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  1. First time I've tried it, and it worked really well. I tend not to fiddle too much with my gear whilst playing - just switching the Sansamp off and on depending on the song, tuner on and off, and amp mute. It probably won't be feasible in many places we play, unless i build some sort of stand, but that would just be another thing to carry.
  2. First gig since I replaced my TKS212 with two OneTens. Korg rack tuner, Samsamp RB1, GK Fusion 550, 2 X Barefaced 110s.
  3. It's a well documented fact that during his time in Detroit he drank Yorkshire tea exclusively, always from the same pint pot that was never ever washed. On moving to Los Angeles, some studio kid washed the cup, and as we all know James was never the same again. What's less well known is that the pint pot on display at the Motown Museum is actually a fake, the original having been stolen by Britney Spears who uses it to satisfy her own Yorkshire tea addiction.
  4. I heard he tapped with his left foot when playing simple time, and his right foot when playing compound time. Can anyone verify??
  5. Yeah the Hicons are very good. I bought a batch from OBBM - if they were good enough for him!!
  6. Take care Blue. Martin
  7. Andy bought my MXR Auto Q pedal. Prompt payment, excellent Comms, would happily deal again
  8. And the funk has left the building, sold.
  9. Further price drop £50.
  10. I'm not a metal fan, it all seems a bit fake to me, lots of dressing up and posing. And the music is usually formulaic and frankly a bit weak. For "heavy" music, by which I mean challenging and sometimes even disturbing, I'd listen to Suicide, the Birthday Party (particularly the Junkyard album) and something like Scott Walker's soundtrack to Childhood Of A Leader - that's very chilling . I appreciate I'm probably in a minority here .
  11. Kirky

    wayne58 feedback

    Sold my TSK S212 to Cameron. Highly recommended bass chatter. He promised to give me his WB-100 when he's bored with it (that's how I heard it anyway!!). Thanks Cameron, Martin
  12. Alain kindly responded to my wanted add for a One Ten yesterday, and today we met up in sunny Roundhay Park to do the deal. Great guy, easy transaction, Thanks, Martin
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