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  1. When I watched this I though EC was dreadful. Harrison and Edmunds in particular were very impessive
  2. I 'bought' a bass from Matt (acting as a middle man for a mate buying the bass for his son). All very smooth, great comms, swift dispatch. Deal with confidence.
  3. Counting the Beat (the Swingers) was a favourite of mine back in the day.
  4. I saw him play at the Barbican not long before he died. He was so frail he had to be led onstage, but then he sat down and picked up his violin and was like an 18 year old again. It was amazing. One of the most natural musicians ever.
  5. @sifi2112. With those rechargeable batteries do you have to unplug everything when not in use? I'm wondering what the advantages are with this over something like a Volto.
  6. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  7. If you don't want a traditional flight case Zilla do some nice things, racks that look more like traditional head cabinets.
  8. My GK Fusion 550 is perfect. Every now and then I get a tube amp itch but while selling the GK to fund is the only option, it will remain unscratched.
  9. I bought a pedal from Julian @glassmoon. Excellent comms and very quick delivery and packaged as though it were a faberge egg! Thank you.
  10. The Fall opened their set with Werewolves at Stylus in Leeds a few years ago. MES nailed the Ah-ooos. Only time they ever played it, I believe .
  11. 57 in a couple of weeks, and a keen listener to and searcher for new music. Radio 6 is an excellent source, as are my kids and other friends. In the last year I've discovered some of the best new (to me) music I've heard in a long time. Big Thief Phoebe Bridgers (esp collaborations) Feist Bilge Pump Parquet Courts Lucy Dacus Beige Palace Warmduscher And tons more
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