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  1. Sorry Ive been off the airwaves for a bit.
  2. Sad news today for fans of Rush and the music world in general. Drumming legend lays his sticks down for the last time. Awesome talent lost to history
  3. That is a thing of beauty. Gotta love those custom shop basses. GLWTS
  4. This is a delicious looking bass. Ive had the pleasure of owning one of these custom shop basses and they are excellent. GLWTS
  5. This is the perfect combination of desire and lack of money. Beautiful instrument. Wish I had the cash. GLWTS
  6. Beautiful example of my favourite fender jazz. GLWTS
  7. Cant believe this is still here. An ACG is a quality bass. Probably the best basses you havent played actually and bigwan is sound to deal with have a bump on me ....
  8. These are the mutts nutts of basses for this price. I owned a blue one and it sounded sweeter than my 25th anniv stingray. Lovely instruments.
  9. I would believe that. They are deceptively easy to play.
  10. Lovely looking bass. ACG is an itch that needs scratched again, after selling my custom build I deeply regretted it but circumstances required it.
  11. Thats a mighty fine bass. Would love to be in a position to buy. Until then have a bump and glwts
  12. That's dangerous talk Ian. is there one leaving if you tee this up ?
  13. This is a gorgeous looking specimen of Alan's work. ACG are great basses.
  14. Id love one of these. It looks so good, as if all the rough edges of the previous models have been removed. GLWTS
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