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  1. Oh my oh my oh my 😍 💦💦💦
  2. Next to my Tuner and pint behind the monitor 👍
  3. WOW!!! if only the jack socket was bigger, i wouldn't need my wife 😍
  4. Massive minefield but i think its very unpredictable as a few of you have said. Ive had a 73 Jazz for 13 years and its probably worth double what i paid now but i can't see it being worth more than that really. Also had a 83 I think JV Jazz that cost 200 quid 15 years ago and now they're sill money.
  5. I used to record with a 53/54 Precision old tele shape that Andy McCluskey from OMD owns. its the 905th guitar fender made. God knows what its worth but it sounded incredible. Its the actual one on the cover of this.....
  6. Just curious to see if anyone here actually collects or stockpiles vintage, rare or ones they think are gonna be collectors pieces as a future investment. The idea of it sort of screams sacrilege but them my sensible 41 year old head thinks hmm if i invest in them i get the pleasure of looking at them and playing them until the day comes to sell them on. It a moral dilemma i suppose.
  7. Ah yes just downloaded the TonePrint app as well to have a look. Things are a little clearer now. Cheers
  8. Totally clueless when it comes to these and I can’t see anything that answers this for me previously so forgive the dumb question but.... is the tone print feature on this the same as the bh800 amp as in you can get all the different effects and different preset TonePrint options and assign them to one of the channels or is it just for TonePrint presets on the tubedrive and spectracomp? If that makes sense?
  9. Haha. If I don’t like it when it’s fixed you can have it. 👍
  10. Yeh it’s the one off Schpock. In ok condition, just them couple of little jobs. Sounds ok tho and the action is ridiculously low on it. Might adjust that.
  11. Just picked it up now. Needs a new selector and tone pot. Easy fix. 80 quid can’t moan.
  12. I am in the market for a back up bass just literally to sit at the side when I start gigging again ( I sold all my back up gear when I packed in years ago but been coaxed out for a gig or two or three!), normally play my 73 Jazz and used to have a JV jazz as my back up, looked at a few squier or mex jazz and precision but not fancied anything yet. Strangely I’ve never played a Yamaha Bass but I’ve been offered a BB414 from a friend of a friend for £80 quid? Seems a no brainer but are they any good???
  13. Yes that’s the same model as mine. Amp and cab. Mine is a 1970 one. The sound amazing, but u can’t gig that cab at bigger venues even with a DI and just using it for stage monitoring. Got to push it to much, brilliant for recording tho. Sounded great mic’d up. Used to have an old 2x15 rotec with an Acoustic B120 for gigs, didn’t look much but it was a trouser swinger! Idiot for selling it
  14. Bought a cheap rig to make do with while the Bassman gets fixed now. Ashdown Abm evo II with an abm 410h cab. Only £180 and it’s immaculate. So I can’t moan. Bassman goin away next week. To be fair I never liked gigging the Bassman anyway and especially not the 412 cab with it. Too delicate to be dragging round. If I don’t end up slipping back in to retirement I’ll probably keep this Ashdown until I start getting amp fever and start looking at them the way I should look at my wife
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