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  1. bootleg

    Tal Wilkenfeld is Killing Me

    I liked it. Then watched the rest of the "set". Great sense of humour.
  2. bootleg

    Does anyone actually use their B string?

    I have a sixer and have to force myself to use the low B, and a 5 string fretless that now works better for me after losing the low B and changing to E-C. I play jazzier stuff, and the low B on the 6-string works well with a piezo for a near double bass sound, whilst the high C gets a work out for solos.
  3. bootleg

    Tonight’s gig is cancelled....because...

    I'd say the sound person and venue should be avoided. Name and shame. Im so old I'm gender neutral. I don't even know what my gender symbol is when it's on toilet doors. I hate the way it's assumed I am riddled with unconscious bias because of my age. I have fought for years so that who people are is irrelevant as long as they don't harm people or animals. Now identity politics is chucking someone's differences in your face and assuming you will have a problem with it (I don't) and looking for offence by setting traps. We're all human beings. Or is that too species specific?
  4. bootleg

    SOLD: Dingwall ABZ 5/3 Trans White

    Lovely. What's the fretboard made from?
  5. bootleg

    The Roadworn 50's P......I get it.

    Never had such a love at first sight moment as with my Fiesta Red Roadworn P. Wasn't even looking for one, but gave one a try randomly in a shop. Hadn't even plugged it into an amp and knew I wanted it just from its feel, just so right. Looks great (to me anyway), balanced, light, and sounds amazing, especially with TI Flats.
  6. Great thread, enjoying the worst purchases, especially. Best: Fiesta Red Road Worn P. Astounding sound, playability and value. Worst: La Bella Low Tension Flats, sucked the life out of any bass they went on, an unbalanced E, despite La Bella replacing it. TI Flats sorted it.
  7. That finish! Boy it's lovely.
  8. bootleg

    Mayones Prestige 6 String

    Lovely. I've got a Comodous sixer and it is amazing - tone, quality, playability. GLWTS.
  9. bootleg

    NBD - Road Worn Jazz

    I took pictures of the back of the bodies so will post those up together.
  10. bootleg

    NBD - Road Worn Jazz

    Recently acquired here from Ash, a Fiesta Red Road Worn Jazz, 2008. After getting a RW P bass and being knocked out by it, I had to get it's cousin/sister/brother. It hasn't disappointed. Great jazz tone, a joy to play, light, and finally, finally a bridge pup tone I like. And in a family picture...anyone know what's with the P being more pinky than the jazz?
  11. bootleg

    ash's Feedback

    A pleasure doing business. A straightforward transaction, bass was well packaged, as advertised and speedily delivered. Wholly satisfied and heartily recommended. Many thanks, Geoff
  12. bootleg

    1964 Fender Precision Bass SOLD

    I reckon you're a time traveller, Si. You keep pulling them out of your hat. Lovely.
  13. bootleg

    My bass life winding down?

    Thanks for sharing your bass story Peter. It doesn't have to end here. My interest has waxed and waned over the last 25 years of playing. Currently it's in the ascendant following a late discovery of the P bass (a RW to be precise), I took a last minute gig 2 weeks ago, I'm playing every day and studying on SBL. But I can go months, only occasionally playing with my rehearsal band, and not touching the bass in between times. Things go in cycles. I have one of your ex basses I believe. Geoff
  14. bootleg

    Fender Road Worn Jazz 3TSB 2011 *SOLD*

    Whereabouts are you?