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  1. I think so on 10. I believe the neo speaker market virtually doubled overnight making batch production no longer feasible.
  2. A Pair of Genzler BA10-2. £430 each shipped mainland UK. Excellent Condition – Both come with the branded carry bags too. Great cabs but I prefer my hometown made EAD Foundation 212. Specs are: Equipped with: 1x 10" Eminence Neodymium Speaker and 4x 2.5" Neodymium Mid / High Driver Power rating: 250 W @ 8 Ohm Frequency range: 55 - 20,000 Hz Sensitivity: (1 W / 1 m) 96 dB Crossover frequency: 1,600 Hz 2x Speakon / 6.3 mm jack combi sockets Tilt up design Robust "Edge-Lift" handle Dimensions (W x D x H): 390 x 380 x 330 mm Weight: 9.5 kg GENZLER® AMPLIFICATION is proud to announce the addition of the new BA10-2 model to the innovative BASS ARRAY™ line of bass guitar cabinets that the company first introduced in 2015. Based upon the overwhelming success and popularity of this one-of-a-kind bass cabinet design, we’ve now expanded these offerings to include this ultra-compact single 10” model. The BA10-2 blends the punch and quickness of a premium Neodymium 10” driver in a compact vented bass reflex enclosure, along with the performance and pattern control of a proprietary line array element utilizing 4 custom designed 2.5” neodymium full-range drivers. With the Bass Array™ design, the placement of the line array in front of the 10” woofer provides extremely broad projection, quickness and articulation. As well, the all-important mid and high frequencies have a much wider horizontal dispersion with a more controlled vertical pattern. The benefits of combining both design platforms in an extremely compact cabinet are exponential for the player requiring a small, yet powerful enclosure. The BA10-2 also offers a unique cabinet shape with an angled baffle --- tilting up towards the player --- and a single top/rear mounted edge-lift handle for an easy grab and go solution. When stacking 2 cabinets they form a unique “arc” for increased dispersion. The BA10-2 delivers a full-bodied, defined, musically smooth and seamless response, along with the most even projection possible around the perimeter of the stage and through-out the audience. This compact model is ideal for electric or upright bass requirements. Speaker Components: 1. •One -- premium Eminence® neodymium 10” cast frame loudspeaker. 2. •Four – proprietary neodymium 2.5” mid/high cone drivers with sealed basket design. Input Panel/Crossover Network: 1. •Custom designed 6 dB/octave slopes in balance with the acoustical controls of each enclosure. 2. •Two – Combination Speakon® NL-2 and ¼” input jacks. Cabinet Finish: 1. •Black textured vinyl. 2. •Black metal corners and heavy-duty edge-lift handle. 3. •Custom, curved perforated metal rille with a unique center “pleat” to protect the array column. 4. •Large rubber feet.
  3. Disappointing - thought the hood would come off to reveal Luke Skywalker.
  4. Hahah - Thats a great pun. Genuine belly laugh at that one!
  5. Neutrix ¼” Jack to Jack Stereo to Mono Leads x 5 Cables. Neutrix ¼” Jack to Jack Stereo to Mono Leads x 5 Cables 2 x 1m 1 x 2m 1 x 3m 1 x 5m £30 posted Mainland UK Actual Photos to follow but similar to these....
  6. Microphone Cables – Good Quality Cables 6 x 1m XLR > XLR 2 x 3m Jack > Jack £15 posted Mainland UK
  7. 2 x Midi Interfaces for sale. 1 x connect Midi 1 - £25 posted Mainland UK https://www.iconnectivity.com/products/midi/iconnectmidi1 1 x Xmidi 1 x 1 - £45 posted Mainland UK https://www.directnine.uk/products/creative-emu-xmidi-1x1-usb-midi-interface?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI-7bz_Z6-9AIV2O7tCh0NrA6oEAQYASABEgIENvD_BwE
  8. It is the case made for this bass. Unsure of which strings are on the bass.
  9. Hipshot Schaller M4 Bass Xtender Detuner. £85 posted Mainland UK. Brand new in Packaging - never used as went in a different direction.
