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  1. So when you order one specify pole piece positioning exact placement.
  2. Yep the poles are slightly out of line but I don’t even think about as doesn’t affect the sound at all and the bass is just fabulous to play. I’ve played a few high end P Basses I have a Moollon on order as we speak. I played Chris Cheney’s Pino CS and Sean Hurley’s 61 and signature CS they’re all great. Scott @scottsbasslessons just got his new 60’s Olinto P Bass in reliced Gold check out his YT.
  3. It’s Fender Jag style mute you flip on or off.
  4. This Timothy Chan’s Olinto P Bass from Uni-sound in Hong Kong it’s very very cool and sounds epic
  5. I have a new recording of the Olinto P Bass being mixed at moment.... It’s recorded via a Nightowl Industries Edison Valve Preamp, Barber Electronics Linden Preamp and my Audio Kitchen Small Trees Valve preamp..... My duo partner on this project then ran the bass signal through the new Neutral DSP Quad Cortex......to get some grind and a bit synth bass on another channel. Let me know and I’ll send you the mp3
  6. The only place you’ll get to try one is in the US. The only places I know that have em is The Guitar Shop NYC and the Chicago Basement
  7. Hi Guys I have an Olinto P Bass sounds and plays wonderfully. Roasted flamed Maple neck, Roasted Alder body, Brazilian Rosewood fretboard. Mas Hino custom pickup, Olinto reverse tuners, Reliced finish by Carbonetti guitars, best P Bass I’ve played other than Sean Hurley’s original 61....
  8. Hi Bassist When or if you are in the position to get a Clarus SL-2 please give me a call on 07790 528674 or e-mail on [email protected] We are he UK main dealer for Acoustic Image in the UK and European Distributors as well as doing all the warranty/repairs.... Cheers Laurence
  9. Hi Guys This a brand new (it arrived from Pirastro this morning) Chorda Carlos Henriquez D string 54 PM plain gut. Been on my bass for an hour unfortunately it doesn’t work on my bass. The Chorda G is amazing I swapped it for an old Olive D I had much better on my bass... It matches the Chorda pretty well, I my get a Eudoxa D though..... £ 70 posted Cheers Laurence
  10. Hi Jack The new boards arrived about 20 minutes ago. I’ll get your amp sorted in the morning and get it off to you tomorrow. L
  11. Hi Guys This is the bass version of the Cali 76, one of the best bass compressors on the market... Again I need cash to pay for double bass strings and a setup. So someone is gonna get a bargain. It’s in A1 condition apart from a tiny pin sized mark in the black screen print.... works perfectly comes with Velcro on the bottom. Has original box, rubber feet and instructions. £ 180 delivered (UK mainland)
  12. Many thanks for the offers but I’ve sold both items together.
  13. The Source Audio C4 Synth pedal and Disaster Area DMC Mirco have been working together to create a foot switch which can access all the C4 presets or sounds you’ve created yourself. Once you have set an account in Neuro you access all your downloaded lots sound created by members on the Community page in Neuro.... I have set up the DMC to work directly with C4. Both products are as new condition, no pedal Velcro or any marks..... I’ve also included the mini to USB connector and mini USB female you need to use to access both your PC/Mac and the C4 to the DMC (they don’t include them) I need a new set of gut strings for my Double Bass, so I’m raising funds. £ 265.00 ono including p & p (UK) Cheers Laurence
  14. Hi Rabbie That’s great to know I’ve been chatting to Damian Dlugolecki and he suggested I went for the lights on my bass so I’m gonna order a G and possibly a Eudoxa D but I may order another Dlugolecki if I like it..... I’ll stick to Pirastro EP Weich’s on the E & A cause they just work on my bass.....
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