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  1. So far it looks like it may be the flanger, I took pedals out in order until I got to the flanger, took that out and the problem went away.....put a battery in the flanger and put it back in the board (still connected to the power supply) and everything seems fine now, I have come across pedals before that want a battery in place even though they are hooked up to a power supply....I will see what happens over the coming days!
  2. Hi all, before I start pulling stuff apart I thought I would sound you guys out, I have a PCB60 pedal board running a full line of Boss pedals, Tuner, Bass Overdrive, Compressor / sustainer, Chorus, Flanger and Digital delay, part way through my rehearsal today the sound started coming and going in approx 10 second loops, full volume decreasing to nothing and back around...all the pedals were off so it was not an effect that was causing it...my 1st thought was the batteries in the bass, swapped to a Precision, no change, 2nd though was power supply to the board...swapped to a spare, still the same issue, both leads into and out of the board swapped, output a/b both tried and direct into the amp confirmed the amp was functioning correctly..so the fault lies withing the board, I can't see it being a patch lead as they either work or they don't, I doubt it is a single power lead to a pedal, again they either work or they don't but I wouldn't have thought it would be a pedal as with everything switched off they should be bypassed? Any ideas before I start tearing the board apart again and testing pedals individually.....and finally to confirm, everything behaved as good as gold last time I used it! Cheers Rog
  3. Yes, a 2019 S2 Works really well in the rock band I play in, however, I think it would be unappreciated in the punk band!!
  4. Currently 4 bands! I have to run a strict practice regime and a very strict first come 1st served diary with pre-agreed maximum gig numbers for the covers band to allow the originals bands to get out and do some gigs Covers band (Anyone Out There) limited to 12 dates a year, this was pre agreed a few years ago as part of the agreement of me rejoining them when they reformed Punk band (Acme Sewage Company) doesn't do too much but the gigs tend to be miles away, they probably only do about 8 gigs a year Rock band (Saving Amy) doesn't do pub gigs only festivals, a few have clashed with already agreed covers bands dates but they are early enough in the day to play the festival and get to the evenings pub gig! Indie Band (Yodaclub) probably the band getting the most airplay worldwide at the moment, it is mainly a writing and recording project with just the one date in Leicester on November 4th this year. I am not sure how it would work if one of the bands took off but at the age of 55 I have a feeling my days of bands suddenly taking off are long gone!
  5. Olympic White or Black for me but I have to admit I do like both Lake Placid Blue and Candy Apple Red
  6. He was jesting you, I don't think Alarm have had a bass player on stage for a number of years and the bassist on stage for the Mission was Craig Adams who is the bands original bassist!
  7. Heathen, I hear you shout, the rattling of pitchforks begins! I was lucky enough to have attended two gigs over the Easter weekend and both made me question our role within a band, Saturday evening saw me at The Alarm in Northampton, fantastic night, great band, great songs and no bass player! The band played to backing tracks which was basically the bass track and some percussion...I don't get it, The Alarm are a guitar based band, there was plenty of room on stage and the backing tracks were basically live recorded bass parts...nothing overly fancy but good solid audible bass parts...... Sunday night I was unfortunate enough to be at The Mission in Leeds, Craig Adams seemed to be enjoying playing a few bits further up the neck on his Rickenbacker...Craig, buddy, no point, we cannot hear a single note you are playing, the mix is the usual drum heavy bass mush laden sound that seems to be the go to sound for bass at larger venues....he would have been better using the Rick to swipe Mr Hussey around the head for being so drunk on stage that it was bordering a farce So which is better, a bass track that sounds OK but no bassist or a live bassist who really needs play nothing but root notes because the mix is too poor to hear anything else! Rant over
  8. Yodaclub has a great keys player, we don't get in each others way at all, if I fancy doing a bit of Peter Hook dusty end stuff she will drop in and cover the bottom end and as I come back into the lower register she will move up, I think it works really well and has got us plenty of radio play from our last few singles
  9. There was a nice looking original one on Facebook market place last week for £200.00, had I been in the market for one I would have bitten his arm off at that price!
  10. It had more headroom than I could have possibly needed on stage so I didn't need to even start pushing it at all!
  11. I was lucky enough to play through a 610 and SVT CL set up at a festival a couple of years ago, definitely one of the nicest bass sounds I have had on stage, for comparison I normally use a Markbass 1x12 combo with another 1x12 extension cab but I used to tour with a Mesa Boogie 1516e and a Trace Elliot twin valve head, whilst I love the weight and portability of the the Mark Bass set up the old hefty gear still sounds superior to my ears!
  12. Yes, Thunderbird's and Rickenbacker's both look utterly wonderful yet I just can'y get comfortable with either so sell them on, I sold my last Tbird a couple of years back and my CMI Rick copy a few years before that.....guess what I am currently scanning the sales ads for.....stupid is what stupid does!
  13. I would probably offer up a Status S2 or a Spector for the 80's
  14. A shout out for Mark Burgess of the Chameleons and of course Bruce Foxton from the Jam
  15. You could sling a tarpaulin over those strings and camp underneath, I actually had a Shaftsbury Ric copy with an action as bad as that!
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