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  1. Where does genuine need become the overriding factor when GAS is about. Id love to hear this in operation, as I had a streamliner and GB cab setup some years ago and it was lush. GLWTS , shame you didn’t get to crank it up more after taking ownership.
  2. I have the 5 string version of this and it’s a beauty. Deceptively good basses for the money, and knocks spots off the competition at the mid table bass section. This posting has posed a problem for me as I’d like to make it a set......
  3. Love that custom shop bass. Mutts nutts...
  4. I hear this calling me, and it’s a melancholy sound....🧐
  5. This is my Fender elite series jazz 5 string which was purchased new from guitar guitar last summer and has never actually left the house to go anywhere. 18v preamp and passive/active toggle switch give a wide palette of tones and its a pleasure to play currently strung with Ernie ball strings. Ive other things needing paid so it unfortunately is having to leave without firing a shot in anger, but hey ho that’s life nowadays. Lush quality bass that comes with the Fender black hard case, many hundred pounds cheaper than a new one. UK sales only please, any questions just ask. Postage within UK included in price.
  6. I once owned one of these but this is the first time I’ve seen the maple neck on it and it’s gorgeous. any trades ??
  7. These pedals need no introduction and it’s in immaculate condition with the original box still with it. It has lived on my pedal board for several months and if I’ve used it half a dozen times that’s about it. Postage to UK only included in price.
  8. I’ve sent you a Personal Message. Click in the small envelope at the top right area of the page.
  9. Havent forgot to weigh it. just havent had even half a chance. it isnt heavy so 4.5kg sounds close : but I will get it done this afternoon.
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