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  1. Never thought I would do this,but we are who we are.😊My Fender Road Worn Jazz in Fiesta Red .2010 9lbs in weight.I have owned a few of these over the years as a few of you will recall,but this is by far the best,but never had a bad one.So Fiesta Red minty scratch original torte one included,tug bar faux earth strip rear headstock button and of course a ciggie burn.comes in a quality gig bag,Bass is in Grantham Lincs for collection or meet within reason ,would post at cost .I know a lot of people do not like the Road worn series ,if that is the case please don't clog up this post with negatives,No trades or offers .Thank you,if you have. read this post.☺
  2. Sold—Markbass 151RJ cab- new!

    Think it is in Croatia Jack
  3. Hi .Done that but nothing obvious,Two braces up and across are close together so put some foam in between ,But still there when you really punch the low notes.Just played again this morning and you could easy do a small pub gig no problem,just when you wind it up a bit.Is there anyone within 50 miles that are okay to take a look inside,☺ .
  4. Gen 1 2x12T.I sold this cab to someone on here a few weeks ago as I thought in perfect working order,But the guy said it was resonating at higher volume. and wanted his money back,so in the spirit of Basschat I did that,So it does seem to do what he says,fine at lower volume but something is not as it should be when you hit a loud note.I have had lots of advice on the Barefaced group site of various fixes most seem to agree even Alex that it is a baffle problem inside the cab.Not being very diy I have not delved into the cab.Alex is not very sure of me having the correct packageing to send to Brighton.And I don't fancy a 200 mile drive.Alex is certain it is not the drivers,but the carpentry.So I am offering this for sale At a price of £300.sure someone on here can sort this ,and have a monster cab .Cab is is in Grantham Lincs .Anyone is welcome to come as try.Or if happy with my decription,would glady meet somen here.If anyone is interested,Please call 07710153025 if you would like a chat or anymore information.Thanks for reading all of this,Not sure what else to do except put it in the shed.😊Rich Can now courier
  5. 8Hartke Hydrive 1x15 plus a 2x10 both 500 watt @8ohms, in great condition.would split 1x15 £340 2x10 240. collection or meet only.cabs are in Grantham Lincs. could post the 2x10 only☺trade 1x15 for a compact.
  6. Not quiet all Italian made .☺
  7. Hi all.Longshot I know,but is anyone in the East Midlands traveling down to Brighton in the near future as I need to get my cab down to Alex for a speaker resonating problem which I. cannot fatham.Would obviously cotribute to your fuel cost,just don't fancy a 400 mile trip.Thanks for reading this if you have .Rich ☺
  8. As above 19 inch wide 13 deep ☺
  9. Feedback for John T

    duplicate 😊
  10. Feedback for John T

    John drove up from Worcester to deliver a beautiful Yamaha bass.That is what I call a great Basschater.Thank you very much John,hope you had an easier journey home .Best Rich ☺
  11. Wanted a Gator or similar 2 unit rack bag, to accommodate a Hartke 3500 mosfet head.needs to be 19 inch across and 13 inch deep.,☺