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  1. Yep - Lozz is right on this. I recently swapped out 2 x BF Big Baby for 2 x One10's as I found the voicing better for my hard rock band. The voicing is pretty much where I need it to be rather than having to 'find' it on the super transparent Big Baby. Alex at BF says to think of them as two ranges with two voices, the clear and transparent 12XN Driver Range and the Retro 10CR Driver Range
  2. Haha, just like with the chords. Learn it wrongly then learn right after.
  3. Yes - I've got one of these - great basses. Made at the same time / same factory as the highly regarded 60's CV's
  4. I have the chrome hardwear. I was considering maybe swapping that onto a different bass but not 100 per cent decided on that.
  5. Yeah, saw that, good cabs. One of the drivers has been replaced though .....
  6. Wilkinson WJBL200 tuners A new, unused 4 string set Wilkinson WJBL200 tuners & ferrules. £25 posted Mainland UK
  7. One other thing to mention is the SVT450 is one of the least ampeggy sounding amps they do. Its the same as the B2RE - but in a casing to make it look like a tube amp. It's a S/S amp and fairly neutral, not really tubey sounding at all, so you may be better getting the colour you want from before the amp rather than relying on the amp.
  8. Apologies - maybe I wasn't clear - the Helix is always in the signal chain, the variables are after that. Signal chain. Bass > Helix >..... Option 1 - DI Splitter Box, therefore in front of the amp - 1 x Feed to PA, 1 x Feed to Amp and Cab (for monitoring no influence on FOH feed) Option 2 - > Amp.... DI from back of amp feed to PA, amp out to Cab (for monitoring no influence on FOH feed) Options 3 - > Amp > Cab.....PA feed from Micing the cab = same monitor feed and FOH feed.
  9. One thing I am now more aware of and like to have options on is dependant on where the sound guy takes the bass feed from. As this is a festival I'm assuming there will be a PA to do all the heavy lifting. I like to have options through my HX Stomp for where the sound guy takes the feed from to run into the PA. 1 - In front of the amp, so no colour to the PA feed from the amp or the cab. 2 - From the amp DI, so colour from the amp, but not from the cab. 3 - Micing up the cab - gives colour from the amp and the cab I then use different present (plus minus amp blocks, cab blocks) depending on where the feed is taken from.
  10. You had a T40 that was lighter than 8lb?. That is very light indeed for a T40.
  11. Peavey T40 - Bass Guitar £525 shipped Mainland UK - or can be collected from Chorley, Lancashire, would prefer collection on this so that a buyer can test and view - this bass has certainly had a life.....lots of photos below. No Trades. Comes in hardcase as shown in photo. Serial number dates back to 1981. - so 40 years old this year!!! Weight 4.939 KG or 10lb 14oz Lots of wear on this bass as can be see in the photos. - Marks on the neck, the most noteworthy being one on the top side of the neck around the 4th Fret and one on the under side of the neck around the 3rd fret. - Marks on the body, mainly scarring on the back of the bass - Cracks etc on the plastics. - The small metal ball type position markers that would sit in the pick guard near the pots as pot position markers are missing. - Note one of the grub screws on the saddle on the G string is rusted and corroded- I actually moved this from the E string as I found it the best way of setting it up with a good action. The other grub screw on the saddle still functions so the action can still be adjusted. £525 shipped - a reasonable price I feel for one of these given the words and the phots below.
  12. Spector Euro 4 Bass - Solid Black Gloss - Limited Edition. £1350 shipped Mainland UK in a Flightcase then into an outer box. No Trades. Limited Edition in that it has full maple wings - not the more normal Euro alder/walnut/maple sandwich. Link here: https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/EURO4BK--spector-euro4-solid-black-gloss Hardware has been swapped out for gold to complete the classic Spector Black & Gold Look. Very good condition - just one small scratch near the strap button as shown in the photos. Flightcase is a sturdy plywood, metal edges, rounded chome corners.
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