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  1. I use an old 60w Tramp OHM keyboard amp, it handles as much bass as I want to put through it at home, but it also is happy with the range of the YouTube tracks I’m putting through the second input. TBH, I also use it to drive the lecky drum kit if I’m not in a “bass” mood......
  2. Fingers almost exclusively, but I also use my index finger as a pick, ie finger and thumb together as if holding a plectrum, and striking the string (with the finger nail side) rather than plucking it. I first started this years ago when I was playing guitar and dropped my last plectrum through the sound hole while on stage, so just had to go for it, found it worked for me, so continued......
  3. American family band ‘The Petersens’. https://YouTube.be/viQx4KDivPY Edit ; the link goes to more than Jolene. 🙁
  4. I’ve no chance then - when live streaming with our church band, I have to wear a facemask........
  5. Not one particular track, but take a YouTube look at the MonaLisa Twins.
  6. Depressing, I know, but I can’t remember having any particular ambitions as a child. But I was in a ‘group’ (band) at 15 in 1962, “Vince Pinkerton and the Lawmen”. Thank goodness I had a kind Dad, with a car, as taking a drum kit on the ‘bus wasn’t really feasible..........
  7. Sorry, Dude, for trashing a genuine thread, but an image of Donald Trump resorting to crime hit me when I saw the title. That it’s stupid o’clock in the morning is my only excuse, and I hope another BC-er comes along soon with a sensible answer.....
  8. Not gigging exactly, but I had a phone call late this afternoon, could I help out with a recording our church youth band was making, for streaming on Sunday, as one of the band was having to self-isolate. Three things 1. At 73, I’m a bit old for the youth band, 2, i didn’t know the song, and 3, it was to play drums.......(I sold my kit in 1968, and have played hardly ever since then) Anyway, we muddled through, fortunately, I won’t be in shot on the video!
  9. While I’m not in the market for (yet) another bass, I have to say these are some brilliant responses, chaps. Just what Basschat is all about. 👍👍
  10. To me to you (Bruv) - Tinchy Stryder and the Chuckle Brothers
  11. Possibly the longest and most devious connection, which I’ll explain if needed, but... I’d like to teach the world to sing (New Seekers)
  12. I just got straight in with the same info as here. But I had a look the other day, and was amazed how few posts there were compared with BC. Difficulty logging in may have something to do with it. Or maybe not.
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