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  1. Fairly certain these 3 are Japanese Made Mick - I've had a few of these, like you. Also had some non Japan ones and have seen the slight differences. The pink one serial number dates to 1988. Black is 1991. Blue is 1991. I think its just a quirk of the build, once upon a time I though it was between 4 strings and 5 strings but now dont think that is the case - the published catalogue photos show this. Many other photos on line showing this too
  2. One thing to be aware of on the size and fit on the PCB's, therefore fixed pot locations, is the location of the pots and the holes in the bass. See my 3 here - you will see that on the pink one (yes it's pink, yes its original judging by the control cavity) and the black one the location of the knob nearest to the bridge. Whilst on the Blue one the location of the knobs is a much more uniform / pleasing diamond shape. All these 3 are early ish Japanese Made ranging from 1988 to 1991
  3. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  4. Th Correct - they are 2 plus 2. I do have a set of 4 in a line Wilkinsons that were waiting for a project that i'd be happy to let go if that was what you were looking for.
  5. Could be seeing as I bought if from a second hand shop in Northampton.....
  6. Lovely - tell me more about the the daddy of them all - 2004 Les Paul (not so) Standard please. 2 of those are wearing TI Flats too are they?
  7. Warwick Streamer Stage 1 - 5 String - Broadneck £1500 Collected or £1575 shipped in a metal flight case. Another one I’ve thought long and hard about, however I’m gravitating to different basses in the band, and this has stayed in the case unplayed for too long now. Previously belonged to an ex name player on the Uk Acid Jazz scene - means not a lot I know to most people but some interesting background nonetheless, happy to share details with prospective buyers. This is the broadneck option which gives a wider neck and string spacing than the narrower Warwick 5 String. The spacing on this is closer to the string spacing of a 4 string. A few minor dings and dents here and there including on the back of the neck– I have tried to photograph as best as I can - they are difficult to photograph but I'm happy to take further photos and send as required. All works as it should – having had a try out with different strings including TI flats I know the truss rod works fine. I've had it strung with a Low B and also configured as a high C 5 string. A set up to meet personal preference is pretty easy to achieve given the adjustability of the bridge and nut on Warwicks.
  8. 2016 Fender Limited Edition Magnificent Seven PJ Bass - P Body / Jazz Neck - OHSC & Candy £1195 shipped Mainland UK. Very good overall condition, but I cant say its absolutely pristine. A few 'certain light' markings on the front face of the bass and the scratchplate. I've tried to capture these in the photos as best I can between the light and the shade - hopefully this is easy enough to see on the photographs below. Neck is nice and clean and unmarked as far as I can see. Limited Edition of 500. Weight is 4.238KG OHSC has a few scuffs, most if not all of the candy is present too. More Info. https://www.notreble.com/buzz/2016/06/07/fender-unveils-limited-edition-american-standard-pj-bass/
  9. Ernie Ball Strap - £5 Posted - Mainland UK Some signs of wear as shown in pics but still plenty of life left in it.
  10. Tonerider Jazz Pickup Set - £40 posted mainland UK 1 x Bridge, 1 x neck set JAZZ PLUS Designed for maximum tonal versatility, the Jazz Plus is the perfect passive pickup for your Jazz Bass. Use the tone control to roll off the high-end and hit the bridge pickup for fat “Jaco” inspired tones, or open up all controls and find enough punch, harmonics and clarity for some serious slap-work. The aged magnets allow for plectrum work that retains detail and a crisp attack. Neck 7.4k / Bridge 8.2k, Alnico 5
  11. 3 x Sets Unbranded Soapbar Pickups. £20 each set posted mainland uk. From right to left dimensions are: Length width, depth. A - 100 x 36 x 22 B - 114 x 36 x 22 C - 105 x 39 x 22
  12. Wilkinson Soapbar pickups x 2. £37 posted Mainland UK. The MWJH Series I believe. Dimensions are: 100 x 37 x 21mm
  13. Set of 4 tuners/ machine heads. Cant remember what these came off but they are decent quality. Used condition, some wear but fully functioning see photos £17.00 plus £3.50 to post mainland UK.
  14. ****One now sold, one left available** Ashtray Bridge Cover - £10 each plus £3.50 to post UK. Found these in a old box - Cant confirm that they are genuine Fender or not though. Some slight signs of wear on them
  15. Sung Il 5 String Bass Bridge - Black. £18 posted mainland UK.
  16. 2 x P Pickups 1 x Wilkinson M Series 1 x Entwistle PBX £15 each posted.
  17. Kiogon Jazz Bass VVT complete with Series/Parallel Push/Pull on Tone Pot. £35 plus £3.50 to post mainland UK. I closed the gap on one of the pot shafts by over tightening - all still works correctly and knob fitment is fine but though it worth pointing out - see photo.
  18. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  19. Status Jazz Neck- Looking for £300 Plus £15 to ship. Condition as per photos - I believe that this has not been drilled in the correct way (countersunk) so please be aware of that. Some chipping around screw holes and where the string tree has been. Collection and inspection preferred due to this but shipment is possible so please look at the photos carefully.
  20. Schaller Bass Tuners BML 4L Gold - £70, plus £3.50 to ship mainland UK. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Bass-Tuners-BML-Black-Gold/dp/B008OEDKRY
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