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  1. Had a fretless Everson a few years ago was a great bass very underated builder.
  2. Getting closer now Mike was kind enough to post some photos on facebook today. The neck has hardware fitted and is looking amazing. I'm on holiday currently and I think Mike also has a trip planned but can feel the collection day approching although I still need to figure out when that will be. Cant wait have missed a 5string and will make good use of it.
  3. Hi, hopefully can help with the questions. Swapping the valves is really easy just unscrew the cage and you have access to the 2 valves. The only valves are in the pre amp so it's just 2 valves ECC83 (12ax7) no biasing required. As for swapping the type I have heard of people changing to 12AT7 for less breakup (not sure if the MK2 has and differences to the MK1 for this though I assume not) As for changing frequency i swapped mine as I purchased secondhand and after 3practices had an issue didnt know the age of the valves assumed they were very old so swapped them. Hope that helps
  4. Sold a TB1000 and really regretted it dabbled trying to replace it with many other heads and then the other week one popped up locally strangely not my old TB1000 but another with a quick replacement of the Pre amp valves it's just as good as I remembered with my 2x12
  5. Mike has been back on it for me after informing me of a few issues with the finish having to strip it back and start again he is making progress on the body and it is looking amazing.
  6. Just joined the club! Spend a good few hours trying many basses more than 10 (some more than double the price) two others came close another Sandberg and a dingwall superJ this bass just felt right and sounded great. Deal was done and it's now at home with me and will be my main gigging once we are up and running again.
  7. Hi just seen this thread and thought I would tell about my John Birch bass. I was playing with a band in the Wolverhampton area (grew up around wolves/staffs border) and was looking for a new bass to suit the garage rock/indie our band was playing at the time it was 2006 when I came across an advert in the Express and Star that peaked my interest gibson EBO/3 at a good price. I went to look at the bass and fell instantly in love with its sound from the deep heavy mudbucker and strange bridge pickup.The seller explained the bass had been modified by John birch at some point in the past and the bridge pickup and bridge has been added to the bass at some point either way the faded cherry Gibson was leaving with me. I still have the bass and will be a treasured possession along with my guild starfire for a long time to come. Still have the old hand written receipt
  8. Have currently returned the bass to original with the white scratchplate as per the lower pictures (will include the triple ply relic plate also)
  9. Been a while since I posted on this thread but it is still on going. Had a few delays with covid19/shipping and anything else that could be thrown my way but Mike is keeping me updated and work is picking up again so hopefully a few weeks and I can go collect my bass. Here I'm vacuum bonding a Maple veneer to the back of an early Zoot Funkmeister owned by Joe Bethell, and currently in for full renovation. The idea is to hide the old machine head screw holes, as we are going to be replacing the old machines with new Hipshot ultralites. The old machine heads had the Fender vintage style layout of 4 screws per machine head and these holes would have been visible once the new Hipshot machines were fitted, so doing this veneer bonding means the old screw holes will not be visible once the job is complete.
  10. For trade or sale is my 1983 Pbass I got this bass as a YOB bass not too long ago trying to replace my P that I sold but now I'm back playing with a band I just cant get on with the wider nut width with this being a 44mm. It's a great bass with a few small marks that I have tried to show in the pictures comes with the original white scratchplate and the reliced black one currently fitted (not the best fit but I like the black on black. Weight is roughly 8.1lbs on my rubbish scales but it's a lovely light body. Strung with Erine Ball cobalt flats it sounds like a Pbass should.Being an 80s bass has the micro tilt neck adjust and truss at the headstock end all working as they should and can get it set up as you like it. I'm looking for a narrower nut so let me know be it another Pbass/Jazz/G&L or anything interesting but with a 38mm to 40mm nut really. Will also sell but would prefer trade with options for a little cash either way. Doesnt have a hardcase but can include a softcase. (Photos with white scratchplate are from the previous owner)
  11. Hard to describe this one really it's a Class D amp (power amp really run your favourite preamp pedal into it and have a cracking little rig) Hardly used comes with is case and happy to post. Unique size vs. power ratio. Very high quality electronics based on carefully selected components. Black steel and aluminium (front and back panels) enclosure. Laser printed front and back panels. Inputs/outputs and controls : 1/4" (6,35mm) input jack connector on the front panel. Neutrik Speakon loudspeaker output connector on the back panel. One on/off power switch. Massive pure aluminium volume control. Dimensions: 5.2 x 3.2 x 8 inches / 13 x 8 x 20 centimeters (Width x Height x Depth) Weight: 3.3 Lbs (1,5 Kg) Technical data: Power: 600 Watts over 4 Ohms; 300 Watts over 8 Ohms; 150 Watts over 16 Ohms. THD (at full power): < 0,1 % Input impedance: 10 K Ohms Power voltage: 180-264 Volts ac Frequency response (-1dB): 20-20000 Hz Aluminuim transport case included.
