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  1. NBD - Excess Roger Glover in the new Marianne Antoinette Blue. Well worth the 6 month wait through BD (thanks Will). Very modern sounding with a very adaptable Eq. Usual amazing Vigier build quality. May well turn out to be a Swiss Army Bass for all occasions. One happy Basschatter! 😊
  2. I have to wean myself off the website, then occasionally I slip, before you know it I’m on the motorway and we know what happens then. It’s a trap! 🤣
  3. Before or after the Excess arrived? 😁
  4. …. So after buying a superb secondhand Vigier Excess 5 from Mattbass6 on this forum, I realised I’m not such an intuitive 5 string player and sold it on vowing that I would get another Vigier. Being simply blown away by the craftsmanship I had to get a 4 string. One pilgrimage to Bass Direct in Warwick (thanks Ashley and Mark) later, I am the proud owner of this beauty… My goodness it’s fast, punchy, modern and I love it! 😊
  5. Hi Matt Nice Spector fella, that looks and I suspect sounds splendid. You can’t fault these basses. I still love my Euro 40th - it does rock like no other. ps thanks for getting me into Vigier…… it’s become a bit of a Passion? 🤣 Rhys 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿
  6. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  7. As a Bongo fan I can vouch for just how adaptable and playable these basses are. Great colour and great condition, frankly I think you’re bonkers selling it, but none the less GLWTS 😉
  8. I recently picked one of these up for just over a 1/3rd of the RRP having always been a bit of a SZ fan from the 90’s. Having looked at comments and reviews from the other Bass forum, I was a bit concerned with the judgement that it was a posh Bassballs with a high price tag. I am admittedly a bit of a Bassballs fan but I’d be lying if I didn’t mention it can be a bit of a bull in China Shop IMO. Anyway back to the Funk Face, what a superb usable pedal with lots of accessible funk and no loss of bottom end! Caution is required not to go mental with the settings, however a bit of restraint and things are really usable. I even did the Bass run from Number of the Beast with it on! 🤣🤘 😊
  9. I bought Matt’s Ashdown Funk Face. I recommend him, good comms and a nice guy. 👍😊
  10. I’ve tried the standard US Bass Big Muff and it certainly wasn’t for me. But to be be fair I’ve tried a lot of Bass Fuzzes that I didn’t like, either too raspy or a lack of low blend.
  11. I’ve owned two Bongo’s. I missed my first graphite one so much that no sooner than I saw a Rolls Burgundy one for sale in Mansons I literally jumped in the car drove to Exeter and bought it! Seriously great sound great playability and my Swiss Army Bass! 😊
  12. Two months old Boss Waza Air headphones. Frustratingly no soon did I buy these they announced the Bass specific version. They have been used once to set up so are completely as new. Boxed with instructions. £5 uk mainland postage only. Payment by BT or PayPal f&f.
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