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  1. This one still works for me, what doesn't work for me is that the generation that wrote and lived this originally are now the ones in power...wrote great protest songs...yes......learnt anything from them....sadly no!
  2. To be fair Ceremony by New Order is pretty simple but a very effective bass line
  3. I had a Eastcoast White Falcon bass copy, I gigged it once but it was so badly built I never felt I could rely on it, the electrics were not wired up correctly from new, one of the pots was already partly sheered and fell off during said gig and action wise it took a fair bit of work to get it to a playable, and nothing more than playable condition....apart from that it looked absolutely brilliant! Would I recommend one....yes if you want to hang it on the wall and look at it admiringly
  4. How very odd, when I click the original link it takes me to a car battery jumper pack!
  5. Friends, in all my bands both past and present we used to get together socially (and still do in some cases) to me, a band works better if the members can socialise outside the band environment?
  6. With walk out music of "Bring Your Daughter's to the Slaughter" it could make the London stadium a place other teams fear to come, I guess if it doesn't work and they get beat "Run to the Hills" would work as the team was booed off at the end of the game
  7. Many years ago there was a very short lived punk band in Northampton called "Kipper Trench" who then changed their name to "By Order of the Seven Fat Pigs"
  8. I have had a few where sizing becomes somewhat questionable, I have gone on stage and thought "where is my bass....ahh it's ok it's in my pocket!" gets said bass out which is now full sized, plays songs them puts bass back in pocket...it makes me smile My favourite one was I was being chased by the old bill in this huge old American car, I couldn't shake the fuzz off so I drove behind a bush, got out the car, put the car in my pocket and waited until the fuzz had passed before putting the car back on the road and driving off....I am sure brain had been smoking something funny without telling or sharing it with me!
  9. Please can someone answer what may be a stupid question! I think I am going to go for a Behringer XR18 digital mixer for its sheer features and portability but also for the ability to to have multiple aux outs to feed our in ear system we are going to start using.....I have downloaded the X-Air app for my phone and everything looks straightforward and manageable from my limited understanding of these digital mixers, so my question is....if all members of the band download the X-Air app would they be able to connect to the mixer and create and manage their own monitor mix (as long as it was agreed they don't start messing with any other screens!) or would it need to be a single phone / tablet controlling the monitoring along with any other outputs? Cheers Rog
  10. Wasn't Spirit in the Sky also a one hit wonder for Doctor and the Medics? I wonder if there are others that were a one hit wonder for one band and were subsequently a one hit wonder for another band?
  11. Thank you, I guess sounds great bit is subjective but understandable when compared to the standard fodder that comes with a cheaper IEM system, I am sure the Quads and UE6's will sound even better but at the moment I am in the experimental stage of does it work for the band to use an IEM system, can I build one for a sensible budget that will deliver what we need (I think I am about there with the system anyway) but if I cannot get them to stay in my ears it will be a short lived project, either that or I will be on stage with a set of closed back Sennheiser DT250's on my head!
  12. Yes please: Precision basses Candy Apple Red Lake Placid Blue Olympic White Bass Collection basses. No thanks: More than 4 strings Thunderbird's Jazz basses Ibanez basses Some of the really odd shaped exotica that comes up for sale from time to time Anything that MDP has been anywhere near
  13. I have two Mesa Boogie Subway 1x12's which sit unused in the cupboard at the moment purely because my Markbass Traveller 102p sounds great and is so much more portable than the Subway's are! I do miss the sound and sheer presence of my old Mesa Boogie 1516E but I don't miss having to lug it in and out of the van / in and out of the venue one little bit!
  14. Hi all, I know there are quite a few on here that use in ear monitors so I need some help, I have brought a set of Shure 215's which sound great......if I stand there with my fingers holding them in my ears, which as a bass player is not ideal, I have tried the different sized tips, odd sized tips, memory foam tips and, at best I can get a weak seal with little bass and the breeze of a gnat flying past will see them falling out of my ears so the idea of rocking out on stage with any level of confidence is currently nonexistent ....am I missing a trick or what? Cheers Rog
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