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  1. ah ok I just watched the missing video above, should have guessed he couldn't keep it in his trousers, so to speak..
  2. recent convert to steels, I like the clang (and if the song doesn't demand it just turn off the treble)
  3. soooo much great bass to be had for £200, again quite jealous of the fun you'll have finding the one.
  4. beautiful bass but can I mention that tape measure is mingin? GLWTS!
  5. wow same price as a Ray 4 but more like the full fat Ray so I believe, bargain price, less than half a new one GLWTS
  6. skidder652003

    Nux Roctary

    Noooooooooo! Its the one effect I can't emulate in our set!
  7. very true! But I thought they would be toys, they seem pretty decent, nice and bright...and for the price
  8. Just got 2 for £72, they seem pretty decent, quite a bit more chunky and heavy than I imagined 37630289-4226-46D8-A261-189CB138FC87.MOV
  9. Also describes our guitarist
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