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  1. I've still yet been unable to really push my 410 to anything as loud as I'd like (moaning band members) and my CL beyond 3, so I'd love to really crank it in a gig situation to hear what it can really do, but even at relatively low volume there's a warmth and creamy quality I've never had in any other head, although to be fair I've not bought anything that new for several years now. My cab is a USA one, doubt it makes much difference, I think there's a fair bit of snake oil around cabs and amps.
  2. spare set of strings, thats it, never broke one in 25 years of gigging. I have a DI preamp pedal that I use through the PA alongside my amp, its got me out of trouble a couple of times my amps gone south, never taken a spare bass or amp, maybe one day it'll bite me but not yet, plenty of leads, power cables etc go in the PA box of leads
  3. but they go in ampeg SVT's so I was asuming they were a bit moke pokey than EL34's? PS I have absoloutely no idea of that of which I speak!
  4. Just ordered a set of Elixirs after enjoying some DR high beams for about 3 months (20 odd gigs and equal no of rehearsals) which BTW were superb but need to spend less on strings so hoping these last the distance, heve the elixirs on acoustic 12 string and electric guitar and still going strong after 3 months and one year respectively.
  5. lovely tone, that elusive "brown sound".
  6. not necessarily, is it a big ticket item?
  7. I had to read all through that to see if anyone mentioned Dave Halls pedals! Yeah I was going to suggest one but see you tried it The DHA VT2 has the DI out and 2 x 12 AX7 tubes (with independent eq for each one) but as he's now sadly passed away they're quite hard to find.
  8. God and I thought I was old! Some of those are great (Rock bottom but live obviously!) but some have been well past their expiry date for years (slash), I think this will become a classic, Steven Wilson's Drive Home with the epic Guthrie Govan on guitar
  9. I'll often play DI to PA if the venues space is small, It's loads less hassle and usually sounds ok with decent monitoring, BTW I use a Dave Hall Tube DI
  10. Thank you all for your input! I've discovered that the velocity touch works very well with all the virtual pianos and synths, it was just the Hammond organ that didn't respond to any touch sensitivity, probably as per an original Hammond! So far it all works rather well and I've saved myself the hassle of selling it and buying the appropriate midi keyboard/controller. The keys on this A90 are a joy to play and as I'm planning on leaving it where it is rather than gigging it the weight is not a problem. The lesson I've learned is to get yourself an older quality keyboard and utilize its midi capabilities with a modern(ish) midi to usb cable and it works just fine
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