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  1. Top Of The Pops

    I think that depends on where you look, I haven't knowingly brought or downloaded a "chart" song for many years but I have brought many songs from newer bands via hearing them on BBC radio 6 music, especially Ratcliffe and Marconi and Steve Lamaq in the afternoons, I am really encouraged that at 52 years of age new music can still really excite me some 30 years after I should have been a "set in my ways" old school punk!
  2. Caption Competition

    You don't have to tell me what it is I invented the damn thing!
  3. I Hate Tobacco Sunburst

    My Precision Lyte is TSB with matching headstock, I hate the colour with a passion but the bass is just so good, it will probably the last Precision I part with, I do keep looking out for a pearl white of metallic red but they are starting to fetch silly money nowadays and those that do come up for sale are not in as good condition as mine
  4. Using laptops live

    Of all things I have a Windows Vista laptop to run any backing tracks, the laptop was affectionately known as "Old Bluey" when it was a serviceable laptop as all it ever did was blue screen, since I have removed all none vital programs including the modem so it can't ever connect to the net it has been as good as gold, I also believe there is a setting within the sound programs of Vista that allow you to use multiple sound outputs that was removed in XP and later Windows versions but don't quote me on that one
  5. Combined cost of equipment

    I reckon about £13500 in bass gear at the moment and god only knows how much more in guitars, keyboards and studio gear! I guess having no kids and virtually having paid off the mortgage has it's perks, it really is an obscene amount of money tied up in gear, but it is my passion and is the only thing I have stuck at for over 30 years!
  6. What’s all this about?

    Reply from seller this afternoon: hello mate , the back is not bad I dont have photos , the black color is hard to see painting little things Amazing Bass USA Fender , massive sound So do they actually have the bass?
  7. What’s all this about?

    I have asked for some images of the back of the body, let's see if he actually has the bass!
  8. Oooer - not for me

    I bet there are a whole bunch of "look what I built home "luthiers"" out there that are now saying "see mine wasn't that ugly after all"......hideous monstrosity, even my browser didn't want to load the page properly, i had to have two or three goes before I got to see it! I wish I hadn't bothered now
  9. Our Fascination With Fretless

    My serious bass playing life started with a Westone Thunder III fretless and from then on to a Bass Collection SB602 fretless, it was many years before I added a fretted bass to the armoury but even then it was a largely unused back up, sadly that changed after I stopped touring and, stupidly, sold the Bass Collection bass, I was offered a fretted early 70's Precision which I snapped up and that was the changing point....I played that as my only bass for a few years but it signified the complete change.....I am lucky enough to have found another Thunder III fretless and another Bass Collection SB512 fretless but sadly they don't get played very often as I no longer feel half as confident with an unlined fretless as I do with a fretted Precision, I am a little saddened by that!
  10. Love 4 string basses but....

    I have decided to dispose of both of my 5 string basses, I find the string spacing on the 5's could become addictive, having a few few really nice 4's I don't want to get used to that 5 string spacing at the expense of the 4 strings so out the 5 strings go, I have to admit that other than a short period doing Pogues and Waterboy's covers where the low B was handy I haven't found a need for the extra string....I hope that makes sense!
  11. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/ESP-The-Horizon-P-Bass-1984-MIJ-Guitar/162924737032?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2055119.m1438.l2649 Anyone know anything about these? I like to look of it but can find nothing online to enable me to check prices, it is a decent price? Cheers Rog
  12. Hack An Amp?

    I always wondered about this with in ear monitors, could someone tune into the same frequency and share "The Birdy Song" with them midway through a song!
  13. Which bit is semi-hollow?

    My first impression was how cool it looks as well
  14. Ampeg SVT CL to sell, but what to replace it with?

    The SVT 7 Pro is a decent head, it does have some of that classic SVT tone to it but I wouldn't say it emulates the classic all valve heads, I have been pleased with mine, it's been reliable and has always received good comments about the way it sounds and it is pretty lightweight unlike the classic vale heads that weigh more than a small planet......if you are local to Northampton you are welcome to give mine a try