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  1. Am I still in? I bought a pair of strap lock buttons for my practice bass, so I could use my favourite strap on it.
  2. While as a Baby Boomer I’ve not heard of much of the music quoted in the OP’s post, so it’s not aged for me, one much earlier song that is bang up to date is Joni Mitchell’s Big Yellow Taxi. How prophetic is/was that!
  3. I made something like this to tilt non-wedge cabs we used as on-stage monitors, from mdf and wood found in my garage. Cost £0, apart from the blackboard paint I bought to make them disappear! (PS. my woodwork skills are significantly better than my drawing skills 🤫)
  4. Just returned from our church weekend away, (fantastic place, Highleigh, nr Hertford), I played in three of the four worship sessions, with three different worship leaders. We were given some of the songs last week, the others were in the form of ‘they will be from these’. One song was sung in two of the sets, but treated differently by the two leaders... Re the discussion above, I have no problem with having an iPad in front of me with words and chords, even though much of the time they’re not needed. We also have MEI mixers for the in-ears, which need stands anyway. Question. I now wear rather expensive hearing aids, with built-in Bluetooth, and I know (from buying a cheap transmitter and earphones a while ago) that Bluetooth has a slight delay, which is not ideal for a bassplayer(!). But is there any chance of finding a Bluetooth transmitter with little or no delay, so I don’t have to faff about taking the hearing aids out each set?
  5. Having dropped a pick too many times, I now use my index finger as a pick. It’s easy then to change to ‘fingers’ in the song. (sorry, the photo doesn’t show it particularly well)
  6. The only Epiphone in my stable is a fairly boring gloss black long scale EB3, wearing black tape wounds, just to keep the black theme going.
  7. I wish this thread had run a year or so ago. While I knew not to use WD40, I used the electrical contact cleaner I had in the garage (I’m into kit cars) on the scratchy pots on my practice amp. They are all now noisy again, but one in particular is worse than ever, and which I think I’ll have to replace. So some good advice been given in earlier posts.
  8. Saw Herman’s Hermits a couple or so years ago - one original member, the drummer. And didn’t he build up his part. Searchers, 1.5 originals, but so sad to see them frankly (sorry) not being very good. I believe they’ve now retired. At least with ABBA we have all 4 originals, well, voices at least, even if they’re not performing live.
  9. Lord won’t you buy me a Mercedes Benz - Janis Joplin
  10. Whispering Grass - Don Estelle and Windsor Davies
  11. This is what I did, and even with headphones the sound man couldn’t hear the bass. A point made, I felt, without upsetting anyone!
  12. To know know know him - the teddy bears
  13. The devil went down to Georgia - Charlie Daniels Band
  14. FWIW, I went to see blues harmonica player Paul Lamb and his band the other night, and noticed that while the vocals went through the PA, the instruments all appeared to go straight to their amps. Presumably line-outs to the sound desk, but I couldn’t see any pedals. Sound was excellent.
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