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  1. Fantastic amp head and unusual in that finish, I have the anniversary edition with a chrome front to both the head and 2x10 traveller cab....GLWTS
  2. The Napalm Death collaborative album with George Michael had it's place in history but made for difficult listening especially as George did the music and the Napalm's provided the vocal harmonies
  3. I really like the cut and growl of the Nate Mendel pickup which I think is basically a Seymour Duncan SPB3 pickup with a bit of ageing to the slugs, I have a Nate Mendel in a red Precision and an SPB3 in an old Squier Mike Dirnt bass, I have had good comments whenever I have gigged either of the basses.
  4. Mrs2611 and I went to the Roadmender in Northampton last night to see Theatre of Hate again, as I was playing a charity do in the early evening we didn't book tickets in advance as we weren't certain we would get done in time to make the gig, anyway we ended up playing earlier than expected and were finished earlier than inspected which meant we got to the Roadmender in time to catch the support band....whoever they were.....well it turned out to be none other than Derek Forbes (he of Simple Minds fame) what a cracking bassist he is! We ended up stood right at the front watching him play.....in my books I call that a right result.....Theatre of Hate were excellent as we expected
  5. I keep telling our singer to F off every time he starts a four four song with one, two, three, two, two, three, much to the enjoyment of our drummer!
  6. I agree with all of the above but would like to add one suggestion: Agree on a set list asap and a running order, then ensure you stick to it on the night and rehearse to it in advance it's surprising just how well the brain remembering the end of one song then triggers the recall of the next song. I have always insisted on a set list in advance especially when working with unfamiliar material and the above has always made me more confident. Good luck, enjoy the gig...it will be fine
  7. I have properly run out of room for anymore music gear of any form in the house, but has anyone ever considered just how many snooker cues take up the space of one bass......thought not
  8. Hooky is a huge influence of mine and an inspiration in many of the basslines I write, he has a big history playing Yamaha basses, from memory his chosen weapon was a Yamaha BB1200 bass, I know he appears using a Rickenbacker (or copy of) in the Love Will Tear Us Apart video, just to save you a world of pain, in my honest opinion that style of bass looks far better than they play (yes I know some will disagree) if you are tempted you have to try one sitting down AND standing up with it on a strap! Enjoy playing up the dusty end, it brings very different dynamics to a band especially if you have a keyboard player to hand who is happy to fill in the low end duties whilst you play the lead bass parts! As Hooky is a big influence to you, can I also suggest a listen to Stuart Morrow on the first New Model Army album (Vengeance) it is full of hooky type riffs and runs which he played on a Westone Thunder Jet (very similar to a Thunder 1A mentioned in other comments above)
  9. Work out what kind of bass you want, modern smaller bodied "rock" or the more classic shapes of Fender and Musicman (amongst others) If you fancy the more traditional then as mr4stingz has suggested the Vintage brand offers a lot of guitar for the money, if you fancy the smaller bodied bass then I have to add the original Japanese built Bass Collection SB basses to the list, they are a stupidly good bass for so little money, you will not go wrong with one of those! If you are around the Northampton area you are more than welcome to pop around and try a few different basses out
  10. Yeah, but that lovely UV up lighter, it was worth a lifetime of back pain just for the lovely up lighter......that's it I am going to build me a UV up lighter for my class D heads!
  11. I tried one of the Peterson strobostomp tuners, I put my bass in tune by it and then referenced it again my Boss TU3 the readings were identical, however, the Boss was far easier to use so I sold the Peterson to a music shop for £10.00 more than I paid for it, GAS for an expensive super accurate tuner instantly and permanently cured ...happy days!
  12. Chameleons: Script of the Bridge, Lords Of The New Church: Killer Lords Stiff Little Fingers: Inflammable Material Would be my big three I guess and, with the exception of Lords Of The New Church (because they are long since defunct) the two bands I still see live more than any other!
  13. I have always tended to be stage right, I can't remember a reason why it started like that but on an empty stage I will always set up on that side. When Sack The Drummer played together in December 2017 (first time in twenty years) I ended up on stage left which although it felt a little strange on set up, was fine once we started playing and did offer better contact with the drummer.
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