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  1. My two - though I think I will have to sell one of them.
  2. 15, in the title and the first line of the post 😊
  3. I actually really bloomin' liked that. Very cool, laid back, hypnotic, zen like groove. I'd be happy to sit a home, relaxing, listening to an albums worth of that with a nice single malt. One minor comment - I wasn't so keen on the "with you" vocal ending, a little abrupt to the (chilled) rest of the song - I'd try leaving the vocal out completely there - but obviously feel free to ignore that....... That said - I like the mature, yet modern, arrangement. Mature in the way that that each instrument has it's place and space to breath, but also modern in that harmonically its quite stripped back.
  4. Still Got it, lovely bass and K Haz pre amp!!. The Orange NS2000 went in Part Ex on another bass.
  5. I Love Karnivool. Superbly tight rhythm section, Jon Stockman's tone is one of the best fitting sounds at present in the hard rock / metal genre for my money. The man himself has some good Youtube play alongs - mainly advertising Darkglass gear. My current go to sound is based around the Jon Stockman patch for the Hx Stomp from Jon Willis, Dr Tone Secret Helix Lab. Tempted to get a ticket myself.......
  6. MusicMan Stingray V - 20th Anniversary. Still needing to sell a couple of things to pay for a couple of expensive incomings I've had in the last month. Firstly - How much prettier do these look without half of the body covered in a huge plastic scratchplate?? This is the 20th anniversary edition of the Stingray 5 model from 2007. This is a fairly rare bass, I think only c330 of these basses were made. Just one small blemish on the body as shown pointed out into the photo, also a small scuff on the headstock. So pretty good condition indeed for a 13 year old bass. Weight - 4.485KG / 9lb 14oz - so decent sub 10lb weight. The special features are sunset burst flamed maple top, the humbucker (ALNICO) configuration and the very comfortable neck profile. The shape of the body differs slightly from the standard Ray5 line and also the neck pocket is more similar to the USA Sterling's pocket. Under the pickups is a mahagony toneblock that gives the bass a different natural voice to a regular Stingray 5. Also note the very nice binding stripe around the body shape. Exclusive to this anniversary instrument, the pre-amp was specially designed to accentuate the low-end frequencies while gaining additional clarity, sustain and response. Paying tribute to the earliest Sting Ray 5 models, the instrument's pickups come equipped with Alnico magnets. Further changes to a regular Stingray 5 include an inlayed mahogany Tone Block centred underneath the sweet spot of the pickup and a five-bolt neck attachment providing smoother access to higher frets. This anniversary edition Musicman bass features an Ash body with a flame maple top in an exclusive custom California Sunset finish. Specifications : - Body Ash with quilted maple top and mahogany “tone block”ash body with mahogany tone block and quilted maple top - Neck Maple - Fingerboard Rosewood - Exclusive custom California Sunset - Profiled neck heel with 5 screws - G & G Anniversary Case - Nut Compensated - Neck width at nut 13/4" - Neck width at 22nd fret 2 3/4" - Pickup Music Man humbucker with Alnico magnets - Tone controls Bass, mid, treble - the preamp was tailor made for this model (better low frequencies, clarity, sustain). £1700 collected from me in Chorley, Lancashire - As per current tier rules and social distancing to be observed. Trades highly unlikely as looking to replenish funds - possibly a pair of One10 Barefaced Cabs In Excellent Condition. Given the value collection much preferred, shipping as a last resort - ideally organised by any prospective buyer / at cost, cost to be determined by the various courier options. If shipping is looking to be the only option please message me directly.
  7. Message me directly if you want to discuss.
  8. Genzler Magellan 800 & Gig Bag - £565 shipped Mainland UK. Genzler Magellan 800 amp - plus the matching gig bad (cost £45 new) I've put my Mesa Walkabout up and had a wobble on actually selling it - so will put this up too and que sera sera... Great condition - one or two very minor marks. Built for the demands of professional touring, the MAGELLAN™ 800 circuitry is housed in a classy, yet rugged aircraft-grade, brushed aluminium chassis with a sleek custom extruded front panel. •The dual channel design features: •Clean Channel – Pristine and Articulate (switchable with standard 1/4” latching footswitch) •Drive Channel – Voiced for a More Driven Tonal Signature and Harmonic Texture •Dual-Curve Variable Contour Circuitry •Curve A -- Classic to Modern -- Mid Scoop Curve •Curve B -- Thicker to Vintage -- Low-Mid Bump w/Tapered Top End •Flat Position -- Full Bypass •Active 3 Band EQ w/Parametric Mid Control •Signal Mute Switch •Input Pad Switch •Thermal Sensing Variable Speed Fan Cooling •Brushed All Aluminium, Anodised Chassis •2.67 Ohm Min. Total Load •Output: 400W/8 Ohms, 800W/4 Ohms and 800W/2.67 Ohms •Dimensions: 11.25”W X 10.5”D X 3”H https://bassdirect.co.uk/bass_guitar_specialists/Genzler_Magellan_800_amplifier.html
  9. Mesa Walkabout Scout 15. £800 - Collected From Chorley, Lancashire - Not keen on shipping this, but could be persuaded as the buyers cost and risk..... There is a slight possibility that I may be open to splitting the head and cab if interest in both. I've just bought an amp that will work better in my band. Didnt think I'd sell this, but I only really use it for our acoustic gigs (full on electric gigs I go into PA, either with this head or another head) Condition is ok, one small rip in the grill as can be seen in the photo. Link to product page here: https://mesaboogie.com/amplifiers/bass/walkabout-series/walkabout-scout-convertible-combo/index.html
  10. Behringer BTR200 2 Channel High Performance Rack Tuner SOLD All works as it should. Spec: A multi-functional, auto-chromatic digital tuner with a standard ¼ " TS input for electronic instruments and a built-in mic for acoustic instruments, the RACKTUNER BTR2000 also features a versatile metronome with sound output and visual feedback – plus integrated rack lights and much more. When you absolutely need to be in-tune, either in the studio or on the stage – nothing beats the professional-grade RACKTUNER BTR2000! Features: Multi-functional tuner including built-in microphone for use with acoustic instruments Useful metronome, adjustable from 30 to 240 bpm with audible and visual beat indicator. You can also work on-the-fly with the manual TAP tempo function Integrated, switchable racklights with high-power LEDs for absolute control over your rack gear 11 different tuner modes (e. g. "chromatic", "banjo" or open tunings) based on 12 equally tempered tones Manual or automatic A-tone standard pitch calibration from 428 Hz to 452 Hz in 1-Hz increments, transposable by a maximum of ± 7 semitones for especially flexible tuning Adjustable resolution of the LED bar (5 Cent/LED vs. 1 Cent/LED) enables precise tuning up to the cent, which allows for user-defined tuning systems Two separate input channels accessible via front and back connectors (controllable via optional footswitch) Additional 1/4'' TS output for metronome click/reference tone - perfect for monitoring and practice applications True hardware bypass for highest signal integrity between input and output Practical Mute function for direct signal muting during tuning (controllable via optional footswitch)
  11. The matching cab is now sold so just the combo available. Now £650 shipped Mainland UK
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