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  1. Squier Hardware for a 51 bass project. Bridge, control plate and Jack plate. All including screws. £5 postage mainland uk
  2. Add all those combinations of variables and you get emergent properties. Maybe it’s this magic combination of all the variables that gives this unique feel, sound and touch. Additionally we assume that the player stays the same throughout, maybe.....
  3. Apologies - to add something to this thread about different basses. I've had three Precisions, Japanese, American and Mex, I didn't get on with any of them really, maybe I just don't like Precisions! But add a J pickup and I get interested... I had a US Jazz which was nice (but it had to go as the Wife hates 3 tone sunburst) and then I tried a Mex Jazz in a shop and loved that... Ive had two Bongo's (still have one), they seemed consistent. Ive had two MM US Sub's the second kicked the hell out of the first one, and ultimately I sold them both. Upon reflection, I've come to the conclusion I am MAD! LOL!
  4. All good thanks Matt and I hope the same for you. Bass now sports heavier stings, but has the same care lavished on her as you gave mate. I cannot praise Vigier enough, stunning build quality. 🙏
  5. However, I love it! 😁 We’re all different and so are basses!
  6. As new unused from mex jazz bass. free mainland uk postage.
  7. Concentric Stack Knob Jazz Bass wiring and knobs. Harness taken from a flea bass. Perfect for a Jazz conversion. all as new. Free mainland uk postage.
  8. 07C53B38-B11C-4062-BACC-5D989ED3059A.webp D7B676EE-4E65-4CC7-B6F6-5BDBDDC30BC9.webp
  9. This is an old Kay short scale catalogue Bass. Originally came with no scratch plate a two tone black/grey burst body and neck as well as other colours. I had one as a starter bass and can confirm they had an action like the Severn Bridge! 🤣
  10. Well Done Jackson/Fender that truly is the most horrendous thing I've seen since ………
  11. That's a lovely piece. I have one of the blue 40th anniversary models and it GROWLS!
  12. Gallien Krueger 108 25w Bass Combo, excellent condition unmarked and less than a year old. Complete with instructions and mains lead. UK mainland postage £20 or collection in line with social distancing. uk only paypal gift or BT Durable Portability - Effortless transport for rehearsals and 25 watts of power for intimate venues. Tough vinyl covering protected with metal corners provide lasting protection. Custom Speaker Design - Speaker designed and manufactured by GK in the U.S.A. Connectivity - Headphone output for silent practice plus aux input. Ultra Light Weight - Aluminum chassis, switch mode power supply and power amp deliver 25W performance in a rugged 17lb package. Our design team tuned the port for optimum performance while coupled to the cabinets specific designed speaker. Protection - Internal circuitry is always on the alert to problems, indicated at the power switch ring. Driver By GK - Special driver with 1" coper voice coil, designed just for this cabinet, manufactured in the GK USA factory. Critically Damped - Our design team tuned the port for optimum performance while coupled to the cabinets specific designed speaker. The port coupled with a specific jute blend of damping material provides the right amount of damping at the right frequencies, for optimum response. Specifications Power - 25 Watts Dimensions - 14.5x12.5x12.5" Speakers - 1x8"
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