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  1. Mate has been looking for one. Sending him the link...
  2. These are great! Through a Trace 4x8 - yeah!
  3. Great cab - easy purchase. Very cool website.
  4. Wanted a pedal. Sent him the pedal. Paid for the pedal. Job done. A+
  5. Easy and good comms. He wanted ... I sent .... We chatted ... All good .... A+
  6. PF350 ideal for it. My pf800 sounds choice in it - but can't max it, of course. I also have a Fender Rumble 12 that would take the PF.
  7. I have an Eden 1x10 that does a close enuff in character thing to my Nemesis 410, which is !!!!!!! Let me know if you fancy it
  8. Got 610 - where are you?


    1. Bobby D

      Bobby D

      South Wales

  9. http://www.flyguitars.com/gibson/bass/1971gibsonEB3.php
  10. Bought a wee amp from Martyn. Packed totally well. Shared cost of sorting what the courier managed to achieve. Wotta man!
  11. Squier Std PJ goes to nice new home.
  12. I can help.  Budget?

    Over by Edinburgh but mate works in Glasgow.


    1. thundachopz


      Hey mate roughly £50 

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