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  1. Gain control on amps

    Dont Ampeg recommend the gain on full with their svt Tube amps to get the full 300 watts? Or did I imagine that? Edit, its actually the other way round, master volume on full, adjust gain to taste!
  2. 20 Greatest British Rock Bands

    Not the worst list I've ever seen but The Cure and Oasis, Super Furry Animals, all great bands but top 20 greatest of all time? Pretty subjective (as usual)
  3. Chick Corea - Complete “Spain” Tutorial

    [quote name='Merton' timestamp='1510258808' post='3405175'] Awesome, haven't played this for years! [/quote] actually its incredibly hypnotising..
  4. How does your band go about getting gigs?

    yep same here, Im the poor sod who does all the work getting the gigs, its the bass players job, didn't you realise?
  5. You have to play what the punters want to listen to if you want bookings and that tends to be the same old shi*e. The skill is sticking numbers in that are fun and challenging to play that you like and aren't too far off the mainstream as to alienate you from the audience (and landlady!) We've tried the odd bit of Zappa and Yes, it usually went down badly!
  6. offered festival slot, politely declined, whatcha think?

    [quote name='Lozz196' timestamp='1510180841' post='3404566'] Info below [url="http://www.solidentertainments.com/punk/ilfracombe/index.html"]http://www.solidente...ombe/index.html[/url] [/quote] ah its the punk festival, now i see, sorry man.
  7. offered festival slot, politely declined, whatcha think?

    [quote name='PaulWarning' timestamp='1510160017' post='3404382'] just read the Ilfacombe festival has been cancelled [/quote] where did you see that?
  8. offered festival slot, politely declined, whatcha think?

    Thats a shame, no really, for the fans, but honestly probably needed a bigger headline act or 2
  9. GMR Wojtek Pilichowski Custom

    Thats a lot of axe for the money..
  10. How was your gig last night?

    just got in from a gig in Paignton, all going well untill 15 minutes from the end when guitarists amp just suddenly dies, completely. No back up plan, gig abandoned 15 minutes still to go, awful and embarassing, punters and landlord very forgiving. If my amp dies (and it has in the past) I simply finish off DI to the PA, no fuss, the show goes on, what is it with guitarists and their "tone"? Not letting that happen again!
  11. Spondoolies.

    where are you? Round these here parts (pardner!) its £200 to 300 per pub gig, thats just about pays beer money after all the usual GAS and petrol and rehersal costs, its not a money maker but its cheaper than staying in and getting bladdered at home every weekend!
  12. Live band mixing software

    [quote name='stingrayPete1977' timestamp='1509450849' post='3398976'] Mines never gone wrong, I've never used the client Wi-Fi function but it's there if you want it. I'd you connect four devices no one else can link to it and they'd need to know what app to download. This is all making problems out of nothing, plug it in, open the app and away you go "if" it ever lost connection and mine hasn't in two years the desk carries on with the existing mix regardless. [/quote] This, it gets placed in front of the bass drum, the drummer has the tablet to hand if anything needs adjusting on the fly, its never lost signal and if it did, well it just stays on its last settings anyway.
  13. NUX Time Force tap tempo delay, anyone?

    just a quick heads up on this, got one last week, £40 delivered, Ive not had time to really use it yet, TBH i'll probably struggle to shoehorn it into our set, however it has a pretty small footprint on my pedalboard, can be easily daisychained with no noise and is silent with my other 5 pedals. It plays well with bass and has a sweet analogue delay, tape delay and a great easy to use tap tempo, so far recommended!
  14. Live band mixing software

    [quote name='crez5150' timestamp='1509348907' post='3398154'] Have a look at the Midas MR18 or MR12 if you dont want bells and whistles.... very similar to the Behringer model (has better pre's) but has a 10 year warranty [/quote] That Midas looks identical to the behringer!!!!
  15. Live band mixing software

    yep probably an xair or something similar, we use one, theyre ok, very very sophisticated and a steep learning curve, we may go back to a desk! anyway heres the bumph.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5sck2bDtGb0