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  1. Question for @anzoid and @scrumpymike (and anyone else who owns one of these): how do you find the passive tone control, particularly at lower settings? Does it get anywhere near Precision territory or is the sound more akin to a regular StingRay with the bass on full and treble rolled off?
  2. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  3. I hate to be that guy, but... Anything you might be interested in trade wise?
  4. Looking for a dep bass player for a function gig in Hassocks, West Sussex on Saturday 1st June. Standard function material, covering all sorts from the 50s to current top 40 stuff. Video/audio available here: https://strobeband.com/ Cheers!
  5. VMT sold, Octabvre still available and now £175 including postage.
  6. It is a truly fantastic piece of work. I’m a committed OC-2 fan and found I didn’t really need or use the extra functionality that Octabvre offers, but if you love that tone and want a bit more flexibility you really can’t go wrong with one of these! All PMs replied to, both pedals still available.
  7. Letting go of a couple of pedals which are now (and, to be honest, probably always have been) surplus to requirements. Both were purchased about a year ago - the Octabvre was brand new from Bass Direct, the Vintage Microtubes was picked up second hand from here - are in good condition (minor scuffs and scratches as shown in photos) and come with original box and all the trimmings. 3Leaf Audio Octabvre MKII - £175 incl. UK postage SOLD Darkglass Vintage Microtubes - £130 incl. UK postage SOLD
  8. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  9. Good to hear your first impressions are positive. Like you I was put off preordering by the constant delays, as well as not actually having played one... but after seeing the how quickly these are selling I’ve bitten the bullet and ordered one online which should arrive on Friday. Can’t wait!
  10. Where did you order from, if you don’t mind me asking? Almost certain I’ll end up buying one of these, but I’d like to try one first and haven’t managed to find anywhere that has them in stock yet...
  11. I'll almost certainly regret this, but here goes... I only bought this from Discreet about nine months ago, but as good a bass as it is - and it is very, very good - I'm not really playing Precisions at the moment and finding it increasingly difficult to justify having two of them. This is the more valuable of the pair, so I'm letting my head rule my heart and putting it up for sale. Plenty has been said about the sound and feel of the Road Worn series and this bass absolutely lives up to the hype - it's comfortably the best sounding and feeling Precision I've ever laid my hands on, and streets ahead of the American Standard P I offloaded last year. It's in very good nick (yes, it looks beaten up - the clue is in the name) but does have a couple of non-standard features: at some point in its life it has been fitted with pickup and bridge covers, so the holes for those are visible in the pickguard and body; it also used to be fitted with a set of straplocks, the screws for which were slightly bigger than standard and I never got around to replacing the originals or glueing a bit of toothpick in the holes so the strap buttons do rattle around a bit (if this a deal-breaker then I'll have a bash at sorting it). The bass is currently fitted with a nicely broken-in set of La Bella 760FS flatwounds. I would prefer a straight sale, but could also be tempted by a trade for a nice Jazz from the usual suspects - particularly a Road Worn or Flea Signature. Unfortunately I don't have a case or gig bag to post this in, so collection from Haywards Heath, West Sussex would be preferable. Alternatively, I'm happy to deliver/meet up within a reasonable distance. Photos, courtesy of Discreet (it's only left the house twice since I bought it and has been handled with care at all times - I can take more up-to-date but less high quality pics if anybody wants them):
  12. Good question, I'm not too sure to be honest. No such worries here though, it's very much intact! https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B0Ua_tjuaF3Hb3k5VzNjVTZYRGc/view?usp=sharing
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