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  1. Status Necked Jazz (Now sold outside forum)

    SOLD OUTSIDE Basschat
  2. Alpher Mako *SOLD*

    That's a nice looking bass
  3. Status Necked Jazz (Now sold outside forum)

    Back up again.
  4. Piccolo turns nasty - Dark Side build Number Two

    That top is stunning I know you have a fingerboard selected but I think a birds eye or flamed maple would contrast really well. If it plays like the little beast I played at at the bash this will be very very hard to put down.
  5. Special D Curlee

    Been a while but finally got a little bit more work done on the Curlee. After my concerns over the bridge I have managed to attach it with very little work i sanded some of the finish in the cutaway flat and it fits in quite well now. I have also managed to screw it down without issue although the two outer screws are at the point where the neck joins the body they seem to bite into the body wood deeper than the neck so it feels very secure. Tuners have also now been attached after receiving the correct fitment. Next on the plans order a pickup and attach/shape the brass nut so I can get some tension on the neck and get it setup and playable.
  6. Status Necked Jazz (Now sold outside forum)

    Couple of nibbles but no takers yet type bump.
  7. Status Necked Jazz (Now sold outside forum)

    👆☝️ 👍☺
  8. Status Necked Jazz (Now sold outside forum)

    Hi i have had a couple of questions do here goes the weight on my scales is 9.42lbs which is a surprise the body is one piece alder so I'm guessing that adds to the weight but on the strap it really doesn't feel that heavy. (your welcome to come try the bass) Second I'm located in Market Harborough Leicestershire thanks.
  9. Status Necked Jazz (Now sold outside forum)

    Back off hols rice dropped to £750ono thanks
  10. Status Necked Jazz (Now sold outside forum)

    Back to the top Will be away till the 2nd Sept if anyone wants to get in touch with offers or trades will try and respond when I have internet if not will be when I get back.
  11. Special D Curlee

    [quote name='Andyjr1515' timestamp='1503297380' post='3356919'] This one should be a reasonably easy fix. If it was me, I would drill a decently sized hole (10mm dia minimum) to the screw depth with a forstner bit and glue in a hardwood dowel. There will be enough surface contact with the dowel for the gaps not to be critical. Most of the force on the bridge screws is sideways so it should be perfectly secure enough. [/quote] THANKS that's a great tip 👍
  12. Special D Curlee

    [quote name='SpondonBassed' timestamp='1502432764' post='3351334'] Looking closely at your new bridge I wonder if you might have a problem with the attaching screws. It looks from your photos as if the screws will bite at the point where the neck root meets the body beneath the top. [/quote] So had a quick look this week but progress has been hampered by two things. Firstly I was going to fit the tuners only to find that I had been sent the wrong size 1/2" rather than the 3/8ths that had been ordered. After a couple of emails in which it was implied that I was at fault even though I have a clear email history with my specs stated they asked me to send back the incorrect items and the correct tuners would be sent out same day. I replied sharply saying I would post asap only to now be told they are out of stock so I have to wait 3/4weeks. Setback 2 as you thought it looks like the bridge mounting screws will be at the point where the neck meets the body the centre two screws would be in solid neck wood but the outer two would be in the gaps you can see in the pictures.
  13. Status Necked Jazz (Now sold outside forum)

    Up once again for this beauty.