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  1. I loved the crowns and the red Spector Logo, but was less fussed on the paint tbh. However I always loved the sound of this one. Glad your enjoying her, don’t put stickers over the red greatness :)
  2. Just a small point, your bass has an active EMG MM pickup not the cheaper EMG HZ on the earlier model! 🤓
  3. A Euro is a great bass to go for. As for the finish I’ve seen a clear matt in stained black or gloss finish in most other colours. The Matt finish seems more rare on the Euro though and was mostly used on the now discontinued Rebop bolt on neck basses. 👍
  4. Iain bought my Barefaced Cab recently. What a great bloke! Super comms, prompt payment and a real pleasure to deal with. You can buy from or sell to Iain with confidence. 😊👍
  5. Back up for sale as a sale didn’t happen. The other two cabs have gone to BCers. Let’s find a new home for the last one😊
  6. I’m amazed this is still here?! A lot of limited ed bass for the money...
  7. I would rather sell as a complete cab and cover tbh. Sorry
  8. Sorry Fella - you won't be disappointed though - one person can easily lift a cab and they sound amazing on their own let alone coupled as three.
  9. Orange Four Stroke 500 Head in as new condition complete with lead manual and footswitch. Switched on less than 10 times and completely immaculate. Im only selling as I really (sadly) don't need this much power as Im not gigging atm. Sounds very clean and meaty and has an amazingly adaptable EQ (good enough for a certain Mr Harris). Would prefer collection or meet up but can be shipped to UK Mainland for £30. Payment by BT or Paypal Gift. No Trades sorry. Please see BC feedback for Rhysyjob
  10. SKB 2u Short Rack Case - completely mint and as new with screws. Never left the house, hence 100% condition with no scrapes or scuffs. Perfect for an amp. Only selling as I am not using it for a rig I dreamed up so no longer needed. UK Mainland postage £20 Payment by BT or Paypal gift. No trades please See Basschat feedback for Rhysyjob.
  11. For sale - 1 mint Barefaced Two10 S ( switchable12/4 ohms) Cabinets with Barefaced Covers. cab is boxed. The cabs have only been used 3 times and never gigged hence they are 100% as new and unmarked. I am only selling because I really don't need this much power (sigh). They can be switched to 12 ohms to run as a 6x10 that you can lift and fit in a hatchback, or used as stand alone cabs switched to 4 ohms. Needless to say they sound amazing and easily rival a 8X10 Will spilt £450 each cab plus £25 UK mainland postage (per cab) Payment via BT or Paypal Gift No Trades Please Collection welcome (especially if you are buying the three)
  12. And so you should be mate 😊 This Bass is a beast!
  13. Better still, have multiple Spectors. They are very addictive! 😁
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