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  1. skidder652003

    Sleepy time beddy byes for me !

    yeah he was the only one playing in tune half the time!
  2. skidder652003

    Courier Con

    wow...so what actually can they deliver? !!
  3. skidder652003

    How was your gig last night?

    Had a double header last weekend, Saturday in a pub in Dawlish, Devon, played there a few years ago, forgot why we stopped doing it.... late start 10pm to midnight, bloomin' awful, terrible load in down a back alley, bins and all. Predominantly young crowd who didn't know a single one of our numbers ( Zeppelin, Hendrix, Sabbath etc) so went down like a sack of plop, dance floor filled up nicely when the zombies behind the bar put the spice girls on, so thats ok ;), at least it paid OK, we won't be back. Sunday afternoon 4 -7pm at a great little boozer next to the Railway station in Newton Abbot, less money but a lovely crowd of older punters, head banging and dancing, a much better atmosphere all round, lots of compliments and an invite to a biker gig in September, what a difference! We will be back
  4. skidder652003

    How was your gig last night?

    Thats happened to us before, if the crowd are up for it in the first half, we don't stop, just carry on through to the finish, 2+ hours of playing and my right hand starts to cramp up by the final numbers!
  5. skidder652003

    Warwick Thumb NT4

  6. skidder652003

    Sleepy time beddy byes for me !

    wow great stuff sounds like a hectic weekend! I saw the Stones in cardiff Friday Night, had a gig Sat Night, got home 3am, had another Sunday 4-7pm, now got work this morning, knackered but love busy weekends!
  7. skidder652003

    Who did you see live last?

    Saw the Stones last night in Cardiff, great fun but boy are they rough, give em credit though, they made some right howlers but ploughed on through!
  8. skidder652003


    Thats pretty!
  9. skidder652003


    these look great!
  10. skidder652003

    Best gear at gigs?

    Thats my attitude also, but to be fair I'd think twice taking an origional 65 jazz or something similar down to the dog n duck. If I was a full time pro touring session player in theatres etc then I would!
  11. skidder652003

    Best gear at gigs?

    nope, 300 watt ampeg SVT CL, gets used gigging or has to go (that day is looming ever closer!)but not mint, never had anything too nice to use, cant really see the point
  12. skidder652003

    Playing the guitar at work.

  13. skidder652003

    cheap cheap fuzz 2018?

    wow thats some price drop!
  14. skidder652003

    cheap cheap fuzz 2018?

  15. skidder652003

    Clients eh?

    probably best avoided that one, unless you do drill in yer band