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  1. That finish! Boy it's lovely.
  2. bootleg

    Mayones Prestige 6 String

    Lovely. I've got a Comodous sixer and it is amazing - tone, quality, playability. GLWTS.
  3. bootleg

    NBD - Road Worn Jazz

    I took pictures of the back of the bodies so will post those up together.
  4. bootleg

    NBD - Road Worn Jazz

    Recently acquired here from Ash, a Fiesta Red Road Worn Jazz, 2008. After getting a RW P bass and being knocked out by it, I had to get it's cousin/sister/brother. It hasn't disappointed. Great jazz tone, a joy to play, light, and finally, finally a bridge pup tone I like. And in a family picture...anyone know what's with the P being more pinky than the jazz?
  5. bootleg

    ash's Feedback

    A pleasure doing business. A straightforward transaction, bass was well packaged, as advertised and speedily delivered. Wholly satisfied and heartily recommended. Many thanks, Geoff
  6. bootleg

    1964 Fender Precision Bass SOLD

    I reckon you're a time traveller, Si. You keep pulling them out of your hat. Lovely.
  7. bootleg

    My bass life winding down?

    Thanks for sharing your bass story Peter. It doesn't have to end here. My interest has waxed and waned over the last 25 years of playing. Currently it's in the ascendant following a late discovery of the P bass (a RW to be precise), I took a last minute gig 2 weeks ago, I'm playing every day and studying on SBL. But I can go months, only occasionally playing with my rehearsal band, and not touching the bass in between times. Things go in cycles. I have one of your ex basses I believe. Geoff
  8. bootleg

    Fender Road Worn Jazz 3TSB 2011 *SOLD*

    Whereabouts are you?
  9. bootleg

    Are Flatwounds Addictive

    Flatwounds, roundwounds, tapewound, halfwound, groundwounds...they're all addictive :-) I've had TIs on fretless, tried some Fenders on a P bass, but have always felt they're a bit, well flat. The Fenders felt very stiff and maybe I didn't let them break in enough and when rounds went back on it was much better. I then got some Labella low tension on a RW P and I just found them uneven, the E almost dead and the D and G bright and thin. Again maybe this break in period. So patience, although Labella are sending a replacement E. They're good for low volume practise, let's see how they work in rehearsal and live. The Fender flats went on a UV70 and they're working for me, I can get a bit of zing if I want, like the feel, and seem to suit the VTC better than rounds in that all settings sound usable. So, addictive in as much as is my eternal search for the "tone".
  10. bootleg

    Fender Precision Bass 1960 Refinished SOLD

    YOB for me (I'm more of a heavy relic), don't often see a 1960. Looks nice. Great guy to deal with. GLWTS Si.
  11. Excellent. I look forward to that comparison. My Road Worn 50s MIM is something else with rounds, and I've got a set of Low Tension La Bella flats to try.
  12. Thanks for the posting. From you other video, the MIM Classic 50s is to my ears anyway still very strong competition to the CS 59P. Sames strings as well.
  13. bootleg

    What size nut width are you?

    Variety is the spice of life. So I guess I don't have a preference and I have quite small hands.
  14. bootleg

    Fender pb CS

    This won't see out the day. Great price. If I hadn't already acquired 2 P basses this year, dammit. GLWTS.
  15. These are amazing instruments. My 6 string Comodous is the best made, most versatile bass I own, a delight to play. GLWTS.