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  1. So I should still go ahead and do the tape thing?
  2. Update! Tape arrived Saturday, so on Sunday morning I thought I would plug it in to get a "before" benchmark, just so I could ensure I had made an improvement. No buzzing. Not a sound. I don't understand.
  3. Thanks, man! I will give that a try.
  4. Thanks for those tips - very useful. @mikeycrikey did you do anything else like adding wires to the shielding tape or was that enough?
  5. I recently acquired a new Squier CV Jaguar, and I have to say I am 95% delighted with it. Made minor adjustments to the setup (truss rod needed a slight adjustment and the action needed lowering slightly) but it is lovely to play. I have mainly been playing a US P-bass recently so it's nice to have the P-bass tone with the addition of the Jazz pup at the bridge. The neck is lovely and has made me think seriously about getting a Jazz neck for the P - but that's another story. The slight niggles I have are with the tuners which aren't as "solid" as the ones on my US P, but now I have tightened the large screw they are holding tune better than before. Also the pots don't feel as solid as the ones on my P (there is a very slight wobble to them). However the main bugbear at the moment is a very noticeable buzz when I am not touching the strings, bridge, or the metal plate on the front. Clearly something is not quite right with the electronics, but alas I am not electronically minded, and I don't own a soldering iron so I am not sure how to approach it. To add to the oddness, it buzzes through the Fender Bassman in the picture (my P bass doesn't, so that rules out cables, plug, wiring in that room etc), but it doesn't buzz through my Fender Rumble 40. I have thought about upgrading the pots to a @KiOgon stacked pot arrangement (my P has his handiwork in it) but (a) I don't know if this would fix the buzzing on its own (although I am confident it would improve the feel and sound of the pots) and (b) is there anything easy I can try in the meantime to remedy it? Thanks in advance!
  6. On hold for the time being.
  7. [shameless plug] If anyone reading this is looking for a nice affordable step into valvey goodness, this might be of interest: [/shameless plug]
  8. I tried one of these out this morning and I have to say I was pretty impressed by how it felt to play. One thing I noticed though was that when I soloed the pickups, the J pickup was considerably quieter than the P pickup. Does that sound right? Also - if I wanted to swap out the tuners, would Fender ones go right in with the same screw holes?
  9. Thanks for all the advice guys! Got someone coming to view the [item name redacted on legal grounds lol] tonight, so fingers crossed! 🙂
  10. It's on there now! Fingers crossed. 🤞
  11. I will need to double check the serial number but from memory it's 1976.
  12. You never know, it may come to the point where I resort to the courier route...
  13. Reverb sounds interesting. Might give that a try. Not over the moon about the fees, but it seems more secure.
  14. I'm not frustrated with Gumtree per se, just disappointed with having my hopes raised and dashed. It could have happened anywhere, I suppose.
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