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  1. Albert Lee and his Musicman (but i understand he had or had an intetest in the company
  2. “And our friends are all aboard, many more of them live next door”. Eh? How many more than ‘all’ do you have?
  3. Barry Manilow ‘I write the songs’...... Well, that was one he didn’t write!
  4. Don’t laugh, but I always thought he was saying ‘Scuse me while I kiss this guy’......
  5. Our church band uses OnSong, very good for transposing when different worship leaders want different keys.
  6. Dunno, in my teenage years, an ex who I stayed friends with phoned me to suggest I went out with her younger sister. Which I did for a year or so, quite happily.
  7. ‘But you’d sure miss it if it wasn’t there’ would have been a reasonable response......
  8. I know what you mean.... ”Just single notes until the last chorus, please Malc”...
  9. IIRC there’s a YouTube vid by Brian May’s guitar tech showing all the guitars he could use during a concert. Live Aid 1985, he starts Crazy Little thing on what looks like an Ovation, and switches to a Telecaster during the song. (Freddie also playing aTele?) staying with Teles, there’s also Rossi and Parfitt, maybe?
  10. I agree, I find/found it hard to progress from the mnemonics to actually knowing the notes automatically. I still can’t go straight from the dot to the fret, without going via the Alphabet. Working on it though.
  11. It’s even worse if you watch the video...........
  12. Not a patch on the Hilda Baker/Arthur Mullard version of You’re the One that I Want’, I’m afraid.....
  13. Very nice. And at Easter they can do ‘There is a green hill’ to the same tune!
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