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  1. Had one, great pedal but the learning curve was a bit of a faff for me so sold it quickly on. Rather wish I'd kept it TBH and bothered to learn how to use it, probably far more reliable than my dodgy pedal board.
  2. why did you decide to go down the Thunderbolt route? Is Latency an issue?
  3. heartbreaker with a stairway big finish (solo part to end) is always a winner.
  4. I've found that even my RCF 315 wedge monitor not really capable of giving me the volume and clarity I'd like onstage, I'm seriously reconsidering going back to in ears, or even turning my bass rig around and facing me!
  5. Malfunctioning Smoke Machine at about 1 minute in, from Last Saturdays first Post Lockdown Gig.
  6. as usual, it's me (and drummer) who set up PA (as well as transporting it and storing it plus guitarists amp and 412 cab), so I'm always the last to set up my gear with minutes to spare before sound check (this has been an ongoing issue for 10 years now). If there's any time left after before we start I have to set up at least 3 cameras, switch them on, focus them, check gain levels etc so there's no time to get a camera on me as well, plus I edit all the videos, get all the gigs (well 90%), edit the FB page pretty much myself, etc etc..you get the picture...
  7. Ha , don't want to make anyone envious! But I was amazed how many people turned up. I'm guessing there's a real hunger for live music out there, if we could persuade venues to find ways of getting us outdoors whilst the weather is ok, ie up to september/october then we might get a few gigs under our belts before winter comes and God knows what will happen. I know the club secretary was over the moon with the turnout (and his takings), I'm going to be messaging all our usual venues and see if there's any chance of moving outdoors, some have space (ie car parks)
  8. Got to gig last night at an outside event at a social club. Great atmosphere, about 90 people turned up all on separate tables, felt amazing to be gigging agin, got rebooked for a bike rally there at the end of the month. Enjoy the guitarist bum notes fluffery toward the end..I did!
  9. Gigging Tonight at an outside event (social Club) will let you know how it goes, fingers crossed the weather holds..
  10. This. There's a few pubs we've been playing regularly for 10 years, 3 or 4 times a year and the landlords have become friends. They wouldn't ask us to play for free unless they really were desperate and for those select few I'd happily help out this year at least whilst everyone has their backs to the wall.
  11. same here, I came all tooled up for our recording session in February, Ampeg SVT head, Dave Hall Preamp, there were trace elliots and mesa in the studio. I was well excited. Turns out the engineer just DI'd from my bass via a standard Di box straight to the audio interface and then Logic, that was it. Sounded great to be fair so God knows what voodoo he used in Logic.
  12. can you post? I'll get me coat.. GLWTS, awesome thing.
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