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  1. Yeah it looks lush... I totally get yay as well £ 300.00 is a lot for a signature on the head stock. I was lucky enough to play Sean Hurley’s 1961 P Bass and it was killer
  2. Very nice indeed.... how wide is the neck at the nut? and why do you choose it over the Pino?
  3. Hi Guys I was gonna be playing Bass Keys with my function bass however it's not happening and with playing both double and electric bass I have enough to keep me going, though my playing was coming together. It's a wicked little unit, I added a new power supply and a custom gigbag (un-used). Still have the original box, it's VGC looking for £ 250.00 ono I take PayPal Cheers https://www.soundonsound.com/reviews/novation-bass-station-2
  4. Hi Guys I bought this with the intention of putting together a small home recording facility, alas it never happened. It's a new never been used or taken out of the box. £ 170.00 ono I take PayPal. https://www.soundonsound.com/reviews/focusrite-saffire-pro-24-dsp
  5. You sound wicked on that beast, flats or rounds?, and what are you running it through.... it's just about the perfect sound.
  6. What's the trussrod like is there plenty left on it?
  7. Sorry I was gonna ask the weight as well I need something under 9lbs
  8. Hi Guys As new the A string has been on for an hour the rest are brand new never used, Evah Weich's just work better on my bass. £ 90.00 or nearest offer including P & P I take PayPal Cheers Laurence
  9. Hi Guys I got this as I'm having back/shoulder issues it's a wicked design, however I'm a pop/rock/funk guy and it's too short for how I wear my bass, so I've got an Mbrace on a stand. It's had strap locks on it, but I've never gigged it or left the house is in as new condition. They rrp at £ 140.00 here in the UK £ 90.00 including and shipping I' take PayPal https://gruvgear.com/collections/straps/products/duostrap-signature
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