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  1. PROJECTS SD Curlee and Fretless ESP PRICE DROP

  2. Humming noise.

    I have had another play this evening after work and the hum is quiet without a bass plugged in. It is noticeablyworse with a bass plugged in and as you increase volume and is worse with certain pickups. So it looks like earthing as mentioned. The only confusion I have is when I tried the amp on purchase sounded perfectly normal with no buzz/hum even with the same bass. So that accounts for part of the sound but not all of It. Would a speakon connection alter anything as I only have jack speaker cables and the head was connected to the cabs in the shop via speakon? Is there anything else I can try?
  3. PROJECTS SD Curlee and Fretless ESP PRICE DROP

    PRICE DROP £450
  4. Humming noise.

    I don't suppose anyone has a free hour in the Leicestershire area over the next couple of days for a second set of ears at the issue.
  5. Humming noise.

    Hi no pedals in the chain just straight in. As I said there is a noticeble hum when nothing plugged in, (wasn't noticeble in the shop where I purchased the head ABM 600) the cab is a zilla 2x12 600w also purchase new. I did try another head an old swr which had even more noise and my old mesa setup which I recently sold never hummed in this way with any bass etc. If you plug a bass in regardless of volume a large increase in the hum doesn't matter which bass I have tried 3 a guild starfire, fretless ESP and a yamaha BB. It' got me a bit stumped the only thing I think is to get someone to bring another head and cab to me and see if we can isolate the problem or take them to a retailer to do the same.
  6. Humming noise.

    So I have recently got a nice new amp and cab with the plan to get out gigging again in the near future. My issue is I get a quiet hiss/hum with no instrument plugged in but when plugging a bass into the amp the hum/hiss becomes extreme. I have tried differing rooms so I know it' not the plug socket, two speaker leads, basses,cables etc. The only thing I can think is it' s cab issue as the head and cab are new. The company are happy to have it shipped back but I was wondering if I can try anything else before having to go through the hassle of shipping? (I only have one cab/amp at home)
  7. PROJECTS SD Curlee and Fretless ESP PRICE DROP

    Had a few questions. Yes the Curlee comes with all the Hipshot bits and other parts/pickup I have. The ESP is a player but could be improved.
  8. ACG Finn headless 5 with East Uni-Pre £795

    As tempted as I am my head has won the fight at this time. If any are at the Midlands Bass Bass I might have a first play and that might bring on the Gas Attack but as it is I'm managing to resist.
  9. Special D Curlee

    Have decided to put the curlee up for sale as I am just not getting the time to put the work in that this bass needs and deserves so will be in the basses for sale section.
  10. PRICE DROP TO £200 for the Curlee ESP ON HOLD. It's time to admit I have no time or enough talent to complete these two projects. The first is the easier of the two an ESP PJ I purchased it from a fellow bass chatter after previously seeing it for sale In a shop. It's been stripped at some point in it's life so has no finish that I can feel on the body but you can see it used to be dark blue in the control cavity. The neck has has a defret plays quite well ideally needs a shim or having the frets put back to get it perfect. Nut width is around 42/3mm and the neck is quite slim (I much prefer smaller jazz type necks but found this very comfy) Pickups and pots I think have been changed but sounds phat on the Dimarzio P. The second bass is more of a project but a rare one. I had this imported from Birdsong guitars it was part of the old SD Curlee parts and tooling Scott purchased when he acquired he brand. More info can be found here www.birdsongguitars.com/sd-curlee-info Now as stated this is the only maple capped bass made (well part made) so I was trying to complete it as best I could but I just don't have the time or skills to do it. The bass does have some issues that need sorting to complete it and I will happily go through it all with any interested party. I have some parts and a letter from Scott that came when I purchased the bass. Any questions feel free to ask. I'm looking to sell not trade will be happy to meet up or you can come to me. I have no cases for either bass so cannot really post. Based in Market Harborough with a decent kettle.
  11. FS/FT Barefaced 410 withdrawn

    Great cab this! Can buy with confidence David is cracking chap. ✌
  12. ACG Finn headless 5 with East Uni-Pre £795

    Think I'm starting to get a thing for ACG this is about the 4th or 5th that I have started to lust over
  13. Handbox Audio WB-100 - new valve head (pics)

    So do we know or have an idea to when they will be happy to run with a production model?
  14. Special D Curlee

    So it' taking me a bit longer again but I have made some progress with a shim for the bridge. I think I will need another thin one but the 1.2mm plate almost makes it may try and get hold of a 0.2 and 0.5 and see if I can get it perfect. I have also taken the time to drill some wiring holes and copper tape the pickup,bridge and control openings. Hoping for some more free time to get cracking.