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  1. Baxlin

    Dodgy preamp?

    Funnily enough, I had a preamp EQ go last week - I've mounted an acoustic guitar EQ in a small box with jack in and out, to give more tonal control for my passive bass, and it just packed up, no warning, no dramatics, just no worky. Bought a replacement quite cheaply online, installed it this morning, and all OK again.
  2. Baxlin

    Using headphones on stage

    In our church band (where admittedly street cred isn’t necessarily top priority!) we use stand mounted individual mixers, and wired phones of choice. One guitarist has hearing problems, so uses over ears headphones. He normally stands towards the back, and it works for him, and no one seems to comment!
  3. Baxlin

    First gig played, where and when.

    1962-ish, aged 15. Eastwood (Notts) Church youth club. Vince Pinkerton and the Lawmen. Two guitars and a 3-drum kit. One shared amp, no bassist. Very professional outfit, as you can tell.
  4. Baxlin

    Aria- making a comeback?

    The OCD in me sees the strings as not being in the middle of the body. Couldn’t do with that.
  5. Baxlin

    Afternoon from Aylesbury 🤟

    Welcome Scarfey, from a near (but much older) neighbour!
  6. Baxlin

    Tuning - which order?

    Particularly on my EB3, even though I’ve moved the neck strap button, it’s still head heavy. Both basses have 2 x 2 tuners, so yes, it’s difficult to reach them. I take your point re accuracy though, thanks.
  7. Baxlin

    Tuning - which order?

    GDAE, and always tune it when on its stand, not when 'wearing' it, because both basses are long scale..... And re musicbassman's last comment, standing up, if anyone's interested!
  8. Baxlin

    This is very sad, but...........

    I was still working when I took my State pension, so didn’t really need it. I put the equivalent amount straight into a personal pension, for when I would need it. I was able to do Salary Sacrifice/Exchange, so my firm actually paid it, and added the employer’s NIC contribution which they would have had to pay had I not done SS. A win/win if ever there was one, when you add in the 25% tax free bit when I take the pension.
  9. Baxlin

    This is very sad, but...........

    Wise words, Gareth. I’m 72 next, only been retired for two and a half years, so still in the honeymoon stage I suppose. But I’m very seldom bored, I volunteer at a local charity refurbishing tools, play in two bands off and on, have a fantastic wife, daughters and grandchildren. Currently my daily drive car is off the road, so I’m having to use my Morganesque 3 wheeler kit car a lot more, which, with no doors, is gradually getting harder to get out of, so I’m making the most of it now. Seeing my 90 year old mother in law getting less mobile, means we are planning for when/if this happens to us. We have no downstairs loo, for instance, so I’m planning that to be dealt with this coming year. Getting old may sound depressing, but I don’t think that way - it’s just another phase of life. Embrace it!!
  10. Baxlin

    Who got plopped on for crimbo?

    Surely they would do the plopping?
  11. Baxlin

    This is very sad, but...........

    I used to get the £200 winter fuel payment, that is until Mrs B started getting her State Pension. Then half went to her...... (doesn’t really matter though, as we give it to the kids who need it more than we do)
  12. Baxlin

    Does anyone play the drums.

    I played drums in my youth (50+ years ago!), both kit and military style side drum, and a couple of years ago took drum lessons for about a year. Our church band is on a rota basis, and we had a new, brilliant, drummer join. First time we played together he asked if I played drums, as he detected an affinity in my bass playing. So maybe for me, the answer to the OP's question is yes?
  13. Baxlin

    Is it just me?

    No, it’s not just you. Even at her height I didn’t rate her. Too 'warbly' for me.
  14. Baxlin

    Acoustic session

    I posted a brief comment on another thread about playing acoustically, and doing so piqued my interest, so I thought I’d share it. I play bass in a purely jamming/hobby/non-gigging band (by choice, as we’re mostly in our 70s!), but have decent soundproofed facilities, with full PA, drum kit etc, so we don’t spare the volume when rehearsing. But we gave our first 'performance' last night, in front of our wives (!) in a living room, so went acoustic. No mikes, the drummer used a drum box and tambourine, I did use an amp, but very low. To our surprise, we thoroughly enjoyed it, even though any mistakes tended to be more obvious, not that there were that many.....
  15. Baxlin

    Anyone got any history on Encores?

    Funnily enough I played a short scale Encore bass last night! I’d sold it about 10 years ago to a pal who is now a bandmate, and we did a few songs acoustically (apart from the bass) at the band’s Christmas party at his house. Certainly a lot easier in a small room than my long scale EB3. And it fits into a standard Hiscox case - probably worth more than the bass - meant for a Strat-style six string. i also have an Encore solid guitar, which I love the action on.