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  1. Keep your eye out for an earlier Fender Precision Lyte bass, they weigh in at about 7lbs and sound immense, I have used mine again over the last couple of days, I had forgotten just how great it sounds
  2. RIP Malcolm Young

    RIP Malcolm, a true legend of rock
  3. Yamaha 1024X White

    Anyone got a White 1024X they would like to part with? Cheers Rog
  4. Left Hand Westone Thunder III

    That's an unusual old girl, I don't think I have ever seen a lefty Thunder III come up before!
  5. Bad shoulder - > light bass option

    Really surprised a Mike Dirnt is weighing in at 13lbs that is heavy for a Fender even in their darkest days.....if you like the Mike Dirnt bass the Squier option may be a great way to go, they were built for the budget market and I assume the younger player, mine is one of the lightest Precisions I own and is a great bass, I have upgraded the bridge, tuners, pickups and wiring which has probably brought it up to the cost of a Mexican bass but it still weighs in at less than 9lbs....nice and manageable for my 50 year old back and shoulders
  6. First topic on the new site!

    Great job guys, the new site looks really polished, it's only when you see this you realise the old layout was looking rather dated
  7. https://www.facebook.com/groups/992440637527378/?multi_permalinks=1240496146055158&notif_id=1510190074212911&notif_t=commerce_interesting_product I have just come upon this, it looks like it is a USA sub but no image of the headstock to confirm, I have commented asking him to confirm but I know there are always people on here looking for the USA sub, if it turns out to be a USA sub it is a steal at that price
  8. Originals for fun

    I write and play with Yodaclub, a bunch of nearly or, in my case already 50 year olds, it takes us ages to get anything done as we never have enough time available with life getting in the way, but the band lack the childishness of youth, we are realistic that we are never going to make it big but we do it for fun and to see just how good a product we can turn out.....It has got us national radio play and some decent support slots and a healthy following on FB......stick an ad on JMB, be prepared for a lot of time wasters but hopefully a couple of useful contacts will come along.....I write a lot of my stuff on my own, like you I can do most everything except decent vocals but most bands are crying out for a decent songwriter if you can write and record a rough approximation of what you want and you can find people that can develop it into full songs, you will have your originals band, one tip I use is I tend to create a melody line on keyboards so I can say to the vocalist....this is what I imagine it to be like as a wailing tortured dog vocal can be challenging for a proper singer to comprehend what you were actually trying to sing
  9. I seldom listen to songs that I have played in bands, I tend to find my favourite songs by bands don't tend to be their biggest hits (Mr Brightside being an exception) I think once I have spent the time mastering the song, played it live and rehearsed it with the band then I rarely bother to listen to it for pleasure, however with the original stuff Yodaclub turn out I listen to that all the time,I like to A/B it against other contemporary releases and see how mixes stand up
  10. Active 1963 precision anyone?

    I messaged him, he sounds like a genuine seller and has amended the advert now to reflect that it is not a 63 bass
  11. pickup covers

    Or get a standard black or white set and spray them gold, if you lacquer them afterwards they should last nicely, I sprayed a black set white many years ago (pre Ebay days) and they were still fine when I sold the bass about 3 years later
  12. High End Cables

    I think there is something to be said for slightly higher end cables than the standard cheap rubbish that comes with an appliance, decent quality (and thickness) speaker cable is worthwhile, as are cables with quality plugs but I agree spending £3000 on hifi cables is madness unless you have more money than you could ever need....I hear Lewis brought some with his rebate for his private jet that the Isle Of Man kindly gave him back
  13. [quote name='martthebass' timestamp='1510059365' post='3403587'] A very early 1983 JV 57P - traded against a 'proper' US Jazz A mint fretless Westone Thunder 3 - traded against an Ibanez geetar And I'm sure at some point I'll regret letting go of my Status Streamline...... [/quote] I also regretted selling my Thunder 3 fretless but was fortunate enough to pick up another equally good example a few years ago
  14. Headstocks and tuners

    [quote name='tauzero' timestamp='1509924897' post='3402699'] Can't understand why people want headstocks, stupid primitive things that make a bass heavier and less well-balanced, and more likely to unintentionally jab the vocalist in the ear. With a headless, I have to actually mean it. [/quote] "Unintentionally jab our vocalist in the ear" there was nothing unintentional when I gave our guitarist a black eye with the end of my Precision headstock, he doesn't stand so close to me nowadays.... (to explain, I am not some kind of bass wielding physco he was jumping around like an idiot I just provided him with something to crash in to)
  15. DIY Guitar kits

    I have a semi complete Pitbull Rick bass, it just requires wiring and painting now but the standard neck joint was a complete joke and would not have lasted five minutes, I had to do some serious carpentry work on it to make it useable, the bridge was wrong (again the right bridge needed more carpentry work) the pickups were wrong, again more woodwork...I now have a playable bass with a decent action that looks about right....would I recommend the kit....not a chance!