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  1. Sleeping Single in a double bed (Barbara Mandrell)
  2. For once in my life (Stevie Wonder)
  3. Looks good, I’ll pass details to our worship leader. At the moment we are using a drum box rather than the full kits at either venue, so the clear drum screens have been ‘recycled’ into a band and preacher screen.
  4. Update... Checked on Hermes site this morning, it says they are still wailing for it from the seller - emailed the seller, who still says dispatched on 21st, and that the Hermes’ site is wrong (or the inference they’ve lost it?). Fortunately it’s not urgent, so I can wait a few more days.
  5. I’m waiting for an eBay item (supposedly) dispatched on the 21st via Hermes 48hr courier. Hopefully arriving tomorrow?
  6. Otis and Fa-Fa-Fa-Fa-Fa (It’s a sad song). But then I love Stax style music.
  7. Played in a Ceilidh band a few times, where other members were husband, wife, son and nephew, all with the same surname, Lee, so I was introduced as an ‘honorary Lee’. It wasn’t until later I thought to mention that my mother’s maiden name was. Lee.
  8. Again, not quite a sibling, but I was in bands with my cousin - the nearest I have to a brother - in our teens in the 60s, busked with him in the 1970s, and now, in our 70s, record remotely (we live about 100 miles apart) with him purely for our own amusement.
  9. I heard the old Frankie Laine song ‘Answer me’ covered by a female singer many years ago, who I found out was a young Barbara Dickson. It was an advance play of a single from her forthcoming LP (shows how long ago it was!). I couldn’t wait to buy the album, and she’s been one of my favourite all time female singers ever since, even though I’m not too keen on her trad folk stuff, but that’s a genre thing. Similarly Green Onions (Booker T etc) introduced me to Stax, still another favourite.
  10. Seeing/hearing this young lady - Alana Alberg - almost made me want to give up bass playing.....
  11. Re ^^^^ A lover of headless Warwicks might go Googley eyed over it, just to make a silly point.... Is that good enough?
  12. Do you mean ‘a bit like Harleys’? Joking, joking, only joking, honest!
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