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  1. Yesterday there was a teeny bit of a (self inflicted - ie I’d switched to the wrong pickup which was volume zero’d) problem in the first song, which meant no bass at all. Afterwards I asked around: the acoustic guitarist had noticed, but she’s a bass player anyway, the sound man noticed, as he should, but no-one else, not even Mrs B, noticed!! Brings you sown to earth a bit........
  2. Not really a fan of the carbon fibre look, but what a great job you have made of this bass. All my basses are black gloss - I might just look into wrapping one of them......
  3. OK, I only play at one church, but on a rota, so we have different lineups each service. We have evolved (Created??) a set of hand signals, both to move to verse/chorus/bridge, and to build/cut/end etc the song. TBH though, I think songs in church, while obviously covers, are meant, or at least ours are, for the congregation/audience to join in, rather than a performance, so the "should we nail it" question maybe isn’t as important. I do agree though, that the bassist does have the most freedom. Great, isn’t it! Malcolm
  4. We use them at both our Church premises. Seems a bit counter-productive that we then have the whole kit miked up, but it does give a balanced sound. We had thought of electronic kits, but all our (rota'd) drummers said no, they preferred the acoustic kits, even though it put them in a box. FWIW, both screens are 'roofed' and the one at the smaller venue is a complete box, with door! The drummer has individual mixer unit, with in-ears, as do all the band. At the larger venue, we have to pack down after the service, but we have a huge cupboard at the back of the stage, so the drum kit, in its screen is on a platform, on castors, which is pushed into the cupboard (complete with mikes etc), with other stuff packed round it. Takes about 10 minutes max to clear up, as the PA and bass subs are fixed.
  5. Check out James Eager on ebassguitar.com . Not only a good teacher but a nice bloke too.
  6. I have one, looks identical except mine has two inputs and a tweeter. I bought it 20-odd years ago from an old fellow who had been using it as an amp for his keyboard. I’ve used it on stage on occasion, but miked up. It's currently my practice amp, in my 'music corner', I play guitar, bass, and drum kit through it as the mood takes me......
  7. The Shadows (as said above). discovering Stax Records and for a Baby Boomer, inevitably The Beatles.
  8. We tend to group the set on 'who plays what'! (Mostly two guitars/bass/drums lineup, but lead and rhythm gits both also play keys, and we even swap drummers on a couple of songs.......)
  9. One very surprising thing (to me, anyway) has come out of this thread, and it’s that the majority of members/contributors seem to be shall we say 'of mature years'. I suppose at 72 I am at the upper end, but when I joined I expected to be in a very small minority. BTW, I’m scheduled in tomorrow evening's church band with Keys player in her late teens, Drummer in his 30s Leader/lead vocals in her 40s guitarist - 50s BV in his 60s.
  10. From an older BC member..... Fontella Bass. Rescue Me - still love the riff My Girl - the Otis Redding version, IMO less of a 'singalongaMax' treatment than the Temptations' version, and possibly the most popular song my band (or "group" as referred to in those days!) performed, our vocalist got it so right. If I Could Dream - Elvis Presley (although strictly speaking I was no longer a teenager in '68 when this was released as part of his 'Comeback Special' TV show)
  11. I try to 'nail it', but as Count Bassy said a few posts ago, the original can change. Take for instance the Beatles' Back in the USSR. The original bass part on the record has quite a riff, yet when McCartney plays it live (at least on YouTube) he only seems to pay the root notes, at least while he’s singing. So what is 'the original'?
  12. The aforementioned Vince Pinkerton and the Lawmen, complete with Solid 7! Photo taken 25th May 1962. Baxlin (aged 15) on drums..........
  13. Hope you get it sorted, I’ve had to adjust my fretting action due to osteoarthritis in my ring finger (can’t bend it much), I can only use the other three now. Unfortunately I can only see it getting worse....
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