickups. Everything about this bass makes it a joy to play. Even the stock strings I was impressed with but it turns out they are GHS Super Steels, made to Sandberg's specs. The only issue I did have is with the push/pull, active/passive volume pot. On active mode, there were no scratchy sounds when turning the pot but on passive mode, it was crackling non-stop. I made sure the pot was secure and seated correctly, tried contact cleaner, even removed the pot entirely to look at it but nothing jumped out. I messaged Sandberg to ask their thoughts on the issue and they responded by sending out a brand new pot free of charge! I have now installed it and no more scratchy sounds on either mode.
  14. It's not a case of you don't have a problem with it, it's the fact that the majority do find it offensive. Has the Clapton thread revealed, there is still a long way to go with derogatory comments about different races and religions.
  15. DR Sunbeams 40-100. Most strings listed here are way more tension than La Bella LTFs.
  16. We don't even do charity gigs anymore because every other gig is advertised for charidee...
  17. See, playing originals, you rarely get this sort of thing and we stopped playing pubs a long time ago. I mean you still get drunk punters but that's about it. We never play a gig we won't be paid for and agree the fee beforehand. You have to remember that these 'music experts' are blokes who have been going to the same pub, having the same drink, the same conversation for the last 30 years.
  18. Get rid of the pickguard and that would look killer.
  19. Thank you for the PMs offering support. I will now be bowing out of this thread.
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