  10. Can someone please direct me to a replacement power supply for my HX Stomp. Original or decent 3rd Party is fine. Strangely I can't find much about online that look to have good reviews...........
  11. This just happened to me... Got a gig tomorrow, Saturday night. Anyone local to Chorley, Lancashire able to lend me a power supply, or to identify an alternative route that I could sort in one day!!
  12. Dingwall D-Roc Standard Vintage Burst £1099 shipped Mainland UK - No Trades. Very Good Overall Condition, barley a mark on it. Note the natural marking in the wood of a black spot on the body, under the G String area on the body between the pickups and the neck. Note another hole has been drilled to give an alternative position to hand the bass from – done by a previous owner and a very useful addition! The Blurb from Dingwall: The D-ROC Standard is an affordable, but brilliant bass guitar. It features a classic design and a high-quality mahogany body, partnered with smoked nickel Hipshot/Dingwall hardware. It’s a match made in bass heaven. This 4-string model comes in a classy, Matte Vintageburst finish. Hand Picked Hardware Dingwall have decided on an open-back tuner for the D-ROC. It helps to provide a smooth feel and is extremely lightweight. They are also known for being very reliable, offering years of high-level performance without any issues. A great tone pairs nicely with this solid performance, in part due to an available bridge/saddle system. This has then been improved upon through the implementation of a custom riser system – which grants increased range of action adjustability. Excellent Electronics The FD-3N pickups in the D-ROC (made to meet Dingwall expectations) ensure an aggressive, but buttery smooth tone. This is because of the decision to use quality Neodymium magnets. New Smoked Nickel knurled dome style knobs with a set-screw further adds to the excellent electronics found on this bass. Body and Neck A well-crafted mahogany body has been used, which helps to reduce the weight of the bass and provides a comfortable playing experience. The average weight of a D-ROC Standard is between 8.5lbs and 9.5lbs – making it a great choice for long playing sessions. The matte finish is durable, and will remain looking amazing for a long period of time. The bass sounds just as good as It looks! Stability and reliability are guaranteed due to a 5-piece maple neck construction. Many Dingwall players even say that this results in a neck that is as stable as many graphite necked instruments they’ve played previously. The choice of a flat headstock – with Hipshot licensed Ultralite tuners – achieves a truly excellent balance. Playability has also been enhanced thanks to the addition of smaller, 18% hard nickel silver fretwire. It offers you a much faster feel, as well as a woodier, less metallic tone. Specifications Finish: Matte Vintageburst (Matching Headstock Edge) Hardware Colour: Smoked Nickel Hardware: Hipshot/Dingwall Strap Pins: Standard Bridge: Improved Bridge/Saddle System with Custom Riser Tuners: Open Back Tuner Jack: Traditional Style Jack Plate with a Switchcraft Brand Jack Knobs: Smoked Nickel Knurled Dome Style Knobs with Set-Screw Pickup Switching: Position 1 – Bridge (CCW), Position 2 – Bridge/Middle (Parallel), Position 3 – Middle, Position 4 – Bridge/Middle/Neck (CW) Standard Electronics: Passive, FD-3n Pickups, Volume, Rotary Pickup Selector, Passive Tone Pickup Options: 3 Pickup Neck/Middle/Bridge Pickups: FD-3N Pickups Made to Dingwall Specifications Postion Markers and Inlays: 3mm Plastic Face Dots, 2mm Plastic Side Dots Fret Options: 18% Hard Nickel Silver Fretwire Standard Fingerboard: Pau Ferro Radius: 240mm (9.45") 4-String Model – E A D G Headstock: Flat Neck Reinforcement: Heavy Duty Truss-Rod Neck Carve: Medium Thin C Shape Neck Construction: 5-Piece Maple Fingerboard Material: Pao Ferro Body: Mahogany
  13. Zoom B3N plus (aftermarket) PSU - £125 Shipped Mainland UK. Great little Mulit FX this and has served me well. All works as it should - some scuffs etc on the casing but its a robust little thing and all works fine. Link Here: https://zoomcorp.com/en/gb/multi-effects/bass-effects/b3n/
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