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  1. er.. that's a field recorder innit? So I don't think so, get yourself a cheap Audio interface like this https://www.dv247.com/en_GB/GBP/Behringer-U-Phoria-UM2-USB-Audio-Interface/art-PCM0012134-000?campaign=GShopping/UK&ProgramUUID=HADAqJarPzAAAAFlea9yjI.G&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIoOed4bnC6AIVgoxRCh1Rnww4EAQYAiABEgI4rfD_BwE Edit, i see the zoom has audio interface possibilities so it might be ok
  2. behringer interface £55 https://www.bax-shop.co.uk/external-audio-interface/behringer-u-phoria-umc202hd-audio-interface?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI8avh2p246AIViaztCh0ougMAEAQYAyABEgKROPD_BwE studio spares SN5A monitors £89 each (These have amazing reviews and punch well above their price) https://www.studiospares.com/Headphones-and-Speakers/Studio-Monitors/Studiospares-SN5A-Active-Studio-Monitor_248060.htm Got a Mac? Use Garageband, it's free. it's ace, download older version. Total spend £233 Did loads of research for this very thing EDIT monitors now not in stock until May (at least), invest in some decent headphones, easier to post, these for instance (great reviews) £59, good to have both monitors and headphones to swap between anyway https://www.studiospares.com/Headphones-and-Speakers/Headphones-Studio/Studiospares-M2000-MK2-Studio-Headphones_448780.htm
  3. That's amazing, probably plays as well as any epiphone, maybe even Gibson?
  4. So, in these troubled times I imagine a few of us have thought about live streaming. My band were due to give it a go tonight from the drummers studio but I pulled the plug (literally) for obvious reasons. However we had done a little research into how to do it and at the point of cancellation this is what we had in mind. Band set up and fully mic'd, Guitar cab , Bass DI, all drums individually and overheads and obviously vocals into PA as per usual gig setup All into desk and mixed beautifully (hopefully!) 2 outs from desk to scarletti 2i2, this goes into USB port of Macbook Pro That's the audio sorted Now for the Video and streaming side of things.. In theory, as we had won't now get to test this out for tonight, 1 x canon 5D DSLR as main camera, and 2 x go pro type cameras for different angles all USB again to mac book (if not enough USB ports I have a windows 10 PC with more than enough) That's the video sorted Streaming.. Free download of OBS Studio. I played around with this at home and managed to get 2 cameras and my bass into the scarletti and streaming on FB without too many issues (apart from confused comments from FB friends and some lagging) but what I'm proposing above is a bit more complicated, it's a shame we won't get a chance to give this all a go, I love challenges like that! Alternatives? A camera on a tripod streaming FB Live! So simple but so poor sound wise and one camera only. Anyone else had a go at this? All suggestions welcome.
  5. if you could stretch to £400/450 this markbass combo CMD121 is remarkably light and a very loud 400W. I've got one on permanent loan and its great, been gigging with it regularly and we're pretty loud https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/MarkBass-Mini-CMD-121P-Bass-Amp-Combo/223914240648?hash=item3422542a88%3Ag%3ANZAAAOSwjzdeSXvH&LH_ItemCondition=3000
  6. we use a similar setup, 2 tops and a sub (ok so they're RCF's!) plus 2 rcf tops as monitors (they're wedge shaped). That Alto setup you're using with an additional sub should sound fine. As an aside what mics are you all using? We upgraded from AKG's and Shure 58's to sennheisers and it make a big difference to vocals. We also had the X air 18 and tablet setup but quickly ditched it in favour of an analogue (RCF!) desk, the X air was far too tricky and far too many options, we lost the fundamentals of getting a good sound which is to keep things simple.
  7. I don't need a tuner as I have perfect pitch, honest.. (see other post re bulls*t lies told)
  8. You have described my gigging life, and not the ac/dc bit
  9. Im done in the next day after a night at the Dog and Duck! It all sounds so sexy when you're in your 20's but I can't think of anything worse slogging your tired old carcass from flight to flight and hotel to hotel for months on end.
  10. Well if you've nothing going on at the moment it's worth a stab isn't it? Nothing to loose and all that..
  11. Just wondered if any of the build guys might have a possible idea of whats going on? My DHA VT-2 has started to produce quite extreme variations in volume, specifically from the XLR DI out to the desk. One moment it goes quiet and then after a few minutes goes crazy loud. Obviously this is playing havoc mid gig and I will be sending it to my chap who fixes all things (hopefully) box shaped. Just wondered if anyone else has experienced anything like this?
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