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  1. sunbeams are very popular (I've not tried them yet) and I love highbeams
  2. Love the highbeams on my P, they completely changed my views on the difference strings make to your sound. Saying that, I'm now using Elixir nanos on my gigging bass for the longevity as they're so expensive to replace. So far very happy. Tried flats, really wanted to like them (again for the longevity) but to my wollen ear they sounded dull and lifeless (perhaps that's the point).
  3. ooo i wish you could measure my DHA VT-2, see my other post re volts and mA !
  4. Hi folks Im thinking of getting one of these Donner Power Bricks https://www.amazon.co.uk/Donner-Guitar-Supply-Isolated-Output/dp/B0778GPWMR/ref=asc_df_B0778GPWMR/?tag=googshopuk-21&linkCode=df0&hvadid=310810391039&hvpos=1o2&hvnetw=g&hvrand=10006950394915424542&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=&hvdev=c&hvdvcmdl=&hvlocint=&hvlocphy=9045321&hvtargid=pla-564314077153&psc=1 as Ive been having some issues with a dodgy 4 way plug to power all my effects off the pedal board and looks really ugly. Everything is 9V (tuner, phaser and compressor) except for my DHA VT2 EQ which is as follows "The VT2-Twin-EQ-Std-Bass has a two built-in voltage doubler circuits; this generates 24V from the existing 12V power supply. The 24V is used to supply the anodes or plates of the valves, two are used to ensure good power supply decoupling between channels. The VT2-Twin-EQ-Std-Bass is fitted with 2.1mm external PSU adaptor for use with a 12v @1200mA external supply. The user should use a well regulated external supply as the better the regulation then the less the hum when at higher gain levels. If you find there is alot of hum at high gains then the problem will be the supply is not well regulated. I have found that Switchmode supplies work well and these are standard for higher current types, so it is likely that any 12V supply over 1.2 5A will be a switchmode. The inner of the connector is the positive, there is reverse polarity protection so no harm will be done if you get it wrong." Blimey! I have no idea if this pedal would work off the Donner, anyone the wiser? Any advice, as ever, greatly appreciated.
  5. always slightly regret trading my '82 JV , it was a fine instrument, mind you the '75 fender P I traded it for is far better.
  6. man that seems awfuly cheap for a Letts
  7. All Glitter and stack knobs, or in old money, all fur coat and no knickers..
  8. skidder652003

    amps and DIs

    more than alright, thats a great bit of kit
  9. skidder652003

    amps and DIs

    I think only valve amps need a load, you'll be fine, save you a load of hassle too! I've just ordered another 15" powered speaker/monitor for our PA that'll be using more often with a DI instead of a backline more often in the future. So long as you have a decent PA it's a good call.
  10. Done only 2 weddings, one for the guitarists sister which was a bit of a disaster as no one danced! (we're a loud rock band and granny didn't like it ( what a surprise), got bought not a single drink, in fact I bought the happy couple and entourage a round! Second wedding much much better, got properly paid and put up at a cool venue in cornwall, fed and watered to excess, people dancing up all night icnluding on the stage, fabulous, so you never know. The one thing I will say is it amazes me how the bride and groom sometimes only choose a band based on what they like rather than thinking of all the other guests.
  11. So last night I'm learning Whipping Post by the Allman Brothers (great tune BTW) and boy am I struggling with the opening bars, it's not that difficult but can I get the timing right at speed? Can I 'eck! So I leave it 24 hours and come back to it and boom play it perfectly straight out of the box at any speed I want. Now that's happened loads of times with tricky lines and speedy lines, leave it a bit and come back a bit later and it suddenly seems easier? What's all that about?
  12. yeah tried the blue steels and they were great but Im loving the lifespan on the elixrs, are you getting the 7 series RCF's or sticking with the 3 series?
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