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  1. Did a deal with Matt and could not have gone any better great communication and patience just great in general. Will be happy to deal with Matt again the future 👍
  2. Hi I really like it but the key is the blend control can go from subtle to a vintage bite with that but it's a pedal that was constantly on my board and alway in the on position Led is on or off only unfortunately no indication other than on.
  3. Not currently but might get chance to do some later in the week work depending
  4. Got one, it's very loud I was recently playing in a heavy rock/metal covers band and it barely got over a quarter with my 2x12 (subjective I know but they are more than capable with a loud drummer and guitars etc) If you like the sound and can live with the eq options I can't think of a better valve head for the money. Doesn't feel very heavy to manoeuvre about either with the two handles on top
  5. £100ono SOLD for sale is my 2x12 cab its a great bit of kit but due to no longer playing live i am letting it go. This is bascally a zilla vertical 2x12 cab turned on its side with wheels added and the blue tolex removed with a quick coat of varnish, not the best job in the world but it works. The cab is loaded with 2 Celestion BN12-300S A neodymium 12 inch bass guitar speaker that provide 600w at 4ohm weight around 25kg roughly. Collection is the option really but feel free to ask questions and discuss options with me. LE16 Leicestershire
  6. £1400ono For Sale My most recent purchase S.Martyn Blaze This is a 32” scale 6string headless bass that sounds massive. Samuel is a Brazilian Luthier; I didn’t have the bass built but purchased from the original owner due to an ongoing wrist/hand issue he could no longer play the bass due to the shallow neck profile. It's a set neck, 3-piece Jequitiba neck with a Roxinho fretboard (like ebony) and stringers. The body is Marupa, which is very much like Swamp Ash, so very lightweight matt black finish with gloss highlights the preamp and pickups are hand wound proprietary pickups from Samuel and are absolutely excellent the EQ is 3band cut boost with centre detents, master volume mid frequency control, 3way selector switch and an active passive control. Great condition just two small scratches on the bridge that I have tried to picture the bass plays great and sounds huge really clear and articulate the low B is amazing. Grab this bass without the 12months wait and hassle of import etc. Sales or would be interested in a shortscale trade along the lines of a US Ernie Ball stingray or wilcock/Serek Any questions feel free to ask
  7. £1150ono Custom Zoot Funkmaster 5string Tbird I had this bass extensively worked on by Mike recently but again with my band no longer in the frame and me reaching for short scales first this is another on the list to go. The Bass is a passive 5 string with Australian Jarra top Tbird custom pickups with V/V/T and push pull pots for coil options on both pickups think mike lull and your close to what this bas can do as it was inspired by my old PT5 but 34” scale, 20fret maple neck with 16.5mm spacing, hipshot ultralight tuners and a really dark cherry burst type finish (difficult to picture but has a really nice depth) It’s a great playing and sounding bass that you can see most of the build details here https://www.basschat.co.uk/topic/399823-zoot-refurbishment-by-mike/ Sales or would be interested in a shortscale trade along the lines of a US Ernie Ball stingray or wilcock/Serek Any questions feel free to ask.
  8. £1175ono For Sale is possibly the best playing long scale bass I have owned it’s a really difficult decision for me to let this one go but I’m not playing it and when I do play, I reach for the short scale now I have no band commitments its really hard to justify. Strung with flats and I changed the original pickups (included in the sale) to Delano JMVC 4 split coil humbuckers to remove the single coil hum. Comes with the Sandberg gig bag Here are the specs as per Sandberg. NECK 6 bolted / Canadian hard rock maple FRETBOARD 22 frets, maple with block inlays SCALE 34” BODY European alder special hardcore aged HARDWARE Sandberg, string through body PICKUPs 2 Sandberg ALNICO 5 single coil pickups in special position passive, vol/vol/treble cut 4-STRING FINGERBOARD RADIUS 14” WIDTH ZERO FRET 39.5 mm THICKNESS 1ST FRET 20 mm WIDTH 22ND FRET 63 mm BRIDGE STRING SPACING 18.5 to 20 mm SIZE FRETS 2.5 mm NECK PROFILE c-shape Any questions feel free to as please see my other listings as I’m having a bit of a clear out and this is the first of the listings. Sales or would be interested in a shortscale trade along the lines of a US Ernie Ball stingray or wilcock/Serek
  9. Also now up for sale. These are used pedals off my board not been used to much but have velcro and a few marks etc. I'm having a clear out please see my other listing Death By Audio Deep Animation Envelope Filter £130 AMT WH-1B Japanese girl bass wah £45 (I recently put this on my board for one song my band plays but I find this noisy hence the low price) Any questions feel free to ask as before postage UK withing the asking price
  10. I have decided to sell most of my pedals with the hope of simply getting a sound I prefer. So up for grabs are a number of pedals all have been on the board at some point some longer than others so most have velcro and some are missing boxes but looked after. Postage in the UK can ship in groups or as individuals up to you. Ashdown OrRIGINal Preamp £115 SOLD Solid Gold FX lysis polyphonic octave fuzz £105 SOLD ThorpyFX fallout cloud fuzz £95 SOLD Dr Scientist frazz dazzler fuzz v1 £100 SOLD Mastro Valvola LFO optical tremolo £150 Blue Colander OCOOCOC compressor £100 Electroharmonix pitchfork+ £105 Idiotbox Landphil distortion £100 any questions feel free to ask
  11. SOLD. Time to try again as I have a CTM100 and thr LB is surplus to requirements now. Great little head and gives more than the 30watts would suggest can keep up with a drummer and lead guitarist but I need clean headroom for gigs and if you know these heads they like to get dirty at volume. all-tube mini bass amp head. Rated at 30-Watts, the Little Bastard won't rip your head off, but its EL84-equipped power section is more than capable enough for small gigs. And, of course, it won't put your back out on the way. The Little Bastard preamp stage employs ECC83 and ECC82 tubes and features High and Low gain inputs, front panel-mounted Effects Send and Return, rotary Bass, Middle and Treble controls with Mid Shift, Bass Shift and Bright switching, Mute switch, rotary Volume control and balanced DI output. £295 plus postage or collection if preferred. Open to offers as I now have my CTM100 thanks Price Drop to 250
  12. No not a recent purchase I have had this bass since 2006. It's not used as much as I should these days but it's got a sentimental attachment as one of my first proper basses.
  13. So it's done I just need to arrange to go collect the bass. To say I'm happy is a massive understatement!!! This all started after getting this very zoot bass (for a band that didnt work) selling it getting it back and having a crazy idea that I could make a version of a bass I loved the sound of but struggled with the neck my old Mike Lull PT5 so this bass is my version of that bass with a few tweaks. Mike at Zoot has gone over and above and I cant wait to collect but thought I would show you what Mike put up on social media.
  14. Just realised I never put up the photos of my gibson/birch bass. So here it is
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