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  1. Baxlin

    Paul McCartney: Overrated or What?

    You are correct in that GH championed the ukulele (I’ve had various examples myself, only sold when arthritis meant I couldn’t play properly, so I’m not biased against them), but it doesn’t change what IMO Sir Paul did to the song. And as I said, his bass on the original is brilliant.
  2. Baxlin

    Paul McCartney: Overrated or What?

    Me too! 'Something is a brilliant song, it was when PM murdered it "singalongaMax' style with his ukulele, (was it on 'Concert for George'?) that got me.....
  3. Baxlin

    Guitar Tabs, Very bad news

    Rather like the motto of the Norfolk Bakers..... 200 years inbread...
  4. Baxlin

    How Many Straps Have You Got?

    Just the two, one for each bass! First a plain black leather, with straplocks, the other, a leather one I’ve had for around 50 years which I use on the EB3. Always been a fan of Joe Brown, so the latter is adorned with small horse brasses, which I copied from JB's on his 335 Gibson back in the day. The unfortunate bit is that to fix the brasses on, the strap ceased to be adjustable, so in recent years I’ve had to rivet an extension onto it.......
  5. Baxlin

    Covers that 'made' the Original

    While Whitney Houston’s 'I will always love you' made it, I still prefer Dolly’s original, but Linda Ronstadt's version is my favourite.
  6. Baxlin

    Covers that 'made' the Original

    While I love Clapton's Derek and the Dominoes 'Layla', Clapton's own unplugged version takes the song even further. So in terms of this thread, is that a cover?
  7. Baxlin

    Right or Left?

    But make sure all your passengers are bracing themselves, and that there’s nothing following you...........
  8. Baxlin

    Who are you seeing live next?

    Booked to see Andy Fairweather Low at the end of March.
  9. Baxlin

    E BOOKS excuse my ignorence

    Ditto, until I went on holiday, and tried to read on my phone (or iPad) in sunlight.... Then I realised why I had had a basic Kindle.
  10. Baxlin

    Your reasons for quitting bands

    Only ever left one band...... To join the RAF! (all the other bands folded, or I’m still in them)
  11. Baxlin

    Tribute / derivative / rip-off songs

    Any "sampled" songs? Many follow-ups to a debut hit? (Eg Searchers, Sugar and Spice following Sweets for my Sweet)
  12. Not done a paying gig for getting on for 50 years! And I sat behind a kit in those days. (And they were called bookings then, not gigs....). I do regularly play bass in public as part of our church band, is this 'gigging'?
  13. Baxlin

    Do you name your basses?

    I’m about as imaginative, mine are 'the solid' and 'the new one'.....
  14. Baxlin

    Bands Named After Song Lyrics

    Steps, a contraction of Three Steps to Heaven?
  15. Baxlin

    The Searchers - best ever covers band?

    Went to see John McNally's Searchers a couple of years ago, and TBH was a bit disappointed, JM particularly dare I say a bit 'past it'. So I think they’ve made the right decision. Also saw Mike Pender last year, on a bill with New Amen Corner (now there’s a great covers band!!) still very enthusiastic, but like all of us, showing his age...... But when I think about having seen them live in the 60s, there’s no wonder!