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  1. That is beautiful. Does not needing it matter when you want it ?
  2. I’m tempted to buy another Dingwall after selling my ABii and ABZ about 5 years ago. This is really nice.
  3. That is a lovely stingray 5 Makes me want to buy.
  4. This is really subjective. Cliff Williams, not adventurous at all and I get bored playing his bass lines. Would I see that bigger picture, play his bass lines and perform where and when AC/DC have played for over 40 years. Oh yes I would.
  5. Thanks Japanaxe. Instinctively I thought that was the case, but didn’t wanna wreck the head.
  6. I’m the owner of an Orange 500 terror bass head and I understand the standby for 2 mins while turning it on, but do you need to leave it at standby when turning it off? Maybe sounds like a total newby question but all the online content talks about everything to do with Standby on power up and nothing about Standby on power down cheers
  7. Sold an ACG custom build 5 string J bass about 3 months after it arrived due to needing to raise cash to repair part of my garden boundary wall that was dangerous to leave as it was. I put all of my thought into the bass and it was delicious but now there’s a fellow BC’er in Scotland owns it now. That ACG and a peach of a Steve Harris Spec. blue sparkle P bass, that to this day makes me wonder what I was thinking when I sold them. If I could turn back time I’d sit on both of these.
  8. I really fail to see the point of this. I’d be totally lost on it. 4 or 5 strings and maybe 6 at a stretch is all I can deal with. Am I alone in this ?
  9. It sounds fuller to me. Maybe that’s another mans sustain - but my point is that it sounds different. The choice of bridges now is a bit mesmerising and I read good things about a lot of bridges but didn’t wanna drop top dollar for something I then regretted. So it’s been an experiment of a sort that left me wondering would the badass II be as much better as it is more expensive than the fender? I really didn’t expect to feel any better about it so I’m surprised....
  10. I’d read and heard discussions around the hi mass / stock bridge upgrade subject and pulled the trigger on a hi mass fender for my jazz. After installing it yesterday and having a noodle on it, I have to say that there is a difference in the sound. I really only went for the fender option as it was the cheapest as I didn’t want to invest cash to find no difference at all but I’m now wondering would a more expensive version of an upgrade be a more noticeable difference. Ive never been one to get drawn into buying a bass and making lots of hardware changes to it, as I’ve been more content with a good set of Ernie balls , a good amp and four fingers and a thumb to play it with for finding my sound. I’ve a harmonic booster and a b3k for a gritty edge and that’s about as effected I am. Anyone have good bad or indifferent experiences from bridge upgrades ?
  11. Darkglass alpha omicron pedal. If youre looking at this you probably know what theyre all about. In excellent condition with original box. No longer a real need so cant justify keeping it; and someone else might as well be enjoying it. Can post to UK
  12. That is bass porn at its obscene best 👍
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