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  1. Best TKMAX scales.wavering a bit ,But comes in at 3 kgs 7lbs,Rich
  2. You have to give stuff away now Geoff,Even then they want you to deliver it.😊
  3. When they come around Aldi do a nice little dolly big castors ,fits under a 4x10 nicely And only 9 quid.😊
  4. Hi Kevin,Cannot find the weight anywhere on line,It is not a lightweight,but it is quite narrow with a handle either side,so easy to lift,I am 75 and can put it easy into the back on pf my Scenic,Sorry I cannot be of any more help.Maybe Ashdown could possible help,they are very amenable down there,Rich ☺
  5. Not sure Marc, I have no scales,but certainly not a heavy weight ,Would think around the 9lbs.Just about to reduce it a bit,Rich ☺
  6. Ashdown Classic 2x12 cab 300watt at 4 ohms Only £150 from Grantham Lincs or meet within reason.Thanks for looking .Rich ☺
  7. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  8. Yamaha BB 404 made in Taiwan,In very good condition ,new barrel jack socket fitted.All works as it should, comes in a serviceable gigbag.Collection from Grantham Lincs or meet within reason .This is the case but not the bass😊 Thanks for looking ☺.
  9. Bought on here from Alain ( EAD)This lovely 62 reissue Jazz bass in Faded Olympic White,not playing much at all theses days.😥 so just sits on its stand wanting to be played.Circa 2003/5 Rosewood board a few little dings here and there nothing major,a pre ead owner put a large sicker on the back ,probably to stop buckle rash,hence not faded like the rest on the body,This does not detracts from it being a super bass to play.Comes in a nice oblong case ,Collection or meet ,as I have no box and Halfords are being mardy.Thanks for looking.Rich☺
  10. A sturdy Hiscox case,seen some travel ,but in overall good condition,all clips work no dents or holes.Prefer collection from Grantham Lincs but would post at cost.Just to say Bass is not inclued in the sale .😊
  11. Hi does it still use a battery if so is the cover still there,?
  12. Spot on Stealth,Yes it has a two unit space,but previous owner put black wooden side pieces on so any two unit amp will fit.All will be clear when pics get up .Rich ☺
  13. Sadly cannot make the show,so I have for sale 1 Ticket for Sunday the 29th Manchester convention centre.Will email it to you with receipt.PM if interested.Thanks Rich ☺
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