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  1. yes, as above, I added another 8 GB to my 8 GB laptop in a spare slot, same RAM card/type, works fine now as 16GB. Easy and cheap to do.
  2. wrong time of year, most pubs around here start booking for the following year this September you'll need youtube video links of past performances if possible. Failing that, record some rehearsals so they can see you can play to a decent standard.
  3. so much disposable income! one 75 precision (home practise) one custom jazz (for gigging) but the world would be a boring place if thats all we had available.
  4. Completely agree. Our guitarist and singer haven't got much money or property if we were to be sued. It would all come down on me and the drummer. PLI is essential IMO
  5. We've had loads of different lighting setups over the years. Now we have it down to a bagful of something similar to these https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/154899833612?hash=item2410bfe30c:g:kdsAAOSwWMBiL~6O with spring metal clamps so we can attach them to anything, usually the support poles for the FOH speakers and angle them how we like, at the singer, the guitarists fingers (!), angle up at the drum kit, on the back band logo etc. We also put a few behind the band on poles. Whole thing takes 5 minutes. I also put a couple of these behind the band (as they're so bright) https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/363806226888?hash=item54b48a79c8:g:TnsAAOSw-zxiXTDf I'm not a fan of sound to light ( a bit school disco!) so fades are better, but to be honest we just leave the colours static now and let the moving heads to all the work. I've got enough to do playing the damn bass! A small haze machine also adds to the effect (if you're allowed to use one by the venue)
  6. ours holds a coiled lead in his hand, looks left and right and a bit confused them walks away back to his rig.
  7. Thats a lot of axe for the money GLWTS.
  8. Video editing in Reaper is way easier than iMovie and I've used both and DaVinci Resolve. If you keep it all "in house" in Reaper it will save time and agro with sync issues. I remember having a similar issue and solved it by adjusting the movie playback rate in Reaper. As I recall, I right clicked on the movie file that was on one track, selected item properties and adjusted the playback rate until it synced up with the audio track. I'm sure there's a YouTube video explaining it .
  9. I got one of these from Amazon, seems pretty popular, £33 https://www.amazon.co.uk/Guitar-Pedal-Power-Supply-Overcurrent/dp/B075ZT7B5F/ref=sr_1_5?keywords=Pedal+Board+Power+Supply&qid=1648712806&sr=8-5 I don't think its truly isolated (at that price) but my board is truly silent. Before I daisy chained and it could get noisy but this works really well. I have on it as follows: Boss TU3 tuner, Laney Digbeth Preamp, Boss LMB3 compressor, Pearl Phaser and a 15V Digitec JamMan looper. They all work fine. My guitarist also uses one.
  10. Zeppelins - The Song Remains The Same, great fun..
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