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  1. The info about the list didn’t come from my memory, my brother in law still rows for the Union (he’s now Veteran, and old enough to know better!), and he told me about it fairly recently. Malcolm
  2. I think you mean the Union, with the list of bands. i used to row for the Boat club in the 60s, and as a full member, the three clubs (before the Boat and the Brit merged) allowed each others' full members free entry to their events. One evening I saw Cliff Bennett and the RRs, Ainsley Dunbar Retaliation, and another band whose name I forget at the 3 clubs. The bands were booked up to a year in advance, so the Union had Quo, when Pictures of Matchstick Men was in the charts, and Honeybus, when they were on their way to No1with Can’t let Maggie Go. We had The Impressions at the Boat, and local band Ten Years After made the occasional appearance. great times, and hope the OP's set went well.
  3. Never been a Madonna fan (IMO she even ruined American Pie), but according to the BBC she had dancers wearing both Israeli and Palestinian flags on their costumes.
  4. In our church band, we are regularly introduced to new songs on the day, and have several worship leaders, so even if we play familiar songs, they are often in different keys. Band members are on a rota, meaning we play with different musicians each week, and only have an hour or so rehearsal before the service, so we use iPads with words and chords. Also, our wired in-ears are each fed by a Me-i, which we all have on stands, so an iPad on a holder doesn’t add much...
  5. I hasten to add, we have CCLI licence/subscription/membership or whatever!
  6. To answer post #1, yes, often! Mainly because when we introduce a new song, we don’t usually have dots, only have words and chords, and possibly a YouTube vid. So that means it can be open season, so long as it doesn’t detract from the words. Malcolm
  7. Bought a 'damaged' (but new) semi acoustic bass from Gear4music, at just over half price. The only damage was theat the jack socket had come unscrewed and had dropped into the body. Ten minutes with a bit of bent wire, and a locknut from my spares box fixed it. Thanks G4M!
  8. Bernard Fowler (?) was featured in a programme the other evening, on one of the Freeview channels, it seems he’s been a 'member' of the Stones for over 30 years, even covering on lead vocals while Mick's 'gone for a pee'.
  9. Yes, it was meant to be a joke, Blue, obviously it didn’t travel very well across the Pond. Apologies
  10. Networked iPad on stand with Me-i in-ears personal mixer in Church band, which includes talk-back. Both are useful, to deal seamlessly with any changes 'on the hoof'.
  11. Just got home from seeing Andy Fairweather Low locally in Tring, with his bigger band - Lowriders and Highriders. Such a versatile bloke, nearly 71 years of age, OK, a couple of the old Amen Corner songs might have come down a key or two, but still brilliant, a description which also fits the band. Great evening, and only 10 minutes from home!
  12. And here I thought it was Fleetwood Mac 😇
  13. He uses very expensive wrapping paper?
  14. Thanks for posting that DaveFry. I suppose the alternative is just to drop the E, but this would upset the '4ths' tuning.
  15. I went to see the BBC Concert Orchestra last night, and noticed that all the Double Basses had an extra 'appendage' alongside the head. Although I was in the second row, I wasn’t close enough to count the strings, but is this for a 5th string?
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