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  1. I owned one of these for all of about a week, I donated it to cat rescue after that, it was supposed to have been a B stock instrument which had apparently already been sold so they sent me a brand new one....given how bad the new one was I dread to think how poor the B stock instrument would have been! It arrived with the bridge pickup not wired up, an action you could through a blanket over and go camping! I wired it correctly set it up as best as could be done with it and got rid of it...for me this was a classic case of you get what you pay for!
  2. You might want to get the mods to move this to the amps for sale section!
  3. I am in, doing well so far, not brought anything yet, but finding the going tough, still Friday is only a couple of days away....be strong Rog you can make it.....we are only talking about a week here aren't we!
  4. Blimey, I doubt it will see at that price!
  5. I had the misfortune of owning a Rockbass Corvette $$ for all of three weeks, I was pre-warned that the control pots were not the correct value for the pickups so out of the box they sounded pretty ropy, boy they were not wrong, despite fully rewiring it it still sounded awful, I can honestly say it was the most disappointing bass I have ever owned. I later owned a LTD edition German Corvette $$ and although it was massively better than the Rockbass I still found it underwhelming! I sold it on, it was sold on again soon after and indeed appeared for sale again on Ebay recently! As @Lfalex v1.1 said if you have decent basses already in your collection I also think you will be disappointed with it and like @TheGreek I scratched my Warwick itch by buying a Spector!
  6. @BigJim I believe our Jim is offering a specialised instrument courier service?
  7. Blimey, the one I brought was somewhat cheaper than that! Mine was at least £1100 cheaper!
  8. A nice looking bass, a local music shop owner has a pink fretless that I played a few years back, a cracking bass by any measures! Part of his private collection so, sadly, not for sale.
  9. I saw them at the Derngate Theatre in Northampton on the No Parlez tour, I was absolutely blown away by quality of the band but especially Pino and some 37 years on I am "pleased" to say I still can't play like Pino!!
  10. I have exactly the same bass but in much better condition, it's a great bass but not a grands worth!
  11. A brilliant cover of what was a nice song originally, now it has some balls!
  12. Best purchase a lovely Status S2 direct from the factory, my worst purchase a Spector Legend Custom, the standard EMG-HZ pickups sounded really weak and the pre-amp has now packed up! Now awaiting fitting of a Glockenlang pre-amp and a pair of Nordstrand Big Blade pickups which will hopefully transform it into the bass it should be as it is lovely to play!
  13. I messaged John East a couple of weeks ago through his website as I needed a pre-amp for my Spector Legend, sadly I didn't get a reply so I brought a Glokenlang from Bass Direct instead, shame really as the East pre-amp was recommended.
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