  12. IM KEEPING IT SORRY Time to try again as I finally have a new band. Great little head and gives more than the 30watts would suggest can keep up with a drummer and lead guitarist but I need clean headroom for gigs and if you know these heads they like to get dirty at volume. all-tube mini bass amp head. Rated at 30-Watts, the Little Bastard won't rip your head off, but its EL84-equipped power section is more than capable enough for small gigs. And, of course, it won't put your back out on the way. The Little Bastard preamp stage employs ECC83 and ECC82 tubes and features High and Low gain inputs, front panel-mounted Effects Send and Return, rotary Bass, Middle and Treble controls with Mid Shift, Bass Shift and Bright switching, Mute switch, rotary Volume control and balanced DI output. £350 or close offers and I am open to trades but for heads only at this time as I have a cab I really like.
  13. Hi mine doesnt have tweeters it's basically a bass fatboy just without the extra feet on the side to lay it horizontally. I would advise contacting them direct and having a conversation as i know they undertake custom work so I'm sure you could get in touch with your needs and they would be happy to help. I spoke to Paul a few years ago when I go the cab and got really quick replies on Facebook messenger if that helps 👍
  14. I purchased it direct from zilla with direct contact they do make bass cabs I dont really understand what point you are making I have owned 2x10 cabs by zilla previously and they were great I now have a 2x12 I'm happy with but was after help with a setup if I want to go back to a powerful head compared to my current 30watt LB that was all.
  15. It's a bass cab loaded with BN12-300s speakers only difference from the standard bass cab is its vertical rather than horizontal. Its 4ohm and 600watts if that helps.
  16. Couldnt find pricing or availability on the handbox stuff both amps on the site seem to have 0.00zl as a price currently as did want to look into it as one of a few potential options
  17. I have a Zilla 2x12 cab which is great but it is presenting me with a few issues. I'm looking at potentially replacing my current head with a higher powered valve amp and it is showing up issues with space current is an Ashdown LB which fits great but at 30watts may struggle if I every get back to loud gigs in a full band setup. The cab is vertical with a narrow width or around 470mm this Is not ideal for placing an amp on top so I'm trying to think outside the box! The easy option would be to fit extra feet to the side of the cab and lay it horizontally but I dont really want to I like it as is. So I'm looking for ideas for head placement so far I thought of building a support to fit on top of the cab or using a flight case next to the cab as a table for the head. Any thoughts out there? This is the cab in question when I purchased it.
  18. WITHDRAWN FOR NOW AS IM GONNA KEEP IT MAYBE GET A SECOND HEAD LATER DOWN THE LINE. Up for trade or at a push sale is my Little B. It's a cracking little amp that's just sitting on my cab not getting the use it deserves. I'm hoping to get out and gigging once all the madness is over so will be looking for a head with a bit more than the 30watts ideally valve again but open to my options. Good condition hardly used since I have had it really not in a rush and will be happy to keep it if I find a bargain or until the right trade comes along The Little Bastard preamp stage employs ECC83 and ECC82 tubes and features High and Low gain inputs, front panel-mounted Effects Send and Return, rotary Bass, Middle and Treble controls with Mid Shift, Bass Shift and Bright switching, Mute switch, rotary Volume control and balanced DI output. Ideally hoping to trade up with a little cash towards but would consider sale if the right thing doesnt turn up or may keep if I find something at the right price. Straight Sale price would be looking for £400. would be looking ideally for a valve head of 100watts plus or maybe a mesa walkabout. Some of my past amps include to give you the idea. Mesa d180 Mesa walkabout Marshall VBA400 Traynor YBA300 Trace Elliot VType combo
  19. Just realised mine was a YBA 300 anyway still great amps was 3years ago 🤷‍♂️
  20. Definitely they are great heads and not very well known surprisingly light for the size of the head as well. Should have kept mine but lack of gigging and other issues left me having to sell along with the barefaced 4x10 I used with it. Still got my ashdown LB and zilla 2x12 but would love a larger valve head again.
  21. Wonder if this is my old head stupidly sold on a YB200 a couple of years ago. Amazing amps
  22. Wish I could afford this currently! Miss my big valve head love my ashdown LB but still wish I had that extra headroom if I ever get back to playing live.
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