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  1. Apparently from '73 they switched to non-full width inlays (and I did have a 1980 4001, so I should have known this) and then in about 2008 back to full width. It's just possible people have bigger things to worry about right now, but I thought I would share, nonetheless.
  2. Thanks guys, that's really helpful! I will check out those resources (I love a good rabbit hole!), just began getting mild panic...
  3. Hi there, I have a 4003 from 1996 (according to the Rickenbacker serial number tracker), and the triangular fretboard inlays go as far as the E and G strings, but I notice on current (and some older) models, they seem to go right to the binding on the edge of the neck. I have found images of other '96 4003s where the inlays look the same as mine, but I was a bit spooked. Do any of you guys have 4003s from this era with similar inlays? Or any info about them?
  4. Hi Lozz - how was it? Nice and clean sounding?
  5. Just an update on this. My ABM500 sounded really nice through my Barefaced Four10 at home, little bit crackly on the pots but then it's 12 years old so hey. Took it to rehearsal a couple of weeks later and it crackled LOADS then just did loud buzzing and none of the pots worked at all, couldn't hear the bass or anything other than the buzzing so had to switch off. Sent it back to Ashdown who fixed it and returned it within a week - can't speak highly enough of those guys. It sounds perfect now, no crackles, good as new and lovely tone. So my lesson is - think about the "bargain" as although it only cost me £220, I then had to spend £100 getting it fixed. One of Ashdown's "approved used" ABM500s from eBay would have cost a little more initially but wouldn't have needed fixing quite so soon.
  6. Just snagged an Evo II for £220, so I think this discussion may be redundant in terms of what I might end up buying...
  7. I totally get that the EVO4 has more going on, but I don't need compressor, and all the EQ options. And when I can pick up an EVOII for £240, is there a really good reason to stump up the rest? If a 4 was £300, I could totally see the benefit, but otherwise?
  8. My normal rig is a 40 yr old Fender Bassman 100 and Barefaced Four10 which is awesome, but I play a lot of gigs with shared back line or in places where I don't want to take a vintage valve amp, so I'm thinking about a good solid workhorse with a nice tone to have as a backup (and also be a little easier on my back) hence looking at the Ashdown ABM heads. My question is, what are the differences between the different models? Would a 500 Evo II be fine or should I get the latest model? Thoughts? Help?
  9. Brighten up your dreary Monday with this little stunner bump!
  10. Need to raise some funds and have pretty much exclusively been using my old and heavy Bassman 100 at rehearsals and gigs so this one is reluctantly up for sale. It's a great piece of kit as the many threads on them in this forum attest. Everything from beautiful clean tone to full-on valve-driven crunch, all easily dialled in due to the straightforward controls. 900w at 4 Ohms, 500w at 8 Ohms. Spec here: http://www.genzbenz.com/?fa=detail&mid=2663&sid=675&cid=95 This one has the same blue light issue which has been frequently discussed - sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. It has absolutely no effect on the tone. Gig bag is a TC Electronic one (GAK had no GB ones when I bought this from them so they threw this in!) - it's the right size with loads of useful pockets. It's £350 posted or £330 collected / meetup. I live in Leeds and am up and down the M1 to Milton Keynes several times a month so can easily arrange a meet somewhere en route. [attachment=228053:iphone 104.JPG][attachment=228054:iphone 105.JPG][attachment=228055:iphone 106.JPG][attachment=228056:iphone 103.JPG][attachment=228057:iphone 101.JPG]
  11. Brilliant amp - and going for a song too! Another "if I had the money" from me, but have a bump. Someone is going to be seriously delighted (and deafened) when they get their hands on this.
  12. So a bit of feedback from last night's rehearsal: First impressions from the rest of the band: fear. Both guitarists use AC30s and they were definitely worried about keeping up with this. Obviously I wasn't going to just deafen them for the sake of it, but it was gratifying to put them on their toes. In terms of volume, I was a tiny bit apprehensive that this would need more power from my amp than the Super 12 as that was a 4 ohm cab capable of handling 1200w, and this one is an 8 ohm cab capable of handling 1000w. I was also thinking that if I did have to push the amp harder it would break up sooner at the same volume (does this make sense?). I needn't have worried. I left the amp settings all the same as I had with the Super 12 and the 410 was actually slightly louder, so much so that I had to turn it down slightly to get to the right volume. Absolutely no concerns about this cab being able to handle any volume requirements i might have for it. The tone is fantastic. Definitely different from the Super 12, but the only way I can describe it is even more full and warm. I am really really happy with this cab. Sorry, Lozz!
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