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  1. Kirky

    DIY Effects

    Two kits on the way (Bitzbox and Musikding) and then I'm using lockdown to introduce my son to the joys of pedal building.
  2. The Zoom will work. My son is using mine as an audio interface at the moment.
  3. I could play the part (with clenched teeth as described) but try adding the backing vocals and it was impossible.
  4. Have you heard the Z-Trip remix? The rhythm guitar part is stunning.
  5. I ruptured my cruciate ligament and dislocated my kneecap on Monday, so last night's gig was a challenge. Strapped up and on crutches, I played sitting down. The lads picked me up and dropped me home (30 mile round trip) and set up all the gear. Bloody painful (especially when the drummer stood on my foot) but got through it. 60th birthday party so, like many others above, we were mostly ignored.
  6. That's lovely. I've got 0202 ('63 red fretless jazz).
  7. Thanks for going to the effort of sharing this with us Michael, it's a fascinating insight. And congrats.
  8. I was lucky enough to be on the bill at what I believe was their penultimate gig, at the Sweetwaters festival in NZ in 1984 (I think). We opened the main stage on the Saturday and they were the last band. Their set was very much the Stop Making Sense set as I remember and they were simply awesome. Every song, every performer were spot on. I saw David Byrne's tour last year and I'd say it was equally as good. Great band.
  9. Zilla cabs do them. I've been tempted myself recently.
  10. I'm driving from Archway to Harrogate on Monday. If you can get it to Archway I'd be happy to bring it to Yorkshire.
  11. Check out the two albums by The Knitters, a skiffle (ish) band made up of members of X and the Blasters. First album in particular is very good.
  12. Was playing my fretless exclusively since I got it. Then I got a nice fretted Jazz from @stewblack earlier last year. Now I generally take both along to gigs and do one set on each. As we change the sets around a bit it means that everything gets played on both basses after 3 or 4 gigs. I think it's helping my playing, making me think about how to get the best out of the bass for the song.
  13. I've made two ampmaker kits, the WF55 mentioned above, and the P18, and 18 watter now discontinued. I've got it's successor, the P1800 in a box waiting for some time to get started on it. The instructions provided are very good. Prior to making my first I'd made a few pedals and done some pedal mods, always following instructions. Both amps I've made will last a lifetime I'm sure, they're both very decent quality. There are certainly a few nervous moments when you do the first tests, but following the instructions carefully gave me confidence. However next time I might get a friend who is a more experienced builder to give it the once over before I do the live tests.
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