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  1. Yes but Asschat would have a free run at things!
  2. Wow, lots of lovely buttons and switches, a real geek can never have too many dials and buttons and lights....Lights that come on when you push buttons....heaven, I am sure most of walk into a recording studio and think "perfect thousands of buttons and switches, I could spend days in here making lights come on and off without having a single Scooby of what I am doing and if I am really clever I could probably make smoke come out of something!"
  3. TBH is difficult to argue or add anything to Dad's description.....if I had to choose, I think I "prefer" Overdrive, and dislike Fuzz the most but usually go back to a clean sound within seconds of thinking "I am sure Overdrive / Distortion / Fuzz will sound good in this song!" We spend a fortune on high quality amps and cabs and top notch pickups only to make t all sound flabby and crappy by adding something that sounds like your gear is broken!
  4. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  5. Anyone want a pair of EMG-HZ soapbar pickups removed from a Spector Legend Custom 4 string? I upgraded both the faulty preamp and the pickups to Glockenlang and Delano respectively, I have junked the preamp as it kept cutting out but the pickups were fine. You cover the postage which I think will be about £5.00 for standard UK postage and they are yours unless of course you want to collect them from me in Northampton Rog
  6. Just seem starting to appear on line that Jim has passed away Bat Out Of Hell was possibly the greatest ever rock opera RIP Jim
  7. As @PaulThePlug suggested, cocktail stick cut flush and use the same screw, I have lost count of how many cocktail sticks have been used in my basses!
  8. Fortunately it says price negotiable, I offered 67 pence but for some reason he refused it, I still reckon it's the best offer he is going to get!
  9. Same here, my desires are gone, I keep looking but I am dead inside, I know I have all the basses and amps that I am ever going to need so looking seems futile now, send help!
  10. I was never a big fan of the Clash's White Riot but loved everything (up to the final album) they did from there
  11. Derek Birkett played bass on this one, very much a Crass type bass line, another one to listen to would be Securisor by Crass featuring Peter Wright (no not the darts player) on bass
  12. It wouldn't be unusual for an interface to change over time how it interacts with an operating system, good old Microsoft have now made my Gen1 Focusrite 18i20 unusable with Windows 10 due to their last updates / built in obsolescence plan! The fact that it is still working to some degree suggests that a re-install might solve your issues
  13. Fad Gadget were hardly a fad and never a gadget!
  14. Sounds like the problem is with the link to the interface or the interface itself, the first thing I would try is swapping the USB cable, if that doesn't work, swap back to the original cable (as we can be pretty sure that is OK) uninstall the interface completely and reinstall it, if still no joy then try the interface through another laptop or PC if you can, hopefully that will tell you whether the interface is faulty, if none of that works, get in a huff, sweep everything off the table and announce, theatrically you are going for a walk and may be some time, proceed to flounce out of the house!
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