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  1. Albums by the bands Omni and Mush use Musicmaster bass.
  2. King Khan and the Shrines at the Brudenell next Monday. That'll wake me up from any Easter slumbers!
  3. 12 years later (yikes) my DIY one is still going strong.
  4. I bough a Hooker's Green pedal from Ben. Absolutely flawless deal, you can engage with Ben with complete confidence.
  5. I have two racks. One just has my Gallien Krueger Fusion 550. It comes to gigs. The other has a Korg Tuner, Sansamp VT Bass, and a little GK MB200. It comes to rehearsals and gigs. Every now and then I think about taking the MB200 out and putting something else in the space, but I can never think what I need. I'm not really into compressors.
  6. Completely different genres but check out the first Gilbert O'Sullivan album, and songs by Frankie Valli, the Night for example.
  7. Lou Reed's Take No Prisoners is two albums of banter and monologue with the occasional song thrown in. One of my favourite albums of all time.
  8. Yeah, seeing Dinosaur Jr in the early 90s the the Mean Fiddler (I think it was) destroyed my hearing. About 20 years later I thought I'd give him another try and saw J Mascis and the Fog (I think, with Mike Watt on bass, at the Cockpit in Leeds). My ears have never been the same. Hidden in amongst the noise are some great tunes, check out the chords in Repulsion, and Little Fury Things. Can't remember much out the bass parts I'm afraid
  9. The GK MB200 fits the bill and there's one for sale on the forum now.
  10. Very nice , and I'm on holiday near Monmouth from tomorrow for a week. Fortunately there's no room in the car!
  11. First time I've tried it, and it worked really well. I tend not to fiddle too much with my gear whilst playing - just switching the Sansamp off and on depending on the song, tuner on and off, and amp mute. It probably won't be feasible in many places we play, unless i build some sort of stand, but that would just be another thing to carry.
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