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  1. Ah man I love this colour on a P Bass so much. I am colour blind in the same colours so I’m assuming that’s a mint green scratchplate. Best combo
  2. Yeh it is a black scratch plate just a 4 ply one. I'd read that Fender weren't exactly on the ball QC wise late 70s and early 80s so was maybe just putting it down to that. as long as the rest was ok though I might take the plunge
  3. Not too sure myself was seeing if it looked familiar to anyone?
  4. I’ve been offered this precision which dates to 77/78 on serial number, pots are dating to 76 (which isn’t uncommon I believe) can anyone make out the pickup date? Also the scratchplate serial doesn’t match the head serial is this a concern or a common thing with 70s fender? My other concern was the neck markings R Friend as I can’t find much info on that name and some forums have suggested it’s either an in house fender joke or a fake???? Also the neck pocket isn’t stamped and there is just a W? In pen or pencil and there’s an extra 2 holes in the middle of the neck bolt holes, I was thinking maybe hanging holes or clamp for a refinish Or is this common also? Phew Cheers in advance!
  5. Yeh I had a little search last night and seen something about veneers being used. Its an old 2002 Affinity body so should be Alder by all accounts. Through the old finish I was sure I could see 3 parts, a centre piece with two sides but now if its a veneer I'm not so sure cos surely that wouldn't show through ?? Slight difference in the way the finish seemed to sit either side of the centre. I'm not overly concerned as its a bit of an experiment and practise, just wanted to know for future reference. The plan was to just refinish it in Sonic Blue. Out of curiosity does anyone use grain sealer or primer first before you go for the main colour or do would you just go with a light base coat of the sonic blue and build it up?
  6. I have just started sanding down an old Squier P bass body for a play about with some refinishing. I have no idea with woods but was wondering if anyone had a clue what type this is was? I always thought it was Alder, Basswood or Agathis?
  7. Yeh they really are, the right amount of relic for me, not too much but still feel played in
  8. I have this Fender Nate Mendel Precision for sale. I've been getting a few things in and out over the last few weeks trying to save up for a 60's Precision this is one of the ones that has to go as I am keeping the Warmoth one I have. It has the usual slightly narrower neck which I believe is 41mm at the nut, very easy to play. Stock Quarter Pounder pickups with a high mass fender bridge. There is one small lacquer chip on the back of the neck apart from that all the other small dings are the factory relic. I will post more photos later when I get home but these were taken yesterday just incase I decided to sell. It has the fender gig bag it came in. Brilliant bass lovely to play. Asking for £800 inc tracked and insured delivery in the UK. Been on for a week or so, happy to take £750 for it, as previously said that includes delivery to people in here 👍 Any questions just ask. Cheers
  9. I just seen this one on eBay. I’m an Everton supporter but even I love that red .. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/203007053834
  10. I was looking for some LaBella flats on Bass Direct when I thought of going to the Labella website and seen them. Didn't see any on bass direct, this is in the sold section I think. Nice one
  11. Has anyone got one of these or ever played one? Very interested to know what they're like. Looking at the specs everything is handmade in NY by Mas Hino with hand wound pickups and on the necks 44.45mm at the nut mmmmmmmmm. Be like wrapping your hand around the M6 motorway in my head. No ideas on prices but I assume they're not cheap.
  12. Hi I have for sale an 80s Fender Japan 75 reissue Jazz Bass in 3TS stamped as a JB75-80 with an E740531 serial number. This dates between 85-87 but looking online more likely to be an 86 from what I’ve seen. I can honestly say it’s the best condition 80s Fender bass I’ve ever seen. There are a couple of marks as shown but they are insignificant. The neck is in perfect condition as is the headstock with no signs of leaning or balancing at all. The body i believe is Ash and the finish on top is flawless. I have taken as many photos as I can to reflect the condition. The action is low and fast and the neck is quite shallow, nowhere near as deep as my 73 Jazz. It has the micro tilt neck, the Bullet Truss rod turns smoothly and shows no sign of wear, the frets are perfect, the binding on the rosewood neck is immaculate, the neck pocket is tight as anything. I have replaced the black original scratchplate with a fender original tortoishell one which just looks cooler to my eye, that cost 65 pounds itself. The original black one is included in the sale as is the Hiscox hardshell case. I’m asking for £1100 as I haven’t seen one as good as this. It is listed by a friend on Facebook as I don’t have an account if you see it elsewhere. Selling as I’m saving for a 60s PB so no trades thanks unless you have a Pre CBS Precision you want to get rid of 😂 Oh and it weighs 5.3kg as to be expected with these. Happy to post, meet or open to someone to safely try it out. Thanks for looking
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