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  1. I am the Walrus - that outfit that used to play at the Cavern
  2. The Searchers a few years ago at Cromer. They were past it, and John McNally just couldn’t cut it as a lead guitarist. On the other hand, Andy Fairweather Lowe (ex Amen Corner) is always good value for money.
  3. Doesn’t classic rock just have to have 3 chords, I, IV, V?
  4. Watch the vid to see how it’s played. Still a gimmick though, IMO.
  5. I think their version of the Beatles’ ‘Come Together’ using one of these is brilliant.
  6. Spot on. But our cat died...
  7. Other Vantage ‘strats’ max at around £200 on eBay currently (even complete with strings!). Enough left over to buy a power saw to do your own butchering?
  8. Well, to complete my education, I’ve just watched/listened to Mr Brightside on YouTube, and tbh, I can’t see the attraction. But as ever, see my sig below.
  9. Oh dear. I've only heard of two of them, and could only hum/sing one, which unfortunately is that awful dirge ‘My Way’. (But then I was born in the first half of the last century)
  10. Bummer, thought I’d got away with that......👹👹👹
  11. You’re correct, and I did mis-read the title, but having said that, were there better-known Paul McCartney solo offerings? With that Liverpool combo and/or with his missus and that ex-Moody Blues bloke, and credited accordingly, yes, but solo? And never having been a Bowie fan, the one I mentioned is the first of his songs I name.... But I agree, possibly I shouldn’t have posted either of these. Wrist considered slapped. 😩😩
  12. Suppose we could include Paul McCartney’s The Frog Chorus?
  13. Doesn’t that hold the record (!) for making the fastest charts descent ever from being number one? To keep on topic, Chuck Berry - My Ding-a-ling. Bowie - Laughing gnome
  14. I don’t think Bill Wyman did too badly out of just standing there and not smiling..... (saved his energy for “off the stage”, maybe?)
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