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  1. you mention about getting foldback monitors later. I think your singer will need one more than anything else TBH
  2. I have a Digitec JamMan Stereo. I don't use it for bass now (use it to trigger additional sounds/instruments - Think siren off War Pigs) but as I recall it looped bass fine with no discernible loss of low end. I also had a Nux loop core and that was good value for money.
  3. and if you can keep a straight face you're playing jazz walking lines!
  4. One Tone to rule them all... My Preccccccccious!!!!
  5. you've obviously been to my gigs at the Volunteer in Honiton!
  6. have you ever known the bass player in a band to have the time and luxury to actually mic up their cab? far too busy sorting out the PA and lights and the Guitarists (Gods) Mic placement to the mm on his poxy 412 as well as getting in the first round...
  7. £91 inc postage, good reviews, J & D - J Bass https://www.dv247.com/en_GB/GBP/J-D-Bass-guitar-JB-3TS-4-String-3-Tone-Sunburst/art-BAS0000913-002
  8. recording your band and you're in the band? Just press record on your phone and away you go!
  9. Marshall VBA's come up now and again around the £400 mark, although the running costs...well...
  10. Just discovered this, it works on my phone and iPad. No more walking over to the pc to hit record and legging it back to the kit. I know I'm a Reaper fanboi but this is great.
  11. sorry haven't followed all this but her FB profile says she lives in London?
  12. If you can afford one go for it. You could probably move it on for what you paid for it. I have one, hardly use it anymore (heavy) but now and again it comes out for what I hope is a possible special gig/venue. I had the same curiosity over the valve ownership/experience as you and I'm glad I took the plunge but it can be expensive to service, especially a re-valve. If I was going to do it again, I'd go lighter so something like a Handbox would be my suggestion.
  13. sadly not but I'm a little disappointed that you didn't put up a picture of a bitchin' allen key...
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