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  1. Hi yes they are plastic but a real pain to sand down.
  2. Not had much time to continue with the lowering of the surrounds but hoping to get in the shed this week. Need to get the bridge pickup at least a couple of mil lower
  3. RIP he made great basses
  4. It's that time, I made a decision before christmas a bass I used to own appeared in the sales section I talked myself out of buying it back! I dont need it. I sold it while ago for a few reasons I didn't need the 5th string since I wasnt gigging. It played great but I dont get on with active basses! The band I starting practicing with had different goals so the gigging didn't happen etc...etc.. So as logic dictates I stuck an offer in and its mine again. Now I didn't just purchase with the usual GAS I had put the feelers out to Mike at zoot about the possibility of working the bass into something special and it was positive enough for me to jump in. It's not going to be a quick process I need to raise some funds and another project will be worked on and sold to justify the purchase/work. So first up I need to do some fiddling on a DeArmond starfire I took in part exchange a while ago, the bass has been modded with pickups and they are a little close to the strings. Tomorrow I plan to lower them to get it playing better. Stay tuned So I started with the starfire today the plastic spacers the bass that were on the bass when I purchased it had been hacked at as you can see in the pictures. So a new set were purchased and j have been sanding them thinner to try and get a better position! It's slow work as I dont want to ruin them progress has been made and I will come back to it. This has also given me the chance to look at the pickups which should be Fred Hammon Darkstar pickups but I'm yet to find any markings
  5. Thing of beauty that PT4 one of my favourite sounding basses was my old PT5 only thing I couldn't get on with was the neck 35" is not for me. In the process of getting a 5string bass refurbish into a similar style to PT5 but 34" otherwise I would have been tempted to pop up the M1.
  6. This is stunning if only I hadn't just got hold of an old project would be sorely tempted.
  7. If your after shortscale then guild starfire, Hofner Verithin or on the long scale front seems to be some really nice Warwicks the star as mentioned or the infinity. Someone on here had a semi streamer that looked really interesting. Here are mine anyway
  8. I'm thinking about a bass I sold a while ago and would like to try and get a similar sort of sound and feel but without the large cost and niggle which made me sell it in the first place. The bass in question was a Mike Lull PT5 which sounded amazing but I struggled with the 35" scale. So I'm now thinking of a 34" scale 5string and modifying it to a similar spec: passive TBird style pickups,Maple neck with a finish I have liked for a long time. The issue being I am struggling to find suitable pickups for a 5string that are not the lulls (retail is 525ish with surrounds and spacers) Seymour Duncan dont do 5string option and others like mojo are again on the narrow spacing side. Anyone got any ideas? Thanks
  9. Up for sale is a collection of mostly synth pedals but with a few others also. Would like to sell as a group but will consider offers on individual pedals. Up first is the monster pedal/synth that can be used in many ways and can control other instruments with CV etc the Sonicsmith Squaver p1+ This single oscillator, 3 voice monophonic audio controlled synth (ACS), the Squaver P1+ is the closest you can get between the performer’s instrument/voice to analog synths sound. The + version expands what the former Squaver P1 started but gives it a variable gate, wider sweep PWM and a smoother ENV. Boxed Malekko downer is and Octavia synth beast that goes from sweet controllable octave sounds to pure dirty chaos. Not boxed Zvex mastotron again synth octave goodness that can get very very heavy. Not boxed Earthquaker Devices Tenticle is a really simple octave up with a synthy edge just plug in and go. Not boxed Earthquaker Devices Afterneath a strange otherworldly reverb pedal boxed and bagged. And finally an old DOD compression pedal in great condition a classic comes with it's old slightly worn box. Any questions feel free to ask £650posted
  10. Lovely looking jazz and a great year (same age as me)
  11. Try Facebook Messenger for zilla. I have had contact with them a number of times and was really pleased with the service I actually own a zilla 2x12 cab.
  12. Oh so it has to be ebay only ok no problem cheers for letting me know
  13. Did I do something wrong as I just put a link to this bass as I thought it might be interesting to the forum? I have no association and stated I wasnt looking to purchase the bass Thanks Joe
  14. Think I owned this for a while was a really punchy 5string played really well
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