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  1. His optimistic "these go for a grand in good condition" quote! This pile of rust used to be a series one E type Jag bonnet, in good condition this would be worth over £10.000 !
  2. 62's for me as well, I have them in my Custom Shop 62 and it is my go to Precision for recording, to me the only thing that comes close, and surprisingly hasn't got a mention thus far is the Lindy Fralin pickups, I have them in my Jazz bass and my 50's classic Precision, for me they give a slightly "tighter" sound which works well live.
  3. I won't be tempted, as an owner of a D-800 I am not convinced by their class D offerings, IMHO my Markbass LM3 is a better sounding head by some distance.
  4. The 1x15 Traveller is a nice cab, well built, reliable and sounds fine, I had one for a few years and used it below my 102 Traveller cab, I haven't used the Fender so cannot comment on that cab
  5. But you are the bass player.....you should be arriving long before the rest of the band setting up where you want and rest of em will have to fit in around you!
  6. I would get it repaired, I have an LM3 amp and it is better sounding amp than my Mesa Boogie D800!
  7. My next door neighbours were always heavily into music and quite knowledgeable about it, I had played them a lot of our bands stuff, they seemed to like it.... it transpired Joyce used to go out with Jeff Lynne of ELO back in the late 60's.....somewhat puts my bands to shame then!
  8. Give me a stage, any stage and I'm a happy chappie!
  9. I'm only slightly jealous....really! Great report, I am glad you are enjoying it, as they say "the bigger the stage the bigger the buzz"
  10. That's rather nice and good to see that the Custom Shop finally remembered that they used to have "clay" dots for that year, my Custom Shop 62 has normal white dots.....nothing major but an annoyance on what is supposed to be a top end reproduction! GLWTS
  11. I respectfully disagree, many of the punk pioneers were very competent musicians and song writers, it almost like Sid Vicious was punk in many peoples eyes, yes there were many bands who lacked even the most basic skills but on the flip side punk also brought us some very talented musicians and song writers who still hold their own today, some 40 years later
  12. Saving Amy played at Steelfest the other week, the stage had a Mark Bass LM3 and 2x10 Traveller cab as the back line set up, handily, exactly the same as my rig however it appeared to have an issue with the effects send / return as I couldn't get my Boss GT6 to work on the effects loop, as we were tight for time I just unplugged it and shoved it out of the way and promptly much preferred my bass sound for the entire set....so, despite Saving Amy being a rock band where I was using overdrive on quite a few songs I think it sounded clearer without it so, really other than a tuner I am happy to go back to playing without the effects unit.
  13. I am currently using either 45-105 or 40-100 gauge strings, I prefer the lighter gauge on my Stingray and on the Precision with the Jazz Bas neck....other than that they are all running 45-105. Some of the Saving Amy songs require a Precision dropped to D the 45-105's are perfectly happy tuned down. I think your amp / speaker combination and your playing style will have more effect on how heavy you sound than string gauges ever will
  14. If that's a stock colour it is very unusual, I don't think I have ever seen another one....GLWTS
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