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  1. Nice bass - looks great with the scratchplate
  2. OLP Stingray Ernie Ball Music Man Bass = £175 shipped Mainland UK. No Trades OLP (Official Licenced Product) Stingray 4-String Bass Guitar, Ernie Ball MusicMan I believe these basses are now approx 20 years old. Looks to have been refinished on the body and the matching headstock - looks ok but by no means a pro job. Note the ill fitting tort pickguard. Lots of dings and dents on the body, the neck itself is reasonably clean with just a few minor scars, see photos for further information on condition. One of the fret inlays looks to be coloured in too, see photo. The worst of the marks on the back of the bass. Plays with a nice low action, and a pretty decent bass for the money and a great platform to mod towards a full blown Stingray if you wanted to.
  3. Sandberg California VT5 in great condition. £1100 shipped Mainland UK - No Trades Please see photographs, in great condition for a bass that is circa 10 years old. Zebra, yellow-neon, one-of-a-kind custom ordered finish. 34" scale. Ebony (also a custom option) fingerboard, ash body, maple neck. Delano pickups, active/passive mode, black hardware. Original soft case (Sandberg) also included. Dates from around 2013.
  4. Gallien Krueger Legacy 500 - £425 shipped mainland UK. Gallien Krueger Legacy 500 - Used but still in great condition. There are some minor scuffs as I've tried to show in the photos. Comes with the footswitch and manual. Here's what Gallien Krueger say about the Legacy: The Legacy Series represents fifty years of design, innovation and industry experience at Gallien-Krueger. Bob Gallien remains at the helm of the company, still working in the lab daily, as he did in the beginning, to create the best sounding, most versatile, and reliable professional bass gear available.Because the Legacy Series shares the same designer as the 800RB, it shares the same DNA and the same level of innovation, with a more evolved feature set and construction concept. The introduction of the 800RB in 1980 cemented Gallien-Krueger as a leader in Solid State bass amplification, with its signature growl, clarity, power, and features that were ahead of its time. The new Legacy Series of heads captures that same aesthetic while adding something all its own. From clean, clear, biting tones, to saturated overdrive, the Legacy series has it all. Coming in 500, 800, and 1200 watt class D models, The Legacy Heads are ready for the biggest stages, the smallest living rooms, and everything in between. To improve performance and reliability, the Legacy Series uses a unique interconnection system that eliminates problems that can develop over time from constant vibration and temperature extremes that gear is subjected to with heavy use. Using circuitboards with gold plated connectors, rather than cables with standard tin connectors, this type of construction delivers a more pure, reliable sound. Features include GK's classic 4 band EQ, Overdrive complete with tone shaping, additional voicing filters such as "Bump", "Contour", and "Presence", Balanced DI with Pre and Post EQ, an Effects Loop, Aux and Headphone connections, and Load capacity selection, to deliver optimum power into 2, 2.7, 4 and 8ohm cabinet configurations. Specifications Four band active EQ Foot Switchable Overdrive with Tone Control (Footswitch Included) "Bump", "Contour", and "Presence" Voicing Filters Balanced XLR Output with Pre and Post EQ Unbalanced ¼” Send and Return Aux Input and Headphones Output Twist Lock Speaker Outputs 2, 2.7, 4 and 8ohm Load Capacity 11.5” Width x 11” Depth x 2 3/8” Height
  5. Yes, so many variables. There are Mesa amps I like (Walkabout, Pulse). There are Class D amps I like (GK Fusion, Legacy). Mesa Subway, I did not like, I tried 2 as I had a niggling thought the first was faulty. Not the case, the best way I can describe in a band setting is gutless. I have approx 30 years of gigging experience and know how to eq a bass sound and a band.
  6. Yes, the universal praise really surprises me.
  7. I 100 per cent agree with this, and said so in the worst amp thread sometime ago. I found the Subway D800 to be completely gutless, a terrible, terrible bass amp.
  8. 4.437 Kg on my digital kitchen scales.
  9. Wal Mk 1 / Custom 1980 - £6500 - collected Chorley, Lancashire UK. For Sale - due to personal circumstances: Fairly early (1980) Custom, dated as June 1980. Transitional period Custom bass. Basically its a Pro neck on a standard Custom series. Set up and plays beautifully. Lots of wear on this bass - cracking and crazing of the finish and cracking and crazing on the headstock. A Manchester based, well respected luthier has looked at this and is of the opinion that as the cracks arent getting any worse, it is fine to leave as it is, doesnt think they are a problem and that they add character to the bass. Lacquer cracks are actually fairly common place on a Wal bass of this age. The bass is almost 42 years old, and shows signs of use commensurate with this. I've tried to capture all this as best I can in the photos added - happy to send more photos and details as required. £6500 - collected Chorley, Lancashire UK. Shipping unlikely - I would much prefer a potential buyer to check out the bass in person - but I may soften on that if the bass is still around in a couple of weeks.
  10. Brown face head sold. Black face head. 12 inch cab 15 inch cab Or 15 inch combo still available
  11. Mesa Walkabout Scout 12 and 15 " Combos - Willing to Split Amps and Cabs. The heads are removable on these combos of course. 1 x Head - £500 1 x Cab - £300 1 x Combo - £750 Prices are collected from me in, Chorley, Lancashire. One nick in the cover on the 15" as shown. Note the 12" cab has been modified with a Speakon socket - shown in photo. Easier to change to a different head, but would need to relocate this for the Mesa head to sit properly back in the slot. I always transport and lift the head and cab separately anyway to make them an easier lift. Link to product page here: https://mesaboogie.com/amplifiers/bass/walkabout-series/walkabout-scout-convertible-combo/index.html
  12. Gallien Krueger MB800. £525 Shipped Mainland UK. All works as it should - a few scrapes as shown in the photos. Sales blurb: Terrific tube tone - no matter your style. The Gallien Krueger MB Fusion 800 Hybrid Bass Amp Head has been expertly designed to ensure you're always able to access the sound you want. With three 12AX7 tubes, you get the classic warmth and fullness of tone that only valves can deliver. These qualities can only enhance your music - whether you're playing rock, metal, jazz, funk, or wherever your own unique sound takes you. It's loaded with a wealth of features - everything you need in one box. ......The Contour on this can be switched between different frequencies, also the Bass and Treble know ca be switched for Deep and Presence. Active 4-band EQ, contour control, two gain channels, and tuning mute function all make the Fusion perfect for the stage. It's explosively powerful, too. 800 watts of power will let you blast home every single note. And best of all? It's light. Really light. Weighing in at only 2 KG, it's also super-compact and will slide easily into your gig bag. Let GK change the way you perform - for the better Full Specs here https://www.gallien-krueger.com/mb-fusion-800-specs
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