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  1. I sold my M2000 Tribute for £320.00 a couple of years back, so Mick won it at a fair price, as @Nibody said " report them as a none performing seller"
  2. The tuners are exactly the same as those fitted to my mid-eighties Jap built Precision Lyte (allbeit mine are gold) I would say they are original to the bass
  3. I got more than a hug but it was our wedding anniversary!
  4. I remember a band called Hunters Club playing at the Roadmender in the mid 80's, I think they were the headline band on the night, either way it was not very well attended with maybe less than 100 people in what was a 1600 capacity venue....they walked on stage, demanded that everyone come forward and crowd around the front of the stage, when no one moved they kicked the mic's offstage and walked off without playing a note! I Never heard from them again!!
  5. Relisted....my only concern is that he says he has had it 16 years but doesn't mention the pickup change, were Wilkinson branded pickups available in 2004? They seem far more recent to me
  6. I have had to open the holes up on a couple of scratchplates in the past, as @Paul S said not all pickups / pickup covers are the same size, I had to junk a set of cheap pickups that actually sounded quite good where the covers were glued on to the pickup as they were too big to fit any scratchplate I had! One word of advice, don't drill any holes until you have test fitted everything (including the neck) together, I brought a really nice nitro finished body a few months ago where the builder had already fitted the scratchplate, by the time I had got the pots to fit in the cavity space and the neck sitting in the pocket correctly I had to re-drill all of the scratchplate holes!
  7. We always finished up with Sit Down by James, it always went down really well....the band veto'd my suggestion of Baby F**k Off by the Electric Chairs for some reason
  8. In the air tonight (especially after 10pm version) Phil Collins?
  9. Thank you, it has the soap bar EMG-HZ's on it at the moment, I will have a look and see if I can find a tonepump pre-amp
  10. Hi all, I would like some assistance if I may, I recently picked up a Spector Legend Custom with the EMG HZ pickups, volume, blend, stacked bass / treble and a tone pot? (that's how it seems to be set up anyway!) I love the way it plays but hate the sound of it, it is very bass light and generally weak sounding, can anyone recommend a decent pre-amp or something else to improve the sound of it....the one thing I actually really like about the current set up is the tone control, I like how that interacts with the bass / treble controls but I will happily fore go that to improve the general sound.....the battery is new so it is not a low battery issue Cheers Rog
  11. Now that's a rarity a 66 P bass neck with truss rod adjuster at the headstock end 😂😂
  12. My mum was a concert pianist and a recorded artist, she desperately wanted me to take up the piano, when I showed no interest in her chosen instrument she never ever gave me any encouragement or even acknowledgement when I took up the guitar and bass instead, even today now she is in her 80's, when I played her what I think was the best music I had ever played on, the response was, "the lyrics are depressing" Bear in mind I had actually played bass, KEYS, recorded and produced the song which has since been released on a compilation album that was still all I got! My dad was not musical but loved music and ended up as a promotor for the local council, he loved Folk Jazz and big band music, through him I met the likes of Herb Miller, George Chisolm, Acka Bilk, Adam Faith and many more, I got to work on the concerts learning stage management, sound and lighting skills so he really gave me all the musical encouragement I could ever need.
  13. Precision bass or Status bass via a Stageclix Jack wireless system straight into my Mark Bass LM3 and 102T cab, I don't even run through a tuner as I know the basses hold tune really well
  14. I briefly owned an Adam Thompson (local builder to Northants) fretless bass in the 80's I was told it was a custom build for someone who didn't get on with it, it was based around a Thunderbird shape but with a longer headstock and a more pronounced shaped body, it played really well and sounded great but the total killer for it was is was so big that no case existed at the time that could hold it! I soon realised it was pretty much unusable as it couldn't be transported safely, I was told by the shop selling it that the original owner had paid close to £1000.00 for the original build, I paid £250.00 for it and sold it a few months later for £200.00. So for those planning their next design, ensure it will either fit in a case or that it is supplied with one that fits the bass!
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