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  1. Got 610 - where are you?


    1. Bobby D

      Bobby D

      South Wales

  2. http://www.flyguitars.com/gibson/bass/1971gibsonEB3.php
  3. Bought a wee amp from Martyn. Packed totally well. Shared cost of sorting what the courier managed to achieve. Wotta man!
  4. Squier Std PJ goes to nice new home.
  5. I can help.  Budget?

    Over by Edinburgh but mate works in Glasgow.


    1. thundachopz


      Hey mate roughly £50 

  6. Chris bought a guitar. Easy deal.
  7. small 1x15 the 4x8 is a bril cab from the V series together, it is a great stack but...I'm up north...
  8. I hvae a few of these slave amps. .. will watch with interest.
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