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  1. Darkglass vintage microtubes pedal. If you’re looking at this you know all about them, and this has just sat on my pedalboard unused for too long as the harmonic booster I have does all I need at the minute. Velcro on it can be removed easily. I could post it, but only in UK please.
  2. Rickenbacker basses are the one bass I love to look at but can’t get on with to play. Ive owned three - a fretless 4003, a fretted 4003 and a Laredo with a maple neck. The fretless had a bad bridge pickup and was a shocker to get a decent sound from, so it had to go; the Laredo had a defective truss rod and the fretted 4003 was structurally sound but the ugly cheap plastic U bend had to go and this left a razor edge to carve my thumb to pieces on as I played it. Still love the idea of trying one again as the look is bass kryptonite to me but I can’t afford the financial hit of another disappointment. Maybe there is a reason why very few people play them, as my experience in reality was 3 very expensive shocking wastes of time, money and effort.
  3. Just sold a bass to kevdbass. Great transaction, with no fuss or faffin’ about. Would happily do business again if need arose.
  4. I can’t help you out with how you would go about E-C tuning. The clamp ons suggested are not something I can comment on I’m afraid.
  5. Steinberger 5 string headless bass in gorgeous white finish. No flaws or issues, sounds really sweet and in just about perfect condition with steinberger gig bag. Nothing wrong with this bass at all, I just need the cash freed up so needs to go ASAP. Post included within UK
  6. That gorgeous. Remimds me of my first ever decent bass - an 80’s Charvel/Jackson.
  7. Gorgeous...like just about every Dingwall I really would like to need this bass.
  8. Here is my beloved Fender jazz. I have something I am interested in and if it turns out that it’s not to be then this will be staying. Well played and loved, but never abused. It has benefitted from a new bridge recently and has a pick guard that I believe is not a fender one. Despite some scars it has character and sounds absolutely divine. UK Postage included in price.
  9. This has my attention. To be sure I know which one I am coveting - it isn’t the one with the f hole in the photos of both guitars?
  10. This is a steal for one of these basses GLWTS
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