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  1. Music Man stingray EX- awesome!

    trades? Lovely bass BTW

    lovely, any trades?
  3. Planet Rock..same old hat

    ha ha, no...77 to 82, end of!
  4. Lending equipment to a bandmate?

    lend em the gear if you care about your band, its only a practise amp and back up bass after all, so long as you're happy knowing any damage will be paid for by the boys.
  5. Harley Benton B550 anyone?

    anyone tried these yet? £130 seems insanely low unless its utter pants, I've a Harley Tele and its great, Think they might be taking over the world! https://www.thomann.de/gb/harley_benton_b_550_white_progressive_series.htm?ref=search_prv_3
  6. Suggestions for affordable compressor

    Ive got the Boss LMB-3, think i paid about £45 for it used, before that I had the Markbass compressore, think I paid about £140 for it, can I really tell the difference? Nope..... http://www.ovnilab.com/
  7. Travelling to gigs. How do you get there ?

    dont forget actually collecting the cash/arguing with the landlord at the end of the gig as well!
  8. Thinking of trying guitar again

    back to the amp thread, these are a bargain, loud as hell https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Peavey-Bandit-65-Guitar-Amp/222890301593?hash=item33e54c1899:g:UEwAAOSwo3tar~Xl this has the foot pedal as well https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/PEAVY-Renown-400-Guitar-Amplifier-Solid-State-Amp-with-Pedal/372194630168?hash=item56a8875a18:g:VZIAAOSwzRFaW3kM and possibly the best of the lot, the Transtube series, very desirable and becoming collectable https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Peavey-Studio-Pro-112-Guitar-Amp/192469053582?epid=24011273506&hash=item2cd00cb08e:g:6XgAAOSwvGladZPQ
  9. Real or fake Fender?

    Im no expert but even I can spot thats a fake 10 miles away, the tuners for starters are super wrong!
  10. Planet Rock..same old hat

    But even the great big acts like Sabbath, Zeppelin, Floyd, Purple, Stones, Rush etc etc have a huge back catalogue, but they still play the same dozen or so songs from each band, why dont they mix it up a bit?
  11. Planet Rock..same old hat

    used to listen to it, but it got so repetitive (Alice Cooper's Poison anyone? Pretty sure that was part of his DJ contract that it had to be played Every Bloomin' day)), gave up on it, started listening to 6 music and realised I wasn't dead from the waist down after all!
  12. Fender Jazz basses and Bergantino HD212 For Sale

    mmm. nice, fancy a 5 string Ray????
  13. Great gig, poor turnout

    I never go in to any gig with expectations, that way Im never disappointed and sometimes mildly pleased!
  14. SVT classic users - experience using this amp in pubs

    same as mine, had the board completely redone, new JJ valves, done 30 gigs now, no probs sounds great, but deffo having it serviced every year (done last month £70 including new pre valve)
  15. SVT classic users - experience using this amp in pubs

    The new ones are made in Vietnam and not in anyway as good as the USA ones (IMO), however, if you are lucky enough to get someone who knows their way around a tube amp you can get them sorted. Billy is right about the reliability issues.