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  1. Great gig, poor turnout

    I never go in to any gig with expectations, that way Im never disappointed and sometimes mildly pleased!
  2. SVT classic users - experience using this amp in pubs

    same as mine, had the board completely redone, new JJ valves, done 30 gigs now, no probs sounds great, but deffo having it serviced every year (done last month £70 including new pre valve)
  3. SVT classic users - experience using this amp in pubs

    The new ones are made in Vietnam and not in anyway as good as the USA ones (IMO), however, if you are lucky enough to get someone who knows their way around a tube amp you can get them sorted. Billy is right about the reliability issues.
  4. EB Musicman 1987/1988 all original - one owner

    absoloutely beautiful Ray I have to say!
  5. EB Musicman 1987/1988 all original - one owner

  6. Enfield Lionheart 5

    that is a beauty, great value!
  7. Stuart Clayton's "Bass Lick of the Week"

    wow these are great!
  8. SVT classic users - experience using this amp in pubs

    I have mine on about half way both gain and volume and control with the volume knob on the bass for all my pub gigs, through an HLF 410, sounds great, roll off the bass, boost a little mid, certainly not mushy.
  9. Connect Guitar to pc using a Behringer UCA202

    thing is, how to connect his bass/guitar to those RCA inputs? Jack to RCA cable i suppose?
  10. SVT classic users - experience using this amp in pubs

    An SVT-CL and a 401 HLF, will it cut it at a pub gig? You're kidding right?!! I hope i don't sound patronising but you do know to make sure the amp is connected to the speaker before you switch it on? oh and answer to the last qustion, the CL anyday...if you've not used one before you're in for a treat!
  11. Great gig, poor turnout

    The crap ones can be laugh to be remembered! We did a wedding (for a a mate and for free!) and not only did we not even get a drink, I bought a round for the bride and groom!
  12. Precision bass

    If I was looking for a P at the £500 mark, Id deffo be looking Japanese Fender or squier JV (if you're lucky), good chance of getting your money back there.
  13. Anyone successfully using a Mackie DLM series rig?

    we have a mackie Thump, I think its pants TBH, our old peaveys were loads better.
  14. Physical Music Sales Advice

    how about vinyl? Expensive but great! https://www.discmanufacturingservices.com/vinyl/prices