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  1. I am from a part of the Uk where there are just about zero opportunities to try before I buy unless it’s a gumtree or FB hookup. Apologies if my question was negative. I stand by my opinion though on the headstock, as it looks like the value line from Tesco
  2. Thanks to the mod who helped me out here…👍
  3. Darkglass B3k pedal. Does all it says it does really well, and you’ve all heard about them. Its just taking up space as the harmonic booster is sufficient for my needs now so needs a new home. Postage in UK included in price.
  4. Black coffee has impulse control issues 🤣
  5. yeah, the metro express line. Sadowsky is clearly quality, but £725 price mark for a sadowsky ? ive no chance of a play on one anywhere, just wonder if anyone else has?
  6. I will apologise first if this has already been discussed . The Sadowsky metro basses. Are they too good to be true at that price ? And eh….that headstock ……. looks like a fisher price toy
  7. Source audio after shock one series pedal. Tube, heavy and fuzz switch for three options to shape your sound. Its in immaculate condition. The original packaging box is with it. Postage included in UK
  8. I’ve been wanting to try one of these for ages and now that I have scratched the itch it’s time to move it on. This is the 4th Dingwall I’ve had the pleasure of owning and it’s as good as the two ABZs and the ABii I owned previously. Really cool finish that looks a slightly different shade of blue depending on the light. I’ve tried to capture it as best i can in the pics. No issues or problems, just does what it says on the tin and comes with a rather tasty and plush Dingwall gig bag too. Excellent E string or tune it lower if you wish for serious havoc on a four string. Im not really wanting trades as I could do with the cash, but you never know - so just ask and the worst I can say is no thanks. Ive based the price on one that was for sale several months ago at £1100 but get in touch if you have a reason why I may be content with less. Postage included in UK.
  9. Eh…..is this still available for sale ?
  10. Ludwig Black Beauty 14x6.5” snare drum. Basically unplayed and in immaculate as new condition. Maybe you know a drummer who would want one a few hundred quid less than a new one? I can post in UK
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