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  1. oooo to be a fly on the wall in the green room with all those old characters, the tales they must have told eh!?
  2. Possibly different pots? The pickups sound like they have different outputs (er..obviously) same year? New or secondhand? Someone may have changed the pups? - edit.. you say they're both origional.
  3. Many Thanks! Maybe when the album comes out next month!
  4. Really good turnout (surprisingly) as I thought it would be empty. Had the Ampeg on 2(!) as its just too much overkill for pubs TBH, shame, but its never had a chance to really open up. I may have to move it on soon as everything goes FOH these days ;(
  5. nope-Doh! Mind you it was years ago, still never got over it! Guys drove all the way fro Birmingham to devon to collect!
  6. sold an Ashdown 15" cab that way on ebay, got £7!!!!
  7. I would always come here first to buy or trade a bass (and have done a few) but for selling other stuff, especially guitars, I've found the FB marketplace excellent as well as gumtree, ebay is a big no no for selling these days as far as I'm concerned.
  8. we do actually, or at least 2 minutes of it in a medley
  9. absoloutely, love the Squire The Yes Album in my top 5 all time favourites
  10. Love steven wilson for more modern prog and of course Radiohead are sublime
  11. Us lot with engineer Rob and Producer Richard Digby Smith just finished our first album posing akwardly for a picture outside the studio last week (I'm the bloke on the far right)
  12. Sandberg was by far more clear sounding, the other 3 were quite muddy in comparison but I wonder if that was due to the strings, were they all the same? I can't believe there would be such a difference if they all had the same strings on.
  13. frankly Im amazed he couldn't convince you to buy it, he's very persuaisive!
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