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  1. These are fabulous instruments with great build quality, playability and a very musical passive/active circuit and pickups. The neck is to die for.
  2. I recently sold a couple custom basses and a load of pedals but unfortunately due to a world shortage of microchips. I’ve had to put the money in my business until I can fulfil back orders.
  3. Wow what a stunningly beautiful Pino P Bass!!!!!! You had to put it up for sale while I’m financially embarrassed lol!!!!
  4. Thanks mate, had to pack in gigging due ME/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/Fibromyalgia and I got all these pedals to build a bass/drums duo but my hands hurt to much. Sold all my standard scale basses… can only play short scale instruments now. It may change if I find a way to cope.
  5. Hi Guys Fab little practice tool, can be used any where. Has a bass and auxiliary input, Can plug in your iPhone when wanna work on music. Has a built in EQ. Brand new unwanted present with original box and cables etc. £ 100.00 PayPal friends and family
  6. Hi Guys Due to I’ll health here’s a new Gojira Tremolo pedal same model as Janek’s Union Jack pedal but finished with my Pavement Zombie finish. Sounds so good and a great addition to anyone creating bass driven sound scapes. Brand new £ 100.00 comes with its original box etc. PayPal friends and family
  7. Hi Guys Due to I’ll health I’m selling this amazing delay pedal but it’s not just a delay pedal it has lots of other freaky elements. Great for building sound scapes. Only used 4 times in the house. Excellent condition. Comes with all goodies. £ 225.00 PayPal friends & Family
  8. Hi Guys Selling these 2 fabulous Gamut strings as I need to raise some funds. I’m using a Chorda CH G and an Olive D with Spirocore E & A. I’m really happy with the sound so these are up for sale. Red Diamond G brand new never open £ 70.00 ono Pistoy G light + varnished with a washer. Brand new never opened. £ 85.00 ono PayPal is fine using family & friends
  9. Shame I live at the opposite end of the country or this would be with me now.
  10. I have a Mid Western 2 5 string these basses sound and play great
  11. Audio Kitchen Small Trees DI, top quality DI in as new condition has Velcro on the bottom with original box and power supply. £ 325.00 Barber Electronics Linden, this pedal clones a B15 and had other sounds and setting great for live or in the studio. In as new condition £ 130.00 Night owl Industries Edison preamp… This thing is wonderful adds a gloss and warmth which really adds to any bass. £ 135.00 SOLD
  12. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  13. Many many thanks but I’m sorted now
  14. Said chap already has Jacquet Gand double bass which is fabulous…. I’d love to have this Bryant as well….. That way I could one set up for acro and one for pizz…..
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