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  1. Dropped a few venues over the years, usually if they're really poorly attended (and I mean really quiet), horrible landlord, a bit rough, rubbish money, and especially if they have a bad load in/out. We now have about a dozen established venues we play regular gigs with, the excitement comes with finding a new venue to play in a new town or village.
  2. I've got JJ's in my SVT, very happy with the result.
  3. Tom Misch last night in Bristol, I was by some distance the oldest person there, decent enough band, far too heavy on the bass sub (what a surprise) and Misch had the personality of a lobster, but the kids seemed to love it, some chap called Loyle Carner (?) showed up as well, not a clue who he was but everyone went nuts, felt very out of place!
  4. If it's just for fun and recording at home (as it says in the OP) then reaper will be fine, with regard to bundled effects and instrument plugins, there are 1000's of decent quality free ones available as VST's should you need them.
  5. you're welcome, btw I'm loving the jazz
  6. seeing Tom Misch in Bristol tomorrow (lads birthday present) but I'm quite looking forward to it!
  7. Reaper...someone will be along to agree or not. It's cheap and you can demo it for completely free until you decide you want to pay for it. It can be as simple or complicated as you want but I've used loads of DAW's and this one was the most stable, If you had a mac I'd have said GarageBand, that's even better but Reaper for a PC is ace.
  8. new strings? Made a huge difference to my tone, got some DR highbeams, happy again.
  9. Red Clay by Freddie Hubbard, insane playing
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