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  1. Markbass CMD102P & TRV102P Rig - With Covers - Both are Italian made. Taken recently in part ex against a bass - So no trades on these please. Markbass CMD102P - £425 collected - can ship at cost. TRV 102p - £245 collected - can ship at cost. or £650 as a deal for both. All work as they should. Please see photos cosmetically they are less than perfect - there is replacement felt on the front of the combo. I'm told a previous owners cat took a liking to the covering. I've got the black felt that came with the combo if a buyer wanted to dress these up a little more. These are the faces either side of the amp on the combo and also a couple of places on the cabinet - I've shown these as best I can in the photographs. I'd rate the combo as 7/10 cosmetically I'd rate the cabinet as 8.5 /10 cosmetically Apart from what is shown in the photos the rest of the condition is fine. Collection is Chorley, Lancashire. More than happy to send more photos / details etc as required. Covers included.
  2. 2 x Jazz Bell Plates The one on the left is standard Fender fit - £12 posted. The one on the right is smaller than normal Fender size - it still covers the cavity but holes done quite line up - £8 posted
  3. EMG Jazz Pickups SJ5 & LJ5 Set New price looks to be c£150. £90 shipped Mainland UK. The LJ5 length is - 95mm The SJ5 length is - 90mm There appears to be conflicting info on the sizes of these online. Pickups are labelled as SJ5 / LJ5 as can be seen in the photos. For clarity please see my measurements above and also the photographs. I may be able to provide a loom (wiring and pots) depending on what you need (jazz standard Vol/Vol/Tone?) - or I have a spare EMG Bus Board which allows you to connect these to the hub and then break out via normal wiring / soldering to any pre amp. https://www.emgpickups.com/pub/media/Mageants/b/1/b157_0230-0113e.pdf
  4. Ha - cheers Mick, truth be told.......thanks to lockdown - she is applying a bit of pressure.....pressure to the neck is most effective too. I've not got to the keepers yet though!!
  5. Moon J J 4 String Bass - £950 shipped Mainland UK. Taken in part trade earlier this week - full size bodied Jazz Basses aren't really my thing........ Ideally sell but open to trades / part Ex. on this one - open to P Bass / Roadworn P Bass, Spector, Warwick, Status, HX Stomp, Lightweight cabs..... I believe the pickups date it to the early 1980s. Good overall condition given the age. A small scratch on the upper horn and a small scuff near the jack socket, please see photos. Controls are Volume / Volume / Tone and a pickup selector switch. Nice and punchy for a passive bass Weight is 5.3KG See my own pics from today and also some professional pics from earlier in the year. Specs: Fingerboard Material Ebony Body Material Ash Finish White Number of Frets 22 Scale Length 34" Pickups 2 JB Pre-Amp Passive
  6. 2U Rack Ears (x2) - £12 each shipped or £20 for both sets. Good quality, sturdy rack ears.
  7. 4 x Jazz Pickguards - £12 each posted. All good quality - 3 ply. Cream Black White Tort
  8. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  9. I built one.... Genuine Flea Roadworn Body Lakland Skyline Neck Tonerider Pickups (have tried a few different pups in but these work well) Kiogon S1Loom
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