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  1. MT Power Kit. Super easy and fast to set up.
  2. Split the whole 45 minute tape into sections (songs/ideas etc) once you've inserted it onto a track in Reaper. Save that as your template. Then delete the sections behind and ahead of the section you want to use or keep. Save that section as "Bass ideas 1" or whatever you want to call it, then render that to you desktop or library as a wav or mp3. You have your first track. Repeat with that original template you saved and do the same for each section you want to save as a separate idea/song etc. There's probably a much quicker way of doing this but I can't think that quickly at the moment. Good Luck!
  3. Heads Up. Plugin Alliance is doing a free Ampeg SVT VR Classic for free with this voucher AMPEG-FOR-FREE https://www.plugin-alliance.com/en/products/ampeg_svtvr_classic.html
  4. lurking at the back of my garage, will still be working with the coming of the rapture (probably) and yes, I too have sadly put a black widow in it...(and some castors!)..sorry, slightly derailed this thread, it's not the best 1 x 15. That's probably a barefaced or mesa but I don't have experience of either.
  5. or leave 'em on like I do!
  6. I was also going to say the Kali 6. They get fantastic reviews. FWIW, I couldn't afford them in the end so I went for some used M-Audio BX8's and to be honest they sound fantastic but Im getting great bass with the 8" speakers. So if you can, look seriously at the Kali's, they're a big jump up from what you were thinking about IMO. If you're on a budget though, check out the studiospare SN5a, again they get great reviews and are well within budget. https://proaudioblog.co.uk/studiospares-studio-monitor-speakers-listening-tests/
  7. No you're right. The magic Lantern overides this by re -recording on a new file but you loose about 2 seconds of video, not a problem if using more than one camera of just editing actual performances, quite often the overlaps are in between songs, think I've been caught out only once or twice.
  8. The canon ( I have a 5D mk2 ) will only record for a max of 30 minutes due to a strange EU law that designates the difference between a camera and a video camera as one that records either below or over 30 minutes. This apparently affects some sort of import duty so camera manufacturers set a max of 30 minute record time to avoid this. In most situations this isn't a problem as few people would record for 30 minutes without a break or scene change. I do however as I record our rehearsals/gigs etc by setting the camera up and pressing record before running back onto stage to play. It's a right pain. I've kind of got around this by installing Magic Lantern and a double battery pack but it's still not perfect. If you have a decent go-pro I'd stick with that TBH.
  9. The licence is a fully functioning demo and is always free until you decide to buy it. It's an unusual and exceptionally generous business model that relies on goodwill and trust from it's customers. For this reason alone I really like it, plus it's an exceptional DAW with decent video editing included which is a real bonus.
  10. Reaper does video editing as well as audio (obviously) so I'd recommend that and a 2 channel Audio interface like the focusrite 2i2 or if you're on a budget the Behringer UMC 22. A good camera is a big help and I guess a decent microphone but there are better experts on here than me. I presume you will want to record and edit before you put it on YouTube rather than do a live stream.
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