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  1. That is bass porn at its obscene best 👍
  2. Bought an orange terror bass head from Ryan. Great to deal with, no dramas or delays; just a good Basschat transaction. Love the amp with the new 112 cab. Thanks
  3. These are a great piece of kit. Darkglass suite is easy to operate with it too. As a quiet practice option it’s perfect GLWTS
  4. I picked up drumsticks at 13 and a bass at 15. Never had a lesson in bass and had lessons for snare drumming for about 4 years. Im now 48 and no lessons has done me no harm (imho) in bass and in drums I play a kit now so snare drumming isn’t as relevant as a single instrument. My eldest son has a music degree and occasionally talks a foreign language and if he would just play it I would know what he means. PS I don’t speak Italian
  5. I don’t think it’s the platform per se More to do with the unscrupulous people who feast on the vulnerable. I almost fell for the PayPal email scam years ago, but something felt wrong about the number of thank yous and pleases in the correspondences and when I checked my account there was no cash in it. Scumbag said he was buying the bass for a terminally ill son he had and I almost fell for it as I was distracted by this little heart string tugger. The scumbags are everywhere unfortunately. Basschat imho has been 100% solid for all the trading I have done here.
  6. I tried once to do this and bought a Dingwall afterburner II with chambered walnut body. Had a Genz streamliner amp and genz cabs with it. I spent more time worrying about putting a dent in the bass than actually enjoying playimg it so that experiment ended badly as I sold it on. Today my favourite bass is a 5 string Fender deluxe MIA jazz which feels just about perfect for me. My favourite cabs are barefaced and I’d probably go with an Orange 200 watt tube head.
  7. I love the look of these basses, always have. Don’t have the cash to drop on one, but they are lovely to admire. GLWTS
  8. Would I put up my bass being absent on my debut album to play on one of the hottest shows in town tour after tour ? probably would have found a way to deal with it. Their cunning stunts dvd was not hiding the bass and it was excellent. JN was popular with the fans too. Always appears to give 100%
  9. Having watched some coverage about the period of the band when JN was just through the door I though he did well to not lose the rag with the stick about “Jizz on you ‘stead” and the way JH and LU kept saying “how do you know when the bass is too loud? You can hear it”. At the end of the day it’s all ancient history now, and JN is an accomplished player who was the right man at the right time to put up with the angst and frustration in the band at the time and he was there through it. Cliff Burton was a genius and was more to do with Metallica’s early sound than most would give him credit for. The one time I saw them they were a class act and they played a stack of oldies which imho sounded better than most of the newer material. My elder son was only 12 and was at the gig too with me and he loved it. Good night of music.
  10. So sad the bass sound was rubbed out in the justice recordings when the bass would have put the depth in the songs that was so painfully obviously absent. Ive been a Metallica fan for decades but it seems that the loss of Cliff (genius bass player imho) has never really been put behind them. Ive seen them live only once and Mr Trujillo bosses the bass, but I can’t help but wonder what may have been had that bus not flipped.
  11. This is now sold pending pickup and payment. PM replied to as well.
  12. Ive recently added a harmonic booster to my pedal chain and this isnt been used for the eq anymore. Not that i didnt use the tubes section in it, i just prefer the grit from my deluxe bug muff. Comes in the original box. Working fine. Postage free in UK UK buyers only please
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