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  1. What an amazing resource. Is this going to stay up? Slits '77, fantastic. Peel was such a part of my teens through the 70s, and informed my musical landscape, but I found him more and more irritating as he implemented his brand of taste control over the years. I continued loving rock, prog, & jazz when punk & new wave came along, he just rejected anything if it wasn't done in a shed that morning, or it was the Undertones 😉 Thanks for sharing.
  2. she's trying smuggle out a couple of Belgian Buns with a cherry on top
  3. Si pulls another one out of the vault
  4. I acquired a Buzz a few years ago, and Mike and Christine were very responsive to various dumb donkey questions I had. Good luck to them in retirement.
  5. Bowie and Chris Squire, who were both huge influences over my life time. It's interesting. We don't "know" these people as real people, so how can any emotions we feel be real? But any emotional reaction is based on what their music and public persona meant to us, maybe how we were formed by them, and what their absence will mean. And it's music, which can embed itself deep into our core selves, so it's very personal.
  6. Amusing little thread, but I have to say I've always had a prompt response from Bass Direct. Always. Over several years. I agree it's annoying not to get a response when you're serious about getting hold of a serious bass, but I just feel it's a little unkind to make this posting if you haven't tried all means to get in touch with them, such as the 'hike' to get your phone during a break. I had the shittiest experience in another bass emporium well known to this forum, but after looking at other people's experience here I figured it was a one-off, and I took it up with them directly.
  7. New adverts making it difficult to navigate on iPad. Baling out. Also asked to reconfirm cookie choices. Good luck.
  8. I've said this before, but I reckon Si is a time traveller.
  9. I liked it. Then watched the rest of the "set". Great sense of humour.
  10. I have a sixer and have to force myself to use the low B, and a 5 string fretless that now works better for me after losing the low B and changing to E-C. I play jazzier stuff, and the low B on the 6-string works well with a piezo for a near double bass sound, whilst the high C gets a work out for solos.
  11. I'd say the sound person and venue should be avoided. Name and shame. Im so old I'm gender neutral. I don't even know what my gender symbol is when it's on toilet doors. I hate the way it's assumed I am riddled with unconscious bias because of my age. I have fought for years so that who people are is irrelevant as long as they don't harm people or animals. Now identity politics is chucking someone's differences in your face and assuming you will have a problem with it (I don't) and looking for offence by setting traps. We're all human beings. Or is that too species specific?
  12. Lovely. What's the fretboard made from?
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