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  1. I can’t see that demand has dropped off tbh. They seem to attract devotees, a few of which have popped up on here! 😁
  2. A bit of an update following a conversation with Mark at Bass Direct last week. The rumours are true, Vigier will wind up production at the end of 2023. Patrice is 68 and wants to retire, however the distribution side of the business High Tech Distribution will continue with Patrice’s daughter heading up that side of the business. Bass Direct have one more Passion 5 on order but that’s all folks! Thinking of Pedulla etc, it really brings home the fact that some of the major high end manufacturers are not getting any younger.
  3. This…… I can still remember the lack of tone no matter what you pressed. And it weighed about as much as a nuclear reactor!
  4. Ain’t that the truth! 😂👍
  5. I’ve never found Class D to be particularly unreliable. My class A/B Eden was a complete stinky poo show that I ended up selling on after 3 repairs! Loved the sound though. Class D don’t appear to be particularly easy to repair from some stories, but that’s not my own personal experience.
  6. If you take the time to read the post I back up my “personal” claim. Everyone’s different and have different tastes. I have found some of the comments in the post quite educational though! 👍
  7. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  8. Can someone clarify if that is Class AB heresy or Class D Heresy? If it’s Class D heresy the fire will be cooler. 😂
  9. As originator of the post I have to say it is quite presumptuous to label that all are listening with their eyes. Sure there maybe AB tests that are non conclusive for specific applications. There are also people for and against on the forum. I would guess that most of these opinions are based upon personal experience, listening and specific applications. They are also free of political agenda.
  10. And that may be true for Genz Benz. However like everyone else on this forum (I suspect, but don’t know because I am not them) I trust my ears. It’s not always the signal at fault, it’s the way it gets delivered. 😊✌️
  11. I have been at pains to comment a number of times that it is my opinion and that everyone has different tastes and requirements. However, you have no factual foundation to base your observation that my comments on Class D are “based upon your predetermined ideas than reality in my experience”. So your comments are based upon your predetermined bias of what you think I’m hearing… and that in the best light is presumptuous.
  12. Who better to assess what makes me happy?
  13. I have considered it, but by the time you add vibrating boards, good headphones, transmitters etc, id rather just go DI rig, monitor and -15db plugs to cut out the cymbals.
  14. It’s not just Class D, I had an Eden WT550 that plopped itself mid gig, nightmare! It then got worse as the uk tech couldn’t repair it had to send a new preamp board over from the US. Then a few months later the fan went and it overheated and cut out mid gig. I got it repaired and solid it, but I was an inch away from a Basil Fawlty Moment in the Car Park. I loved the Eden sound, but the build quality of my particular unit was Friday pm at Longbridge in the 1970’s.
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