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  1. Hi Maiden97

    Is your Redial Tone Bone ABY box still available? 



  2. Is this still available?
  3. Of course though it is on hold at the moment but if the sale falls through I will let you know
  4. Hi Guys Stage Clix Pack System the older version with carry case & power supply £ 150.00 ono I take PayPal. Cheers Laurence
  5. Hi Guys Boss TU2 Tuner £ 45.00 ono I take PayPal. Cheers Laurence
  6. Hi Guys Digitech Bass Synth Wah £ 60.00 ono I take PayPal £ 60.00 Cheers Laurence
  7. Hi Guys Original Japanese 1980's Boss OC-2 Octaver in used condition £ 130.00 ONO I take PayPal Cheers Laurence
  8. Hi Guys Aguilar Tonehammer Pre-Amp DI for sale in Very Good condition (has velcro on the bottom) £ 140.00 ono I take PayPal. Cheers Laurence
  9. Hi Guys I'm letting go of my Pedal Train pedal board, Pedal Train Power Supply and Tour case plus a bunch of pedals. I've down size due to ill health and everything I need now is on a Nano. So here goes:- Pedal Train Jnr, Flight Case and Pedal Train 1240 Power Supply - £ 180.00 ono I take PayPal. Cheers Laurence
  10. Still totally love that bass!!!! If only it was in my budget
  11. OMG been lusting after one of these for years I know Sean and met him a few times in LA. It’s also my favourite colour Charcoal Frost (apparently this is John Mayers favourite Fender colour) Shame it’s way out of my price range...
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