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  1. Goodness that’s a tough question. I have run SWR through SWR, Eden through SWR, Eden through Eden, Ampeg through Eden (stinky poo), Aguilar through Aguilar, Tech 21 through Aguilar (stinky poo), Hartke through TC Electronic (lots of muscle not much personality) and now Mesa through Aguilar SL 112’s which I love… but recently bought an Ashdown ABM 600 and Ashdown ABM 2x10 and 115 cabs and it sounds immense.😃 So for me it’s a draw so far, personally I trust my ears not my eyes.
  2. Thanks mate, I think I may have cable ocd.😂
  3. Yep totally normal for a standard ray.
  4. I’ll second that. I always wanted one but wouldn’t pay over £200 for a clean one.
  5. I’ve had two sandbergs one with Delano’s and one with Black Label pickups. The Delano’s were a bit more adaptable, however the black labels were immense for rock and metal.
  6. If you know your Motörhead lyrics and Lemmy’s play on words it’s not in bad taste imho. 😊👍
  7. Sad news. Many happy teenage memories playing along to Eliminator! RIP Amigo
  8. For sale official Fender Jazz Roasted Maple neck. Excellent condition and no fret wear. Fitted with nickel Hipshot HB1 Machine Heads and a Brass Nut. The only two blemishes I can find on the neck are small lacquer cracks around the E string tuner ferrule and a small hairline lacquer crack before the first fret which appeared when the brass nut was fitted by OV Guitars in Abergavenny (see pics). Apart from that it’s perfect. UK mainland postage only £10
  9. Get tempted by this beauty safe in the knowledge that the seller is a decent guy who really looks after his basses. If Matt says it’s 10/10, it sure is! 👍
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