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  1. Yep I'm thinking that's what I'll do, who knows where it'll all end up? I'm not the arguing kind. I suppose our audience will tell us whether it's any good or not. I'm just nervous that it creeps into the set more and more.
  2. So my Pub Band did an album of original material last year and some of it is ok (IMO) We play 3 of the songs from said album in the set, one goes down well, the other 2 are "politely" received. I'm getting a vibe from one or 2 other band members that they would like to continue further down this path and perhaps don't quite see how our punters react as well as I do. I'm not a fan of "pub" bands playing their own material, I think the punters like to hear stuff they know. I'm trying to diplomatically suggest keeping the originals to the festival circuit (I'm talking village festivals here!) and only really having 2 max of our better tunes in the set and working on more covers to keep the set fresh. But still I'm getting a feeling of Mission Creep, that the writers of said material are really enjoying the process (and I get that) but it's not really helpful to what we are and have been for the last 10 years. We have a new member who has really raised our game ( a great singer) and it's really brought the band up another level (again IMO). Maybe I'm afraid of change? If it wasn't for the singer, the Album would never have happened and there's talk of another one in the pipeline but our bread and butter is The Dog n Duck circuit and I'm nervous of spoiling that. Has anyone else had a conflict between what works well every week and the ambitions of other (possibly more ambitious) band members?
  3. same, nothing until June, now pretty busy till Christmas.
  4. so did the Tascam give you multi stems to play with in Reaper?
  5. sounds great, how did you record it?
  6. 'ere! Get back in your seats, no dancin' allowed! Well from today you are..
  7. I've removed a picture of them from here as it's possibly beyond the rules of this forum but if you go on Facebook they don't look too happy with their lot! Good Luck with the refund ( I mean that seriously)
  8. "Metal grille makes for improved sound transference" Really?
  9. sorted https://www.gear4music.com/Guitar-and-Bass/Behringer-BDI21-V-Tone-Bass-Preamp/6LV
  10. The One stink to bind them and in the darkness guide them...
  11. rather prefer Hai Karate myself.
  12. Had a Selmer Treble n Bass 50, a few years ago, sounded great but broke up at (relatively) low volume. Better for guitar for sure. Now gone to Ampeg 300W monster. Always fancied the Marshall 400 VBA Handbox seem to tick a lot of boxes, but they 'aint cheap. For modern, The Laney Nexus Tube could be a real bargain second hand.
  13. Thank you. It will be one, maybe 2 max, zoom H2n's with the audio input from only one of the cameras positioned 30 feet centre from front of stage. I may give it a go tomorrow night at band rehearsal. We have plenty of lighting and the zooms have several settings to compensate for low level lighting. As much as I'd love to take a desk mix it's just not practical so that's why I choose the zooms as their audio mic inputs aren't too bad even if the video is nothing special. I just need to find the correct input levels on the zooms so not too quiet or distorted loud.
  14. Wow! Thank you for the advice. You obviously have approached this from a really pro angle. My problem is (as usual) I'll be sorting out the sound and PA, the lights and now possibly the streaming/recording angle as well as actually playing the bloody bass whilst the guitarist and singer just unwind a couple of leads and look for someone to buy them a pint (I exaggerate otherwise I'd not put up with it for 11 years). I think the best I could hope for at the moment is a couple of zoom Q2n cameras hooked up to a laptop with OBS set to auto scene change every few seconds. Hopefully the sound would be better than a mobile phone and ok for the local boozer pub venue. But you think I should connect directly to the router rather than rely on wiFi? What social media platforms would be best for broadcasting? I've heard a rumour that Facebook will mute anybody playing what they perceive to be copyright issue covers? Not sure if that's Bullsh*t but I heard it today.
  15. If this is in the wrong forum, apologies. I've been messing about with a few cameras, a laptop and OBS studio, managed to livestream my ugly mug on Facebook live for a few minutes with 3 different angles much to the amusement of a couple of FB pals. Now the question is, has anyone actually manged to livestream a gig on FB or YouTube or some other platform from a venue? (ie the Dog n Duck in our case). Obviously you'll need a Wi-Fi connection (from the pub I guess) . I'm just fantasising over the idea of livestreaming some gigs to all 3 of our followers and somehow monetising it. Never gonna happen right? Just interested if anyone does this and the easiest way to go about it.
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