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  1. Special D Curlee

    Thanks for the tip
  2. Special D Curlee

    Thanks for the suggestion I can see me playing with some wood scraps then getting some brass and seeing what I can come up with! Might secure it with a couple of screws recessed to the front depending on depth as it will be hidden under the bridge and held st the back by the bridge mounting anyway
  3. Special D Curlee

    Today has been a day to forget really. So in preparation for trying to get something done at the weekend on the bass I tried to stick some strings on to make sure everything is good up to tension (I should have done this a while ago but time has gotten away from me the last couple of months). Anyway things of note! Lucky I have a spare nut as in my absence of skill I may have adjusted it tiny bit too low but the even with it the bass has a bigger issue the bride recess. The only thing I can think is that the mark1 Badass has a thicker base plate as the Hipshot now struggles with adjustment. Height has to be set at a scary angle to get the string off the board. So back to square one do I wait for an old badass with the narrow spacing (rarer than s rare thing) or do I find some way to shim the bridge maybe like the old brass tone plate idea that yamaha used to use?
  4. The one that got away in 99/00 Manchester Bass Centre

    Yeah would have been around the same time late 90s. The RIC that I played was in the Exchange and was fireglo or Montezuma Brown can't remember exactly just remember the tone blew me away. Have had a couple since a 4003 and a 4001 but I still think that one had something extra. Such a same the two shops are gone though! Not many like that anymore if any.
  5. Special D Curlee

    Right time I got back on this. After not really getting time to do anything for a few months I plan on working on the Curlee over the weekend so hopefully some interesting updates to come.
  6. The one that got away in 99/00 Manchester Bass Centre

    Spent many hours lusting over Basses in the old Musical Exchange Brimingham and the Bass Centre round the corner. Stand out items include a Wal Mk1 for £300 a black Jaydee Supernatual that played like butter and a 4001 that sounded so huge!! I have never picked up another Ricky that sounded like that one. WHY I didn't purchase any of these I don't know. I used to love getting buzzed into the old vintage section next to the bass cave in Musical exchange silly really but I always remember that and the broken bits area that you could hunt through and make offers for all sorts. Stupid mistake by me was letting my PT5 go a few years ago after falling in love with it in Bass Direct still miss that bass keep looking at Tbird loaded basses (none Tbird shaped)

    Ah so it is priced a bit high then. Good looking thing though not that I could justify it just not seen one for a while.

    Dont know if this is a good price but looks like s nice bass for the money to me. Seem to remember these are rated very highly by some. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F372168107339
  9. Status Necked Jazz (Now sold outside forum)

    SOLD OUTSIDE Basschat
  10. Alpher Mako *SOLD*

    That's a nice looking bass
  11. Status Necked Jazz (Now sold outside forum)

    Back up again.
  12. Piccolo turns nasty - Dark Side build Number Two

    That top is stunning I know you have a fingerboard selected but I think a birds eye or flamed maple would contrast really well. If it plays like the little beast I played at at the bash this will be very very hard to put down.
  13. Special D Curlee

    Been a while but finally got a little bit more work done on the Curlee. After my concerns over the bridge I have managed to attach it with very little work i sanded some of the finish in the cutaway flat and it fits in quite well now. I have also managed to screw it down without issue although the two outer screws are at the point where the neck joins the body they seem to bite into the body wood deeper than the neck so it feels very secure. Tuners have also now been attached after receiving the correct fitment. Next on the plans order a pickup and attach/shape the brass nut so I can get some tension on the neck and get it setup and playable.
  14. Status Necked Jazz (Now sold outside forum)

    Couple of nibbles but no takers yet type bump.