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  1. Terrible! In Status series 2 (new) Status series 1 matrix (Used) Status energy matrix (used) Spector Legend Custom (used) Trace Elliot SMH 350 head (used) Smooth Hound wireless system (new) Out Fender Precision roadworn Fender Telecaster 1980's Japanese Dearmond MT77T Arbiter Les Paul Junior Westone Thunder IIa Guitar Still to go 1981 USA Fender Precision To be fair I have not spent as much as I thought as a couple of the guitars out went for very good money and the used Status and Spector basses came in for very good prices, if I shift the Precision for a sensible price I will be breaking even and selling a Mesa D800 last year more than paid for the Trace head
  2. The Status groups on FB rave about Status Hotwire strings, available direct from Status at £14.00 a set (and even cheaper if you order in bulk) I have them on a couple of basses and so far I am impressed with the sound, feel and longevity v cost of them when compared with Labella Super Steps and Elites which I have favoured for years but seem to be getting more difficult to get easily for a decent price. As a mid priced set I would recommend giving Hotwires a go
  3. Sad news, I did on stage effects for them when they played at the Roadmender in Northampton back in 1986 /1987
  4. Labella do the Super Step strings, I have them on a couple of basses at the moment, nice strings but not cheap
  5. Personally, I would walk away from anyone not prepared to take cash on collection!
  6. Less expensive than you might think, the biggest cost to me in doing this job was importing Ebony dots from somewhere overseas, Andy actually charged me very little for the fitting work.
  7. That was quite enjoyable and quite surprising to see Fonzi from Happy Days still so relevant to the kids in 2019!
  8. Thanks Andy, a fantastic job again, I know it was only a vanity thing but Bass Collection SB basses always had un-dotted fret boards and, as this is one of only two SB801's to exist, I wanted it putting back to as original as possible, I have the original black knobs in the case and the remains of the original pre-amp so if someone is really brave one day they may be able to salvage it....until then the Glockenlang replacement will have to do (yes it does sound 10 times better than the aged original pre-amps!) Thanks again Andy!
  9. It would be interesting to see who the seller is given their eBay name and the area they are in! Could it be a chance to meet the great man himself and pick up a nice amp....I am intrigued!
  10. Just have a quick hunt through Ali Express if you want to see where this seller is getting his stock and the mark up he is adding as well!
  11. I really enjoyed it but agree with the comment above. probably not as good as the Brian Pern series
  12. As @BassBunny mentioned, the original Japanese Bass Collection basses take a lot of beating, definite value for money still
  13. I play in a rock band and swear by my Mark Bass LM3 / 102p Traveller set up, but, our drummer is not overly loud! There is something about the Mark Bass sound that I really like especially when paired with a Precision, I have owned and sold a Mesa D800 as I thought the MB amp sounded better. I will add that adding a 1x15 Traveller cab to the set up actually took away the sound I love from the MB amp!
  14. The placement of the "contoured body" decal is right strange! Looking at online images it is correct for these basses but I wonder what the story is as to how it ended up there!
  15. "Yeah right" indeed, saw that yesterday, looking at the decal I thought, yeah right that's definitely a real Fender....not!
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