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  1. richardd

    Peavey MiniMax mint £200 Posted

    I will message you later.Rich ☺
  2. richardd

    Peavey MiniMax mint £200 Posted

    Some folks like to spend than they need Lozz😊
  3. Hope you are well Dan.Have you retired from playing ,selling all this gear ?
  4. richardd

    Peavey MiniMax mint £200 Posted

    Cancel it ,you have 14 days 😊
  5. In mint condition in original box 500 watt built in tuner ,carrybag power lead .£200 collected from Grantham Lincs or will post next day delivery for £220.Thanks for looking .☺
  6. richardd

    Feedback for Iana

    Just bought yet another Berg HD 1X12 from Ian, easy peasy deal Thanks again Ian Both cabs sound great with the GK1001RB☺
  7. Still no trades Dan ?☺
  8. Hi Dan Is this a USA Manufacture ?
  9. richardd

    Feedback for Skinner

    Drove down to Weedon to collect a super Aguilar cab .Lovely guy Sean ,A true Baschater,Thanks Sean,And a Merry Christmas.Rich ☺
  10. richardd

    Aguilar GS 412 trouser flapper

    Hi Skinner ,Could tell me how tall it is please .Rich ☺
  11. richardd

    Feedback for DigbyLLovatt

    Digby drove over from Norfolk to collect his new GK cab.A pleasure Digby.Nice guy deal with confidence.Thank You .☺